Lily Lou Brings Out Her Daredevil Side In Public

by - December 29, 2021

 Starring: Lily Lou // Jay
Directed by: Jay
Runtime: 55 mins.


Scene Breakdown //
The scene opens up with producer/performer Jay, meeting up with Lily Lou at an outside location somewhere. Jay says that he is glad to meet her, while Lily responds by saying the same. However, not without giggling and being tongue-tied. The two of them decide to walk, as Jay wisely chooses to walk behind her. This, allowing him to catch footage of her nice ass, as she walks ahead. They decid to cross the street, by going straight, as Jay goes on to complement she on her outfit, asking her if she wore it because it is hot out, or because she looks sexy in it, or both? Lily says that it was a bit of both, saying that she always plans accordingly. Jay would go on to continue his questioning, as he would next ask Lily how long she has been around? Lily shows us that she is a bit feisty, as she goes on to answer with, "been around what?". We assume that she already knows what he means. Jay goes on to clarify though, that he is meaning how long has she been in the business. Lily answers that she has only been around for the past three months. However, she happens to have been around sex work since turning 18. 6 years ago. Since then, saying that she has been a content creator. Lily says that she is new to working with people. However, it happens to be the best decision that she could have possibly ever made, she confirms. He then asks her what she likes about it? She says basically every aspect. Meeting new people. Of course fucking them. She also gets to act, and she also gets to dress up. Lily says that she is a lot slutty. A fact that she readily admits. After all, she says that, that is why she's here. That would then prompt the question from Jay, who goes on to ask Lily if she happens to be getting her fill? In other words, is her sexual appetite being satisfied? Lily says that it is. Just as long as she has shoots lined up. Saying that it is pretty cool. When asked to elaborate, Lily says that it doesn't matter; guys or girls, she's down for it all. She also says that she would not turn down bonus sex, although she is indeed being satisfied. She is then asked to go over what she does in her free time. Although her free time is limited now, Lily says that she is usually making her own videos, or doing other stuff that's work-related. However, she says that we can find her going to the gym, playing with her dogs, or drawing during her spare time. Jay becomes curious about her drawing skills, as he would ask about it. Lily says that when she was a kid, she used to draw animals, and landscapes most of the time. However lately, she has been trying to focus more on the subject of anatomy. Saying that she would eventually like to learn how to draw in the Hentai style. However for now, she is focused on realism. We sense that she is a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to her artwork. But yes, she likes to draw big titties, cute faces, pretty pussies, nice asses, and of course, big dicks, she says. When asked if she bases a drawing of a pussy on her own, Lily would say that she likes to focus on a variety. Because she says, that is how you obtain a well-rounded skill set. Next, Jay goes on to ask Lily about what kind of animals she has? This, as she goes on to list them. Lily saying that she has a Bull Mastiff and a Dalmatian, along with two Bengal cats, and the Burmese Python. Jay is seemingly impressed, as he goes on to ask Lily just how it is that she feeds all of them. With which she matter-of-factly answers, that she does so with her job. Lily, who now hails from Washington DC, says that she most recently has moved to LA for her career. Lily would talk about how it took a while for her to get all of her belongings over to her new place. However, she says that she is glad that she is now fully moved, saying that she just moved in yesterday, when Jay would go on to ask if she has already been sucking some dick at her new residence? To which she answers that she has not, saying that it will happen though. Jay would next go on to ask Lily what she would like to do? Would she like the two of them to walk to the beach? Or would she rather them go get a coffee, or tea or something? Lily would opt to go get a beverage.

