January #DPofTheMonth Review: Double Anal Creampie, Silvia Dellai Vs 2 BBC with Balls Deep Anal, DAP, Gapes and Creampie GIO1696

by - February 16, 2021

January #DPofTheMonth Recap:

The month of January proved to be an experimental endeavor on how I want to start running these polls. I altered some things slightly regarding the nomination process. It is a new year and it is time to try new things especially with this tradition for a valued fan movement that adores double penetration in porn. This started with me nominating three studios instead of three performers for the votes of the #DPBattle in a poll. I had Legal Porno, Evil Angel, and Blacked as the chosen studios for the month’s nominations listed on the Twitter poll. The fans then voted for the studio they wanted to see a review of here on Black Halo Adult Reviews. Keep in mind I didn’t announce a single performer until the second phase of the two-part process of polling, which involved one performer and two scenes from said performer to be voted between.  This was another new thing I wanted to try; multiple polls per month.


 The next set of votes determined which scene was to be reviewed by the performer Silvia Dellai as chosen by me. So the fans voted on the studio to be reviewed while I picked the performer, a simple adjustment. If you're wondering how a poll works for one performer, I had two of Silvia Dellai’s scenes to be nominated from January, a very active month for her with multiple releases for LP. Both of the scenes contained DAP and were released weeks apart in the same month.   

The firstly released scene of the two was entitled "Blackened With Silvia Dellai 3 BWC and  4 BBC Balls Deep Anal, DAP, and Anal Fisting GIO1688” which came out on January 14th. The overly descriptive title revealed that this scene had fisting in it. It is also longer of the two scenes that were nominated but all of that wasn't enough because the scene that took the most votes was "Double Anal Creampie, Silvia Dellai Vs 2 BBC With Balls Deep anal, DAP, Gapes, and Creampie GIO1696”. This was released on the Legal Porno network back on the 29th of January making it the freshest of the two scenes released and also no fisting as the other one had. Besides no fisting, it has less male talent in it too.  But it was the scene that ended up taking the most votes giving way to a more compact version of Silvia Dellai’s hardcore capabilities. She is an active starlet on social media engaging with her fans with retweets and an appreciative demeanor. I knew she was a perfect choice back in January when we kicked the door down on a new year. New DP scenes were afoot and this explosion of awesome content from her and the legal porno network warrants the utmost attention from fans and viewers alike. Now to review a scene that is well worth your time and money!

 Scene Breakdown:

 The camera profiles Silvia’s body adorned in tightly wrapped fishnets and a cute reflective tu-tu. She does a slight spin around to smack her beautiful booty in front of the camera before she prowls to the couch with a double-dildo toy nearby. Some oral starts up as she starts to suck on the double-ended toy that is placed on the floor in front of the couch. The sex toy looks to be tailor-made for double anal as both phallic devices are melded on a singular platform. Most likely of the Wonder Toys build since the creator of the brand is the director behind the camera, Giorgio Grandi. He is the man responsible for most of these DAPstravagant scenes on LP that you'll find on there. When Silvia starts to sit on the toy only one side of it goes in her ass at first but then Siliva shows her true DAP abilities and stuffs both ends of the double-sided anal toy up her booty hole. There is an amazing display of gaping as a result of the dilated ass being sown. Two male talents walk in while Silvia is riding on top of the toy. This starts the double blowjob up with the camera moving close to Silvia's face with two cocks at her disposal.

 She is lifted off the toy by Tony Brooklyn and Oscar Batty so that a spit roast in doggy style can start on the couch. Silvia's arch shines as she is pumped by Tony Brooklyn in the butt while being fed Oscar's cock in her mouth.  They swap spots so that Oscar Batty can start banging into her butthole in the doggy-style position. Tony is in front of Silvia's face with his dick as she gets banged. The gaping is adhered to as every time a male talent pulls out Silvia's warped asshole becomes the focus of the shot for those few moments of glory. Tony leaps back into her butthole as she sucks off Oscar. Maintaining that fast-paced legal porno style with Oscar Batty already back in Silvia's asshole for anal in doggy. He even gives a few licks to her gaping butt before jumping back in again. She is stood up to be stripped down of her outfit some more so that she can be easily fitted into the reverse cowgirl setup. Oscar Batty is the anchor below as Tony Brooklyn joins in by squeezing into her asshole to start the DAP for the scene.

 Siliva jokes about triple penetration as she is properly stuffed with two dicks in her ass during this reverse cowgirl ride. Both men pull out to reveal a small butt rose peeking out of the hole they were fucking open.  The scene sails quickly into a regular cowgirl with both Oscar and Tony in Silvia's ass for more DAP.  The gaping doesn't stop as Silvia is anally-impaled by the two studs in the same hole.  She gets lifted for a standing DAP with Tony and Oscar hoisting up the horned-up starlet. The view shows the floating DP position at a close angle before she is put back down on the couch. Here she is being banged into by Tony Brooklyn as she spreads for the camera. Oscar is getting his dick sucked as the other male talent wails away on her anal cavity.

 When Oscar gets in on the missionary butt pounding expect some face slapping to happen in between the thrusting. Tony’s cock is being handled by Silvia in this makeshift spit roasting segment.  Another gape pops open as the penises pull out.  The down doggy version of double anal occurs next with both swords snatching a spot in Silvia's sphincter. They take turns in the down doggy butt fucking and the gaping moments are maintained during the trade-offs.  They move into an anal pile driver move next with Tony Brooklyn thumping into Silvia with bashes of his bone into her butthole.  

 They take turns there too as her ass is continually fucked. This leads to two great anal creampies when Silvia has her awesome arched out as a receptacle. The anal inseminations are done in an orderly fashion with Oscar Batty stepping in first to infuse his baby batter into Silvia's anus. Next, Tony Brooklyn then gets her to bend in doggy as he pumps her asshole with another creamy white infusion of cum. Silvia Dellai sends the scene off with a delightful gesture of cum-farting and ripping off what is left of her fishnet stockings as she says "I love you" to her fans.

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