Marilyn is a Badass Backdoor Slut

by - August 19, 2021

 Starring: Marilyn Johnson // Mike Adriano
Directed by: Mike Adriano
Runtime: 46 mins.


Scene Breakdown //
 The scene opens up with Mike Adriano, welcoming 22-year-old Marilyn Johnson. Johnson, who has already shot for Adriano a number of times, here makes her debut for Anal This, as she does confirm that she is indeed a fan of anal sex. Marilyn, who has been in the porn industry for a little over a year now, says that she is a native of Las Vegas. Mike then has Marilyn stand up from the couch as she goes on to say that she is about 5'9 or 5'10 in height. The next question is, "what did she do before pursuing professional porn?" Marilyn says that before porn, she was actually a cam model for a time, aside from having a few regular jobs. It would be then time for Marilyn to pose for the camera once again in the live setting, as Mike would have Marilyn strike one of the poses that she struck during the pre-scene photo session. Marilyn goes on to stand up straight, while bending her knees and pushing her butt out. The pose, which makes her booty look great in her pair of black, tight spandex short shorts. It would be at that point that the cameraman would come in to take over from behind the camera, as he direct Marilyn on how to pose, as he closes in on her ass, giving us a close-up view of it. It would be from there, that he would have she go ahead and peel down her previously mentioned bottoms. This, revealing a thong underneath, which barely contains the bulk of Marilyn's backside. Mike would then go on to direct from behind the camera, as he would have Marilyn stick her ass toward the camera, as she faces, with her back to it. Mike agrees that her ass looks nice. This, as he get a better look at it as he then have she go on to pull down her black thong, thus bearing her ass completely. Mike would then waste no time in having Marilyn follow this up, by then spreading apart her ass, to show off her asshole. It's an asshole that is pretty and pink, as are her pussy lips. Marilyn then has no trouble in displaying what Mike wants to see next, and that is to wink her asshole. It is an act that she performs with ease, and obviously experience. Mike still seems to be impressed with her ass, as he goes on to ask her if people normally complement her on it. She then confirms that they do. They saying that it's nice and tight. Although Marilyn cannot quite keep track of just how many dicks have been in her ass. This, as she just rounds it up to being a lot of them. Marilyn would go on to tell the fans that she has come today to get a lot of dick in her ass. Particularly, she has come for the gapes, she says. After briefly getting Marilyn to show off her titties to him, Mike's attention once again turns to her back. Especially her extra long legs. The two guys would then have she pose once again, while holding onto a chair. This being just prior to Mike saturating Marilyn's booty with some oil, that would be rubbed in by she. Marilyn would go on to say that her favorite thing to do on camera is to simply "fuck", saying specifically, that her favorite thing to do is anal. Mike of course, follows this up, by saying that then she has come to the right place. Something that Marilyn agrees with. Marilyn is definitely ready for her ANAL ONLY session, as things quickly get underway soon after.

Positions Seen //
- missionary (anal)
- cowgirl (anal)
- doggy (anal) (x2)
- reverse cowgirl (anal)

The Review //

Today's scene from ANAL ONLY, sticks with the norm of the site, as it begins with an opening "interview" segment, designed to introduce to us the featured model of the day. In this case, the featured model is the stunning, and very leggy blonde, in Marilyn Johnson. As far as the interview segment goes, here Marilyn and Mike Adriano, the two performers for the scene, are well acquainted with one another already. This, as Marilyn has appeared on basically every website that Adriano has to offer. Marilyn is indeed an anal enthusiast! Because of this, the bulk of the interview seems to be rehashed. It's clear that the two of them have already gone over the questions during the other scenes in which Marilyn has participated in for the brands. However, with that said, this is her first scene for this particular website, ANAL ONLY. so I do suppose that it is what it is. It serves its purpose, and that is to introduce, and to set up the sex scene that would come. After getting some slim information regarding Marilyn's age, the duration of her current stint in the porn industry, as well as from where she hails. It would be on to the sex scene that Marilyn seems to so crave. I have to say also, that I really like what they had Marilyn wearing. A red ANAL ONLY hoodie, tight black shorts
, and a black basball cap, turned backward. Super cute!

