Bubble butt brunette Penelope Kay thanks home security employee by riding his cock (2021)

by - December 31, 2021

 Starring:  Penelope Kay // Alex Mack 
Directed by: B. Skow
Runtime: 38 mins.


Scene Breakdown //
The scene begins with Penelope Kay, relaxing on the bed, and in front of the TV. As it turns out, she is awaiting a food delivery. She's becoming quite anxious however, because it has been 40 minutes since she ordered, and they are still nowhere to be found. It's in the meantime, that she finds ways to entertain herself with a fuzzy pillow, throwing it up in the air and catching it, and so on. Eventually though, the food that Penelope is waiting for finally arrives. This, as she excitedly marches outside to pick it up at her doorstep. Unfortunately, unbeknownst to Penelope, she had no idea what would occur next. As she stepped outside to grab the food, somehow the door closed behind her. In this case, it seems as though there is something wrong with the security system. Now locked out of the house, Penelope is prompted to call her mom, to tell her of the situation. She goes on to explain to her mother that she is locked out, while in her panties. A fact that her mother finds quite humorous. When mom fails to successfully let Penelope in by using her phone, they come to the conclusion that it is the battery that has gone bad. So as the solution she calls up a locksmith and soon a technician in Alex Mack, arrives, as Penelope wait in the back. Alex comes over around to the back of the house to properly introduce himself to Penelope. To him, almost immediately it is quite apparent that Penelope is freezing cold, on account of wearing only half of her clothing. It is then that Alex would go on to be a gentleman, offering she his coat to cover up with. Something that Penelope greatly appreciates. But, when she begins to smell the coat, Alex goes on to question why she is doing so. Penelope goes on to explain that it smells like someone that she knows. Alex attributes it to an old boyfriend. However, she goes on to further elaborate that she once had an affair with a teacher, and that his jacket smells just like his cologne. Alex then asks Penelope, if she likes older guys. Fast-forward a little bit in time, and Alex has already fixed the door. Penelope however would not be done with him, as she would soon invite him in. She goes on to tell him just how appreciative she is for him, and his work. In fact, she says that he has practically saved her life today. And for this, she would like to give him a proper thank you. Alex being responsible, says that he has two more appointments after this, and he must run. But Penelope is determined, as she does her best to make him stay, saying that she would like to show him just how thankful she is, and that just maybe, he can "screw her lock". This, as the two of them go right into a sexual encounter.

Positions Seen //

- reverse cowgirl
- cowgirl
- doggy
- modified doggy
- missionary

The Review // 
Today, I head to NAUGHTY AMERICA, where I review a scene from their series titled "Perfect Fucking Strangers". This, a storyline-driven scene, features a story involving Penelope Kay, who is at first, trying her best to be patient, as she awaits an anticipated food delivery. However, the story has a bit of a surprise, both for us, as well as Penelope. That's because, when she steps outside joyously, and then somehow, the door closes behind her, causing she to be locked out of her house. This would really be no time to panic but, seeing as Penelope is wearing no bottoms, except for a pair of skimpy panties, she's quite concerned. It's then, because of her mom, that the repair man soon shows up, and he makes quite the impression on Penelope. This, as we know that Penelope does favor older guys. Well, at the end of the day, when everything is all fixed, Penelope has another "lock" that she would like Alex to drill on, and you know exactly what she is referring to, so no need to explain! Imagine being a repair guy, who is simply going to do your job, and fixing a faulty alarm. And it's a great day like this, that you happen to get rewarded in the form of Penelope Kay, who in the end, submits her body to you in every way. I would not be able to handle it. Penelope is just so damn sexy.

The sex itself gets off to a rather passionate beginning. This, as Alex would be seen going on to worship the ripe bosssom of Penelope. Yes, he is immediately drawn to her big, beautiful tits, as he stand behind her and get a good feel of them. It's during this, that she would ask him if he likes them? Which is a pretty rhetorical question! With that said, the boob play would not end there, as Penelope would be in charge, as she has Alex have a seat on the couch, and it would be there, that he would go on to suck on Penelope's tits, one by one. To me, this was extra hot. However, it would get even more hot next, as Penelope says that she would like to have Alex, pinch her nipples with his pliers. He would do just that, as Penelope would next go on to return the favor, by sucking his cock. When it comes to this, Penelope just attacks the cock with no reserve. Damn, this girl gave Alex's dick a working over with her mouth, and hand. Most of it is solely her, however there is a brief moment where we can see Alex pushing Penelope's head down to make her gag on his cock. It's from here, that I began to realize just how good the photography is. It's when the camera takes the view from behind Penelope, as she continues to suck on Alex. From that, we would see Alex reach behind her, and finger her pussy, as her panties are pulled aside. It's just so hot to see, and in 4K no less! Have you guys ever seen Penelope's ass, not to mention her cute little asshole in 4K? If not, you're missing out!

