Alice Pink: Orgasmic, Gaping Anal!

by - February 04, 2021

 Starring: Jason Moody // Alice Pink
Directed by: Mark Wood // Francesca Le
Runtime: 38 mins
Scene Breakdown //
 The scene begins with a tease segment outdoors, with our featured starlet, Alice Pink, wearing a sparkly purple bikini with matching leggings/stockings, along with a short white, sheer skirt over it, as well as some heels. The camera, first begins by slowly panning up her body, until it reaching her beautiful face. She is also wearing a purple butterfly hair barrette, which stands out against her jet black hair. Her face is flawlessly beautiful. After the camera surveys her front for a time, she then has her back to the camera, as Alice goes on to grip her nice ass with both hands, pulling it apart, and making it jiggle for the camera. The view from the camera, would then be a closer one, as it get a better look at her backside, as Alice caress it. It's then that Alice is once again facing the camera, as she soon proceed to pull her top aside, thus exposing her small, but perky tits, which include pierced nipples. It's from here that we see Alice rub and squeeze her tits together. It being prior to she getting low. She next, having her feet planted on the ground, with her legs spread out, as she go on to touch herself from over her bikini bottoms. Before this pose is over, we would see she leaning back to open herself up even further for the camera's view. We then see Alice peel her bottoms down off of her ass, as we get a look at both Alice's pussy and butthole. Alice would continue the tease, by going on to caress, as well as spread her ass open. This, before she's all smiles, as we get another view from the front. This being as she is fully nude, as we get a close up view of her bare pussy, as she tease at it with her hands. It's after this, that the segment would come to an end, with a smile, and a kiss. It then taking us into the sex scene involving Alice, and her scene partner Jason Moody.

Positions Seen //

- doggy
- doggy (anal) (x2)
- reverse cowgirl (x2) (anal)
- sidesaddle (anal)
- piledriver (anal)
- piledriver
- missionary (anal)
- side fuck (anal)
- reverse cowgirl
- cowgirl
- cowgirl (anal)
- spoon (anal)

The Review //

It's today, that I review a scene from EVIL ANGEL, and the release titled "Anal Rebels", which is directed by  LeWood Productions, the husband-and-wife team of Francesca Le and Mark Wood. Now, it has been awhile since I last reviewed anything from LeWood, but since then, Mark Wood has had to take a break from being in front of the camera, following an injury. That along with COVID, having fucked everything up. However, the good thing about Mark being behind the camera for a while,is that it gives him time to explore working with other male talents in his place. I mean it definitely has its benefits, and there would be no better example of that, then this very scene right here. A scene involving female talent Alice Pink, as she finds herself paired with Jason Moody. These two being performers that I had yet to review in any capacity. When it comes to Alice Pink, you better believe that she has been a talent that I have been eagerly anticipating. This girl is off the charts hot. I really mean it. She's definitely crush worthy. Who am I fooling? That is just my way to say that I indeed do! Prior to she having the black hair that we see her sport here, she had the blonde going on. But I have to say that the raven hair, definitely suits her. She is indeed sexy! She here, is as I said paired up with Jason Moody, who as a talent who I had only heard about prior. But it would be following the scene, that he would become a male talent that I would hope to see much more of in the future.

The scene itself. begins with the typical tease segment that we are accustomed to seeing from LeWood. You know this set up. A pretty girl. A backing musical track. And said pretty girl teasing the camera seductively. Alice looks very nice, in the segment wearing a bathing suit, along with matching leggings, which happen to wrap around her sleek legs. It's exactly what it is intended to be, a preview of the beautiful girl, prior to she getting fucked, and it's a nice one. I liked the music, too! Also, I really am a sucker for Alice's smile(my gosh). By the end of the tease segment, Alice is fully nude, spare for the leggings and the heels. I would be really grateful that the leggings would stay on during the forthcoming sex scene. Why? Because they look really fucking hot on her!

