Ken & Barbie Vibes (2021)

by - July 26, 2021

 Starring: Kay Lovely // Oliver Flynn
Directed by: Johnny Robins
Runtime: 1 hr.


Scene Breakdown //
We begin the scene with Director, Johnny Robins, actually rolling camera, initially without the scene's featured talent, Kay Lovely's knowledge. This, despite she asking Johnny if the camera is indeed recording. So, it is of course a little humorous to start. This secret footage captures a candid conversation, on whether or not Kay happens to enjoy receiving cum facials. Oliver Flynn, Kay's scene partner, can be heard off camera telling Kay, that today, he is going to cover her face. It's then that she reveals that she has actually never received a facial of any sort, saying that during her last shoot with Johnny, that it went on her tongue, as well as her chin, and not truly her face. Kay reveals that she actually does not enjoy facials. Not even in her private life. She says that she likes it to go on her tits, or in her pussy. Kay happens to enjoy creampies, and seems to admit to having a breeding fetish. Kay elaborates, saying that she doesn't like cum on her face. Especially due to she having fake eyelashes. But despite this, Johnny manages to somehow get Kay to agree to try it today. This, even though, she is still quite unsure, as her face would tell us. The camera then zooms in on Kay's truly lovely face. This is as Johnny goes on to call it "Oliver's Special Sauce", as he says it's delicious....from what he hears, that is. Kay asks if it's yummy, and if he has in fact tried it? Johnny says that he has read the Yelp reviews for Oliver's "sauce", and that he gets 5 and a half star ratings. This, although Yelp reviews, only allow a maximum of 5 stars. After that, Johnny continues by going about in interview-like fashion, as if he is actually beginning the scene. He introduces Kay by saying her name, and saying that she is new to the industry. It is at that time Kay, goes on to ask him if they are actually rolling camera now? However, again with the humor, Johnny continues by saying that they are not. Kay does go on to say that she has been in the business since her birthday, June 1. Johnny responds by saying that his birthday is on June 3, just two days after. Johnny says that Kay is a crazy-ass Gemini, just like he is. Kay says that most of her birth chart is indeed, all Gemini. Johnny goes on to talk about the idea of Geminis being two people in one. However, Kay sees it differently. She says that she likes to think of it as she being able to have a different personality with different people. Johnny would continue then, by asking Kay if she is finally ready to begin recording the video? Kay then assures that she is looking into the right camera, as she points forward. It is then that the jig is kind of up, as Kay is finally clued into the fact that Johnny of course had been recording the entire time after all. It is definitely a funny moment. It's with that said though, that the interview do formally get underway.

