SpyFam.com: Sneaky Stepbro Catches Stepsis (2021)

by - July 28, 2021

 Starring: Cecelia Taylor // Kyle Mason
Directed by:
Runtime: 34 mins.


Scene Breakdown //
The scene begins with Kyle Mason, coming into the kitchen to scope out the refrigerator. It's there, that he would also run into his stepsister, Cecelia Taylor. No one is home, as it is just the two of them. Cecelia is quick to strike up a conversation, as she asks her stepbrother, Kyle what he did yesterday. He says that he met up with a girl that he matched with at a party. However, the two of them didn't stay there long, as the girl in question invited Kyle back to her house. He would continue the story, by saying that the girl was so turned on, that she could not even make it to their destination, prior to she getting his cock out, right there in the car to blow him. For Cecelia, it's quite the story. This, as Kyle assures his stepsister that it was indeed, a hot experience. Kyle, then asks Cecelia what she will be doing today? It's in response, that she says that her mom wants her to clean the house. After this, she gets right to the task. However, as she leaves her chair, Kyle just so happens find something a little strange, that she left behind. It seems as though his stepsister had got more than a little wet, as he was telling his story to her. It's obviously apparent to him that she got very turned on by it, as evident by the wetness that she left behind on the chair. It's a discovery that makes Kyle quite horny himself. It's because of this, that he would then begin to follow his sister around, as she clean up. As she bend over, Kyle's phone is right there, as he attempts to get just about any type of good footage that he can of his sister's upskirt view. He does just so happen to get a very nice shot of his sister's panties from under her skirt. Kyle, turned on by this, goes on to pretend that he has somewhere to go, saying that he must leave. However, He does not truly leave. It would lead to he making yet another discovery. That discovery would be Cecelia beginning to get herself off, as she masturbates. This, once she believes that she is alone, and in the clear. It consisting of she pulling aside her panties to touch herself. It's a very hot sight for the stepbrother. Of course, he tries to hide. However, it is no use, as he would eventually come upon his sister. But, to Kyle's surprise Cecelia is more than a little inviting of him, as she call him over to her, to watch as she touch herself. Kyle is obviously hesitant initially, as she is of course, his stepsister. But, as Cecelia pushes the issue, he puts up a rather thin defense. It's to his surprise again this time, as his stepsister Cecelia, is soon on his dick, and sucking it. Thus, being the start of a sexual encounter between the two stepsiblings.
Positions Seen //
- cowgirl
- modified reverse cowgirl
- reverse cowgirl
- missionary
- doggy

The Review //
For this review, I take a look at a scene from the family taboo website, SPY FAM. The scene which features Cecelia Taylor and Kyle Mason as a pair of stepsiblings who get very sexually curious with each other. The scene features a typical type set up. Basically here, what we have is Kyle coming in, and telling his stepsister of the wild night before that he had with a girl that he met up with from a dating app. It would be of course, a tale that would go on to very much turn on his sister. So much so, that she would then be aching to rub one out the very next chance that she got. Kyle would eventually become curious about his sister, once he finds out just how turned on by his story that she actually gets. It would result in he eventually catching she in the act. At first, it would be an awkward situation for stepsiblings such as they. However, their mutual curiosity with one another gets the best of them, as the two of them would ultimately end up hooking up right in the kitchen, as well as the living room area.

As is the format with SPY FAM, the sex is captured, and styled, as it is one part spycam, and one part, traditionally shot porn scene. We would get just about an equal split of the two, in this scene. The surveillance camera is shot from a distance of the action. It being beneficial to the viewer as we would see things that we normally would not as the action is here, in full frame. What I like about it is that from this view, we see the full stroke of the cock going in and out of the pussy. We could also at times in this scene, see Cecelia's bare feet in the shot. And I have to say it. I myself, happened to really dig Cecelia's gold bracelet on her ankle. For some reason I happen to find ankle bracelets to be extremely sexy. To talk about the traditional camera, it is exactly what you would expect to find in  a porn scene. But of course, since it is for the PORN PROS network. There are a lot of POV points of view, seen throughout the scene. I have to give it to the PORN PROS team, they are always pretty great with the POV material, especially when presenting an overhead view of a position. Everything in that regard is captured greatly. However, it's now at the point in my review, that I go on to closer look at the sexual material, likewise.

