The New Girl in Red (2021)

by - October 26, 2021

 Starring: Octavia Red // Bobby Beefcakes
Directed by: Bobby Beefcakes
Runtime: 51 mins.


Scene Breakdown //
Things begin with director/performer Bobby Beefcakes, being very excited for the girl that he has for us today. He says that she is a girl out of California, and that prior to the scene, she sent him some photos; both clothed and nude. He says that he was quite surprised with her, because in the pictures with clothes on, she just looked like a normal girl. However, once she shed the clothes, it was revealed that she has some great tits. Bobby says that they are some of the best he's ever seen, actually. Bobby would then say that she is on her way to the room from the elevator. It's from there, that Octavia Red would shortly arrive, as there is a knock at the door.

Bobby opens the door to be greeted by Octavia, who wears a bright smile on her face. Bobby would invite her in, as she says that she is both excited and nervous for her very first porn shoot. It's after a quick check of her ID that they go into another room to conduct the pre-scene interview.

Of course, the first question is about the nerves, as Octavia admits to being nervous. However, it seems to be the norm for anyone. Octavia says that she is indeed from California, and was raised there. Bobby then says that he was as well, but that he now lives in Vegas, where they are currently. Octavia says that she too is looking to get out of California due to the high expenses, and so on. When asked, she goes on to say that she currently makes a living with modeling, as well as maintaining her OnlyFans account. This, as she says that sometimes it can be a bit of a struggle to keep up with, but nonetheless she enjoys it, saying that she enjoys taking still photos, in particular. Bobby then goes on to ask a rather interesting question. That being, what's it like for she to be a woman who goes nude on OnlyFans for the world to see? Octavia answers candidly by saying that, initially when she was just starting out, she was a little nervous to reveal herself, only merely teasing. However, the more she did so, the more comfortable with her body that she became. She saying that she realized that her body was a "work of art". She says that any insecurities that she did have, that thw creating of content for OnlyFans, allowed her to overcome them. When asked what she could possibly be insecure about, Octavia provides an answer. She saying that she has a "small ass", and that some have even commented such. However, she has an answer for that, saying that she's for the tits. This, as she gives them a feel. Octavia goes on to say that she may not have an ass, but she has tits, and she has manners. Bobby says that guys will nitpick anything. However, none of them would kick her out of bed. Octavia agrees. When asked what she likes to do for fun? Octavia answers that she is pretty much a homebody. She likes to stay home and hang out with her pets, as well as paint, listen to music, and play piano. She says that when it comes to the arts, she likes all kinds. However, she especially likes surrealism, erotica, and what she calls "emo-goth". She likes to do things with a vintage flair, and says that she happens to be a big fan of Halloween, due to the spookiness and all that it entails. Octavia says that since the age of 13 she has been playing piano. She says that she is good with original compositions. However, she cannot read sheet music. Bobby then goes on to ask she about her pets. She says that her dog is a "mutt", that she happened to find at the pound, when she was 15 years old. As for her cat; she says that she found it on her way home from work, when she used to work at a casino. This detail being interesting to Bobby, who goes on to inquire about it. She says that for a time she worked as the casino's janitor, for about 8 months, before moving on to beverage serving for them for about a year's time. Bobby can't believe that a hot girl like her used to be a janitor, but Octavia swears that it's true. The next topic of discussion is the scene itself. Bobby asks Octavia, how she was feeling on the plane ride there, asking if she happened to get nervous for the scene today? She admits to having some butterflies, especially not having been on a plane for a while he says. But still, she's excited. Bobby eventually asks Octavia what she happens to enjoy sexually. She says that she really enjoys giving blowjobs, that it really turns her on. She also says that she enjoys being bitten, and otherwise, intimately roughed up. She says that she enjoys giving blowjobs, because she considers herself a "pleaser". Octavia says that, although she has a big sexual appetite, that she doesn't actually have a lot of sex. This, as she says that most of her pleasure is reserved for masturbation, which she says that she does about every other day. Although, she says that she is more about pleasing other people, rather than herself. After going back to the subject of she enjoying being bitten, it's time for Octavia to show her body off for the camera. Something that she seems eager to do. It's from here that Bobby would have she begin with masturbation. This is as she slips out of her panties and then lies back on the bed to spread her legs. However, Bobby just cannot help but be surprised by just how fat Octavia's pussy is. He just cannot resist but to get a feel, and a pinch of it. It would be then that he would hand she an Hitachi magic wand with a special ribbed adapter attached. Octavia would go on to use this on her clit, to very nice effect. But it isn't for long, before Bobby himself get involved. This, as he seemingly cannot hold back. The two of them share passionate kisses, while Bobby, lightly places a choke to Octavia, just prior to getting his cock out. Octavia would immediately go to sucking him, and otherwise stroking him, when the two of them begin to kiss once again. Eventually however, Octavia would be positioned flat on her back, as Bobby drag her to the edge of the bed. It would be from here, that Bobby would eventually go down on her with his mouth and tongue, before deeply penetrating her with his fingers, making her squirm. It would be next that the scene would officially get underway, with Octavia finally sucking cock.

Positions Seen //
- doggy
- missionary
- cowgirl
- reverse cowgirl
- rimming

The Review //
It's today, that I review another scene for TEAM SKEET. This time, for their series "She's New". The series headed by male performer, Bobby Beefcakes, as he welcomes rookie performers to perform in their very first porno scene. In this scene, he welcomes a particular talent that I have been familiar with for some time, and that is one, Miss Octavia Red. Octavia an artist, musician, and content creator, is here invited to a Las Vegas hotel room, to make the step over into pro porn, as she participates in a pre-scene interview, and then a scene, with the previously mentioned Beefcakes.