Following the opening tease outside, we of course, move indoors where we find Alice on the couch with her scene partner Jason, as the two of them engage in a passionate round of kissing. However, from here, it does not take Jason long to go on to explore Alice's body. as he move her bathing suit top aside, to discover her pierced nipples, on which he is quick to suck soon after. It's something that Alice welcomes. This would progress to Jason going on to shove some fingers down Alice's throat, her gag reflex here, is undoubtedly tested. Jason would make a return to sucking on her tits, while she remove her heels. It's after, that Jason however, would turn Alice around, and bend her over, as he would then proceed to pull down her bottoms. It's during this, that it would be revealed that lodged deep into her asshole, would be a jeweled buttplug. It's at that moment and with the revelation, that we hear another voice coming from behind the camera. This happens to be my first review that I am doing since Mark Wood's time away, so I had no idea that he actually makes comments during the scenes. So here I was, completely caught off guard by what I was hearing. Yes, at first I thought I was hearing voices in my head. but then, as the scene would progress further and further, I would keep hearing that voice. And it was after a while that I came to recognize it. It was definitely a "what the fuck" moment for me. It's a good thing that Mark would eventually remain as quiet as he could restrain himself to be, or the scene may have very well been ruined for me(please be quiet, Mark!) It's soon after Jason would get the panties down, that he would go on to remove the buttplug as well, as he put it into Alice's mouth. He would next bring out an Hitachi, but when he has some difficulty in turning it on, he handed over to Alice, as he would opt for a clear, beaded dildo instead. He would then lube up Alice's asshole, prior to inserting said dildo in - making it deep enough for the forth bead. This being prior to we seeing Jason just jam, and stab it into the ass nice and good. The end result, being that a nice beginning gape is created. Jason soon goes on to insert his tongue, much to Alice's approval. But it is soon enough, followed up by once again, inserting the dildo, jamming it in again. It's after this that he would get his cock out for she to suck next. Alice being amazed at it's girth. As she take it into her mouth, while in an almost hypnotized state. She would go down to lick and suck at his balls, while he on the other hand, jerk at his dick. This being just before he would proceed in fucking Alice's face. He would toy with her mouth, by popping his dick in and out of the side of Alice's mouth, before returning to fuck her face. There would be a pause after this, as Jason go on to remove his pants, and it would be during this time, that Alice asks he if he likes her "little mouth". He loves it, as he would then return to fucking it, prior to having Alice briefly suck and stroke him. It would be next and he would then position Alice on the couch, with she being on all fours. Here, Jason would take Alice from behind in doggy, as he first penetrate her pussy. We can tell by the reaction on Alice's face, that she just cannot believe what she's feeling. This, is Jason continue at a steady in and out. Jason stops for a moment to once again smack Alice's ass, prior to resuming the doggy. It isn't long until we see Jason remain static, allowing Alice to simply bounce back on his dick. This moment, I have to say it was really hot to see. Sure we see girls bouncing back on dicks fairly often, but something was different here. Alice simply bounced on it nice and hard. I loved seeing this shit. It was such a nice visual on screen. However, with that said, Jason would soon take over once again, this time as he reposition her slightly, with her legs tightly together, as he half straddle she from behind. It's from this setup, in that he would continue to plug away consistently. Alice from here, says that she wants to cum, and so Jason pick up the pace, in order to oblige her. This of course, causing she to cum on the cock. Jason would then have she taste her pussy on his dick. This would go to he once again fucking her face, prior to we seeing he on his back. Alice, from here would go down on he to eat Jason's ass briefly, as he tug at his dick. However next, Jason would feel that Alice is ready to take it in the ass. This, as he is seated on the couch, while she in turn, sit on his hard cock, as it penetrate her tight butthole. The initial insertion would occur, as Alice have her legs closed tightly together, as she take the dick. However, there is next a cut, and it is after that cut. that we see Alice now seated atop Jason, with her feet planted on his legs with her legs sprawled out. This, is Jason plugs up her ass. This driving her crazy, especially after the Hitachi is brought back into play. This immediately making she cum. After this, and after a gape reveal, Jason is back to fucking. This time, at a quicker pace. Alice makes mention of just how much he's stretching her out during this. The next position that the two of them would try, would be sidesaddle. By her reaction, it seems as though Alice was very surprised by the sensation that she was feeling. She beginning with using the Hitachi again, but that would be brief. This, as Jason continue to plug up her ass. A slip out, would cause the two of them to pick up, and do it again. This with an even pace. I liked the way in which Alice is seen reaching down and stroking Jason's cock, as it go in and out of her ass. Very nice! The next position, would be one of the most visually appealing positions of the entire scene. This being the position of piledriver, as Alice finds herself bent over backwards off of the couch. First off, Jason would lube up her ass, prior to he once again penetrating it. First, with the beaded dildo, and then his cock. Jason works the ass, just briefly before pulling out, to reveal another showing of Alice's gape. This is as she smile, looking for Jason's approval, as she asks him if the gape looks pretty. He would continue on fucking the ass nice and steady, as Alice would rub her stomach, saying that she can feel him right here, saying that he is "fucking up her fucking guts"(a true highlight of the scene, indeed!) That would lead to Jason steadily fucking the ass for some time, as Alice tells he to use her. It's a time that prompts she to ask him, "if it is good asshole?"(so hot!). After this he would want to briefly switch between both holes, before settling into her pussy, in an effort to make Alice cum vaginally. It's an effort that is successful. I just loved the way that during this, Alice is seen rubbing her clit so hard, that it turns a rosy pink. Alice would next be back on the cock, as she suck, prior to me seeing she laid back in a chair to receive more dick. Things from here, beginning in missionary, as Jason maintains his pace. From here, as he plug away evenly, he tells Alice that he wants she to cum on his cock. She cooperates, as she spank her pussy nice and hard. Missionary would continue with Alice's legs next positioned to the side, thus making her ass a tighter fit. It's during this time, that the two performers make very nice eye contact and communicate with each other. This would be dialogue which would include Alice expressing her desire to be spat on by Jason, as she tell him to "spit in her face". He does. Next, Jason would once again, take Alice from behind. Only this time, she would be seated in the chair in reverse. It's from this positioning that Jason would fuck the ass nice and steady, as he go deep. This would prompt Alice to say that she "really needed this", and that she likes to be used, and to have her "ass used up". It's following this, that the two of them would make a return to the couch. This, as Jason lie back, and Alice would straddle him in a reverse cowgirl position. When asked for what hole, Jason chooses the pussy. However, it would not be he that would be doing the fucking, as he would leave it up to Alice, as she once again bounce on the dick all on her own. I must admit that it is really nice watching her just bounce on a cock having full control. She would even soon enough, be sitting upright doing so, as she goes on to say just how much fun she is having with Jason's dick. To demonstrate just how much fun, she would even go on to alternate between her ass and pussy, as she would insert Jason into each from here. However, Jason would then reposition himself, as action next go to standard cowgirl, as Alice says that she wants it in her pussy. It's from here, that she briefly bounces prior to Jason taking over, as Alice remain still to be fucked. Before this position would finish out, Jason would of course again, fuck the ass. After this, the two of them would take to the floor, where the action would eventually come to a close. It beginning with Jason once again, feeding Alice his cock, as she gag on it. This, just prior to the action then going to spoon. This positioning soon seeing Alice's legs spread wide, giving we the viewer a nice view of her bald, smooth pussy. It would be action where Jason would remain consistent in his fucking of Alice's butthole. He even at one point, having a choke hold prior to Alice, during which, she says that she wants Jason's nut on her face. Though, it would be a couple minutes more, as the action would continue, as Jason would at one point, close her legs tighter, creating a tighter space for he to fuck. It building him up to climax, where soon, he would go on to unload into Alice's ready mouth. It's a load that Alice would swallow, as the action comes to an end. After the fact, Mark from behind the camera, would have she show off her ass one final time, while thanking she for letting them use her ass today. It would be that, which would draw things to a close, as Alice is one happy girl with a gape.

