Honey Does Anal (2021)

by - April 06, 2021

 Starring: Honey Hayes // Tony Rubino
Directed by: Big J
Runtime: 53 mins


Scene Breakdown //

 We begin with the guys in the bus, driving along the beach in Florida, just hoping to spot their next sexual conquest. Luckily for them, as they debate on who will pay for lunch for the day, they come across a young female in Honey Hayes. She is just sitting on a wooden bench, minding her own business, as she enjoy the beautiful day. The guys stop to open up a conversation with her. This, as they joke about being her ride share, saying that they are there to pick her up. It is with that, that they are met with a confused reaction from Honey. They do get a laugh out of it, but are soon, quick to change the subject, as Honey soon move in closer to hear them better, on account of the wind. They then go into the story about they being from a famous "tube channel", as they proposition the 20 year old for an interview. They say that, on their tube channel, they often interview young people to get their thoughts on life, and world events, especially during this pandemic. They want to know if this is something that she would be interested in, as the crew offers her $100 to do so. Honey still has a confused look on her face, as she steadily looks around. The guys take notice of it, when Honey says that she is staying in a nearby hotel with her parents, and that she does not want them to see her speaking to such strangers. Although she does say that the idea of an interview sounds interesting. It's then to smooth things over, that the guys have Tony Rubino step out of the van in order to introduce himself. This would go to the guys showing Honey the inside of their van. She thinks that it looks "dope", and so she doesn't seem to have a problem with the interview, as she gets inside. She says that she feels more comfortable inside the van, so again, no one can see her. The guys then clear a place for honey to sit on the floor of the van, as they place a blanket down, and it is then that they go over details regarding said interview. The guy behind the camera, Big J, first giving her the agreed-upon $100 for participating. Honey can't believe it. She is someone visiting from out of town with her parents, and she just so happens to have recently lost her job. So the money does come in handy. J then goes on to say that, on their channel, they have a yet to be named "skit" with the subject of what people are willing to do for money. They ask Honey, what happens to be the craziest thing that she has ever done for money. Honey has difficulty recalling anything, aside from maybe eating a bug(an ant) on a dare, when she was little. It's then that they change subject to that of nudity. They ask Honey if she would be ok with that. However, they then ask if she has a boyfriend. Honey says that despite recently losing her job, she also lost her relationship with a boyfriend, as part of a bad breakup. The guys are sorry to hear this, and they even give her another $100 to make up for the bad boyfriend. But it would be after that, that they would revisit the subject of nudity, and how she feels about it. Big J says that, if she were to get topless for the interview, then he would be willing to give her a cool $300 for doing so. Of course, young Honey is first hesitant to do so, but the gears in her head are fast at work, obviously. The idea of $300 is just too good for her to pass up, as she soon agrees to do it. It's then that Honey is quick to undo her overalls, and pull her pink, strawberry decorated crop top overhead, revealing a pair of great tits. Noticing just how quickly she was able to get topless, Big J takes note of what he sees as she having confidence in her body. , looks can be deceiving, as she says that she is actually quite nervous at that very moment. But, she says that she has just come off of a bad breakup, and with that said, she is looking to try new things. They then talk of nude beaches and streaking, with Tony saying that he has done his fair share of it in the past month. The joke is then Tony's balls, as J calls them "old". He asking Honey if she has ever seen the movie, "Old Man Balls". Honey is witty, as she adds to the joke, saying that she's seen the sequel. Upon getting a closer look at her titties, Honey says that they are a size 34C, as the guys are even more impressed that they happen to also sport a pair of piercings. A detail that Honey's parents do not know about. This, as she says that she just had them done recently in January. Big J then asks Honey, if the reason for she coming to Florida, was that she was supposed to come with her boyfriend? Honey says that, she was with her boyfriend for some time, and that it was indeed the plan for the two of them to come to Florida together. However, he unfortunately cheated on her, Thus ending their longstanding relationship. Honey says that she still wanted to take the trip, but she did not want to come alone, and so, that's where her parents come in. The guys then begin to speak about the unfaithful boyfriend, in saying that they know exactly what would piss him off. That is, if they gave her $500 to get fully nude in the van with them right now. Tony then says that he thought that it would be they having him touch a titty. It is actually an idea that Big J is on board with. He says that he will give her an extra $100 to let Tony do that, on top of the $500 he already promised her for getting completely naked for them. It would also be in the meantime, that he would feel generous, giving her an extra $100 for a nice looking titty shake. Tony eventually gets his feel of the tits, as he states that the left one is slightly bigger than the right. But one thing is for certain, Honey has a nice pair of natural tits! It's then after some thinking, that Honey gets down to her bare essentials, as she strips down. She first leaving on her pair of hot pink panties, on account of her presumed nervousness. But when she is reminded, she quickly removes those as well. It's after this, that the guys are met with another surprise. The fact that young Honey, just so happens to be rocking a full bush. It's a glorious sight. Honey says that the natural look, is something that her boyfriend enjoyed, and thzt she just has had not has a chance to get rid of it. However, nonetheless, the guys seem to agree that it is beautiful. In fact, Tony in particular, can't stop staring at it. They ask Honey if it's okay for him to be staring at it, to which Honey asks them how much they are willing to pay her for that. Big J then goes on to offer up 200 more dollars. This would include, not only staring at, it but Tony also being allowed to get a feel of the bush as well. But of course, as you know, things would not end there as Tony first plays coy, going along with the agreement of touching the bush only. But as things progress, Tony's hand just so happens to do a little traveling down south, as he then proceed to rub her clit. This is something that Honey, is so turned on by, that she just loses herself, as she surrenders to the pleasurable feeling. This, allowing Tony to advance things, to he shoving a couple of fingers deeply into her pussy, prior to he getting his cock out.

