Tiny4K.com: Sexy Music (2021)

by - September 10, 2021

Starring: Braylin Bailey // Quinton James
Directed by:
Runtime: 24 mins.


Scene Breakdown //
 The scene begins with Braylin Bailey, happily and eagerly greeting her boyfriend Quinton James. She goes on to say that, although she has been bored lately, there's something that she has been having fun with. Something that she just cannot wait to show Quinton. It's revealed that the thing in question, just so happens to be a keyboard playmat. A keyboard, that one plays, as they dance around on it's illustrated keys. It's after the introduction to this fun playmat, that the scene goes quickly into a fast-moving montage, showing the very sexy, youthful and energetic Bailey, frolicking around the house, as she dance on the keyboard, and otherwise show off her sexy, simple curves. This, while wearing a lavender tanktop and socks, along with a pair of neon green jean shorts. It's during this montage, that intercut with the shots of Braylin dancing about, that we also see she getting intimate with herself, moving aside her shiny purple bottoms to touch and otherwise show off her pussy. This quickly edited and moving montage would also come to an abrupt end, as we then, go right into the sex involving she and Quinton, then and there, thus making for a very quick start of things to come.

Positions Seen //

- cowgirl (x2)
- reverse cowgirl
- doggy (x3)

The Review //
It's all lavender and green for Braylin Bailey, in this scene from the studio TINY 4K, presented by PORN PROS. As is accustom of the studio, the scene from TINY 4K is one that is quickly moving, as it is edited in such a way to accommodate a fairly concise scene. The scene itself begins with a rather small, but spirited introduction in which Braylin just cannot wait to show her boyfriend Quinton James her new toy. That toy being a keyboard playmat. Not much different than the floor keyboard, played by Tom Hanks in the movie BIG from 1988. Although of course, simplified in the form of a playmat. After she shows her man the keyboard, as said above, the scene quickly whisks us into an energetic montage, showing Braylin Bailey being exactly what she is: a young vibrant and beautiful girl. It would be in between Braylin dancing, that we get footage of she playing with her pussy, as she lie on her back. However, the fun would truly begin, when quickly, we go right into the sexual encounter.

It's in my opinion that the scene gets off to a very good start. A beginning showing Braylin, bent over backwards in a piledriver position, as Quinton go to town on her young, pink pussy. It beginning with Quinton, taking his wet tongue and jabbing it into Braylin's wet slot. A visual that is so sexy indeed! It would be after this that Quinton would continue to go to work without missing a beat, licking and caressing her soft velvet, with his lounge, while also using much spit along the way. It was during this, that I really liked the attention that Quinton gave Braylin's clit in particular. The way that he really darted his tongue at it, at a very quick speed. This, showing that he is one that is definitely skilled in the art of eating pussy. It would be during this setup, that the camera eventually go from a view from the side, to that of a frontal one, ahead of Braylin herself, as we get somewhat of a view of Quinton, as he continue to work on her. Next up, Braylin would do an okay job of returning the favor, as she suck Quinton's cock. It beginning with a straightaway POV view, as Braylin face us. This, as she service the dick. It's here that she makes occasional eye contact with her subject Quinton. Her eyes looking very nice, when she do so. It's here, that she would attack the cock, by slurping on it as, she move her head and neck, in circling motion in the process. She would also give the shaft some singular love too, as she lick up the shaft. This, before she continue her slurping, After the blowjob, and for the very first position of the scene, we see Braylin riding in cowgirl, as the footage immediately cut to it afte. From this position, we have the straight POV view, as Braylin facing us while remaining very close, with her legs spread, giving us an absolute close-up view of her tight opening. This, as it swallow the dick, while it's bounced on it. I have to admit that I liked this front row seat view of pussy. However, with that said the action itself is a bit dry and standard. I would feel very much the same for the next position, as we would see Braylin ride some more in cowgirl, only this time, she would have her back to us. It would be from this position, that Braylin participate in steady bouncing, as she smack down on the dick. It's during this, that Braylin again occasionally make eye contact with her scene partner. As she look back at him from here, she would also occasionally have her hand on her left ass cheek to give it a little spread. She also very briefly spread apart both cheeks. This briefly giving us a fleeting view of Braylin's tight asshole. Speaking of this, we would get an  even better view of this hole next, when the position would continue with Braylin closing her legs tighter together, as she plant her feet forward. As a result she would get slammed down hard on the dick. Not only is this a better view, as Braylin's ass is then pushed out toward the camera, the sound effects of the ass smacking against the legs of Quinton is what it's all about. It makes the position itself all the better. It's just so fucking hot, what can I say?? Definitely one of the best positions of the entire scene. The cowgirl would finish out, as it would go back to the standard formation. This, before things would continue with a change of position, that being reverse cowgirl, as Braylin once again faces the camera at a very close view. This position being very similar to the very early facing cowgirl position. Again she would have her legs spread wide. giving us a good look at her pussy as it's plowed. Much like before, we see close up bouncing. However, the difference here ,is that eventually Quinton would take over charge, fucking her much harder towards the end of it. I have to say that I really enjoyed this added bit of effort, by the male performer. After the position gives us a view from a side angle, it is on to the next bit of action. This being the position of doggy. The doggy would be a position that would last for some time, being presented action in said position from different views. We would start with that of overhead. From here, the camera's positions high, as we look down on Braylin and Quinton, as the latter keep a steady pace, as he fuck the pussy of the former. As I said, Quinton's pacing is steady. This, as we would see Braylyn often look up at the camera to make that precious eye contact. The doggy would then progress, giving us a view of the penetration as we are right in on it. Braylyn has her face down and ass up, while Quinton straddle and pump down into her for a time. This being an incredible view, no doubt. Here, we would be right in on this hot young blonde's fleshy opening, as it just swallows up Quinton's hard cock. Lastly, the doggy style position would continue from a side view for us. From this one setup, Quinton would continue fucking the pussy with he just pumping into her steadily and consistently. What a great view this was, as we are mesmerized. We watching as Braylin's tight young stuff just stretch around the hard, jackhammering cock. Quinton would continue doing so increasing his pace eventually going really hard into it, until he cannot anymore. He working himself up to climax, as he quickly then pull out to hover over Braylin's face as he jerk is cock. It's then that the end result would be that he would soon splatter Braylin's face with a big hot load for the finish of the action. It would be with that said, that Braylin would finish things off by then sucking Quinton off clean to close. I felt that the scene itself had a very decent finish. Especially seeing as the scene's final two position setups themselves, looked extra nice on camera.

