JapornXXX.com: Goddess in My Dreams Melody Marks (2021)

by - February 05, 2021

Starring: Melody Marks // Ichiro (JapornXXX)
Directed by: Kingdom 
Runtime: 33 mins
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Scene Breakdown // 
The scene begins with Ichiro, tossing and turning in his hotel room bed, as he is just homesick. Coming from Japan to America is great for him. However, having to eat a hamburger a day is just torture, compared to what he is used to back home. This, as he mutters about missing the food of his homeland. Though he is very, very homesick, it does not take Ichiro long to fall fast asleep, and into a dream. It's obvious that his thoughts of Japan have manifested a vision. And that vision being the goddess-like being that is Melody Marks. It's soon that Melody appears in Ichiro's room, and she is dressed in, and bares the things that would remind he the most of home. The young blonde Melody, dressed in the traditional Japanese kimono, as she also carry a red, Japanese umbrella. At the start, Melody is seen straddling Ichiro's chest, as she lean in to kiss he on the lips. It's a kiss that wakes he from his slumber, to much surprise. Ichiro cannot believe what is before him. Who is this beautiful goddess? It is now morning, as Melody is quick to greet him. She calming his nerves by telling he to kiss her. She is everything that reminds he of home. It's a development that gets him rather hot under the collar, as Melody is quick to pull out a Japanese fan to cool him off. It's after, that Ichiro, then begins to come around, as he survey everything that Melody is about. From her big red umbrella, to her Japanese-style kimono, he just cannot believe it. Especially, seeing as he comes to notice that Melody is wearing no panties underneath. As Melody answers that she never does, it prompts he to ask she about her bra. It's from there, that Melody invites he to check her. This, as Ichiro, go ahead and get a good feel. He is further surprised by the fact that she is not wearing a bra, either. He also cannot believe just how big her breasts are - calling them "the best of the USA". As Ichiro continues to feel up Melody's tits, this including circling her nipples with his finger, Melody pulls back for a moment, and it is during this Ichiro get another glimpse of her smooth pink pussy. This, as he comments on just how beautiful it is. Melody would follow this up, by touching herself in a provocative manner. Ichiro is overwhelmed by everything going on. So much so, that he pulls Melody in, hugging around her hard, as he go to rest his head on her boobs. Melody then comparing them to pillows. However, it is next that Ichiro, lie back, as Melody once again straddle him, as she is quick to notice that Ichiro, is already rock solid for she, as she's in between his legs. This would of course, lead to Melody, soon undoing his pants, as she would go on to remove them. It's from there, that she would go on to toy around with the bulge in his underwear. Mouthing and kissing at his hard cock, from over them. Melody then make her way up, as she kisses along Ichiro's chest, prior to she removing his t-shirt. Melody, then asking he if he feels better after. He does. This, is as the two of them began to exchange kisses.

Positions Seen //
- tittyfucking
- doggy (x4)
- reverse doggy
- missionary (x2)
- cowgirl
- side fuck
- standing reverse cowgirl

The Review //
Recently, Japanese pornographer, and operator of the website JAPORNXXX.COM, KINGDOM, made the journey from Japan to America, in order to film content over the period of one week. It was during this trip that, not only did he work with brand-new American models, as he team them up with Japanese male talent. He also would once again, work with one of his favorite girls of all, that being one, Miss Melody Marks. In fact, she was the very first girl that he would film during this particular trip. This, as he would pair she up with Japanese male actor, Ichiro. Who would get the "girl of his dreams" - literally.

