Web Young.com: Inquiring Minds (2021)

by - April 07, 2021

 Starring: Nikole Nash // Aften Opal 
Directed by: Anatomik Media
Runtime: 41 mins.

Scene Breakdown //
The scene opens up with Aften Opal, arriving at Nikole Nash's house on a rainy day. She is there to conduct an interview with Nikole. Although Nikole herself is quite confused as to why. She has no idea why her school's newspaper would want to do a piece on her. This is something that she reiterates to Aften, saying that she isn't special. She doesn't do sports, she's not an athlete, and she hasn't volunteered anywhere. However, Aften counters, saying that there is plenty that is special about her. Such as she being brave enough to come out in such a small town. She says that the "school" would like to get her perspective on what it's like to be an 18 year old lesbian,  in a town such as theirs. Aften says that the interview won't take long, and for Nikole to just imagine how many students that she will inspire to be their true selves. It's then that the two of them begin the interview. Aften's first question is rather straight to the point. The question being, "what was it like to come out as a lesbian during high school?" Nikole says that she never wanted to make a big deal out of it, as it was nobody's business. Aften however, begs to differ. She says that it was actually a huge deal, and that she coming out gave other lesbians her age, hope. Nikole does agree that, it's a nice thought, but it wasn't her intention. Aften then asks, if she believes "that the school should have a gay/straight alliance?". and does she think that the "school should celebrate Pride more often?" Nikole says that it would be cool. However, Nikole doesn't find herself to be very exciting. Aften then counters, by saying that Nikole is perfect just the way she is. This, as she just so happens to inch herself closer to Nikole on the couch. She then goes on to ask another question. And that question is, "what was it like dating in high school as a lesbian?". It's a question that Nikole herself, happens to find pretty personal, and wonders why the school newspaper would want to know such a personal detail. Nikole says that she understands that she was the first to come out as a lesbian at the school, but she says that her options are pretty limited. It's an answer that excites Aften, as she once again, inches herself closer to Nikole, asking her if that means that she happens to be single? It's with the next question however, that Nikole truly knows that something is up. Aften asks, "how would someone ask a lesbian out on a date?" Nikole understandably says that the question is pretty weird, as she asks why the school would ask such a question. Nikole is standoffish, as the jig is up for Aften, who then has no other choice, but to come clean about her real agenda here. Aften goes on to confess, that like Nikole, she too is a lesbian. But unlike she, she has yet to come out, and when she found out about Nikole, she just had to get close to her, and so she begged her editor to allow her to do an interview with her. She is quite embarrassed. However, Nikole attempts to ease Aften's nerves, by saying that she gets it. She understands Aften's desire to be around  people just like her. Aften, then says that it's just so stressful, that like she, she's an 18 year old lesbian, who is still trying to figure herself out. It's then, that Aften apologizes and then attempts to leave in a hurry. However, Nikole is quick to stop her, telling her not to run away. Aften of course, is a little confused. Nikole then says that, although Aften did come on a little too strongly, it is true that the two of them are the only lesbians at school. This, as Nikole asks her to stay awhile. Aften knows exactly what that means, as the two of them lean in for an innocent kiss. It's of course, a kiss thst would lead to a lot more between interviewer, and interviewee.
Positions Seen // 
- scissoring
- 69

The Review //
Today, I review a scene from WEB YOUNG, as they present a story-driven scene, featuring Nikole Nash and Aften Opal. The opening story is a pretty fun one, having a tinge of comedy, as Aften is a high school student, who writes for the school paper. For the school, that both she and Nikole Nash attend. The object of the story being that Nikole Nash is the chosen interview subject of Aften, who under the guise of a school newspaper piece, looks to interview her, as Nikole just so happens to be the first "out" lesbian on campus. Nikole Nash herself is a bit confused as to why the school would want to write an article on such a personal topic. Nevertheless, she chooses to go along with the interview. However before long, Aften's cover soon falls apart, when her questions turn out to be a bit senseless. Of course, it's in the end, that the jig is up for her, as she finally goes on to confess that she too, like Nikole, is a lesbian, and that she just used the idea of the article to get close to Nikole. Because otherwise, she was just far too shy to do so. However, as it turns out for Aften, she had nothing to worry about, as Nikole is more than inviting to her. This of course, as it all would lead into a sexual encounter between them. Personally, I found this storyline to be somewhat fun and lighthearted. The girls especially look great during the buildup portion.