Johnny would then of course, begin things by reiterating, as he asks Kay about her chosen stage name, and why she chose it. Kay says that in her personal life, people do call her "K", and that she simply wants people to say things such as "Aww, Kay, she's so Lovely!". Johnny agrees that "Lovely", is indeed the perfect surname for her. Saying that she has a pleasant presence, and that she gives off a happy vibe. She says that, that is something that she hears from people most of the time. Kay goes on to say that she is from Dallas Texas, but that she is originally from San Diego California. Johnny then goes on to talk about cheerleaders, as he thinks that Kay definitely has the make of one. This reveals that Kay was actually a cheerleader in high school, and in college. She does say that she is a little flexible and definitely believes that she could do it professionally. Johnny says that she would look perfect in the required uniform of a professional cheerleader. Kay, then says that she just recently moved to Dallas, and that she actually grew up in San Diego. Kay says that San Diego is a lot different than LA, saying that LA is more metropolitan. Whereas, San Diego is more coastal, and more "chill". Johnny then continues to further inquire, as he asks Kay what it is that she likes to do. Kay goes on to answer that she likes to read, and play with her cats, saying that she doesn't go out and party. When asked about that, she says that she does not get invited to said parties, although she would like to. Johnny does not quite understand how someone as hot as she, would not get invited to parties of the sort. This begs the question of whether or not Kay was a nerd in high school. Kay would answer. that she was not exactly a "nerd", per se. This, as she says that she was on the swim team, and the cheerleading team in high school. However, when she next says that additionally, she was also in Book Club, it is more than enough evidence for Johnny, to come to the conclusion that yes, Kay was indeed a "nerd". Kay would then agree that she is a nerd at heart, saying that she did do good in school. Kay then goes on to continue the conversation saying that after high school she went to a Baptist University. This after she nearly reveals the name of the institution. Johnny seems more than a little interested in the fact that she went to a religious school. It's of course, then that the topic of conversation turns to religion. Kay, says that she did not in fact grow up Baptist, saying that she was actually atheist. But that, one day she just decided that she wanted to learn more about the religion, and to be Christian. However of course, it did not take her long to realize that it was just not for her. Johnny does agree that atheists usually do not just one day decide to be Christians. Kay reasons it to she just wanting to find purpose in life. She says that these days, she's simply just "spiritual". Something that works for her. When asked, Kay says that her former college of 1000 people, most of whom were athletes, was terrible, saying that the parties sucked, and seeing as she didn't go to them back in high school, there wasn't a lot going on for her then. Johnny then goes on to tell Kay that now that she is in porn, there are "porn parties". An obviously interested Kay then goes on to inquire about them, asking what attendees do at these parties? Her obvious assumption being that they fuck at them. He however then goes on to liken them to regular parties, saying, that you do not have to fuck, but that there is fucking that goes on. It's then that the adventurous Kay goes on to cut in, by saying that she would like to. It's to this that Johnny is obviously a bit surprised. Johnny would then ask her if she likes to fuck, and Kay answers that she indeed does. Because of this, the subject quickly turns to sex. Kay says that she lost her virginity at the age of 14. and that the experience wasn't good at all, and that it was terrible. She follows up by saying that actually, sex was pretty bad for her, until the age of 18. It was then that things started to get better.  However, with that said, the true game changer for her, was when she began to bring toys into the mix. Kay says that she indeed enjoys masturbating, and that on average, she does it twice a day, saying that when she does not, she gets sad and irritated. She says that sometimes she just has to let loose. Staying on topic, Johnny then asks Kay, what she likes to do with a guy sexually? She says that typically, she just likes to do missionary. However, she says that she likes to have her legs all the way up, or by her head, so that it gets in really deep. Johnny then goes on to say that Kay can do whatever she wants to today, and that he usually just lets the  show take care of itself. His next question is if there is anything that she has never done, that she would like to try? Kay says that she has never done anything standing up, seeing as she is so tall. This makes her realize that she has really only ever done missionary, doggy, as well as both variations of cowgirl. It's then that Johnny promises to throw something in today to surprise her. Something that she is down for. Johnny then goes on to ask Kay if she is good at riding dick?. Kay answers that it works best with the male lying flat on his back. However, that when doing "wall sits", she says that it's just too much for her legs. After saying this, Johnny says that he will again let Kay do what she wants, saying that they'll all have some fun today. He then wants to get a good look at Kay, as he then has she stand up.

Johnny is amazed by Kay, as he says that she is built like a "brick shithouse". This, is as his camera pans up her very tall figure. 5'10", to be exact. She even being taller, due to the fact that she is wearing a pair of heels. She guessing that she is about 6'2" in them, Johnny admits that she is definitely taller than he is, saying that she is a lot of woman. Johnny would then ask Kay, what it is about her that gets the most compliments from people. Kay answers that it's her eyes, and her lips. Johnny then of course goes on to ask about her tits, as they obviously are spectacular, as they are right there. Kay answers nicely, saying that she doesn't always show people her tits, and that of course, people don't always come up and ask her about them. But of course, Johnny says that he would. Next, the view would be Kay's ass, as the Directer has she turn around for our viewing pleasure. Johnny thinks it's nice, and he is surprised that she doesn't get more compliments on it, as well. Kay chalks it up to she not being the girl with the biggest ass, but agrees that she has a well proportioned one. Johnny again agrees. It's then that Johnny asks very nicely, if Kay could show him her tits. Although he is obviously excited to see them. He wants Kay to tease him, before finally fully revealing them, as she treats he, as well as we the viewer, to a very nice looking titty drop. It's after seeing Kay's tits, that Johnny says that they are perfect. Something that Kay says is echoed by the men she has sex with. Following the titty reveal, it would of course be time for Kay to remove her panties to show us what she's working with down there. And what is "down there" for her, is "definitely not" a bush. She says that she wants to be a Barbie, and to be a Barbie, she needs to be shaven like one. Johnny then once again hits upon Kay's enjoyment of masturbation, while also asking her if she is nervous about being here. Kay goes on to admit that she is a little nervous. But only due to the fact that her costar Oliver is handsome. It would be then that Johnny would ask Kay if she wants to play with herself a little to open the scene. She does, but first the proper beauty must fix the right clamp on her garter, that happened to detach. She does admit to having some difficulty with it, and it would be at that time, that it's actually Oliver who steps in to save the day prior to Kay's masturbation show.

