PurgatoryX.com: La Bodega Vol 1 E3

by - December 01, 2021

 Starring: Gia Derza // Chad Alva
Directed by:
Runtime: 29 mins.


Scene Breakdown //
In this scene, the third part in the "bodega trilogy", from PURGATORY X, Chad Alva becomes highly curious of the girl working at the local bodega, Gia Derza. This, After his brother Codey Steele, reported back to him, about the wild time that he had with Gia the night before, right there in the store. It being after he spied on her from the window, as she masturbate with a phallic-shaped bottle of wine. Yes, Codey watched on, as she used the bottle, both on her pussy, as well as her ass! Because of this, Chad just couldn't help but to scope things out for himself, He enters the store, quickly finding the bottle of bubbly, that Codey, described as being the one used by Gia, during her masturbatory display. It appears as though he wants to use the bottle in order to lure her in. Well as it turns out, the ploy works, That's because he would find himself approached by Gia, as he stands in front of the store's back freezer. She is quick to apologize to him for passing him up, and not offering to help him out, should he need it. Chad, on the other hand, says that he is ok. That he was simply going to get this bottle of wine. As he of course, "heard that it's a good one". However, Chad, would then go on to also say that he's also there, because his brother Codey, happens to owe money to someone for something that they "gave him". It would be then, that Gia would pretend to be oblivious to anything other than a pack of cigarettes that Codey could not pay for at the time. But, at the same time, it's clear that she knows what Chad, is in fact, eluding to. Chad says that he assumes that it is the cigarettes. However, he would not know, as sometimes, his brothers is known to keep a secret. This, all being a part of the two brothers' competitive nature. He goes on to say that he and his brother Codey, compete on a number of things, such as girls. In fact, they currently have a bet going on now. Saying that there is a girl at the local liquor store, who the brothers are trying to see, which one of them can fuck the most times. Gia would react to this by laughing at it. That's until he would begin to draw comparisons to her current situation. Yes, it being soon, that she comes to realize that Chad is indeed talking about her. Gia is of course surprised. However, she is definitely not opposed. This, as she would take Chad's suggestion, to quietly lock up the store. This would set the stage for a late night sexual encounter, as Gia, would go on to fuck brother number two, with no hesitation.

Positions Seen //
- doggy
- missionary (x2)
- missionary (anal)
- doggy (anal))

The Review //
For today's review, I take a scene from a trilogy release from the website, PURGATORY X, the trilogy titled "La Bodega" consist of a total of 3 scenes, which are all connected via one continuous storyline. That storyline centering around a bodega/liquor store, and a horny and promiscuous young woman who happens to work there. Yes, in the story, the beautiful Gia Derza, is that very woman, as she occupies the character that, not only masturbates using a bottle of wine on both of her lower holes, she ends up sleeping with a pair of brothers, who look to it as a way to outdo one another. In this particular scene, Chad Alva is one of those brothers, who happened to get the info on Gia from his brother(Codey Steele), who just so happened to get into her pants first. The brothers in question are ultra-competitive, and so, Chad is one who, looks to "out-fuck" his brother. The result is a very hard sex scene, consisting of both vaginal and anal. There's even some anal fisting too!

As this is from a multi-part series, I bet you're wondering exactly what I was wondering, as I went into the scene myself. And that is, does one necessarily have to watch all three of the scenes, to have it all make sense? Well the answer is, no fortunately. Going into this scene, I had not seen parts one or two. I went straight for part three. luckily the scene does include a bit of a flashback involving the previous parts, and so it does its job to catch you up, just enough so that you can carry on with the final scene. So yes, no worries there.

