ExCoGi.com: Honey Hayes (March 4, 2021) (2021)

by - May 05, 2021

 Starring: Honey Hayes // Jake Adams
Directed by: Steve(ExCoGi) // Jake Adams
Runtime: 1 hr. 34 mins,


Scene Breakdown //

The scene begins with Jake Adams and Steve, traveling to the airport in Steve's Porsche, as they look to pick up their latest exploit in 20 year old, Honey Hayes. Honey is to participate in only her second scene, after debuting with BACKROOM CASTING COUCH, previously. A scene in which she performed anal for the very first time. They approach the entrance of the airport, as they happen to spot Honey coming out. The two guys are very excited by what they see. The bubbly 20 year old, happens to be wearing a sexy little outfit; a white crop top, which reads "Babygirl", along with a black, pleated skirt. Not to mention that her hair is also in pigtails, and she wears a pair of cute, round glasses as well. They invite Honey into the car, as Jake is quick to complement she on her choice of dress. He says that it has to be his favorite outfit that he has ever picked up anybody in. Honey says that she is both nervous and tired. Tired because of the long flight, and nervous, as this is only her second scene. Her second time doing something like this. They go on to mention the scene that she did with BACKROOM CASTING COUCH, and the fact that it was indeed her very first anal experience. The guys ask her, if she enjoyed it. She says that, while she really enjoyed the buttplug, the anal itself, was "hit or miss". Honey feels that the more she gets experienced with the act, the better that she may like it. Steve goes on to ask the all-important question: and that is if Honey has a boyfriend? Honey answers by saying that it is complicated, and that he is only somewhat supportive of her decision to do porn. She says that her boyfriend is older by two years. Jake comes to ask if she happens to enjoy older guys. She agrees to this, as she playfully cites daddy issues. However, when Jake asks her what Honey's ideal man is, she catches both off guard, by saying that her ideal man, is a girl. A girl with a dick specifically. Because she likes both dick, and girls! However, when it comes to the girls, Honey says that although she enjoys them, she hasn't exactly had the best of luck with them. When asked, Honey goes on to say that she has been with around four or five girls, while the number of guys is much higher. That count being 20 altogether, and 15 individually. Jake says that he was expecting it to be higher. This though, Honey considers it a personal high. The topic of conversation is then Honey's virginity, and at what age she lost it. She says that she first lost it with a girl at the age of 14 and with a guy, soon after. She says that the time with a girl taking place at a youth group for church. While the time with the guy at age 15, was a random hookup on Tinder, with a guy with a Star Wars themed joke profile. She says that despite the profile, the experience for her, was actually pretty good. It's after this, that Jake wastes no time, getting a look at Honey's natural tits. Honey even displaying a pair of pierced nipples, which Honey says that she had gotten recently in January. They are still pretty new. In fact, Jake just so happens to be the very first person to "test drive" them, as he go on to suck on her nipples from there, as he just cannot resist. He even moves her panties aside to finger her. However soon, he has she lying back in the seat as he go in between her legs, with his mouth and tongue, in addition to his fingers. Honey repeatedly complements Jake on being good with his hands. He would also try out an Hitachi vibrator on her clit, a first for her. it causing her eyes to roll back. However next, Jake is once again back at it. After this, Honey however, would be eager to return the favor, and she'd be the one to get Jake's cock out of his jeans for she to suck. This is something that she is serious about indeed, as we see her quickly remove her glasses to get down to business. It is here, that we see Honey work hard, as she jerks Jake's cock off with her mouth. But it's after, that we see Honey put in nice work on Jake's dick, Then, we see he throw Honey onto his lap as she then rides the cock in the cowgirl position in the backseat of the car. It's from here, that we have a multiple camera set up, one which details things from a few different angles. The cowgirl soon graduates, seeing Honey leaning back against the back of the front seat, as Jake continues to plow her. This would next go to missionary, and then to reverse cowgirl. We would also see she suck on both Jake's cock and balls, just prior to all reaching their destination. Now both hot and sweaty, Honey and Jake then get dressed, as we are on to the next stage of the scene.

