#DPofTheMonth August: Angela White

by - October 19, 2021

 August #DPofTheMonth Recap:

There were so many good DP scenes that dropped in August that I didn't know where to begin on how to run a poll for it. So I narrowed it down to two options, a regular DP scene or a DAP scene (which I’ve done before I’m sure). After being directed by the results of the poll the scene that I would pick to be reviewed would be at my discretion. Well, the poll ended up in a tie so it was going to be up to me regardless of the poll results since it was deadlocked. Then I stumbled upon a roaring revelation, Angela White released an airtight DP on Jules Jordan's site. This lined up perfectly to pick the regular DP choice (without DAP) that was in the poll while having Angela as #DPofTheMonth, can't lose there. An absolute winning combo as Angela White won the #DPofTheYear of 2019, back when it was still active. As of 2020, the #DPofTheYear tourney has been inactive but there have been talks to bring it back…

Angela's GB and DP scenes are explosive, she beams the reality of "sexual athlete" home when you watch her scenes. Seeing her back at it again with more content with Jules showing that hardcore porn reliability that she embodies. Aside from unleashing great DPs for great brands, she has her site represented by that famous logo that represents her flowing success. There you will see the queen in her natural territory welcoming fans into the arms of her "AW" empire. This Jules Jordan scene with Angela doing more DP is a reminder that we still have so much more to cum in her reign.

Scene Breakdown:

Angela's signature power walk kicks off this scene with a dark techno beat ushering the Australian goddess. Her blissful boobs are then juggled in front of the camera in a hypnotic tone. A strapping-bikini outfit is wrapped around Angela White's body. Gold locks and chains hang off her frame with spiked ankle-high boots to accessorize the glowing look. The modeling for this tease is in the famous backyard of the Jules Jordan manor. Just music and the sways of Angela fill the mood perfectly for a scene that is simmering already at just the introduction. She strolls inside to take her slow dance in front of a mirror prolonging this welcome tease intro of the Aussie porn titan. She playfully bites a chain hanging from her golden choker. This leads to her licking her boobs as she further plays with them in the best way possible.

The music starts to fade as the goddess begins her poetic dirty talk. Her prowl follows as she approaches the men ready to fuck her. Zac Wild, Mick Blue, and Jules Jordan himself are the lucky cocks ready to be handled by the horny porn queen. Angela then reaches for Zac first to fill her mouth starting the filing line of dicks to destroy with her cock-hungry mouth. Mick's dong is already coated in her saliva as Zac slides behind Angela White to eat her ass while she is giving a double BJ. Jules Jordan groans in approval as she switches back and forth between dicks while she is drooling. Zac steps back in to get his piece sucked as Angela is going all out on the dicks in her possession. Mick Blue reciprocates by piston pumping her mouth with a penis as he'll flip her upside down to further facilitate this maneuver. Angela's face is covered in her spit as the other male sabers take turns slamming their penises into her mouth during the face fucking.

With spit seeping from her mouth Angela is then angled into missionary so that her holes can finally get filled. Mick is the first to step into her pussy to slam it properly with a great close-up of the penetration. Angela is already in subspace as Mick has his hand around her neck while he pumps her. Zac Wild is next to jump into the most important vagina in porn to begin his pussy pounding. At about seventeen minutes into this explosive scene, we're already getting a DP. Mick is anchoring the pussy while Jules slides right into Angela's asshole. She has Zac's dick in her hand while she is being double penetrated. She gets airtight once she starts gagging on Zac, you'll hear Jules Jordan describe this multiple times. Zac will switch places with Jules so that now he is banging Angela's butt. She has Jules in her mouth to continue the airtight DP.

Angela has Mick anchoring her asshole to setup up a reverse cowgirl DP. As they set up this version of DP Angela commands the viewers at home to jack their cocks at the incredible sight. Jules slides into the pussy and Zac is in Angela's mouth to keep things airtight. After the full force reverse-cowgirl DP they are back in standard cowgirl DP again with Angela White singing the praises of this double stuffing. Mick Blue and Zac Wild are at full thrust while Jules Jordan is getting a BJ. Speaking of BJ they start up a mouth filler of a session with Angela filing through the members as her boobs jiggle.

The mini-blowbang leads back to Angela getting her holes impaled with her being banged by Jules in an erect reverse cowgirl. Angela's boobs are bouncing heavily here during all the action. She then arches in doggy so that Mick Blue can drop down in anal. Jules calls this rotation a "merry-go-round-ass-fucking" as Mick blasts away. Zac is next in this down-doggy anal segment with Angela getting her ass slammed. Once Jules jumps in the gapes pop out before another DP starts up in the down doggy arch with Angela. Mick slips into the pussy here with Jules still banging away in the asshole. Zac has his piece being polished by Angela’s mouth during the doggy style DP. Rotations occur as they are stretching out Angela during the intensity of this DP. While Angela is being bashed in cowgirl anal by Mick Blue she has both Zac and Jules by the balls while she gives them loud oral. The loads are summoned after a bout of more hard oral with Angela inhaling wieners. Mick is the first to go as he plasters her face she then has him jump back in her for doggy style as Zac adds to Angela's cum-coated face with his ejaculate. He is then urged to jump back into her after releasing his semen. Jules then fires off in the finale of this DP-hard-blowjob-fuck-fest of a solid scene.

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