KINGDOM, an adult filmmaker who is a storyteller, here creates a story for us, that I found to be quite imaginative. Imagine this: you're a man who has come all the way from Japan to America on a trip, only to grow somewhat tired of the normalcies of the states. So much so, that you find yourself being homesick for your native Japan. Well, in this story, that is exactly what would happen to Ichiro. Ichiro loves America, but there is just something that he misses about home. He happens to be so worked up about this, that he ends up passing out in the bed. However, he could have never had guessed, just what would occur next. And what would occur next, you ask?? Well, he would miraculously then find himself approached by a young princess goddess, in the form of Melody Marks. Not only that, she is dressed in attire, that could only come from home. Yes, this mysterious goddess just so happens to be looking great in a Japanese-style kimono. Even her makeup and hair matching that of Japan. Of course, Ichiro just cannot believe his eyes. What is this? He does not know. However, you better believe that he is quick to get his hands on it. Ichiro, just loving her tight, supple body. Especially, her big "American" tits. Her tits being so perfect, that Ichiro, pretty much changes his mind about America, almost immediately. This, as he declares that. "America is awesome!". Ichiro, may very well believe that this is too good to be true. But it is true. This, as this mysterious geisha-inspired succubus, looks to make all of his "dreams" come true. This, as soon, an unpredictable sexual encounter between the two of them, get underway.

Our scene here, begins with the two of them of course, exchanging kisses. This including the use of lots of tongue by the two, as Ichiro, goes on to request that Melody spit into his mouth. She does, as she tells him that she could quench his thirst any day. Melody then continues, by kissing at his neck soon, even blowing into, and licking at his ear. This, as he is very happy. He would then proceed to pull her kimono open to see, and feel of Melody's tits. Melody would bounce, and squeeze them together, before placing Ichiro's hands upon them, as she urge he not to be shy. But Ichiro soon, would find himself on his back once again, as Melody would take the initiative to go down on him. She first teasing, pulling at his boxer briefs with her mouth, prior to pulling them down. It's before she would go on to suck Ichiro's hard cock. This, as Ichiro has his underwear in his mouth, as they act as a gag, to silence him. It's from here, that Melody would get to work, thus demonstrating some very nice cock sucking skills. Boy, can this girl suck a dick! She begins, by mouthing at, and kissing the head of the cock, before spitting on, and taking it deeply into her mouth. We would also see she, not only stroke with one hand, but also take up a double-handed approach. I personally, happened to enjoy the moment, which she would be seen spitting on the cock, and as it traveled down the shaft, she would chase it down with her mouth, as she then deepthroat it down to the base. I have never seen anything like this, but fuck, is it hot! It's after, that the cock is well-worked by she, as Melody goes on to talk about how it's nice and slobbery, and messy. It being perfect for her pussy to slide on top of.(sexy!). This would be followed up by Ichiro helping Melody get out of her kimono. as she says that it is like unwrapping she like a present. It's during this, that we would see Melody go on to touch herself, as Ichiro would once again, have his cock in her mouth. On which she once again slobbers. However, Ichiro would have some bravery as he next go on to slip his dick in between Melody's titties to fuck them, after he suck on them, first. He even eventually working up a very quick pace in this. It prompting Melody to ask he if is going to fuck her pussy like that? The dirty talk being on point. Ichiro, would continue on next, by going down on Melody, as he suck and slurp on her clit, prior to burying his face in. It feels good to Melody, and it is at that point, that she go on to wrap her legs around Ichiro's neck. This, as he continues, by bringing she up into a piledriver position, as he continue to eat her pussy. Ichiro, is so into it that, he rolls right off the bed for a moment. However, that would not stop him, as he is right back at it, while he also suck on Melody's toes, as he then choose to finger the pussy instead, to make her cum. This would continue on, as he once again have his cock in her mouth. This would finish out though, as he would not only finger she deeply, but also once again go at Melody's pussy with his mouth. This, as she go on to say that she bet that he is obsessed with her pussy, and so on. She being sure to keep the dirty talk alive. Next up, Ichiro positions Melody, on all fours, as he once again bury his face into her pussy. However, this time would be brief, as we next would see he jump up on the bed in a rush, as he go on to fully straddle she from behind, like a wild man. I think I heard him say something about he being a "psycho", as he would go on to fuck the pussy in a frenzy. The camera would initially give us a view from behind, prior to opting for a very nice view that is low, and from the side, as we could still see Ichiro pump it into her from the position. However, next something that could not be predicted happens. It's when Ichiro decides to spin in said postion, as we have some sort of reverse doggy, It's crazy. It's after this however, that the action would then take up in missionary, with Melody on her back. It would be here, that we would be quick to notice Melody's nice tits bouncing, and even more so, as Ichiro would soon enough work up to a very hard, and very quick pace, He just drills her, as her tits just jiggle away. It's art, kids! It would be next, that we would see Ichiro lift Melody up, as the two end up in a upright cowgirl position. It would is eventually end up. Ichiro, being somewhat on his back. The best part, being when he arches his back with his hands, as he push off the bed. This as, at the same time, Melody is seen slamming down on his cock hard. What a fucking hot position! Way to go KINGDOM for capturing this! This would be followed up by Ichiro, who attempts to bring Melody forward next. However, he stumbles, as the two of them once again end up in a upright cowgirl position, and ultimately missionary, again. It's from here that Ichiro would, again deliver on the heavy fucking at a quick pace, once more, as he do so deep and hard. It's again that, Melody's tits being a joy to watch. The position would continue briefly, with Melody having both of her legs held up high. But, it is the next position, that would be side fuck. This, as Melody says that she wants Ichiro to cum inside of her, and that she wants to make him feel good. After a banging pace from here, the two of them then are seen standing at the side of the bed, as Ichiro take Melody into doggy, as he bend her over. It's from here, that he fuck her from behind, as he pull back on her arms for leverage. We would eventually see the doggy go to an upright position as, Ichiro pull Melody in close, to drive his dick in deep. He would even go on to go as far as to lift her up, as the action, very briefly, go into standing reverse cowgirl. That in itself, going to standing side fuck soon after, as in doggy as Melody, has a foot up on the bed. This position, seeing Ichiro fuck hard. The more traditional doggy would continue on next, as the two return to the bed. It all starting with Melody, who bounces back and grinds on the dick. But soon enough, we would see Ichiro go on to once again reciprocate. This, as he fuck at an increasing pace. He going so hard. that he almost comes early, prior to he rebounding to go at it hard once more, soon pulling she in, to fuck fast and hard. This, as he smack her ass. He lasting, until he has no other choice but to shoot his load into Melody's wet pussy. This, effectively bringing the action to an end. It's after the fact, that we would go on to see that Ichiro's load is so deeply seated, that beyond Melody, being able to push a little of it out, it would be Ichiro, who would have to fish it out soon, with his finger, in the end.

