Boobalicious Social Media Influencer (2021)

by - October 22, 2021

 Starring: Angel Youngs // Jay Romero
Directed by:
Runtime: 48 mins.


Scene Breakdown //
Things have been going quite well for Jay Romero and his "influencing office", that he recently opened, to manage the brands of up-and-coming social media influencers. At the beginning of the scene, we see Jay on the phone with his good friend Bobby, as he looks to set up a meeting between the two of them soon, to talk numbers and strategy. However, first he has an appointment with an influencer who has much potential. That influencer being one, Angel Youngs. Jay was looking forward to their meeting in person beforehand, but nothing would get him more excited than seeing Angel in the "flesh". Angel is a beautiful young woman, and Jay cannot wait to get to work with her. First things first, as the two of them sit on the couch to talk over why she specifically seeks Jay services, Angel says that she is looking to expand her brand. Something that Jay seems to have no problem in doing. He is confident that he could help her out. Jay is mesmerized by Angel's beauty. Especially when it comes to her all-natural tits. Breasts that Angel confirms, are a size 34DD. Jay eventually would suggest that the two take some pictures. It's on this idea, that Angel would soon go off to change into something a little more sexier. A short time later she comes back wearing a sexy suit of all black lingerie. Jay definitely likes what he sees. This, as he begins to snap pictures of his potential client. However, it's in the middle of the shoot that Angel takes pause to ask Jay if it would be okay if she went topless. Jay is at first, hesitant. However it does not take long to get him to agree that she should indeed take her top off. She does so, and next is the big reveal, as she unleashes her big natural tits. Jay is  absolutely mesmerized. This, as he struggles to keep a level head. With this said, he does manage to snap a few photos, and its while he is checking them out on the phone, that Angel takes it upon herself to approach him, and to put her tits in his face. From here, she proceeds to slap him around a bit with her tits, while putting his face in between them. It would then progress to he sucking on each of the pierced nipples. This, as the camera gives a nice close-up of the action, as it happens. Sucking on the tits, would then go to Angel mounting him, and of course, that leads to more, as they soon end up in a full-blown sexual encounter.

Positions Seen //
- doggy
- titty fucking (x3)
- reverse cowgirl
- cowgirl
- missionary

The Review
For this review, I review a scene from the boob specialty website, LOVE HER BOOBS. My first. Like it's sister website LOVE HER FEET, LOVE HER BOOBS, has a specific agenda. It wants to focus on a pair of nice juicy tits, as they cast the best of boob-dom, to participate in their scenes.

For this scene, we have Angel Youngs and Jay Romero as the two selected performers. As per the scene, there is a storyline in which Jay Romero sees himself as a manager/personal assistant to social media influencers. He's the one that they hire to keep their budding, or thriving careers in check. Angel portrays a social media influencer on the rise, who is in need of some help. The type of help that Jay can provide her. As she tells him she is looking to build her brand even more. However, in recent times she has unfortunately discovered that keeping it all together herself; from the many followers gained, to the multiple photo shoots that she must partake in. For her, it has all became a little too much. And that is where she hopes that Jay can step in and lend a hand. As it turns out, it is a test that he is willing to take on. As mentioned above the storyline would progress with Jay eventually going onto snap some pictures of Angel. However, once Angel happens to take her top off, everything from there just seems to get a little too frisky. That's because soon enough, Angel just cannot resist the urge to put her tits in Jay's face. Likewise, he can't resist the urge to put his mouth on them. I have to tell you that this opening moment of the scene, which Angel basically feeds her tits to Jay, it is absolutely damn hot! From the excellent close-up camerawork featuring Angel's boobs. Combined with the fact that Jay would go on to eagerly and actively suck on them, it's just a lot of hotness to process all at once. But for sure, it is a great start to things. Did I mention that Angel's nipples are pierced, also? I loved it!