Well, to get back into the review, and to analyze this sex that we see here, it all begins with some deep and passionate kissing. It's during the kissing that we see Chad press Gia against the freezer. I really did like this, as we see the performers get really into it, right from the beginning. But the kissing would lead to chad, forcing his hand down Gia's unbuttoned and unzipped denim shorts, as he fingers her pussy. It would even continue once those shorts come off. I loved this too. Chad's fingers planted deeply into Gia's pussy, as she both moan and squirm in pleasure. It's really good stuff, and it was only the beginning. Things would get a little bit more rough following this. The next bit of sexual action would be Gia returning the favor, as she'd go onto suck Chad's cock. And I mean, she would just attack it  with reckless abandon. During this, she sucks hard, and sucks fast. This, as the spit would fly. Additionally, this would also include Chad fucking her face, just as fast, as we see Gia's eyes roll back. It would be following this, that we would see Chad take Gia into the doggy with she propping her leg up on the boxes behind them. It's here that Gia's pussy is wide open, as Chad take it from behind. It does not take him long to build up a quick pace, as he fuck it hard. In the process Gia is very loud and vocal as she is fucked. For the next position, Chad would have Gia position herself up on those previously used boxes. She would be seated, with her legs spread wide. This giving the camera a full, clear view of her pussy, and fantastic bush. This, is as Chad would continue to penetrate her. It's from here,that he would remain consistent with his pacing,as he move in and out of the hole. Gia from this position,is still very vocal, only this time, she is able to watch Chad go in and out of her. Personally, I felt that, this was hot. I also liked how Gia and Chad would eventually keep eye contact with each other, even at one, point pressing heads together, as Chad was deep inside of her. But it would be next that Chad would say that he would like to see what Gia's ass is all about, as the scene would go on to the next stage. It all beginning with a fantastic display, as Gia would warm her ass up by fingering it. And deeply fingering, she does. Not only that, she fully fists her own asshole! It's just incredible. That fucking asshole just stretching around her hand! The hand however, would soon be replaced by the hard cock of Chad, who would get right to hammering. He would settle into a steady pace, prior to soon picking up the speed, going faster and harder. Eventually, he would even be going as deep as possible, as he stare into Gia's eyes as he do so. During this, Gia is also deeply fingering her pussy, as Chad fucks her ass. After this, Chad would go down on both her pussy and ass, as he worship the holes a bit. However next, it would make way for even more fingering and fisting from Gia, which is just awesome. We would soon find out that it was merely just a warm-up for Chad to use the wine bottle on Gia's asshole. This being something else that is just incredible. Watching the neck of that bottle go in and out of Gia's butthole is magical. Not to mention, the gape that we see once it is removed. It would be after the bottle play, that the anal sex would continue. This, as Gia sit on top of the boxes this time, with her nice, big ass hanging off the edge of them. This would give Chad more than enough room to reenter that asshole to fuck it. In the beginning, Chad would remain consistent, as he fuck the ass steadily. However, soon enough, he would build up the pace to a much quicker one, fucking harder. This was great, especially near the end of the position, when Chad pulled Gia in closer to go as deep into the ass as possible. Following this, we would have Gia return to her knees, as she once again suck cock. This, as she get a taste of her ass juice on the cock. Things would continue, as she would return to the position of she being seated and spread on the boxes, This, as Chad wants to finish with her pussy. It would be from here, that he would go on to bang it hard, until he would have Gia suck on his cock and balls, one last time. The end result would be he jerking his cock to climax, as he splatter Gia's face with a nice, hot load to finish things off.

This was a very fitting conclusion to an otherwise very energetic scene. These two performers went at it hard from beginning to end. Gia Derza in particular enduring a lot here. Both with her pussy and ass. Again, I have to say that her fisting of her own ass, is one of the scene's true highlights.

When I say that this scene from PURGATORY X is fast-paced, it is not an understatement at all. Right at the beginning, right out of the gate, Gia Derza and Chad Alva, fuck in a way that is both fast-paced and raw. Here, they had no regard in making their encounter an artistic or romantic affair. They just went at each other in a way that was unhinged. A sexual encounter that includes both vaginal, as well as anal sex. I have to say that I was one that enjoyed the overall setup. Though the sexual positions here were limited in variety, fortunately the positions that we do see are both highly effective, both visually and in their execution. I really liked the way which we would see Gia propped up against the cases of alcohol, and drilled hard. From having her left leg propped up and spread, as she is bent over for doggy, to she sitting atop the boxes, with her legs spread wide, each of the positions just looking really good on camera. And I have to say that Gia's holes, just took a beating. However the magic thing is that Gia left the scene apparently very happy, and fulfilled! This is a scene that looks very good. I am a big fan of the bodega/liquor store setting. I mean, who would've ever thought to stage a series of porn scenes within a bodega? It's one of the most unique settings that I've ever seen. The sex itself is rough, but effective. The action at times here, moving so fast that if you blink, you may miss something. Mouths and assholes agape by both dick as well as fingers, spit flying, and cocks pummeling all holes. Here, we see all of the above in a way that is very energetic, and quickly moving. I enjoyed it for what it is. A well presented scene, whose action is all things rough and raw. I remember that during the scene Chad had mentioned that Gia was "nasty", which would be another word that you could use to describe this scene, I suppose. It is definitely not a scene that is long and drawn out. It's straight to the point, like a bolt of lightning. I recommend it, especially for those who are fans of hard-drilling, anal sex.

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