July #DPofTheMonth Yummy Estudio: Brazilian sluts Polly Petrova and Natasha Rios fisting each other's ass before hot 4on2 with DP and DAP YE113

by - August 20, 2021

 July #DPOfTheMonth Recap:

This month’s decision for a nominated scene to review was brought upon by many factors but I narrowed it down to three (as usual) for the poll. The choice of reviewing a pairing of female talent took the most votes against the other options of just a regular DP with one female talent. Along with the next variable which ended up as a deciding factor and that was a review of a Yummy Estudio scene (which we’ve done before here on BHR as a #DpofTheMonth). The votes for a regular DP scene and the Yummy Estudio option ended up being neck and neck but fell under the desire of the pairing of talent being reviewed. I also expected this since pairings tend to do well among the #DPBattle’s the “more the merrier” motto. So alas we end up with an explosive outing containing once again petite powerhouse Polly Petrova, Yummy Estudio’s unofficial mascot, next to a fellow Brazilian princess, the fiery Natasha Rios for a scene together.

This scene came out back on July 4th as an update called “YE113 Brazilian sluts Polly Petrova and Natasha Rios fisting each other’s ass before hot 4on2 with DP and DAP” on the PornBox app if you happen to shop for scenes at AnalVids/LegalPorno. The scene cost me a cool 12 bucks to be added to my own PornBox and I got a healthy set of photos along with any and all trailers for the scene to be downloaded. The listed male talents are Erik Klein and Vinny Star while the other two studs are not listed with stage names. The scene runs about an hour long and is offered in varying video formats depending on if you stream or download it off the PornBox app. It is a privilege to have this badass Brazilian but stuff permeating on the AnalVids network as the Yummy Estudio brand. It is really great to have hardcore stuff like this from South America. The #DPBattle and anal porn freaks appreciate scenes like this wholeheartedly.

Scene Breakdown:

The scene starts off with Natasha and Polly meeting faces and mouths in some porno kissing. Some light teasing between these two during the opener happens with this face kissing foreplay. Polly sneaks in a few licks of Natasha’s titty before they both land on the couch behind them to show off their arches. They pull their panties to the side to show off their assholes and pussies to the camera. Polly plays with Natasha’s pussy a little and sucks on her boob some more while they’re both on the couch. The camera focuses on Natasha as she throws her legs up and spreads them for Polly to dive and start rimming her. A few of Polly’s fingers go up Natasha’s butt hole too. While her fingers are up Natasha’s butt, Polly will lick and play with her pussy too. Natasha spins around to arch out her booty so that Polly can slide more fingers up it in an attempt to fist her. Eventually, her whole hand slides in for a full view of some fisting into Natasha Rios’s asshole. While doing this Polly Petrova will rim her stretched asshole for good measure before popping her whole hand out to rim Natasha’s gaped booty even more. It is Polly’s turn to have her asshole played with as a large red dildo is brought into the picture. Natasha makes sure it gets jabbed right up Polly’s poop chute. Polly even lays back in pile driver formation to let Natasha dig even deeper into her with the large red dildo.

Sure enough four male talent slide into view one of them being Erik Klein replacing the red dildo in Polly’s ass with his meat as she is in pile driver with him. Vinny Star is railing away into Natasha Rios in doggy anal as the other two studs are getting sucked off during the sudden explosion of sex. Almost immediately a DP starts on Natasha Rios as she is arched on the couch. One of the male studs joins Vinny Star in the DP on the couch. Polly is still in pile driver anal as she jacks off a cock. Natasha will be split open to the point of gape farting as she is pounded in the butt hole. Polly jumps back on the couch to get her farting butthole filled with dick starting up a DAP. The bodies are shuffling as more attempted DAP occurs with Natasha’s hole now the target for the double stuffing. Natasha is a regular cowgirl as she mounts one of the studs allowing Vinny Star to insert himself starting the double anal up again for her. Polly is still arched out in DAP with Erik Klein pumping away with one of the other nameless male talent joining in.

Natasha has the unlisted male talents as she is banged in regular DP before they are back doing her in DAP again. Polly is still in doggy arch being DAP’d next to Natasha on the couch where all the action is happening. They are close enough where Natasha and Polly start kissing each other as they both have two dicks in their asses. You’ll hear them talk shit in Portuguese as their assholes are double banged by all the horny studs for this lock of double anal penetration on display. Polly gets gaped real good before she gets her face stuffed with more dick. A double blowjob segment erupts as Natasha and Polly’s mouths are battling penises. Their panties are peeled off amid the oral ruckus. A bout of rimming happens as the male talent begins squatting on the faces of Natasha and Polly as they lay on the couch.

Natasha and Polly are now flipped in reverse cowgirl to be railed in more double anal penetration. Vinny and Erik are with Natasha while the other two studs are slamming their meat into the tiny Polly Petrova. They pop out a pretty big gape here, you'll see Polly’s freshly fucked ass as she is spread open in front of the camera. They slam out of reverse cowgirl DAP with a tasteful display of some gaping as both booties are lifted up to display the openings. The next position is a double mounting of a regular cowgirl setup that goes right to DAP. Polly is anchored by Vinny Star in this version. While Natasha Rios is in the next formation close enough to kiss Polly again during her DAP. You’re guaranteed more gapes with Polly’s pooper still being pounded thoroughly open before she is rearranged herself in missionary DAP with Vinny Star and another stud. Natasha Rios is still getting DAP’d in doggy arch right next to Polly. Gape farting is the result of Polly’s pried open orifice being fucked wide. Her ass is pretty much talkin’ the whole scene as the DAP continues for both Polly and her wing woman, this is Natasha Rios still getting double anal close by. Polly Petrova unleashes a rosebud gape as a reward to those that jumped on board this turbo-DAP scene from Yummy Estudio.

The reverse cowgirl mounting happens for each starlet as the male talent line up their dicks to be stuffed in Polly and Natasha’s holes in tandem. The double DAP setup has Polly’s formation on the floor while Natasha is erected on the couch. Polly keeps the gape farts coming as another rosebud pops out with her legs in the air to display the protruding orifice. They both spin around to a regular cowgirl landing on the penises again to begin the double DAP stance. The sight of Natasha and Polly throwing out gapes left and right while remounting the penises can be considered a scorcher moment for this Yummy Estudio scene. Both of the ladies are then lined up for pile driver formation next to each other in front of the couch. Vinny Star starts his anal jabs into Polly as her neighbor Natasha Rios is being adjusted for the very same anal pile driver position next to her. After the pile driver extravaganza, some arched anal in doggy happens. Natasha is gape farting as she gets her butt fucked here. This sets up an anal creampie segment that starts with leaks of cum right into Polly’s mouth since Natasha is sitting on her face as she is getting her butt pumped with it. Great anal creampie action continues with a load planted by Vinny Star as well. A few more anal creampies occur and this time it is inserted into Polly’s sphincter with Natasha Rios as the oral receptor sucking and licking the loads out of Polly’s butt hole. /p>

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