We pick up a short time later, as Jake has a bit of a conversation with Honey, who sits adorably on the bed in front of him and his camera. Honey says that she is still nervous, despite what went on in the car. With this being only her second scene. Jake agrees that Honey is looking adorable, as he asks her to come closer, and asks that she lift up her shirt. He once again cannot resist to get a feel of her tits, and toy with her sensitive pierced nipples. Jake says by his sample in the car, it seems as though Honey likes to do it rough. Honey agrees. Jake would now have Honey move her pussy closee to the camera, as he has she also move her panties aside to reveal her pussy. Jake, then goes on to ask Honey if she masturbates. This, as he has she go on to demonstrate. However, this is only briefly, as Jake would once again hand her an Hitachi, which quickly goes on to her clit. Honey can't believe it. However, she wouldn't expect what would come next. Jake would next, dig some fingers into her pussy, while the Hitachi remains on her clit. Jake soon taking hold of said vibrator himself, as Steve lends a hand, as he hold down Honey's legs in place, so she cannot move. It's from there that Jake would go on to force an orgasm out of young Honey. For she, it obviously being very intense. Following this, things would officially begin as Jake's cock is soon once again in Honey's mouth, for an exercise in deepthroating.
Positions Seen //

- cowgirl (x2)
- Missionary (x2)
- reverse cowgirl (x2)
- doggy
- lazy dog
- spoon

The Review //
Today, I take a look at a scene from EXCOGI, and directors Steve, and Jake Adams, as they welcome newcomer Honey Hayes to the industry in the proper way, as this was only her second scene ever. With the previous being hosted by BACKROOM CASTING COUCH. That scene, which, Honey participated in her very first anal experience, on, or off camera. We begin the scene with the guys picking up Honey at the airport, and of course it would not take long after some questions, that Jake, is very much eager to try out young Honey, and he did so as we first see a round of sex, in the back of Steve's Porsche. It was a great round of sex, featuring the positions of cowgirl, missionary, as well as reverse cowgirl in that order. We would also see Honey suck cock, on two separate occasions. My favorite portion of the sex in the car, was indeed  the moment, Jake had Honey lean back against the back of the front seat of the car. It gave us a nice view of the penetration from there, and otherwise, just looked great. They would then eventually reach their destination, as they would take a short break and then resume. When we do resume, we have Jake behind the camera asking Honey a series of questions, prior to the topic becoming masturbation. He would have Honey first begin solo. But yet again, he just cannot help but to get his hands involved. He would both use his fingers, as well as the Hitachi. This, as Steve provides a better assist than one by John Stockton to Karl Malone, as he would hold the 20 year old's legs down, as the two force and orgasm out of her. This part of the scene, though only the beginning, was just so hot. Just watching Honey shake and tremble in orgasmic pleasure, was just second to none, I'd say. However, with that said, things would truly get underway, as Jake once again, puts his cock deep within Honey's throat.

