I Can Help You Release That Stress (2021)

by - February 12, 2021

Starring: Jenna Noelle // Mike Mancini
Directed by:
Runtime: 27 mins


Scene Breakdown //
The scene begins with Jenna Noelle, picking up toys and putting them away, just as she is getting her sister's kids to bed for the night. Shortly thereafter, then coming home is Mike Mancini her brother-in-law. Jenna is surprised. She was expecting her sister to arrive home first. But as Mike explains, he has returned home early, simply due to the amount of stress he is under with his job. This, as Mike goes on to thank Jenna for picking up his shift of watching the kids. Jenna offers to make him some tea. But Mike declines, as he simply wants to relax in the living room. It is there that she goes on to join him on the couch, as he go on to vent about his stress and frustration. Both with his job, and with his wife(Jenna's sister). When he complains, Jenna is quick to agree with him, saying that her sister can be a bitch. However, it is then that he goes on to further explain the situation regarding his wife. He says that not only does she blame him for situations regarding the kids, the two of them rarely have sex, Mike says. He even goes as far as to send her dirty text messages. However, the two are rarely on the same page when it comes to their individual schedules. Mike says that she does not even give him head, or do the two of them ever participate in missionary. Details that Jenna is quite surprised by. Mike says that he simply wishes that he had a way to relieve his frustration. It's then that Jenna goes on to comfort Mike, as she massage his shoulders, also revealing that she would allow him to do all of the above if he were her husband. It's then that Jenna says that she can think of a few options that would successfully relieve Mike of said stress. This, as she goes on to push the issue, as Mike quickly gives in. This as he says, just as long as it remains a secret. It's then that the two of them go to check on the children to assure that they are asleep, prior to they reaching the bedroom, as things between them begin.

Positions Seen //
- missionary
- doggy (anal)
- doggy
- spoon (anal)
- spoon

The Review //
Today I'm back with a review for the website MYLF, and it's premium series, "Anal Mom". The scene, which stars Jenna Noelle, is a rather simple one when it comes to its story. In the story, Jenna is watching over her sister's kids. Upon picking up their toys, and putting them away, and also putting the children to bed, it's at the same time that, coming home is her brother-in-law, Mike Mancini. He has come home early, simply due to the amount of stress that he has been under. However, upon venting to Jenna, he reveals that it isn't just his job that is giving him stress, as it is his wife(Jenna's sister), as well. Not only does Jenna's sister stay on him when it comes to the kids, there's not very much going on when it comes to the bedroom, either. A detail that is surprising to Jenna. He says that it just seems as though their work schedules, just do not match up. That when they do actually have sex, it's very uneventful. In fact, she won't even give him head, or have sex in missionary. Of course, Jenna feels quite badly for her brother-in-law, so she is quick to comfort him, saying that she would allow he to do all of those things. Jenna massaging his shoulders, as she continues to push the issue. She goes on to come onto Mike, urging he to give in. Though Mike is understandably hesitant to make a move, Jenna assures him that it will remain their secret. So, it is after a check of the children, to make sure that they are fast asleep, that the two of them quickly retreat to the bedroom. The end result being a sexual encounter involving both, vaginal and anal sex. It's a scene that I thought to be fairly solid.