Kay lies back on the couch, as Johnny instructs her to move closer to the edge of it, so that he can see all the action that is to come. He tels her to think of Oliver, which Kay has no trouble in doing. She even prepped dor the scene, by watching his work. She says that he is handsome. This, as she begins by rubbing her clit. However, this would quickly turn to she inserting a finger deep inside her wet pussy. After this, things are followed by more rubbing of the clit, as well as more finger insertion. After a short time, the masturbation however, comes to an end. This, as it is more than apparent, that Kay is ready to be filled up by the real thing. This, as Johnny could tell just how wet she had gotten at this point. It would be then, that they would proceed to the next step of the pre-scene activities. That being the oiling up of Kay's slender and statuesque body, by one Oliver Flynn.

It would be then that Oliver would come in to drop some oil onto Kay's perky titties. Something that she is quite excited for, as she says that she has never done it before. It's from here, that Johnny the Director, has Oliver position himself behind Kay, so that he may rub the oil in, as well as massage the tits. This, also including he dropping them a few times to see the bounce of them. After this, Johnny's camera takes a moment to worship the beauty of them also, as we get a great close-up view of the pair. This, before everything moves focus to Kay's ass. She can't wait to get some oil on it, and she wouldn't have to. This, as she is quickly turned around and lubed up. Oliver, of course goes on to rub it in. Johnny even having Kay shake a little, before it is next on to twerking on the couch. Kay isn't so confident in her twerking and shaking skills. However, Johnny says that the Baptist college, must've taught her something. That's because she is quite good at making her ass clap. It wouldn't be long from here, that Oliver would come in again, however. This, as he again rub the ass, as well as smack it hard. This giving Johnny a good idea, when he says that he thinks that Kay should ride Oliver's face. For this, She remains in the doggy position on the couch, as Oliver assumes the position by getting under her. It would be here that, his tongue would soon go to work, as it lash back and forth. Kay, eventually bringing her ass down lower, so that Oliver may really get into it.

Positions Seen //
- footjob
- titty fucking
- missionary
- piledriver
- cowgirl
- reverse cowgirl
- doggy