It would be here, that Jake would also go on to try to force and orgasm out of Honey. Both, as he finger her, and as he uses the Hitachi on her clit. That, as she gets down to suck his cock. It's during which, he has Honey take it all the way down to the base, numerous times. The split screen during this moment really adding to the effect, as we get a view from behind as she continues to suck Jake off. It being that we get a front row seat view of the Hitachi on her clit. After this, we see Honey climb on to ride the dick in cowgirl. She first beginning this, as she sit upright. Soon however, Honey would lean forward, as Jake would move in and out of her pussy. It would be another moment, which sees the split screen effect used perfectly, as we are treated to a view from behind as well as, one showing Honey's reaction. The cowgirl would finish up, with she once again, sitting upright and bouncing and grinding on the cock. After this, Jake would pull Honey to the edge of the bed, as the action then go to missionary. It would be a position that would see Jake work up to a quick and hard pace. This as he having Honey raise her legs up high, as he pummel her pussy. It would be enough for she to call for a break. A short time later we once again resume ,as we are given some behind the scenes footage first, as Honey and Jake, both prepare to continue. Jake can be seen here fingering Honey once again. This prior to things picking up in the position of doggy. It's a position that Honey would later say was her favorite of the scene. Here, Jake would take her from behind, and begin with a steady pace of in and out. During this, we would see a combination of this, as well as Honey throwing her ass back on the cock. On occasion, Jake would go hard into the pussy. As things continue, we are treated to a very nice overhead POV of the ongoing. It being here that, we see Honey's young pussy just squeezing around the thick cock of Jake. I loved this view, personally. The doggy position would eventually go to the lazy dog variation, which sees Honey lying flat on her stomach, as Jake go on to straddle atop her. It would be here, that he would continue the pounding. And as this happens, we are again given a tremendous split screen view, as we are in close with Honey's furry pussy, as it takes a pouncing. Boy, this view in particular being a million bucks in terms of visuals. The next position of the scene would be reverse cowgirl, a position that Honey previous to this scene, had never performed, as she would say later on. It would be a position that would last for some time, as Jake, instructs Honey, through it in various forms. She would first be upright, and then she would lean forward. This, being before she is really fuck hard by Jake as she lean back, propping herself up by placing her hands on Jake's chest. The next position would be the scene's final position. However, it would be one that would see an extended stay. That position being the spoon. This, as Honey lies on her side, with Jake behind her, as he continue to pound in his cock. From this position, he would have a chokehold on Honey, as he begin at a steady pace. However, as he continue to work, he goes even harder, going balls deep into her pussy. He would slow the pace down once more, until the position finally comes to an end. It's after this, that Jake wants to do one thing, and that's cum on Honey's face. This setup would be Honey at the edge of the bed, hanging upside down off of it as she goes on to suck and lick on Jake's cock and balls, while he simultaneously jerks himself off. This lasting for a time, until we see the famous EXCOGI 10 second cum shot countdown appear on the screen. And it's like clockwork, that Jake would come to unload into Honey's eager mouth, which readily accepts it. It's after the fact, that she would continue on licking around the head of the cock for a brief time, until the scene would finally come to an end. This, after getting a few words from Honey regarding experience. However as we find, she can't say much, as she is too "dick drunk" at that moment. But she does say that this experience would be one to set the bar, as to what she would compare her future experiences to. Overall, in my opinion, it was and is, a very good conclusion to a rough, and passionate sex scene.

This was a fantastic scene! As I said, I first discovered Honey Hayes on Twitter just before she pursued porn, and was simply just a content creator. But boy, has she come a long way in such little time! I was crushing on her back when I first found her, and now, with she doing porn, it's like a dream come true I would suppose. She's already a personal favorite of mine! This scene was only her second scene ever, and it is one that saw her get absolutely railed by Jake. Honey is a trooper. This, as she said multiple times during the scene that being penetrated by Jake's extra thick cock hurt a little. But you have to hand it to her, because she never quit. Because of this, the whole experience turned out to be an amazing scene for everyone. For she, for Jake and Steve, the men with the cameras, as well as we the viewers, who just cannot, remove their eyes from the footage, as we watch this beautiful starlet take the dick. Yes, this scene is all drawn out at 94 minutes total. But at the same time, it is a full experience with very little removed from it. We first begin with excellent car sex footage, which is, then followed by the main course, which is the sex in the hotel room. I will go ahead and say it, Steve, and Jake, have absolutely, the best camera footage in the business. Whether it be in the car, or in the hotel, they treat us to secondary views, that we might not ever see anywhere else. Most of the angles seen, are truly unique to the EXCOGI brand. As a viewer, and as a critic, I absolutely love the use of the split screen. They giving us two completely separate viewpoints of the action as it happens. This, including great looking closeup views of the penetration that's ongoing. It's fucking awesome. Altogether, The sex scene in a hotel between Honey Hayes and Jake Adams, is just great. This is especially true when speaking of the second half of the sex scene, after the two once again, resume after taking a short break at the request of Honey. It's a second round of sex, that kicks off with the position of doggy, where Jake would take Honey from behind. It's a position that would see Jake go on to fuck Honey hard. It would be a nice style, that Jake would employ all the way until the end. Once again, I loved it, and I would not hesitate to recommend this scene to you in the least bit. Honey is definitely on her way to becoming a big star in this industry. And although this was only her second scene it was one that saw her definitely fucked like one. Also it's another job well done by Jake Adams, who continues to prove himself, as one of my very favorite male performers in the game. Here, he pure and simply, give it to Honey. Thus, making the overall experience, one that will be unforgettable for her. Go see it!

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