Positions Seen //
- missionary
- doggy
- doggy (anal)
- spoon (anal) (x2)
- reverse cowgirl (anal)

The Review //

In this scene, we have newcomer Honey Hayes, hopping aboard the legendary "Bang Bus", as she is in for an unexpected good time, courtesy of the BANG BROS crew. Honey, is someone that I have just been dying to see. This is because, she is absolutely incredible. I love her look. She's very adorable. She's just getting started, and I am already a huge fan of the 20 year old delight.

Here, as the story goes, the man behind the camera, Big J, along with the driver, and performer Tony Rubino, are strolling along a beach in Florida, when they happen to come across an unattended babe, in one Honey Hayes. They find her just relaxing outside on a bench, but of course, it isn't long before they start to go into their skit, as they tell her that they have a popular tube channel, and that their usual is to interview young people, and to get their opinions on such things as life, and news of the world. It's a charade that is always scripted to have the girl agree to it, as she eventually finds herself in the white van. Of Course, the guys are not concerned about life views, or worldly occurrences. Simply put, they just want to get the girl naked. Honey takes the idea with a little confusion but, just like the others, she soon gives into the guys', more than generous monetary offerings. They first convince she go topless in the van, for a total of $300. It's something that she does right away. However, it would not stop there as eventually they have her stripping down to nothing, as they offer her a $500 reward. After this, would come one of my favorite moments in the scene, and it is at the very beginning of it, in terms of sex. It would start with Tony wanting to simply touch Honey's bush. They even pay hrt even more to do it. However, Tony would go ahead and cross the proverbial line, as he soon go on to rub on Honey's clit. Although it is not something that they had not previously agreed on, it's obvious that it is something that Honey wants. I loved that, in this moment, we see Honey essentially captured and under the spell of her own clit and pussy. Yes, it was at that moment, that Tony had she in the palm of his hand. She completely lost herself in the midst of her feelings of pleasure. I just loved it, as to me, it felt to be spontaneous. Now, I'm not sure if they had previously scripted this, or planned it out. However, this is a moment that looked, and felt very genuine. It's after this, that Tony would proceed to take his hard cock out. Honey gives it a look, and is quick to ask if she can touch it, or if she would have to pay to do so as well. It's really witty of her to think about that. Especially, when she has a raging hard dick, just inches from her face. Furthering things here, the touching goes to very much more, as she soon take Tony into her mouth to suck him. In talking about the blowjob, although that Honey is brand new to the industry, I do have to say that I was pretty impressed with her overall approach to dick sucking. I liked the way that she is seen here cradling Tony's balls with one hand, as she go on to try to deep throat it. In my opinion, she was quite successful in her goal. However, it would be followed up by Tony then fucking her face. The first official position of the scene would be that of missionary, as Tony positions Honey flat on her back, with her legs spread. This, as she has her bush, in full view. I have to give it to the camera work here, as the sexual action, is very well captured. I liked the visual of Honey being on her back, as the floor of the van, has money is strewn all over the place. All while Tony Rubino, is putting his dick in her at a steady pace. The action here, also featuring a very close close-up view of the penetration. You just have to enjoy the bush that Honey was sporting at this moment in time (I understand that she has now shaved it into the shape of a heart). The next position would be the position that Honey would confess is her favorite. That position being doggy. It's from this position, that Honey is on all fours as Tony, take her from behind. His pace from here, increasing. But the most interesting piece here, was that during the fucking of Honey's pussy, he also just so happened to sneak a thumb into her tight young asshole. It's a development that Honey doesn't seem to mind much, and so Tony dares to switch holes. It's from there that he of course, proceeds to fuck the ass. This action being simply great. From here, Honey takes it in her booty like a champ. Because of this, Tony would go on to explore other anally beneficial positions with her. It is something that Honey is now game for, as the doggy, was just a warm-up for her, it would appear. The next position would be spoon, as they both lie on their sides. Honey having her legs wide open. The camera from here, once again gives us a tremendous view of the action at hand. I liked the focus on Honey's open legs, as she again get plowed in the ass by Rubino. It's just great stuff. Especially those hardcore close up shots. This action would continue, as we see Tony also simultaneously rub at Honey's clit. This, as his cock is also deep. Reverse cowgirl, which happens to be next for the scene, is