Octavia is looking absolutely stunning in a long red dress, and heels, as she participates in the rather informative interview before the scene. This, as she does a little to calm the nerves, we get to know a little bit about this eager performer, prior to she showing us what she has to offer, sexually. It's via the interview, that we get to know that Octavia happens to be well into the arts of any kind. But especially, the spooky and the erotic. She also happens to be able to play the piano, and has done that, since the age of 13. We learn about her pets, her previous job, and as well as, what she happens to enjoy sexually. All of this, before we see some masturbation, which would lead us to the sexual main course. And speaking of the masturbation segment, I have to say that Octavia looked rather cute when doing the deed. However, it wouldn't last long, as Bobby just could not resist getting his hands on her. It would be also key that it show Octavia being quick to get her mouth on the dick. She had told us that giving blowjobs, was her favorite thing, and she wasn't lying! It's just great how she went after it! She would go on to show us further, as she would soon go to her knees, as Bobby stand to endure the works. From here, we would see Octavia look up at the camera as she is great that keeping the eye contact with it, as she go to town. And "go to town" she does. She working up and down the shaft with her mouth, prior to taking to Bobby's balls, energetically. The sucking of the balls, is something that Bobby seemed to really enjoy, seeing as he would have she return to doing it a second time, before the opening blowjob part would be finished. It would be followed up by the scene's very first position. That position would be doggy, as Bobby would have Octavia bend over the side of the bed, as he take her from behind. It would be from here, that he would proceed with a steady in and out pacing. What I would enjoy here the most was of course, the bouncing tits of Octavia. Man, did they look nice from this position! It would continue on, as Bobby would maintain some leverage by briefly pulling back on Octavia's arms, as he simultaneously slam his cock into her. We also briefly have a moment where he pulls her into an upright position. The way which the camera is positioned however, only giving us a look at Octavia's big tits, as the rest of her is cut off. Next, Octavia would be on her back for the missionary position. Bobby for his part, has an increasing pace that would get quicker and harder over time. In between, he'd also again, finger her deeply, This, as we have an overhead POV view from the camera. The view from here, as we look down to see Octavia is a good one. Unfortunately though, the camera is a bit too shaky in my opinion. I just wish that the view could've been a little bit more stable, as this occurred. However, nonetheless - what can I say? Those tits!! Octavia looks great!. Anyway, as the position continues, Bobby would, for a moment, stand stationary allowing Octavia herself to grind on his hard dick, and it would be enough to make her cum. This in itself was indeed a hot moment. We Have a stationary camera positioned behind Octavia as she then ride Bobby, as he's mounted for cowgirl. It's from here, that she would begin things, as she sit upright on the dick, to bounce straight down. It's okay, and gets better, once she leans forward, to allow Bobby to take over. This, as he go on to fuck her pussy at a quick pace. The next position would of course see she reverse her positioning, as we then go to reverse cowgirl. I would find that this particular position would be the roughest of the scene, as Bobby finally reciprocates harder. From the position, Octavia has her legs spread wide, and her feet planted firmly, as she remain stationary for Bobby to plow her, and he does so, hard and fast. It being too much for her at one moment, as she stand up to collect herself. This prior to she sitting back down to take even more. But it would be on to the next order of business, shortly thereafter. It would be as Bobby take to his back. From here, he would want Octavia to once again suck his cock, and then his balls. However after, Octavia would treat him to a little bit of a surprise, as she would go all the way down to lick his ass. Bobby is quite amazed by this, especially by how good it is(I am willing to bet that you as a viewer will be as well!). Bobby loves it. In fact, before moving on he has she return to tongue at him one last time. But with that said, to finish out the scene, Bobby would have her once again on her knees delivering another blowjob, as she make eye contact with the camera. After servicing the shaft, she would go to the balls again, as Bobby is busy jerking it. In the end, it would all build him up to climax. This, as the scene comes to an end with he dropping a nice sized load onto the face of the first timer.

Regarding the ending, I felt that the scene came to a rather nice conclusion. I especially liked the rimming, and Octavia's eagerness to do so!

When it comes to this scene, I'd say that I was more interested in the girl, rather than the resulting sex scene, which I felt was just ok. However, that is not the fault of Octavia Red herself, who here makes a great impression. One that definitely has me wanting to see her in many more scenes to come. Her personality is really cool, and interesting. Also, she looks amazing visually. Especially those beautiful boobs! However, when it comes to the gripes that I have about the scene, it would mostly rest on the male talent, Bobby beefcakes. Yes, it is true that in this case, Bobby is supposed to be the "pro", who is introducing these girls to the world of porn. However, the truth is that, when it comes down to it, Bobby himself is just an average performer at best, in my opinion. I found it a little humorous that during the interview segment, he asked Octavia how she visualized the scene going in her head, as if he is some big opposing pornstar. But as I said, in my opinion, that is just not the case. This is my second time reviewing one of Bobby's "She's New" scenes, and once again, I just found it to be decent overall(I may have said the very same thing about him last time). Octavia looks great here, as she showed a little bit of something. I loved the way that she of course, sucked the dick. After all, it's her favorite pastime, she says. And also, I liked the fact that she went straight into eating ass, with no cue whatsoever. Her very first professional porn scene, and she's eating a man's ass! That was great stuff. However, for the rest of the scene, I felt that Bobby himself could've pushed her a little bit further. It was just a little too safe, and a missed opportunity. Especially, seeing as Octavia in the beginning, made it known that she likes to be a little rough. But with this said, Octavia is a girl that I have been following very closely on Twitter for a while now, and I find her to be really cute. so yes, I am very excited that she is making the transition into the professional porn realm. I cannot wait to see more. I will recommend this scene on Octavia alone. However, I would've much rather she begin with the likes of a company such as ExCoGi(Exploited College Girls), who I feel would have given her a much better showing.

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