Kay Lovely Natural Curves and Huge Tits (2020)

by - September 05, 2021

 Starring: Kay Lovely // Donnie Cabo
Directed by: Donnie Cabo
Runtime: 35 mins.


Scene Breakdown //
The scene begins with model Kay Lovely, coming into the front area of the model house, where she would meet up with Donnie Cabo. Kay says that she has just been hanging out in her room all day. This, seeing as the other models seem to have all  gone to work. Thus, leaving behind Kay, with she being scheduled to work the following week. It's a hot day out, and not only is Kay looking lovely, she is also looking to go swimming. It's on the occasion, that she proposes that Donnie join her. But, Donnie is just far too infatuated with Kay's extra-shapely, natural figure. He continues on, fishing for an alternative for the two of them. This is however, when Kay comes up with the idea, that the two of them should maybe tan out by the pool. But, Despite Kay believing that this was a good idea, Donnie doesn't exactly agree with her. This, as he says that tanning is an activity better suited for girls. It's then after the idea of tanning is dismissed, that the subject quickly returns to that of a "special skill" learned by Kay, yesterday on set. Something that rather intrigues Donnie for sure. When he goes on to inquire even further, it would be revealed that the skill happens to be of the blowjob kind. Kay seems rather eager to demonstrate, and Donnie, also excited to receive. This being as Donnie would say that Kay would make the perfect librarian, seeing as she is complete with a pair of sexy glasses. The two of them waste no time going off to the master bathroom area of the house, as Donnie would quickly get on his back to prepare for the demonstration of skill. Kay then goes down in between Donnie's legs, as she's quick to notice that Donnie has his legs shaved. Something that she likes a lot. It's then that Donnie wants some dirty talk from Kay, as he goes on to instruct she to spill the details about her shoot from the day before. Kay details by saying that yesterday she got fucked by a big dick, and that the male talent had taught she how to deepthroat it correctly, and he also told her how he liked to have his balls sucked. Kay follows this up by saying that she would like to show Donnie how her ball sucking skills are doing. Something that Donnie isn't hesitant in the least to allow her to do. It's from there, that Kay gets down to business, as she tease at his cock from over his pants, by kissing at it. However, Kay would much rather have it grow in her mouth. This, as she's quick to unzip him. She would start to seductively kiss and lick on his inner thighs, prior to finally placing him into her mouth, where she would slowly get to work, as things get underway between them.
Positions Seen //
- titty fucking
- cowgirl
- missionary
- reverse cowgirl

The Review //
After reviewing Kay Lovely recently, it was pretty much set that I would be back to review her even more. It's with this in mind, that I'm back to review yet another scene involving the leggy beauty. The scene from SPANK MONSTER and it's director Donnie Cabo, also marks the first time that I have ever reviewed for this particular brand. Going into it, I only knew one thing. I knew that it would be POV content. However, I did not know what else was in store for me, as I prepared to see things for myself. After the fact, I have to say that, although I have seen plenty POV content from a variety of outlets, even still, I found myself really enjoying this one. Was it the performers? The pacing? The setup? Or a combination of all things? I'm unsure. I just know that I had a really good time with it. Kay Lovely, is one performer in particular, that one just can't wait to see get down to business. Donnie Cabo the male in this equation seemed to be just excited, as well. This, setting up great chemistry between them. When speaking of the overall setup of the scene, the idea of the story is this. Rooted in reality: Kay is a performer who is staying at a model house, while away from home, and performing. Donnie Cabo, just happens to be there for some reason. Maybe the resident director? I don't know. But for some reason he is there, and he is lucky. That's because, everyone else has scenes to go to, and Kay is left behind. This, of course leaving her all alone with Donnie. Kay finds herself with nothing else to do, so she guesses that she will go for a swim on the otherwise, hot Summer day. Although she doesn't wish to do it alone, Because she soon invites Donnie to join her in the pool. Or at least for he to tan alongside her. But, it would seem that Donnie would have much different plans, once he gets one look of Kay's most incredible, God-given body. When all things are said and done, we end up with Kay going on to show Donnie a "special" skill that she just so happened to acquire while on set the day prior. This of course, setting the stage for a high-spirited sexual encounter between them both.