The encounter begins with a round a passionate kissing between the two of them. It leading to Mike going on to suck upon Jenna's tits, prior to he having a hand down her jeans, as he rub at her pussy from over her red panties. However, it is after this that Jenna would be seen positioned on her back, and on the bed, with her legs spread. She first playing with her pink pussy, as Mike de-pants. But, it is as Mike joins her that he is quick to go down in between her legs. This, as he quickly get to work, using his mouth and tongue on Jenna's clit. It would go on to include he also licking upward from her ass to her pussy. It's something that the two of them would agree that Jenna's sister would never allow Mike to do. It's after, that the least Jenna can do, is go on to return the favor by sucking Mike's cock. It begins with she on her knees and he standing upright. However, it would become far more interesting as Mike place his right foot up on the bed as he essentially half straddle Jenna's face to fuck it. It's here that, not only do we see that, we also see Jenna deepthroat him to the base, and suck his balls. However, a true highlight here, is the fact that Jenna would go on to volunteer to eat Mike's ass. So, yes here Jenna does a whole collective of things, as she work Mike over. How lucky is he? When it comes to the half-straddle footage. I liked it. Especially the way that things so quickly progressed to it. Following it up, we would have our first instance of penetration after. This being as Jenna finds herself once again positioned on her back, and on the bed. Mike would begin by penetrating her pussy, utilizing a pace that would be increasing. Especially, after Jenna is heard urging he to fuck her. The missionary would continue with Mike eventually getting a little experimental, as he  place a finger in Jenna's butthole. This, shortly before he would go on to replace his finger with his cock. It would be then that the storyline would continue to relate to the sex, as Jenna would then say that her sister would never allow he to fuck her in the ass. Mike would agree, as he  continue to plow, and as the missionary continues on for a brief period. It's brief because next, the action would then turn itself over to doggy. Here, Jenna finds herself in an upright position, as Mike thrusts his cock into her ass at a steady pace for a time, before Mike would go on to switch holes. This, as Jenna is face down on the bed to endure the deep fucking. Mike would then go on to use both holes, alternating between them a couple of times. Jenna however, once again eats ass, as Mike take a position on his back. It being a position that sees Mike jerk his dick, as Jenna and her tongue happily go to work. This being something that Mike, in character confesses that it is something that he begs for. The two next take things to spoon. It being another position, where Mike would have his way with both of Jenna's holes, fucking them somewhat equally. First, beginning with her ass, Mike continues on steadily, as Jenna takes it deep, as her legs are closed tightly. However, we would next see she openup for the camera, as her pussy is the next to be penetrated. However, that is not for long as Mike would of course next return to the ass, this time going harder than before. It seeming as though he would fuck harder with each return to an orifice. This, as he would make a return to the pussy, and then again, lastly the ass, as he really nail it hard. It would be followed up, as we would once again see Jenna go back to working on the cock, as Mike is once more prone on his back. Not only do we see ass to mouth from here, as Jenna lick and suck it down deep, she would eventually get to work with not one, but two hands, as Mike go on to coach her along. My favorite part of this moment in the scene is definitely when she goes to take to Mike's balls. She take them into her mouth as she suck on them individually. However, the best part was indeed when she is seen pulling on them with her mouth as Mike simultaneously jerk hard at his cock. So yes, here we have Jenna basically working it out of Mike, tugging at his balls with her mouth. It was and is, so fucking hot to watch. It isn't long before after, that Mike go on to cum all over Jenna's naughty mouth with permission. It is a gift that she gladly accepts!

When it comes to the scene, it is one that I enjoyed overall for what it is. When it comes to the MYLF product, I have reviewed a few scenes. However, out of the ones that I had done previous to this one, I can't say that either of them exactly blew me away in terms of me being entertained by them. However, with this particular scene, I did find it to be a bit of a change of pace for MYLF. Who knows, they may have some new persons at the helm? Well, whatever the case may be, I actually had fun with this scene. It's a scene that runs 27 minutes in length. Something that I found left the final product with both pros and cons. A pro, being that I really enjoyed the storyline set up at the beginning, with the sister/sister-in-law, watching over their kids, as her sister and brother-in-law are both at work. The brother-in-law coming home from work, and having some alone time with his sister-in-law. During which he comes to confess some problems in the bedroom. So what is a good sister-in-law to do? She does exactly what her sister will not! How fucking sexy! Yes, here Jenna Noelle, is one who is up to doing anything, and to be the stress reliever for her brother-in-law. Yes, even surrendering her tight asshole(how thoughtful!). When it comes to the sexual material featured here I felt that it was an entertaining scene. One that is quickly, and lively paced. I loved the way that in the beginning, Mike went into fucking her face, while Jenna being game to go at his ass with her mouth and tongue. And then the anal from doggy, featured Mike alternating between both the pussy and ass, right from the start. It would continue on later in the spoon position, where Mike would show great work, as he fuck both nice and hard, while maintaining a steady pace. And of course, as I said above, I did quite enjoy the conclusion of it all, with Jenna once again working over Mike with her mouth to great effect. But, with that said, as I state everything that I did enjoy, I do happen have one complaint when it comes to the scene. It's that I felt that it just ran a little too short. It literally felt as if it were missing something. It is a sex scene that feels incomplete. I definitely feel as though there should have been at least one more position to round things out. At just 27 minutes in length, the scene definitely could have afforded it. Which is why it feels so odd to me that it doesn't. Here we finish the scene feeling as though, we should've seen more than we did. But, generally speaking as it is, I felt that this was a good scene. Both Jenna Noelle and Mike Mancini, do well when it comes to the acting portion, and then later provide some solid sex in the bedroom. Sex during which, Jenna's holes are greatly used. And speaking of Jenna Noelle, I have to say that I really like her. The former ballerina has a sweet disposition, that does nothing but hide just how naughty she truly can be! Don't let her cute looks fool you. This is a girl who definitely loves getting fucked. Anally, or otherwise! As is, with much room to be improved, this is a scene that I would recommend checking out.

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  1. Great review as usual Rick, could you do some more reviews from ''Anal Mom'' or ''Mylf'' sites in general? thanks for this.

  2. Thanks for reading. I should be doing more. Who is this?