The sex scene between the two gets off to a fast start, as Marilyn goes to work, as we witness her completely attack Mike's cock. She's on it immediately. This, as she would work in tandem on the cock, using both her mouth and right hand in a steady rhythm. She beginning such work with a twisting stroke and sucking approach. This, as she would additionally go on to apply much spit to the shaft while doing so. It's really great stuff that lasts for a time, as Marilyn pile on more and more of the wet stuff from her mouth. Eventually however, the camera man would switch to the other side which would force Marilyn to then switch to her left hand, while continuing to work up and down the shaft with her mouth, as it hugs around it. This, whole opening blowjob segment, though it is quite lengthy, is in itself pretty damn good, as Marilyn goes to straight work on that dick, with much enthusiasm. As I said, she attacks it. I like the way that initially, her mouth and hand moved in a perfect rhythm as she continue. However, once the cameraman would switch sides, and Marilyn would be forced to utilize her, I'm guessing, weaker hand on the cock. We would see that her stroking approach would change up a little bit. It was from here that we would see she use her left hand, to have a tight grip on the base of the shaft, as she continue to choke down the dick, good and deep with her throat. The way that she held the cock at the base was just really sexy to me, as it showed that she had authority over what was happening at that given time. After the opening blowjob, we would have a brief moment of Mike eating ass, as Marilyn bends over. It's from here, that we would see Mike have his face completely buried in her ass. Visually, things looked fantastic here, in the position of she bending over -  Marilyn's ass is just perfectly nice and round. Things would quickly move on, after this, as we see Marilyn get up in a chair, where she would assume the position of missionary. This, as she is on her back, while raising her legs up high in the air, her legs spread out to push out her ass and pussy toward the camera. This, being another particular setup which sees Marilyn look just incredible. From here, her pussy is in clear view for us, as it's a pretty shade of pink, and it's plump. Even a fly wanted in on the action, as it would land on the pussy, shortly before Mike would first penetrate it. It's definitely a fun little spot for sure. But then it would be all business, as Mike initially eases himself in. But, as things continue, Mike would begin to keep things steady, while showering things with lube, and Marilyn loves it immediately.  During this, Marilyn is sure to let Mike know just how good he feels in her ass, saying that she loves it when he stretches her out. Eventually, this would lead Mike to have the very first gape reveal. Something that Marilyn is very excited about. He hands her a pair of gape gloves shortly before, so that she may reach down and pull apart her ass cheeks. The result is a nice, pink gaping butthole, as she is able to flex for the camera. Mike would then go on to resume his fucking, and it is clear that Marilyn's tight ass is finally catching up with him, as the clinching around his cock seems to be a bit much. However, he is able to continue on a brief moment more, as there would be another gape reveal soon after. Like before he would once again resume and continue on leading up to one third, and final reveal for the said position. It would be a reveal that he would follow up by going on to taste Marilyn's ass, by putting his tongue deep into her gape. This was a very hot position and execution. As I said, I really enjoyed the view of Marilyn's pink pussy and asshole from here. However, I really liked her verbal reaction to the fact that she was being pumped in the ass deeply. So hot! Next, as I suppose Mike was readying himself for the continuation of the scene, we would have a break in between things. The cameraman would take Marilyn off and have her oil up her ass, and rub in in , shortly before she would take to the treadmill as his camera would watch on from behind her. This was an ok setup, but don't get me wrong. But, as I watched this, I could not help but think that this act was a little bit awkwardly staged, and awkwardly placed into the scene, as it is literally right in the middle of it. In some of the older scenes involving Mike Adriano, they would have things such as the treadmill walking, posing, and everything else, as part of the opening segment of the scene. Never truly in the middle of the pending action. However I have seen this in some of the newer scenes. Personally, for me, it was just awkwardly placed. I felt that it took place at the wrong time in the scene. They could've very much edited, in a way that things continued smoothly. But instead, they placed this here. But ok. After this, things would quickly pick up thankfully, as we see Marilyn bounce on the dick from cowgirl. This is as Mike is at the opposite side of the camera. Here it is a pretty wet affair, as Marilyn's round butt is simply drenched with the oil. This, as we hear consistent sloshing about, as Mike's cock plunges into her. The footage from here, is pretty okay. However, I felt that the cameraman had the camera in to tightly on Marilyn's bouncing. It was just too close to her ass. And so, I felt that we didn't get the full