Virgin Step Sister (2021)

by - October 19, 2021

 Starring: Payton Avery // Damion Dayski
Directed by:
Runtime: 29 mins.


Scene Breakdown //
The scene begins with Damion Dayski, looking to have what he calls some "Damion time". His parents are out of town, and he looks to have some private time with a bottle of lube and a laptop, as he checks out an Arietta Adams video on For Damion, he must like what he sees, as he slowly proceeds to unbutton his jeans, as he prepare to masturbate. Unfortunately however, before he can get his freak on, he finds himself interrupted by his stepsister, Payton Avery. Payton is supposed to be gone. She has a day planned, so Damion thought that he had the night all to himself. But Payton seems to be getting cold feet, as she finds herself extremely nervous for the date that is to come. Damion does his best to convince her to go on the date otherwise. However, Payton has some concerns. This as she goes on to reveal to her stepbrother that she is in fact, a virgin. Not ever having sex, she is nervous that her date is going to want to do something, as she on the other hand won't know what to do exactly. Following this up, Damion tries his best to blow it off, as he wants his sister to just leave, so that he may continue his alone time. But, Payton has an idea, and she wants Damion's help. She follows Damion into the living room, where the two of them ultimately sit on the couch side-by-side. It is here, that Payton proposes something to him that is rather out of the ordinary. Payton says that although she may not know what she is doing when it comes to sex, she figures that her stepbrother could help her out in that department. This, as she slowly rub at his crotch, from over his pants. Because afterall, he was just about to masturbate, and it's something that Payton says that she could help him out with. That is if, he would agree to show her the ways. Damion of course, is met with hesitation. However, soon enough we would see that his stepsister soon has his big cock out, and she is quite amazed by it. Amazed by its size. But nonetheless, she quickly has her hands on it, as she begin to lightly stroke it. This, while asking Damion if she is in fact doing it correctly. It would of course continue on, and progress to a sexual encounter between the two step siblings from there.

Positions Seen //
- cowgirl
- reverse cowgirl
- missionary (x3)
- side fuck
- standing cowgirl
- doggy
- piledriver

The Review //

Today, I return after a lengthy hiatus with my first review in a long time. It's here, that I review a scene from BANG BROS, and it is a scene starring Payton Avery, and rising male performer, Damion Dayski. The scene sees the two of them occupying roles that make them step siblings. Damion is your typical horny stepbrother here. His parents are out of town, and no one is in sight. So he looks to seize the opportunity to have some "alone time", if you know what I mean. With a bottle of lube, and laptop fired up, he looks to have a little hands-on fun with himself. However, not so fast. That's because he unfortunately finds himself face to face with his stepsister Payton Avery, when she unexpectedly would crash his masturbatory session. Damion is quite upset. This, as Payton goes on to explain her frustration and fears when it comes to a date that she is supposed to be on, thus leaving Damion all alone to himself, The story progresses with Payton coming to admit that she is a virgin. With that said, it is a sexual encounter waiting to happen, as Payton goes on to of course, ask her brother for some firsthand sexual assistance. It would be from there, that things would quickly get underway, as the slapstick comedy, leads us to a passionate round of sex.