The Review //
For this review, I make a return to HUSSIE PASS, after some time away, and boy, what a scene I have chosen. It's a scene featuring a newcomer to the Hussie ranks. A 5'10" stunner, by the name of Kay Lovely. A current Dallas Texas resident by way of San Diego California. The scene gets started in a nontraditional way this time, as Director Johnny Robins is up to no good, as he decides to have a little fun with the new girl, when he decides to press record on the camera without her knowing. Because of this, captured is some truly genuine candid footage. Though Kay did not know that the camera was a-go at the time. It was fun to hear of her opinions when it comes to receiving a facial. It's during this time that she goes on to explain that she is just not a fan of the act. It's for this reason that both Johnny, along with male talent, Oliver Flynn, vow to give her just that. The positive thing being that, Kay seems to be game, saying that they can try it today at the end of the scene. Though they here, discuss the end of the scene details, we would first have to circle around and finally really begin the scene, as we have a traditional interview segment follow. Like this secretly recorded footage, it is all too fun as well. This, as we get to know the beauty a little bit more than we did coming in. We learn of her roots in California, as well as her experience as an athlete. She was a swimmer as well as a cheerleader in high school, as well as college. The college that we find, was a Baptist University. Because Kay was at the time, an atheist, she was as she says looking to find her way. She never found it going the Baptist way, but eventually found it on her own. Through it all, Kay Lovely, found her way into the industry of porn, Just one look at her, is proof enough why we should be more than glad for it. Little did we know that the scene that we would get here, would go on to even further solidify this. But even before we would get to the sex in question, Kay would go on to show off her body and even that, with a body like hers, is a whole lot of fun. As Johnny would say himself. Kay is indeed "built like a brick shithouse". This girl, although she is 5' 10", She's stacked in every way imaginable. It's like this girl was sent from up above. She has a body that was made for sex. Her naturally-built body is filled out. Every inch. This girl is beautiful. Just nice to look at. And look at her we do. Oliver would eventually go on to prime her, by first oiling her up. It's from there, that he would have some fun playing with Kay's naturally gifted tits. This, as Johnny's camera is right there where we need it to be. Man, those close-up shots during these moments were wondrous! After Kay would go on to show off her ass, and likewise have oil put on it as well(you just have to love the oil running down those curves!), there would come a time that would be one of my favorite times during this hour long scene. It would occur when Kay would proceed to ride lucky Oliver's face. Now, this was so hot! Oliver's face getting smothered with Kay's nice ass, as she pop up and down on it, all while the man's tongue go to work as if it were automatic. It was just picture-perfect! 
Though they call the proceeding that would occur soon after this, as Kay flips over on her back, the official beginning of the scene, I feel that the twerking episode was the true start. At least for me it was. In any case, Oliver matches the intensity of the twerking, as he go on to display his great cunnilingus skills. He would even go on to administer it while jamming fingers up into Kay. She would even tell him how good he is while he do it. I just loved how she told Oliver to "lick her little pussy", and how he responded by spreading her pussy with his nose, mouth and tongue. It was so hot already! But as always, as the boy pleasures the girl, so does the girl pleasure the boy. This, as Kay would next, eagerly go on to service Oliver with a blowjob. I know that it seems as though I am here, beginning every sentence with a bullet point. But the truth is that Kay here, would excite at just about every turn. She would do so again, before she even began the blowjob. This as she take the time to kiss and lick Oliver's body, prior to getting his cock out to work on it. Yes, she makes an act as simple as this, just as sexy as can be! Kay would start things by treating the shaft with her tongue, as she work down it, making her way down to the head of the cock, sucking on it, prior to venturing on to take it deep into her mouth. Soon enough, she is working it with both her mouth as well as her hand. She's amazed by just how big Oliver really is. However, she is unfazed, and I like that. She just went for it. This, as she eventually take it all the way in, Deepthroating each and every inch of Oliver. They would have a time during the blowjob with an overhead POV view, before taking things to the bed, as Johnny asks Kay to go in between Oliver's legs. Something that she says that he need not to ask her twice about. She would not miss a beat, as she would go straight back to work on the cock, taking it deep into her mouth. I absolutely loved how she worked the shaft here with her right hand, while simultaneously underhandedly cupping the balls with her left hand, as she massage them. So sexy indeed! Even during this stage of the blowjob, Kay commented how Oliver was just so big that she kept choking on it. But yet again, it did not stop her. What a fucking trooper! Next up, Johnny would have Kay do something that she had actually been practicing at home for, and that is to give a footjob. Yes, a footjob! And she would begin while having her feet still clad in the white stockings that she is wearing. However, it isn't long before Oliver does the right thing, and rips them open. Thus, baring Kay's sexy feet. Johnny has Kay lie back then, as she would go on to prove that practice does indeed make perfect. This, as she demonstrates one hell of a footjob. She gives Oliver a great stroking with her feet. One that would make anyone envious. However, we'd get an even more  glorious spectacle. after. That's because next, Oliver would go in to fuck Kay's big tits! First, it would begin with an overhead camera. This, as it capture Oliver raining down oil upon Kay's chest, in the most magnificent manner. This, prior to quickly slipping his cock in between her tits. He would also proceed to rub the oil in with his hard dick. Something that Kay seems to really like. Oliver would then run his cock up and down the tits, before the camera would finally decide on a horizontal view. This view, cluing us in on Kay's reaction, as it prominently focuses on her beautiful face. She is all enjoyment from here. It's during this fucking of the titties, that Kay, would also at times, attempt to get the cock back into her mouth. But, as we would see, Oliver soon works up a quick pace, as he fucks the tits. and yes it is hot! However, after this great showing of titty fucking, is the moment that Kay was waiting for. The time for she to finally get some dick. This, as her pussy was both wet and ready for it! It's then that Oliver is such a gentleman, that he would opt to begin with Kay's previously mentioned favorite position. If you remember, that position happens to be missionary, with her legs positioned well over her head. Oliver is so nice, isn't he?! Oliver starts off slowly, as he penetrates Kay. She is visibly surprised at first. It's then that the two of them exchange complements. Kay saying how big Oliver is, while he saying just how tight she is. It's an equal trade-off between the two. However, it's with that said, that Kay is not one to shy away, as she tells Oliver that he can go deeper, and deeper he goes, as he actually puts it all the way in! Before long, from here, Oliver would go on to work up a quick pace. It would be as Kay's tits bounce about gloriously. They would do even more so, when Oliver would amp things up, as he would increase the pace, as he absolutely nail the pussy. It's so good for him, that it is successful in making him cum early. And we are not talking about pre-cum. We're talking about a full-on load blown, when he would pull out quickly to shoot on to Kay's stomach. This was completely unexpected by me, as I was viewing the scene, but it was actually pretty amazing. Because, when it comes down to it, it was real. It was completely authentic, captured right there on camera. It's the type of thing the just cannot plan. This was definitely not planned. Oliver usually does not cum this quickly. Kay definitely, must have a special kind of gorilla-grip pussy, or something! Damn. With that, the show must go on, and it does, as Oliver, the pro that he is, goes right back to work, as he resumes missionary for a brief time after. This would be before the two would go on to change positions, and it would be a position that Kay had never done before. This, as Oliver would take her into the piledriver position, bending her back over the edge of the couch, as she have her legs held high, and near her head. It would position her perfectly for Oliver to proceed to drive his cock down into Kay's pussy. And it's definitely a position that looks very nice on camera, as we are right there on the penetration, as well as Kay's face to again, get her reaction to the proceedings. Oliver begins with a very quick pace on his own. However, Kay the trooper, wants him to go even faster. It's an effort that eventually makes her cum. After which, she wishes to taste herself off of Oliver's dick. She does this with glee, from her upside down position. But things would continue, as Oliver keep up the pace, going quickly in and out of Kay, with she becoming more and more audibly wet. This would be as, she tell Oliver to "fuck her little pussy". It would prove to do nothing but encourage him to go that much harder. Kay in this moment, is dick-drunk as she tells Oliver a couple of times just how sexy he is. The camera would then move into a closeup on the penetration for a moment, and it is a great view, I have to say. Next up, Kay would go on to ride Oliver in the position of standard cowgirl. It's with this position, that she would demonstrate some very nice skill in doing so. This, as she would ride the dick in a calculated manner. She going up and down slowly, as to stroke the cock with her pussy. It would be during this, that she would ask Oliver to spank her hard. Following this, she would for a time, also twerk on the cock as well. This, before Oliver would fuck her back. And again she would ask him to do so very hard. The camera would come around, and change to a side view as Kay return to her calculated way of riding for another instance.  The position itself, finishing out, with Oliver again fucking her back hard and fast, very much to her liking. It's after this, that Johnny would want to get a good look at Kay's bouncing tits, as she reverses her positioning, then taking things to reverse cowgirl for the next position. Oliver would get started right away, as he would fuck the pussy deep, and hard from said position. It would be so deep that Kay would be seen beginning to pout, and almost crying, experiencing pleasure in her pain. She would recover quickly, as she herself would go on to ride it, slamming herself down hard, and then grinding on the dick. From there, the two of them would go on to trade-off on Kay riding, and Oliver fucking. This, up until there is another position change. It would just so happen to be the scene's final position. This being, as Kay would be positioned on hands and knees, as Oliver would then take her from behind in doggy. He would begin again, quickly hitting the pussy deep and hard. This being, as the camera gets a good look at both Kay's backside, as well as her asshole, while Oliver, bangs into her. Again, Kay does encourage him to go harder, like a champ! Oliver would continue things, going even faster, before the camera would change to an overhead view. It's a great view. that focuses directly on Kay's plump ass from behind. This, as Oliver gives her the long strokes. Johnny would go on to however, to urge Kay to fuck Oliver back as she would slam her ass back on to the hard cock. When it comes to this, she actually does a good job of it. This, as she would move at a very quick pace for a time, pumping her ass on the cock. But, Oliver would once again take over, and as the camera would once again change to the side view, he would happen to go even deeper than ever before. It's a combination of both deep and hard fucking, as he slam into Kay nice and good. This would once again, almost make Kay cry, as she is once more, pushed to her limit with Oliver, going so deep inside of her. From here, Oliver would fuck until he cannot anymore. This, as he would eventually reach his climax. The scene would finally come to an end, with Kay quickly rushing to get on her knees, and position herself under Oliver, who is just about to blow for the second time in the scene. It would be then that this highly-spirited scene would reach it's end, as we see Oliver, steadfastly jerk his cock, as he eventually drop a medium-sized load onto Kay's face, thus giving her the cum facial that the group had discussed at the very beginning of the footage. Personally, I felt that The conclusion to the sex, was a very fitting one, for this amazingly passionate sexual showing.