experience of the moment. I would have something to compare it to later in the scene. But things would continue from here, that is until Mike has to make a very quick stop. He pretends to want to stop to quickly pull out and show Marilyn's gape. However, it is clear to see the reason as to why he stopped so abruptly ,is that he almost came early, because Marilyn's ass is just too damn tight. Yes, Marilyn almost brought Mike to submission with her tightly clenched butthole. It was so hot. And believe it or not, it would not be the first occasion during the scene either. Also with that said, the revealed gape-age, was equally as hot as well. Marilyn's ass being nice and wet, with that vibrantly pink hole shining through, is just artistic! The little, faint blonde hairs around her butthole, were also driving me nuts, as well. "Mmmm". We would eventually get another pause between, as Marilyn would go on to show off her ass once again for the camera, as Mike himself would go off camera. However it would soon resume again from the same position, and it would be action that would lead us to more reveals of Marilyn's ever-growing hole. It would be prior to the two taking up in a position that Marilyn seems like to very much enjoy. That being the position of doggy, as we see Marilyn, once more bent over. And it is again, the same position that made Marilyn's ass look so good in the beginning.  It's just nice and round, as she is bent over and pounded in the ass. From here, Mike maintains a steady pace of in and out, as Marilyn would encourage him to stretch her out. This, would be a particular position that would be packed with gapes, and we would have not one, not two, not three, or four, not even five. But six individual gape reveals. With each of them Marilyn's hole growing wider. On four of the occasions, we would see Mike go on to taste the ass deeply again, as he would put his tongue straight into the gape. This as he remarks that he loves Marilyn's "vegan asshole". This position was amazing. The scene is about ass fucking, and the presentation of gaping assholes. and it demonstrates both of these things wonderfully. Marilyn has a great ass, that is indeed very stretchy. Almost as if it were made for this sort of thing. Another thing that I liked about this position is that it would be one that would see Mike Adriano almost prematurely ejaculate once again. It's that tight ass! Next, would be the scene's next to final position. That position being reverse cowgirl, as Mike, this time, has his back facing the camera, as Marilyn would bounce on his dick. Unlike the previous stage in reverse cowgirl, with which I of course, had complaints. This is a position where the camera better captures the action at hand. Also, here, Marilyn is able to have much more bounce in her ass, as she is slammed down on the cock. And it is just a turn on to me. It's another position where Marilyn's ass just looked better. Here, it is pushed out more towards the camera, and her ass cheeks essentially hug around the cock, as it swallow it. It's definitely a good look. Mike would even have Marilyn go on to show off her gape three times here, and even still, the ass would kind of dissolve the gape, as she spread apart her ass. The third instance of fucking here, would have Marilyn's ass again devour the dick. Mike would squeeze Marilyn's bubble butt tightly in the process, while moving his cock in and out of it. Something that I felt looked very good on camera. It would be the lead-in to the final position of the scene which, would be a very brief doggy. As it turns out, Mike would not last very long in this position. Mere seconds to be exact! The situation would see he pulling out very quickly, as he would proceed to shoot his load into Marilyn's freshly gaping butthole.

Overall, I felt that this was a very good scene from the people at ANAL ONLY and everyone involved. Including the performers Marilyn Johnson and Mike Adriano For the most part, the scene is good stuff. Although it is not perfect by any means. As I said, in my opinion, the instance of cowgirl early on in the scene, was not all that well executed when it came to the camerawork. Fortunately though, things would pick up in positions; doggy and reverse cowgirl to ride things out. Two of the last three positions of the scene greatly utilized the beauty of Marilyn's ass, as well as her asshole. This was also aided by all of the oil used, as well as the fact that her ass maintained, pretty much a death grip on Mike's cock. I liked seeing him panic when he was just about to blow. This, as he would try to cover it, up by saying that he is pulling out to show Marilyn's gape.

Although this was my very first time reviewing her in a scene, Marilyn Johnson personally, happens to be one of my favorite people, and this came about rather quickly, as she is very likable, and easy to get along with. She's also very sexy, The  fact that she is this perverted, is just proverbial icing on the cake, as they say. I will definitely be checking out more scenes that she's in, as they are released. I just really like her look, and think that she is extremely gorgeous. If you have yet to check her out in any of her scenes, be sure to check this one out. As I said, it's not a perfect scene. But truly, you have more good than bad here in the end. With that said, I recommend!

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