It all would begin with Payton first getting her hands on Damion's big cock. This, following up, as she having her mouth around it next. Payton does a good job of handling the cock in this manner. However, what I really enjoyed here, was seeing Damion take the initiative, as he would soon fuck her face. I really liked the way that he grabbed onto her hair, as he forced her mouth to take his dick. It was really hot to see. It would be that then, that said blowjob would continue, as Damion would take his seat on the couch. Payton would go on to say that Damion's dick looks even bigger from there. But even still, she would not waver, as she continue on. Taking the dick as far as she can, down her throat. It would be from this position that we would also see Damion again fuck her face to nice effect. Next up, we'd go straight into the position of standard cowgirl, as Payton would step over to straddle and mount him. I really enjoyed the way that the two performers just went right into things, going straight from blowjob to cowgirl. It would be from this position, that we would see Damion nicely fire off, as he steadfastly pump his cock into Payton's young, warm pussy. We know that it's warm because Damion tells us so. It's a nice detail there. As said, the next position would be reverse cowgirl. Not only does this position look good in front of the camera, when involving these two, it would come to be quite effective as it progress on. Initially, in the position, the slender blonde from Alabama, is all spread out, as she has her feet planted, while bouncing on the cock. It would be this view, that would give us a nice look at her pussy, complete with a bush, and piercings! It's from this position, that she would take the dick quite well, as she mentions that at one point, she could feel Damion's dick in her stomach. Before long, Damion would take charge once again, hooking her in the position made famous by JMac. The reverse cowgirl full nelson. The position simply looking great, as Damion would go on to pound her deep and hard. I really liked the look of this positioning. Following the reverse cowgirl, would come missionary, as Payton position herself on her back with her legs spread wide. It would be great stuff here from Damion, as he go on to maintain a pace that is nice and steady, as he deeply drill Payton's tight pussy. First, it would be from the straightaway, prior to the closing of her legs, and positioning them at the side, for a little side fucking action. However, it would soon return to missionary as her legs would be held high to take the cock deep. As things continue, there would be an added aspect of Damion choking Payton at her request. I really liked this, as it did nothing but have Damion fucking her harder. It would be during this, that he lean in close to have some communication with Payton. I really liked seeing this. But poor guy. Damion got all of Payton's makeup on his face. This, as we often see. But no matter that, the good performance was continuing. It would continue in a big way, as Damion would go on to lift up Payton, completely drilling her in the position of standing cowgirl. What great stuff! From this position, we have a view from the side. This, as Damion delivering a fast, and hard pounding to Payton's pussy. Yes, once Damion got his footing here, he went all deep! It would be after this however, that the two of them would continue, going directly into the next position. That being the position of doggy, as Payton would be quickly to assume it. From here, Damion would take her from behind, building up a pace that would only get quicker as he continue on. It's here that he remains steady, while continuing to go deep inside of Payton. It would be another position that would make her climax. However, the highlight of the position for me, would be the time that Damon would allow Payton to throw her ass back on his cock. Again, it's just something that I enjoyed the look of. The next position would be piledriver. To be honest, it is a position that I did not quite expect to see here. But yes we do. Because soon enough, we see Payton bent over backwards, off the edge of the couch, with her legs spread wide. The camera giving us a straightaway view from the front. This being as Damion goes on to dip his cock into the pussy at a steady pace. It's a position that is decent enough. However personally, I would've much rather seen a point of view that would show us the ongoing penetration, such as an over the shoulder camera. With that said, things continue, with the two performers making a return to the missionary position. It would be a position which they would have an extended stay, as it would soon be the final position of the scene. This is as Damion continues to plug away at Payton's pussy. Prior to it all ending, we would see Damion, pulling Payton closer to the edge of the couch, as he continue to do his work. It would be work, that would eventually lead him to finish things up, when he would soon reach his climax. The scene would come to an end, with the two of them hurrying. This, with Damion standing to jerk off over Payton, who is on her knees. The end result would be young Damion dropping a nice load into Payton's mouth, and on her tongue. After which, she would soon swallow. This bringing the nicely paced scene, to what I felt was a very fitting conclusion. In the end, there was some really nice stuff here involving these two!
In my opinion, I felt that this was a very good scene. I enjoyed the comedic aspect of the storyline set up, as well as the acting performances that went along with it. It was over the top, and I felt that for this storyline it was appropriate to be such. Then we went into the sexual material of the scene. It starting off great, with the blowjob from Payton, leading to the more complex things. I have seen plenty of people hate on 18-year-old male performer Damion Dayski, and it is completely unwarranted. That's because, the kid isn't half bad. I really liked the opening positions. They being standard cowgirl and then reverse cowgirl shortly after. It's in these positions that Damion showed poise, and control. I loved the way that he really went for it, as he increased his pace to fuck Payton's pussy. I appreciate the fact that he isn't just another sluggish performer with a big dick. He really pounds it in there! Perhaps one of the things that people do not like about him is that he is rather quiet when he performs? However, I felt that the few times that he did speak to his scene partner here, was very good, and it kept things rolling. I really have no complaints. This was a fun scene, overall. One that  sees the very slender Payton Avery receive a great deep dicking. She seemed to quite enjoy it and I enjoyed watching her get it! She has a really pretty pussy, I might add! With that said, this would be a scene that I would recommend to you, for sure, as it is just fun and thorough. A great job by both performers here!

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