Coming away from the scene, and taking everything into consideration, although,I never like to be that hard on a scene, I have to admit that I felt that this scene was just ok at best. Braylin Bailey is one performer in particular, that I have been waiting quite some time to review. Unfortunately however, it would seem as though this wasn't exactly the right scene to begin exploring her work. The reason why I feel this way about the scene is that I felt that the overall presentation was fairly bland, starting with the opening montage. Here we have Braylin very excited about the new toy that she got. The foot operated keyboard mat. All that we have of this said toy is Braylin leading Quinton over to it by the hand, as she is eager to show it off to him. That is it. This because as you know, we then go into the montage of the dancing and the teasing and such. It's all and good, I suppose. However, it comes and goes so quickly that it is kind of rather pointless, if you ask me if you're just going to do that and why not go directly into the sex itself? A good thing is that it does go into the sex soon after the montage in question. As for the action itself, although some of the positions look good on camera. The key element of a successful scene for me, is the connection between two or more performers. When it comes to this, the scene is one that fails miserably, unfortunately. There is just no chemistry or connection between these two performers, as there is no effort made to create one, or any. There's no passionate kissing, not even dialogue said between them. All we have here, is straightforward, basic intercourse, over the span of several positions, all of them being in POV. We never truly see Quinton's face throughout the entirety of the scene, aside from the frontal view at the very beginning of he giving head. Here, the talented performer that is Quinton James, the one with much personality, is reduced to no more than just a dick. I mean you have Quinton James here with a beautiful young blonde girl. A lot could have been done. A lot could have been created to make this scene a much better one. But here, we have the most basic of everything. I did kind of enjoy the final two positions, as I say above in my review. However, it is just not enough to move the scene from  above the status of it being just ok. It could have been much better. Unfortunately though, in my opinion the scene, is just decent on a lower register. With that said, I do look forward to reviewing Braylin Bailey much more in the future, she is absolutely beautiful on screen and has great energy. The type of energy that I always seem to look for in things that I might want to check out. Both as a fan, and as a reviewer. With that said, I close with saying that I did not hate the scene. It just merely frustrated me a little, as it did not initiate any effort to take itself above the normal, standard sex. When it comes to seeing the scene, the choice is yours. However, with that said Braylin Bailey is definitely one to keep a watchful eye on. She's definitely a looker!

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