We then catch up with them, as the two of them have a table, as well as their drinks. Lily has chosen a Chai Latte, and a water. The latter, she has already finished. Jay says that Lily drinks a lot of water. She would agree, saying that she talks a lot, her mouth gets dry, and otherwise, she likes to remain hydrated, because it's healthy. Lily says that she talks a lot. Not in the way that would annoy people, but in a way that is polite to others. Lily says that her drink - the Chai latte, is both strong and spicy, as she shakes it up. Jay would here, happen to take note of how much Lily's titties jiggle, as she does this. Jay would then ask Lily to tell us something about herself that we don't know. This, as she would go on to talk about her time growing up in Virginia. and being an avid hunter, fisher and trapper. She says that some of the things that she hunted were; deer, squireel, Turkey and geese. She even doing taxidermy for a time. She definitely feels that this is something that a lot of people would not know about her. She would then go on to explain the beauties of nature, as well as the way that animals can be hunted in a manner that is both ethical, as well as beneficial for the ecosystem. This of course impresses Jay, as Lily would explain that, growing up she loved to learn, and at one point, felt the need to learn everything. Jay would of course, then ask her about her high school experience, which Lily answers by saying that she went through all of high school strictly online. Why? Her parents believed that if they sent her off to school, that Lily would be far too promiscuous. When asked, Lily says that she was indeed slutty during that time, as well. In fact, she says that it has been that way ever since she reaching puberty, and beginning to watch porn at the age of 10 years old. She says that when watching porn, she would look at it, saying that she needed to do this. Better yet, she needed to prepare herself to do it, and so she did. She says that she would use objects such as pens, saying that she felt the need to stretch her pussy with them, in order to accommodate a dick. This would have Jay all curious, as he would go on to ask Lily if she could next, show us her pussy. It would be then that she would do so without hesitation. It's followed up, as we would be treated to a very nice view of it from underneath the table. A view that would reveal Lily's pussy like a work of art. Her nice, dark bush, would be on full display. as she would go on to touch and spread her pussy for us during this moment. It's very nice stuff. For the next order of business, Jay would next ask Lily if she would like to go for a walk? He first bravely calling it a "blowjob walk". It is something that she is down for. They next walk through the parking lot, that would soon take them to the woods. It's at this point that we sense that Lily has become quite eager. Once into the woods, and presumably alone, we would see Lily, not only bounce her tits, and expose her ass for us, she would even go on to suck Jay's cock, after he dares she to prove it. Lily would get right down to business from here, as she drop to her knees to work. She would first take the cock deep into her mouth, focusing a time on the shaft, and the balls as well. She would continue this for a time, until the two of them find themselves interrupted by the noises around them. Afraid that they will get caught, they soon decide to give up, and head back to the hotel to fuck. But before this, there's one thing that Lily has to do. She says that she has to pee. Soon enough, she finds a clear space, where she would proceed to pop a squat, as she pull up her skirt and just let it go. And let it go she does. This, as she relieves herself of a huge amount of piss, that is quite impressive. She says this being a result of she having held it for some time, as the two of them have been walking around all day. They then make their way to the hotel room, and that is where the fun for them would truly begin. This, after a rather adventurous afternoon spent with each other.

Positions Seen //
- cowgirl
- reverse cowgirl
- doggy
- missionary (x2)

The Review //
For today's review, I take a scene from the BANG! Original series, "Real Teens". The series which sees producer/performer Jay interview and later perform with, performers who are young, and mostly new to the business. Here, he introduces to us one Lily Lou, a young 24-year-old, who at that point, had only spent three months in the adult entertainment business. However, as we would learn, she did have previous experience within the content creation ream of sex work. Their day of adventure would see them going for a coffee and then for a sexual excursion in the woods nearby. One that would get a little hands-on, before the two of them ultimately head to the hotel, for the main course of business.

When it comes to this interview portion of the scene, I have to say that I quite enjoyed it, as Lily Lou the featured performer, is quite the dream. Man, I must admit that she is beautiful. Petite in stature, with long dark hair, complete with very nice eyes, and a sparkling smile to match, Lily has a lot to like about her. I also especially liked the fact that she is a creative person, as one of her hobbies is drawing. More in particular she enjoys the realism side of the activity. One also has to admire her undying horniness as well. She's always ready for sex, and needing it! As the two of them make their way through the woods, she is quick to drop to her knees to suck Jay off. And though I appreciated that, I would appreciate even more, what she would do soon after, and that is she pees right there in the woods. Yes, after having held her bladder for almost the entire day, she gives us a treat near the end of the afternoon festivities, as she would just squat down and let it all fly. And let me tell you, what she had in her bladder was a whole lot. I can't say that I have ever seen a girl pee that much before! It's quite crazy. But, at the same time, it's also quite hot! So yes, when it comes to the end of the segment, not only do we learn quite a bit about Lily, we also get a nice, early peek at just how sexual that she really is. This truly had me excited for what was to come once the two of them would get to the hotel room. But when it comes to that, actually, I unfortunately have some things to say, but we will get to that.

