Sophia Has A Jealous Daddy (2021)

by - December 28, 2021

Starring: Sophia Leone // Unnamed Male
Directed by:
Runtime: 44 mins.


Scene Breakdown // 
Daddy's girl, Sophia Leone is very nervously shy, as she invites a boy into her "Princess Playroom" for the very first time. She's nervous on account that it is something that her daddy just will not allow. He will not allow she to have other boys over. However, it's on this occasion, that she defies him saying that this is the first time she has ever done so. Sophia who is wearing a white onesie that reads, "I heart Daddy", says that her Daddy, is very jealous, and that he never invites anyone over. Sophia then asks her invited boy, who is off camera, if he would like to watch she lotion herself up. This, as she would initially go on to rub down both her legs and feet with lotion. This, is she continues to stress just how she is going against her Daddy's wishes, saying that he would hate knowing that someone is watching her do something as simple as this, This, as Sophia would then go on to rub down her arms next. It would next be her inner thighs to follow up. The whole caressing and rubbing of her body, has Sophia feeling a little adventurous obviously, as she goes on to say that she has something else that she wants to show him. However, she's shy about it. Saying that she has never shown anyone before. She is of course talking about what she calls her "hoo-ha", in a playful, gigly manner. She first attempts to show it off by pulling her onesie aside. However, before she can fully reveal it, she becomes far too shy, quickly covering it up. Another attempt is with hesitation also. But, she would soon go on to unsnap the bottom of her onesie, and just go for it. Sophia then says that sometimes, when she is alone, she rubs herself, saying that it feels good. It would be then that the "boy" would reach from behind the camera in his own attempt to touch it himself. But, Sophia quickly swats his hand away, saying that no one has ever touched it before, aside from herself of course, and that her daddy would be really mad. Sophia then goes to elaborate on her naughtiness, saying that sometimes she rubs her "hoo-ha" on the bed, and that she's also learned that, if she rubs the top of it, blood rushes all over, and that the feeling is so good. She then goes on to ask the "boy" if he would like to see her do it? It's then that she proceeds to masturbate, until reaching climax. Following this, she shows off the wet and sticky evidence on her fingers. After this, Sophia calls up her Daddy on the phone, to give him an update. Sophia tells Daddy that she has just got back from studying with one of her girlfriends(she stresses that it was indeed a girl) and that she is now just chilling at her dorm room. When asked by him if she has been brushing her teeth, she answers that she has. In fact she says, she is doing it right now. This, all while her invited "boy" has come over to her, and put his cock in her face, to rub it along her mouth. This, while she can barely keep it together. Eventually, the cock would go into her mouth, as she would suck it deep. It causing Sophia to gag a bit. Something that she excuses wih Daddy, telling that it was just she flossing, and choked on the string.  Somehow believing it, Sophia is then able to get Daddy to say his goodbyes, as she just cannot wait to suck her first cock!

Positions Seen //

- doggy
- missionary
- cowgirl
- reverse cowgirl

The Review //
For today's review, I take a look at a scene from a brand new website just launched on December 20, 2021. The website is called INSERTED.COM, and for fans of the teen niche of porno, it's for sure a Christmas gift for you! INSERTED, is a new brand that offers up something different, when it comes to scripted scenarios. The website deals with "Daddy's girl" teens, and while they may be the apple of their respective daddy's eye, they truly are up to no good. Not only that, they look to involve their Daddies as well!

In this case, Sophia Leone, is a hot young teen, who is away at college. However, no matter this, she still must keep in close contact with her Daddy, although she is away from him. This includes checking in, as he make sure that she does important things, such as brush her teeth. Sophia does her best to be obedient to her dad, complying with everything he has she do. However, on this day she is feeling a little mischievous, when she just so happens to invite a boy, back to her dorm. A room that has been decked out for a princess. Something that she knows full well that her father would not go for. For Sophia, who often finds herself under strict rule, it has always been: "No boys allowed". Daddy would be furious. However, Sophia doesn't care, as she is feeling a little adventurous - and a lot horny!