It's in this avenue, that I do have my criticism for the scene. First of all, we get started with Cecelia going on to rub her clit, as she masturbates. I really liked the way that the scene got started, with Cecelia pulling aside her panties to then, get one off. For some reason, I found this to be sexy. The way that in story, Kyle go on to catch her doing so, and then end up in his stepsister's sexual clutches. It's  just hot. I'll be honest, if I came upon Cecelia Taylor doing the very same thing, I would have to get some as well! It would be after this, that things would eventually kickoff with a blowjob administered by Cecelia. The stay here would be quite a lengthy one, as the camera would cycle through a series of different views. We have the surveillance camera of course, shooting things at a distance. We have a close up side view, as well as also the overhead view. It's for most of this, that we see Cecelia get down to business, as she keeps a double-handed stroke approach for the majority of it. I really liked this technique of her's. Even the fact that she began things, by first collecting the wetness of her pussy on her hand, prior to she going on to stroke the dick. This, as she just wanted her stepbrother to feel how wet she had gotten. I loved this. It's from the spycam that we would eventually see Kyle reciprocate by steady fucking Cecelia's face. The action would wrap up with the overhead view. I also like this view as well as it would consist of Cecelia making eye contact not only with her scene partner, but also the camera as well. Eye contact for me is key in a good blowjob. It would be after this, that Kyle would go on to return the favor. This, as he would go down in between Cecelia's legs to eat her pussy. It would happen as Cecelia would hop up on the counter in the kitchen, spreading her legs wide for Kyle to go in. From here, he would go on to show that he has  pretty decent pussy eating skills. He sucks on, and lick at the clit, prior to he jamming his tongue, in and out of the pussy. This was nice. Things continue from here as the camera takes a close surveillance mode view. Kyle would continue to work on the pussy, as he lick and suck on it, even going on to spread it apart with his fingers, to get at it with his tongue. After this, the two of them would move on to the living room area and onto a bed-like platform. It's of circular shape, having a flat surface(I have no idea what type of furniture this is), the closest thing that I can think of, is an ottoman. But it is more like a bed. Well anyway, we next see Kyle take to lying flat on his back as Cecelia, would go on to straddle him, planting her feet firmly, and spreading her legs wide, as the action takes to first, standard cowgirl. The camera would begin with the distant spycam. This was a great view to start with, as we get to see how much Cecelia's legs were spread out at this moment, as she straddle the dick to bounce on it. She does so at a steady rhythm, as Kyle also slightly fuck her back. The position is lengthy, as the camera would soon change to a close up view of the penetration, as Cecelia bounce on the dick. The view from here, is also nice. However, it's actually quite plain too, as Kyle's performing has nothing unique to it. Just the standard steady fucking. We'd move to the distant cam again, prior to a position change. The change would see Cecelia position herself on her knees, as she bounce back on the dick. It's again, a steady pace. However, before the end of it, the pace would pick up a bit, as Kyle fires back. They'd then go right into the next position after this. This, as Cecelia would get up on her feet to ride the dick in reverse cowgirl, as she lean back, propping herself up on her hands. It's from here, that her legs are spread wide with her feet planted, as she go on to bounce once again. Soon, the view from the camera would change to the close up point of view of the penetration, as Cecelia, go up and down on the cock. It's here, that the pacing of everything, remains steady, until another position change. Kyle would go on to take the pillow to the bed, and use to elevate Cecillia's legs and pelvis. This, kind of positioning her in a piledriver-like manner. It continues with the distant camera, before the camera would then change to an overhead view after a short time. With this camera however, Kyle is seen using the same pacing, without changing it up any. I got kinda bored with seeing this position. Fortunately, it would soon change. This time to the doggy position. From here, Kyle takes Cecillia from behind. The position, would actually turn out to be the scene's most effective showing of all. Not only does it look good on camera, the way that it is captured, as well as the way that Kyle finally takes some control, simply took it up a notch. Here, we see Kyle fuck the pussy deep and hard, while even picking up his pace. It would go on to progress to a quick finish, as Kyle here, fucks until he finally reaches his moment of climax. This, with the scene coming to an end, as he jerks off over Cecelia's face, to then shoot his load onto her mouth and chin. An okay finish for the scene, I thought. At least things did pick up a little prior to concluding. Although a little too late, I'd say.

To break this one down, I will say that I did enjoy the scene's simple, yet effective storyline setup involving the two siblings, and their sexually curious nature. However, for me, the true problems for the scene. live within the sex itself. Personally, I felt that here, there was no real chemistry between these two performers. I never really felt as though these two connected in a believable way. I felt that the overall performance between the two of them, was fairly plain to say the least. It began well, with Cecelia showing off some good cocksucking skill, as well as Kyle showing that he is as equally good when he returns the favor. However, they would soon move to the bed thing, and get right down to real positioning. It's here, that I started to think that Kyle himself was showing very little effort on his part. I don't know. I just felt that his overall performance was mostly dull. He basically kept the same pacing throughout, never changing it up. There was no starting off slow, and then working himself up to a quicker harder pace, as we often see in scenes. Nothing. It was just the same, dull in and out. It wasn't until the end of the scene, just about, that he would show any interest in going any harder. For Cecelia Taylor, this was a scene that I was really looking forward to as, I had only previously seen her in a blowjob video that I was hired to write a summary for. It was for content producer, Scott Hancock. In that, it seemed Cecelia was uniquely pretty, which had me curious about her. So when I got note of this scene coming out, I wanted to take a look at it. Unfortunately, though in this scene, Cecelia honestly had nothing to react to. It was like she was just going through the motions as nothing, was making her react. The fucking that she was getting from her scene partner, was just typically plain, therefore her own performance itself, was as well. I wish I could say that the scene was at least "ok". But with the scene honestly having only one good position, it it difficult for me to do that. I didn't really enjoy it. Which is a real shame, as I believe that Cecelia, does have some real potential.

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