actually a position that Honey has not yet tried before. As so, she is eager to do so. She first straddle the cock, planting her feet, as Tony's dick would go into her. She happens to make a remark during this, saying just how much more deeper it is able to get in from this position. For the remainder of said position, we would see Honey leaning back, as she finds herself supported by Tony, who from there goes on to fuck the ass hard, at a very quick pace. The view of Honey here, being phenomenal. I absolutely did like the way that Honey's legs were spread as far as they could be. This, as Tony take care of business, as he run his cock in and out of her briskly. The two of them would next make a return to spoon, a position that they were in, early on in the scene. Only this time, we would get a much clearer view as Honey's ass, as it is now facing the camera. It's from here, that we have a great unobstructed view of the ongoing butt penetration, and it's amazing. This would continue, with Tony maintaining a steady pace. After some time in doing so, he would go on to toy with Honey's asshole. This is as he remove his cock, and put it back in, several times to follow. What I liked about this was that, with each removal of the cock, we sre able to catch a quick glimpse of Honey's gaping butthole. And boy, is it beautiful. So nice and pink! However, Honey herself, doesn't quite like being teased, as she wants more dick. It's at this time, that Tony would give her exactly what she wants, as he's then back in the ass, fucking it steady, as he goes deeply. It being the type of consistent plugging, that could send him over the edge, and does! We see Tony reach his moment of climax, as he go on to jerk his cock, while he hover above an eagerly awaiting Honey. The end result of the this being Tony shooting a big load onto Honey's face. Most of it getting on her glasses. A little later, Tony tries to be a gentleman at he offers to wipe the jizz from her glasses. However, Honey would go on to surprise us once more, as she beats him to it, taking it upon herself to lick the cum off of them. What a fucking trooper she is! Just another reason to love this very lively, and beautiful new starlet. When all is said and done, young Honey, goes on to collect her money earned for a job well done. Big J even giving her more for the anal, and Honey also would negotiate some pay for she eating the cum off of her glasses. Seeing as Honey very much enjoyed the sex with Tony. Big J mentions the possibility of she working with other male talent, this as he cite some of the pay that companies are willing to give per scene. Honey is one who seems to be all in, saying that this anal experience was the first time that she was able to actually enjoy the act. She says that she had fun with Tony. This, as J goes on to joke that Tony has lots of experience with anal, on account of he having a boyfriend. To end things for the day, the guys figure out a drop off plan. Although they don't want to drive all the way back to where they found Honey, they believe that the current location, is close enough. And besides, it would be far away from her parents' overprotective eyes. Tony then follows Honey out of the van, as the two of them look to snap a selfie. However, before they know it, the van simply ups and leaves them. Which is actually not uncommon when it comes to a "Bang Bus" scene.

Personally, I have seen several "Bang Bus" scenes from BANG BROS. Honestly speaking, some of them are good, some of them are bad, and some of them are in between. When it comes to this scene involving newcomer Honey Hayes, I have to say that, for me it is one of the best Bang Bus scenes that I have seen so far. First of all, I am really into Honey Hayes. What a beautiful girl she is! She's really hot. I mean, she's pretty amazing. There's just something about her, that I really like. I cannot wait to see more of her scenes, and write about them here as well. There will be more for certain, as her sexual performance here is quite good. I really liked the set up of the scene, as well as how it all unfolded. And as I said, I really liked that the sex scene started with she losing all control of her body, as Tony rub at her clit, as well as deeply finger her pussy. This moment alone was so sexy, and erotic. To me that level of passion can hardly be matched. Only in this case, it actually was, and is, because this was only the lead-in to the scene a scene involving, not only vaginal sex in the beginning, but also some curious anal sex for the remainder. The sex here was so hot. And it's not only due to the performers performing well. The good camera work, also playing a big part of its great success of being a scene that stands out among many. The camera didn't back away and shoot from afar. Instead, it got right in on the action, giving us some very juicy footage to chew on. This was a really great scene. I enjoyed it. What I can't believe is that, This scene is basically one of the very first scenes ever released featuring Honey Hayes, and she is already looking this good in front of the camera. And she's doing anal! This girl is without a doubt, a definite future star in the industry. I definitely recommend this scene to you!

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