The first position of the scene, sees Penelope spreading her ass and sitting back on the cock, for round a of reverse cowgirl. This would see she said on it prior to straddling her legs and planting her feet, to bounce at a steady pace, and in between this, we would also see she grind on the cock with much skill. As the position progresses, Penelope would plant her feet firmly in the position, as she then to allow Alex to fuck her back at quick pace, that sees his cock go deeply. Following this, it would be the reverse variation of the position seen previously. Yes, the two of them would go into the standard cowgirl position next. Here, again we would see Penelope attack the Dick with the same ferocity as she did during the blowjob. Only this time, when riding it. From the position, she mounts the cock with her feet behind her, as she ride and grind on it, and also is fucked back by Alex. It would progress to have Penelope leaning forward as Alex get her good with his hard member. Again, here you have to give it up to the photography. What great stuff we see during this moment! I really loved the close up view of the penetration. Penelope's ass and pussy are just so pretty to look at! Alex would next, instruct Penelope to take to all fours and bend over, allowing him to have easy access to her opening. It's a position that sees Alex begin with a slow, steady pace of in and out. A pace that would gradually increase over time, getting much faster and harder. This, with an emphasis on the word "harder". That's because next we would see Alex go on to pull Penelope even more upright, as he continue to plow into her deep and hard. It's pretty much the sight to see. Alex would eventually dare to take it even further. This, as he step forward with his right leg in order to sort of half straddle, Penelope's ass. It's the type of position that sets Alex up to give a straight pounding. Once penetrating Penelope, he looks to go deeper, and that he does. I have to say that this position did look good on camera, especially when the camera went in for a close-up of the penetration, as Alex was dipping his dick into the pussy fom here. It's good looking stuff. It would be after this, that Penelope would then go on to get a taste of the cock, after it had been inside of her. She takes it down deep, and then Alex forces it down her by pushing on her head. However, it wouldn't be long before we would go on to the next position, which would be a missionary position, seeing Penelope on her back, with her legs spread wide. From here, Penelope first begs Alex to put it back in her. This, as he teases her by rubbing his cock along her clit, prior to reinserting himself. It's from here that he would keep the in and out rhythm of the pace that would be ever so increasing. It starting out steady, but soon enough getting faster and harder over time. it would also slow down again, before it would go back to a much harder speed. However, in the end, we see Alex determined, as he fucks the pussy, all in an effort to make himself cum, and it is a load that Penelope is ready for. Eventually, he would reach climax, quickly pulling out to stroke, and shoot his cock, as he aims it at Penelope's big tits for the finish. The storyline would also come to a close as Penelope vows not wear panties for Alex, the next time she locks herself out of the house. This, with Alex answering saying that she may call him anytime!

A fun, story driven scene with nice chemistry. Sometimes, that's all you need. In this case, that is exactly true. Here, we have very nice chemistry between two scene partners. Chemistry, that will make the scene one that is memorable overall.

Wow, this scene was fucking great! Talk about energy all the way through, from the beginning to the end. Here, the performers Penelope Kay and Alex Mack, just went for it, holding nothing back. The end result being a highly passionate sexual romp that fans of the players, Are likely not to forget. I have seen quite a few scenes this year, and I have to say that, although the year is closing out, this has to be one of the best scenes that I have taken time out to see. It's just amazing, the type of energy they bring. A level of energy shown here, which far surpasses what I had expected going in. The sex goes from one thing to another, and each of them having Penelope just attack the hell out of Alex's lucky cock. This, whether she be sucking and stroking, or going for broke, as she ride it rough. Oh my God, am I so impressed by what I saw here. Penelope simply blew me away with her sexual appetite, and prowess. However, at the same time, a lot can be said about her male counterpart, Alex Mack, who just went in the there, and kept it both consistent, and hard. Again, I just loved it. The sex was so fucking hot, that I couldn't bare to take my eyes off of it, as it play before me. Penelope Kay, has to be one of the most sexual beings that this business has to offer at the moment. She's just incredible! To sum it up, the scene itself has a great storyline beginning with some very good acting by the performers with Penelope, taking the spotlight. She is a stand out. Even in the acting part of the scene, I felt. The storyline itself being lighthearted, and somewhat humorous, and Penelope really shined with it. She happens to be really good at comedy, and I would like to see her do more of it in the future. A good storyline, combined with fast-paced mind-numbing sex, is a scene that definitely needs to be recommended to all who are bound to see it. So, yes I do recommend! Definitely check this one out. As it has a little bit of everything going on in it!

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