Of course, the acquired skill here, is the art of the blowjob, so we start with it. And Boy did Kay ever approach it with enthusiasm! I loved the way that things opened here, The way which Kay approached it was just so hot. from the playful kissing and licking of Donnie's inner thighs, to the way that she took him into her mouth, was just so great. The kissing and licking in particular, having the viewer wishing that it were them on the receiving end. The way that Kay also gazed into the camera while doing so, did not hurt either! She would proceed with the blowjob, with she initially concentrating on just the head of the cock, prior to going on to take it deep, all the way down as she deep throat. Her technique during the latter being on point. Just a little later, she also cupped the balls underhandedly with her right hand in the process! But yes after we see Kay suck cock and balls, we then see some nice titty fucking, as well. It begins upright. However, then Donnie finds himself lying flat on his back again, as Kay goes on to show him something else that he happen to learn from being in porn. Kay is truly a student of the game! I liked the part when she began to beat her tits with the dick, and Donnie compared it to playing the drums. After which, Kay began to take song requests! All of this feels good to Donnie. However, no matter how good it feels to him, he just wants one thing. And that's that pussy!  He would then come to experience it first, as he politely beg for it. This, is followed up, as Kay would sit on his cock for cowgirl. Beginning things with her legs spread wide, and her feet planted firmly on the floor. It's from this position that would come a nice natural bounce immediately, as she begin to go up and down on Donnie. It's from the camera, that we have a frontal view. At one point here, the dick happened to slip out of the pussy, to which Kay immediately responded to tell Donnie to "stick it back in". It would be from that moment on that Donnie would go on to fuck harder ad faster. Following this, is a setup that I happen to have enjoyed a great deal. This being somewhat a form of missionary, as Donnie would have Kay leaning back on her elbows to prop herself up for his taking. To me this was a very, very good looking position. And is a position that I happen to rarely see in POV. I loved it, and even during the course of the position, Donnie would hand over the camera for Kay herself to hold. I thought he getting her involved in this way, was nice. It's after, that Donnie would fuck nice and steady, with the position itself, just looking absolutely great on camera. Kay's dirty talk, was also on fire. She telling Donnie to "fill her pink hole", and so on. After a time on the bathroom floor Donnie would move things to the bedroom next, as he has Kay position herself on the bed at it's edge, where the missionary would continue. It's here, that we'd see Donnie plug away at Kay's opening at a steady pace. I really liked to see that here, Donnie and Kay could be seen holding hands during this. Something sweet to see for sure! It would be during this, that Kay would come very close to climax, as she encourage Donnie to continue, and not stop. She again talking dirty, telling Donnie to "stroke her pussy" with his cock. Unfortunately however, he would eventually pull out in a hurry. Thus, interrupting Kay's time. However never fear for she, as Donnie would continue, and get her off soon enough. Next up, the two would return to the floor for the next position, which would be reverse cowgirl, as we see Kay squat on the cock. What a glorious sight was to see such a girl squatting down on the cock, with everything just right in our faces! This including her tight little butthole. Things would also begin in a way that I much enjoy from reverse cowgirl, and that being with the girl's feet planted firmly, as she pounces down on the dick, good and hard. We would see this happening also, as Kay would also spank herself. It would continue on, with Kay dropping down to her knees from the position, and throwing it back quickly. It wouldn't be long before she would be off of the cock to go ahead and taste herself on it. She even has Donnie beg for it, which I thought to be really sexy. She would then return to riding the cock in reverse cowgirl, before again sucking cock from her knees as Donnie stand. After time spent there, things would finally go over to the position of doggy, which of course saw Kay, bent over and fucked from behind by Donnie. Things would be nice and steady, with Donnie encouraged to go harder. It's from here, that he would really nail the pussy deep and hard. It would bring on Kay's signature pout, as she take it hard, and beg for more, as she's railed. I have to say that her pouty lips are so damn cute. I can't get enough of them! She would endure the pounding before she would go back to sucking cock, as Donnie would once again be on his back. It's from here, that Kay suck with much determination, both stroking and sucking on the cock. Not long after, the shaft ends up nice and wet, as Kay continues to stroke hard and fast. Eventually, it's enough to send Donnie to his eruption, as he explodes everywhere to finish up the scene. In my opinion, the scene finished off in great fashion. Especially, when it came to the doggy position. It's a position which we see Kay fucked the hardest, a fitting conclusion to the scene.

Again, this is a really good scene featuring a performer that made quite the first impression on me, the first time that I had the chance to review her. That being of course, the wonderful Kay Lovely. I will say that when it comes to Kay, she's without a doubt one of the most naturally gifted performers that I have ever had the pleasure of seeing. Keep in mind again, that this girl is a former church girl. Most of the things that she knows and performs now, she is learning directly from porn. With that said, it is apparent that she is learning very fast. She is performing already with the skill of an experienced performer. She's a performer that is highly aware of her surroundings, as she knows exactly what to give the audience. Whether it be by her actions, or by her words. She keeps things sharp on both ends, for those who view her. That is an incredible attribute for someone who is new to the business. I am very impressed(still). Very amazed by her, and I am grateful to be around during a time which she is emerging with such prowess. This young woman is going to have great success in this business of sexual performance, simply because she gets it, and she gets it with ease. While, at the same time experiencing lots of joy with it. That being very apparent on screen. This was also my very first time ever seeing a production from SPANK MONSTER, as mentioned, and I have to say that I really enjoyed what I got here. Truth be told, it only makes you want to review more in the future, and that I will do. Yes, this is POV shot porn. However, I have to say that the overall approach of it is somewhat fresh. I love the way that it was captured. Especially, seeing as both performers were really into what was going on at any given moment. The footage here is amazing, what can I say? Here we get all of Kay Lovely, and she is indeed her chosen surname. I have a feeling that no matter who reviews her, whether it me or someone else, will  likely come to mention, just how "lovely" Kay is. There has never been a more appropriate stage name for someone, I think. Here, the positions were great on camera, whether we have a full view of Kay's ass, or her beautiful face, we definitely feel the reward. I do look forward to reviewing more. But in the meantime, when it comes to this scene, I highly recommend it.

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