Of course, the entire affair itself, comes to an end, with a shower session involving both the male and female talent. It's in the shower that we find Kay and Oliver together. This, as Oliver searches for a specific soap. One that will create suds, as he wants to rub down his scene partner one last time. But first, Oliver would drop the soap, and you just know that a joke was made of it.  Oliver, unfortunately has trouble when getting the soap to lather to his liking. Kay even gives it a try, saying that, sometimes women to do it better. However, even she is met with the same trouble getting the soap to sud up. It's with that, that the two, decide make do with what they have, as Oliver goes on to again, massage Kay's tits from behind. It would be at one point that Johnny would go on to ask Kay if she would like to wash Oliver's dick for him. "Absolutely", she says. As she is on her knees doing the deed, with the soap, Kay, goes on to reveal that Oliver just so happens to be the biggest cock that she's ever had. As well as the best sex that she's ever had. Details that delight Oliver. Kay would then ask Oliver just how big actually is? And, it's to our surprise that Oliver isn't so sure. He jokes around, saying that it is 4 to 5 1/2 inches. Kay would then go on to joke that the size of it is actually two 5 1/2 inches in length. The guys would then go on to complement Kay even further, saying that she is going to go far in the industry, just by doing what comes naturally to her. It would be a short time later that the overall footage would reach its end as well.