The fantastic titty sucking would be followed up by Angel returning the favor, as she would go on to suck on Jay's hard cock. We would see her slurping, and suck on the shaft. This, prior to spitting on it, and jerking it with her hand. It would not take long for the shaft to be covered with wet saliva. This is as Angel continues to jerk the dick off with her talented mouth. I really enjoyed the way that she would basically massage the bottom of the shaft with her tongue as she take it down her throat. There's also a moment here which sees Jay gets up in a half straddle on the couch to fuck her face. This is prior to Angel next being on her back, as he would go to work. It's from there, that Jay begins things by sucking on the toes of Angel, before going in between her legs to get at her pussy, as he suck and tongue. This driving Angel crazy. Especially when he happens to suck on her ultra sensitive clit. She even says as much, telling him to do so in general. I felt that this was really hot of her to do. And speaking of hot, we would also see she go on to suck on her own nipples. She would be matched by Jay, when he would come up to suck on them at the same time than she. However next, Angel would be on all fours. It would be from this position that Jay would go in at her ass with his tongue and mouth, prior to the action going to doggy, as he fucks her pussy. Now, a real interesting thing here is that Angel made it known that she wanted Jay to place a thumb into her ass, as he fuck her pussy. The fact that she wanted this specifically, was sexy enough indeed. But the fact that Jay would eventually go on to drill her pussy from here, made it that much more. Not to mention, that we have some dirty talk from Angel as she tell Jay to "fuck her little hole!", And so on. The bouncing titties? Also great from here. Especially, when Jay pulls Angel in for upright doggy. Following this, Angel would go back to deepthroating the cock. But it's after, that we get our first instance of titty fucking. And of course it is great in itself. Especially when Angel goes on to ask Jay if he likes the way that her tits are wrapped around his cock. The closeup. The pierced nipples? It's all A+ shit! The next position would be reverse cowgirl, as Jay take his seat. Angel would sit on it as she would bounce straight up and down for a time, as she take the dick deep. However, momentarily she would be leaning back far on her back. This, as Jay would fuck her steadily from there. However, before long she would find herself having her feet planted on Jays legs, in order to take it deeper. But the experience for her would be that much more effective, once Angel would remain stationary just to take it. It would be from here, that we would see Jay just fuck the pussy quick and hard. Following this, we would have one of the scene's most beautiful views. That's because after this, Angel would get up on her feet and stand directly in front of the camera, as she bend over to suck Jay's cock. Not only do we here, get a face full of Angel's pussy and ass, her big tits hang down as well, as she throat the dick. What a look! Jay however, next would be on his back, from the couch as we would have a view from the side. It would be here that Angel would mount him for the position that is standard cowgirl. She would be in a kneeling position for a while, as she bounce. However, she next sit upright, as she continues to take the cock. This position would progress the scene, as she bounce up and down on the cock steadily. It's during this, that the camera would give us an excellent view of Angel's round ass bouncing. We'd actually hear Angel instruct Jay to shove fingers into her asshole, as he continue, we'd eventually see him pick up his pace, and then intentionally drill her as deep as he can with his cock at her request. The next step, would be missionary, as Angel is on her back at first. It would feature some titty fucking, as Jay also choke her. However, the highlight of the position comes once he started actually penetrating the pussy from missionary. Jay would maintain a pace that would be ever so increasing, getting harder and faster over time. This causes Angel to lose it as, she is s essentially "dick drunk". So much so. that we get a sense that she just might fall off the couch. After she being absolutely pummeled from said position, we would then see Angel go on to service Jay, as it is a mix of jerking and sucking him off, as well as some nice titty fucking, as Angel is positioned upright, and is facing the camera. This would continue on for some time, but it would be this brand of fucking with the titties, that would bring Jay to his eventual climax, as he soon pop his cork, all over them for the finish of the scene! The scene is sort of a combination of passionate and rough, all brought together very nicely. It ending nice as well. I like the fact that it's some titty fucking which brings about the end of things!

This scene is yet another solid one from the team behind LOVE HER FEET, and SHE LOVES BLACK. Just solid. I for one thoroughly enjoyed this scene. It is one that is passionate and personal between the two performers; Angel Youngs and Jay Romero. Here, we find much communication between them during the scene, as they seemed to know exactly what they wanted from one another. As a result, that is where the thoroughness overall, comes from. All that was left for them to do was perform. And here they do just that, in a very raw, and passionate manner. Angel;s dirty talk was second to none here, also. It only being fuel to Jay Romero's fire, so to speak. This, as he would retaliate by fucking her even harder than previous. Here, Angel's pussy takes a very nice pounding, and it's a beautiful thing to see, in the scene that comes together quite nicely in a tight little package in the end. No pun intended. Not only is Angel Youngs very impressive here, so is her scene partner, Jay Romero. It's not always that both performers match each other's energy, 1 to 1. But here, it is exactly that type of occasion, and what can I say? It's just great. Rounding out the scene altogether is of course the "boob" content. Being a boob oriented site, the director and the camera, do quite well, in serving up some very choice, delicious looking boob content, courtesy of Angel Youngs ever-growing tits. (They appear to be even bigger currently!), There are lots of closeups. Some bouncing, and of course there is a healthy serving of titty fucking. It would not be quite a titty site without the latter, right?! The scene has plenty to offer you as a viewer, which is exactly why I would not hesitate to highly recommend it to you. The action seen here, is literally hot and sweaty. These performers give it their all, and what they did here definitely deserves a look!

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