But, we then of course, have the sex scene after. One beginning with a simple kiss. They begin to undress, as the two of them likewise go on to complement each other. Aften calling Nikole cute, to which Nikole responds by saying that Aften herself is super cute. Nikole also goes on to confess that she is always found Aften cute, ever since the two of them shared a class together. Aften delighted by this, asks Nikole, why she did not say something sooner?. The two then go on to admire each other's breasts, as they each get a feel of them respectively. However, it would not be long before Aften would finds herself on her back, as Nikole proceed to remove her panties, to dive in between her legs. She cannot wait to taste Aften. Nikole would go in to first start with a series of licks on Aften's clit, prior to she lashing her tongue up and down. She would eventually settle into a combination of licking, and sucking on, and around Aften's clit. Something that would eventually make Aften cum. Nikole would also go on to kiss at her thighs and pussy, prior to it being Aften's turn to return the favor. Next, there is a little kissing, as Aften has Nikole, lean back against the couch. with her legs open. She would start by massaging Nikole's pussy with her hand, prior to she going on to lie flat on her stomach, as she go at it with her mouth and tongue. It's here, that she would tongue in between Nikole's fleshy flower petals, as well as suck on them. Her combination here, would make Nikole cum, after some time. The camera during this moment, giving us a very nice close up view of Nikole's very pretty pussy, as all of this occurs. I really liked the view, for sure. Next up, the two girls kissing would lead into a round of scissoring, as Aften proposes it. This, as Nikole says that she was thinking the same thing. The position then sees each of them spread her legs wide, as they scissor up, in order for they to rub their respective pussies together. And that they do, as they soon settle into a nice rhythm of slamming their genitals together. For me, I'd say that this was the most exciting moment of the entire scene, as it showed a level of curious energy, as both girls get off hard, while both having smiles upon their faces. Again, I really enjoyed the energy shown during this particular set up. It would be followed up by the two girls sitting upright to share passionate kisses, and exchange dialogue. And speaking of the dialogue, I have to say that I really liked it as well. This, as Aften says that there is just something about Nikole's pussy rubbing against hers. Nikole is then prompted to say that there is just something about Aften. It said with enthusiasm, just prior to Aften saying that she wants Nikole to sit on her face. Something that Nikole does gladly, of course. The next position would be 69 with Nikole on top, as she sit on Aften's face, as well as lick Aften's pussy. This would last for a time, as the camera would alternate between Aften and Nikole, giving us a view of their individual tongue work. It would be work that would cause each of them to cum. After Aften goes on to taste her own cum on Nikole's lips, she would then go to work on Nikole. This beginning with Nikole leaning back on the couch, with her legs spread wide. It allowing Aften to suck on her tits, and rub at her pussy. This, before asking Nikole to sit on the back of the couch, so that she could be at a higher level. It's then that Aften would go down on the pussy with her mouth. I really liked this look, as Nikole sit on the back of the couch, with her legs spread wide, all for Aften's taking. And speaking of Aften, she again goes in good on the pussy, licking and sucking. Not to mention that she would also do this upside down, as she would soon get on her back, as she do things. The camera once again gives us a nice close up as she suck on Nikole's meaty, and pink labia. It's a view that is kinda hot, I admit! This would be followed up by Aften getting on all fours, as as Nikole get behind her. It's from here, that she goes on to treat the pussy with her tongue; licking, burying her face in, as well as tongue punching. It prompts Aften to say that Nikole really knows how to treat a girl right. It would be next following some more passionate kissing and caressing, that Aften says she wants to taste Nikole some more. Nikole begins to position herself on her back. However, Aften wants her on all fours, just as she was previously. It's from there, that Aften goes right into things, by punching her tongue into Nikole's pussy. She would also bury her face in. This, being prior to the two girls going on to sit beside each other. It would be from there, that they would go on to share each other's fingers, first by putting them into the other's mouths, and then onto their pussies, as they rub each other. It begins with this happening simultaneously. However before long, Aften's concentration is on Nikole, and so is the camera's. This, as we are given a close up of Nikole's pussy, as Aften pushes Nikole to climax, as things come to an end. The storyline does as well, with Aften saying that she hopes to properly interview Nikole someday. To which Nikole responds that, she is sure that someone will have to write about prom, because as she says, she and Aften will be the school's very first lesbian couple to go together. This development, ending things rather sweetly. I have to say that I really liked the nice way that the story chose to conclude, as well.

Going into the scene, I was really intrigued to see it, as I happen to be a fan of both of the featured starlets here. The idea of the two of them together, being one of very nice potential. As I said above, I really enjoyed the storyline portion of the scene, involving Aften pretending to interview Nikole Nash, just so that she can get close to her. It's a fun story, and one that is well acted by its participants. However, when it comes to the sexual portion of the scene, I do have some complaints. All of them being technical. First of all, I felt that the scene overall, was slow moving. To me, the scene dragged a little(Which is my guess, as to why the scene wasn't released under the GIRLSWAY banner, instead) Additionally, it also felt as if it was a bit directionless, at times. It seemed as though the girls were making up the performance as they went. For instance, we first see Nikole eat Aften's pussy, while she is on all fours, and then Aften eats Nikole, while Nikole is on all fours, too. Why be so repetitive like that? There are plenty of different positions that could have happened here. One position that I happen to like, is the eating of the pussy in a piledriver position. I would have loved to see Nikole in that position. Instead, we have the girls doing the same thing, one after another. My final gripe would be the fact that the camera took to facial close ups, just too much. This, as they try to get the reactions. I'm all for this, if done sparingly. However, I felt that the camera took to this, often at the wrong times. Instead of seeing their faces, we should have been seeing what was going on. I feel that, because of these particularly unneeded shots, that we probably missed a lot of details. The scene though, has it's moments. The scissoring is to me, the scene's strongest moment. I also happen to like the moment near the end, as the girls, sit beside one another and play with the pussy of the other. These moments are strong. If only the rest could have been as much. However, as is, I wouldn't say pass on it. That's because the story is enjoyable, as are the ladies. I have to say also, that I really liked their wardrobe choices. Nikole looking bomb, in a knitted cap and a strappy crop top. While Aften, looking like a trendy High Scooler, with a backpack/purse, and with her dark hair in pigtails. Yes, the sex leaves some to be desired. But, as I said, it too has it's moments. I say see it and make up your own mind on this one.

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