Of course, the scene would begin with some dialogue as well as some teasing to match. The majority of course, having to deal with Sophia talking about how much her father would hate the idea of she bringing a boy into her room, and so on. That's the default plot point of the conversation. However the dialogue would get even more interesting. Once it get a whole lot more horny. This going hand-in-hand with Sophia eventually going on to rub her legs, feet as well as her inner thighs with some lotion. Personally, I loved this display of the natural beauty that is, Sophia Leone. Sophia is sexy with her dark complexion, as well as her wearing of a tight adult onesie, with itself becoming far more interesting, once the focus goes between her legs. The first great moment coming when Sophia talks about wanting to show the boy her "hoo-ha", and she being shy about it. Boy, was this hot! From Sophia's thick inner thighs, to her closely shaven mound, being a reveal worth waiting for. She has a beautiful pussy, truth be told! One that looks nice and tight. After this, we would have another key segment involving some masturbation with Sophia, as she would quickly go on to rub one out, showing us proof, after a quick cut by the camera. The scene would really get underway, when Sophia would be on the phone with her Daddy, catching him up for the day. She tells him that she just got bak from studying. But really what's on her mind is the dick. The "boy" would even come over to torture her, as he rub his hard cock across her mouth and such, as she desperately tries to keep things quiet from Daddy. It having a little bit of comedy, as she eventually gets out of because she tells her dad that she has somehow managed to choke on her dental floss. It's after this that she would go on to fully try on the cock, with a combination of taking it deep down her throat, to she licking it along the sides. She would also have her face fucked by the guy as well. Up next however, Sophia's ways of successfully avoiding Daddy, would be further tested, when she is on her knees on all fours, as the "boy" takes her from behind for the doggy position. Here, we find her calling back Daddy, to strike up another conversation with him, she saying that she was able to get the string out of her throat and now she is just watching TV, and relaxing by herself(she swears that there are no boys around!). But, soon would come a moment which the "boy" would begin to penetrate her, and it is a feeling that she can barely contain. To she it's still so strange, yet so good. So much so, that she lets out a moaning "oh my god". Something that surely causes concern for her dad. As yes, Sophia continues on, she has no other choice but to come up with thw quick excuse that she has just eaten something hot. Something that has burned her tongue. An excuse that affords she the opportunity to hang up. It's after the fact that the position would continue with the "boy: having well oiled up Sophia's ass, as he continues to plow her pussy at a steady pace. One that soon enough, would increase in speed, ever-so slightly. After the doggy position, we would see Sophia's ass being oiled up once again as she would next tease for the camera, as she rub, and spread her ass for it. It's after this however, that things would continue. They would continue from the missionary position, with Sophia on her back, as she makes another phone call to  Daddy, as she explains to him that she was able to calm the burn by sucking on some ice. She manages to keep the conversation going, by saying that, now that her tongue feels better she wants to have some dessert. In fact, she tells him that she is going to eat candy. Yet at the same time, promises to brush her teeth after. Eventually, the boy would begin to penetrate her from the position. She once again puts on, that the candy is just so good, that she can hardly stand it. It's her favorite candy, and so she is steadily sucking on it(although she is really sucking on the boys finger at that moment). Things would continue on until she finally ends the call with Daddy. We would then go from the facial shot of Sophia to that of a close range close up of penetration, as the guy fucks her with a steady pace. Following this, Sophia would ask the guy if he would like to feel the oil on his wiener? I felt that it was really hot the way that she said "wiener" here. Prior to she going on to double-handed stroke it. The view would be reversed POV, as she would go on to not only double-hand stroke with her hands, she would also do so with her mouth. However, the "boy" would make sure that he would go deep down her throat, by shoving her head down, making her gag on it, eventually. This causes several beautiful tears to stream down Sophia's face soon after. He would do it on another occasion prior to the scene graduating to its next position, as Sophia says that she wants to ride him, "just like they do in the movies"(clearly the best line of dialogue heard during the scene!). The view from here, would be a nice one, as we see Sophia's step over to straddle the cock to ride it. This would consist of she rocking on the cock, before briefly taking to bounce. The rest of the position would consist of talking on the phone with Daddy. it's from there that we would have the view of her from the chest up in POV. It making for great footage of her nice natural tits bouncing. But then again, I felt as though there was just too much time spent on this particular viewpoint. We would then switch to reverse cowgirl as we would see Sophia's booty bounce on it. This, as she once again has it all oiled up. From this view we do get a nice look at Sophia's spread ass and butthole, the latter with which the guy could not help but to get a feel of. It's from this position that the scene would come to an end. Sophia would make one last call to her dad proving to brush her teeth. But unbeknownst to him, what she would be using would not be any ordinary toothpaste. No instead of regular toothpaste, she would replace it with the cum of the guy, as part of a wild finale to the scene.

A rather humorous finish, to an otherwise fun scene, which is in between a few technical difficulties, as well as a couple of things that I would change to improve it.

In the end, this is a scene, whose concept I really enjoyed. Although there are a lot of similar, like scenario-driven series, this one is at least somewhat fresh and original on the whole "daddy" thing. And believe me I've heard a lot about it from personal experience. The whole idea of supposed "good girls", not only being sneaky behind their daddy's back, but also calling them during the act? That's daring and fun. However, with that said, after seeing this, my first scene for the brand, I do have to say that they have some improving to do. Some kinks to work out. First of all the editing here is sometimes choppy. In fact, at one point you could even hear the director yelling cut, and before that, someone even sneezes off camera. Both of these instances here, caught on audio. In addition to this I felt that the footage itself could have been edited a little bit tighter. Not only is there dead space, I felt that too much time was being spent on the facial shots of the model, as they were talking to "daddy". There's just too much face, and not enough penetration. It just felt like too much wasted opportunity. Aside from these technical issues that should be worked upon, otherwise the scene itself is for the most part, fun. I really like the featured performer here, Sophia Leone. She is both young and hot. I loved her dark complexion, as well as her tight little body here. She looks absolutely great in front of the camera Her great natural titties, as well as her round booty, really have their time to shine, especially in both variations of the cowgirl position. I have no idea who the male performer is here, so I can't exactly offer any critical words, other than to say that they fill the part well, and that is all that they were required to do. So with this said, keep in mind what I have mentioned, and that based upon this one scene, this brand does have a little bit of work to do, in order to perfect what it is aiming to do. However, they are indeed on to something, and because of that I cannot help but to still somewhat recommend the scene to you. I do feel that Sophia Leone is definitely a young hot model worth seeking out for yourself, in her own right.

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