As I said, the director known as KINGDOM, took a trip to America for one week of shooting, and with this in mind, I say that the trip could not have gotten off to a better start than with this scene! Not only is the storyline brilliantly told, with great acting from both performers - especially Melody Marks. The sex scene pretty much ends up being incredible. What a latter half of action this was! This, as the first half of the action being that to warm the performers up. However, once they did, the two of them were well on their way. As it is here, that we see Japanese male performer, Ichiro, Just give it to the American, Melody Marks, well and good. Holy shit! Do I quite love the way which these Japanese actors perform. You would not be able to tell by the looks of them that they would fuck the way that they do. But they absolutely go hard - and nearly for the entirety of a scene! They put in so much work, that they pretty much pass out at the end. I remain impressed. This was a great scene from beginning to end. The storyline, as well as the sex, is of course, focused around Melody Marks, who does a phenomenal job here, both in her acting, as well as her sexual performance. First, she is the seducer, as she is the mysterious woman of Ichiro's dream. I say that this role could not have been more perfectly chosen for Melody. It was an inspired choice by KINGDOM, indeed. Melody did a fantastic job portraying the sort of princess goddess type. She was soft-spoken and welcoming when it came to playing off of the character of the awestruck Ichiro. It just worked very well. The costuming was also ideal. It all being part of a storyline that was both inventive, and fun to watch play out. It is one that translates well, from story to sex, as the two are matched. And you just have to love the wraparound at the end after the sex, as Ichiro wakes up to find that it was all a dream! It's just very successful all around, and it's because of this, fact that I would not hesitate to recommend the scene for your viewing pleasure. Be sure to pay a visit to JAPORNXXX.COM to check it out. Not only does KINGDOM have this scene prepared for you, as well as another, there is much more to come within the coming weeks.

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