Coming away from this scene, the first word that comes to mind is simply, "Wow". I have definitely seen something special here. To put it into words, what a great fucking scene this was! It's definitely a scene of transformation, if you will. Here, we have a performer in Kay Lovely, who at the point of shooting the scene, has only been in the business for less than a month. So yes, she went into the scene with a pro in Oliver Flynn, sort of bright-eyed, and new. Someone who had yet to experience a lot of things sexually, having only previously basically done the basics. She had never been taken to her limits. Here, Oliver took her places that she had never been, bringing her to the pinnacle of her pleasure. What I'm trying to say here, is that she went into the scene a newbie, and by the end of it, she emerged as a star. It's the curious girl, becoming a pornstar. Kay lovely is definitely now a proven star of porn. She has what it takes to thrill the porn fanbase, and the best thing of all, is that it all comes natural to her. Here, she is not acting out the motions, for the sake of the camera. Here, she is experiencing real things, and one can tell. The joy of it is, is that many of those things are first times for her. You just cannot replicate authenticity in anything. Especially sex. Luckily for us the viewer, as well as all involved with this scene. Johnny Robins' camera was there to expertly capture every last bit of this passionate sexual hookup on video. Here, just about each and every frame seen here by the viewer's eye is damn near perfect. The type of sexual material that keeps one's eyes, just glued to the material, not even allowing them to blink. Now, I will admit that I might have blinked, but I did not want to! Honestly speaking, it has been some time since I have been this invested in what I was seeing from a scene. Not only were my eyes curious. I could not help but smile. Because, what I was seeing was very much on fire! I mean. the connection between these two performers was white-hot, almost from the very beginning of the scene. Kay being very much into Oliver, and apparently, it was likewise for him as well, because he was soon the magnet, while Kay being forever the steel. Just wow! It is true that Kay made Oliver cum twice. Once early on, and then again later, to of course, bring things to an end. No one ever does that to Oliver! This is a guy that has featured in now countless scenes, with many, many beautiful women. The most beautiful women in the industry. This is a rare occurrence. But here we have a new girl who manages to accomplish this crazy feat! Kay definitely has something to be proud of with this. But an even bigger something to be more proud of, is the scene as a whole. The sex here was electric, and Kay performed as if she was experienced well beyond her little time already spent in the industry. Also, she did not have a lot of dirty dialogue here spoken. But when she did, the dirty talk cut with a sharpness. Additionally. her awareness during the sex, is the type that you just cannot teach. I happened to like the way that she would always be aware of Oliver's pleasure, as well as her own. For example, she would never forget to give some attention to Oliver's balls. That was so nice. I also enjoyed the way in which she rode the dick. Sometimes taking the dick all the way in, just as she did a few times over the course here. It all was just impressive. Of course, seeing a scene such as this one, it's probably a given that one would be impressed with a proven talent such as Oliver Flynn, but as a viewer and as a writer, I have to say that in this case, I was as equally impressed with both performers. This, as they put it all out there before the camera. With that said, I would definitely advise you not to waste anytime when it comes to seeing this gem from the guys at HUSSIE PASS. This is a scene where a star is born right before our eyes. Though, this is not a movie, it's real life. Get on over to HUSSIE PASS, and see this scene right now. I highly recommend it!

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  1. Wow great review Rik, in fact Kay arrived showing that she has a lot of potential.