Once the two of them finally reach their hotel room, the sexual stage is set, so to speak, and it is done so quite nicely. I have to admit to really liking the way that things got started between Lily and Jay, once in the room. The beginning, which Jay has Lily, lying back on the bed and spreading her legs. Something that she does gladly. Jay would love the sight of what he sees before shortly going on to finger bang the pussy. He's initially nice and steady into the pussy, bringing his fingers in and out. However, Lily would have him turn it up a notch, as she instructs him to jam his fingers in, going deeply inside of her. This causes she to become extra wet, as she cum. It would be after this, that Lily would once again take to her knees to demonstrate her great cocksucking skiils, and on this, I am not exaggerating. I just love the way that Lily uses her tongue on and around a cock. Especially on the head, and especially on the balls. This would be a time that Jay's cock would get a nice working over initially. After this, Jay would put the spotlight on Lily, as he then have she tease us, by removing her clothes. First, she giving us a titty drop, as she pull her shirt up, and then she teases with her ass, making it jiggle and bounce. Something that Jay says she is really good at. And speaking of that, as the two of them work to turn on the lights, as it is getting dark outside, he would have she stop in the middle of the bed to demonstrate more of this twerking, prior to she returning to sucking his cock. From here, she would be lying flat on the bed with her  butt in view, as she do so, I really liked seeing her cute little butt in the air, as she continued to do what she is obviously good at. However, this particular time of blowjob actually would not last very long, as Lily herself would go on to basically demand that Jay fuck her. As it turns out, she just  cannot wait any longer. She wanted to be fucked, and I like that! Jay would have she go over by the couch nearby, before he would finally have she go on to straddle him to ride. We would see she straddle from the front view, before the camera angle changes to the back. It's here that we see Lily being slammed by the cock, from a distance. This, as Jay also simultaneously places a chokehold on her while doing so. This was an interesting enough setup for the cowgirl position. However, the views that we have from here, are somewhat bland. I liked the way that  Lily's ass jiggle, as it slammed down. However, the distance in which we see things, makes it somewhat unappealing. I feel that something more could have been done, although I am not sure what. The next position would see Lily reverse herself, as we go into reverse cowgirl, seeing she going on to slamm down her nice round butt. The view from here. is from behind her, as we see she slammed down at very close range. It's a very nice look, especially when she takes to a half straddle, as she plants her right foot on the couch. This allowing the cock to go much deeper. The camera would then switch to a frontal view, as she continues to go up and down on the dick.  However, from here. it would not take long for her legs to start to give way. She wants to stop, as Jay says that she can stand up. However, her horniness just will not allow her to do that. This, as she would continue on for some time more. I really enjoyed, and admired her willpower here, as the fuck was better than the pain for her. After, we would be treated to the frontal view of things, while we would get a replay of what occured during that time, as we view it from the back, next. I have to admit that the view from behind is much, much better than the one that we had from frontal. Lily's ass is just so great! Following some stretching for her sore legs, Jay would have Lily once again suck his cock. However, it is not exactly what she wants to be doing. She then hurries it along, before she finds herself positioned for doggy on the couch. Jay would steadily fuck her, prior to Lily, really wanting to add a little spice to things, as she instructs Jay to pull back on her hair as he fuck her. He does just as she asks. This, as he then proceeds to go deep into her. She also giving him permission to hold her down. Something that Jay vows to do, however he does not. He instead. just give it to her good from this position, as the is mostly from overhead. It's an okay view. This would continue on, before they take a pause to have Lily once again suck cock. After that, they would resume the position. This time, with Jay eventually going harder into Lily. Here, she would also assist, by slamming her ass back on the cock, as he continues to fuck her. It would be during this, that the view would soon change to that of one from the side. Here, we would see Jay once again take a steady pace, and then go on to improve it, by going much harder at the pussy. As this occurs, Lily can barely speak, as she is she was clearly affected by what was happening. Although we can make out she saying that she wants him to pound her, and that she wants him to "fuck her forever". It's over the course of this, that we would hear Jay say that he is about to cum. So, rather than waiting, he would next let it go after he would have Lily once again take to her knees. This, soon resulting in he coating her face with his jizz, just as she wanted him to do. However, it would be next that Lily would find herself surprised that Jay would say that it is not over. That he is not done with her. He would instruct her over to the bed. But, as it turns out, she would know exactly what to do. This, as she flop herself on her back over towards the edge of the bed, as she of course, spreads her legs, also. She's ready for his taking. This, as Jay would soon take her into the missionary position. From here, Lily would want more from Jay, and that is exactly what he would give her. he would go on to somewhat pound the pussy briefly. This being brief, because he would then have she take to the same position, but from the opposite corner of the bed. He would continue to fuck from there, after he makes her grab his cock and put it in, prior to he resuming a hard pounding. After some time in one view, we get a replay of the footage in a another, more lo-res one that eventually switches to a close up facial view of Lily, as she take the dick. Personally, I felt that this extra footage shown was simply throwaway footage. I have no idea why they'd even cut to it. Besides, it just spent too much time on Lily's reaction. It's following this, that we would be taken to the end of the scene, as we watch, as Lily proceed to stroke the cock with both hands, until she make Jay cum once again, as she aims it toward her mouth and face. This would be the finish to our scene.

Although this is a finish featuring the second of 2 cumshots, in the end, it's a scene that I felt was just too underwhelming for the build up it had going into it.
As I said above, personally I felt that this scene was underwhelming in the end. The interview segment featuring the lovely Lily Lou was just great. I had fun with it, and learned something about a girl that I wanted to know more about. Lily Lou is a young performer, who is just simply hot in my opinion. She definitely has looks and personality for sure. In fact, because of the interview alone, I have become a big fan already. So with that said, it is just too bad that I didn't truly enjoy the sex scene here, between she and Jay, as much as I anticipated to. I have reviewed my share of scenes from "Real Teens", and I have seen some great stuff involving Jay and other girls. The same could of been seen here between he and a girl such as Lily Lou, who comes into the scene looking that good. But unfortunately, I just found the positioning, as well as the camera angles to be, dare I say it, kind of boring. For me, the highlights of the scene were Lily peeing in the woods, and perhaps one or two of the final missionary setups. Other than that, it's just bland. But what I have gained here is a liking for Lily Lou, and will definitely be checking out more of her upcoming work. I'd be lying if I said I didn't already have a crush on her! When it comes to this scene, I say see it for yourself, and as far as what I thought about the scene? I felt that it was just ok. To say the least.

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