The first thing that I can think of to say about the scene is, "wow what a scene!" Going into the scene to be honest, I just knew that it would be the first time that I would be seeing a girl that I had anticipated seeing for some time now. However, little did I know, that I would be in for a scene as good, and as thorough as this one. Not only have I here been properly introduced to Alice Pink as a performer, I know now just how good a performer she actually is. As I said, Wow. And to think, it all began with that innocent outdoor tease segment. A segment that was no indication of what I would be seeing after. This is an anal scene here folks. A true in bonafide one. Not only that, it is a scene, not anally exclusive. Meaning that, we see not one, but two of Alice's holes stretched out well by the thick cock of Jason Moody. I enjoyed it a lot. Both performers were here, committed to the scene, but no one more than Alice Pink  - my lord! It's like as soon as she saw Jason's cock, she was on and ready for anything. Not only do we see she have both of her holes used - especially her ass. She also loses herself in the action. So much so, that we also have some choice dialogue from her in the thick of it all, over the course. Most of which, I was able to document here. She is indeed quite lively, as she is sexy. I just loved her facial expressions here, ranging from a precious smile, to literally crying in pleasure. It's indeed something. This is a scene that I highly recommend!

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  1. we have to congratulate Jason too, because anyone else in his place would probably have a hard time holding back while fucking Alice's tight holes.