XXMas BBC (2021)

by - December 23, 2021

 Starring: Octavia Red // Jovan Jordan
Directed by: Fat Matt
Runtime: 36 mins.


Scene Breakdown //
In this scene it's Christmas time and it's cold outside, which is why Octavia Red is doing everything that she can to stay warm. When her attempts to do so by keeping close to the fire, as well as drinking hot chocolate work to no avail, she resorts to the next best thing of course. That being the act of masturbation. This, as we watch her crawl up in a chair before going on to unsnap the bottom of her lacy nightgown before proceeding to rub herself downstairs, as she stimulates her clit. It's from here, that it would not take her long to settle into a rhythm that feels just right to her, with it soon taking she to climax. However, it would be almost immediately after the finish, that Octavia would hear a knock at the door, to which she would quickly answer, only to find at her doorstep, a tall and muscular gentlemen. Jovan Jordan is freezing as he has caught himself right in the middle of the outside snowstorm. Being the good-natured soul that Octavia is. she just cannot help but to promptly invite, and aide him, and warm him up a bit. She sits Jovan down(in the same chair which she had just masturbated!), as she then assists him in the removing of his cold, freezing outer clothes. As Octavia attempts to warm him up, she gets more than a little close. So much so, that the two of them somehow end up exchanging passionate kisses between one another. The kissing would quickly graduate. This, as Octavia would find herself on her knees next unbuttoning and unzipping Jovan, to get out his big cock to work on. She would be quickly to do so, as she get not one but two hands on it, going into full on tandem stroking. This would be prior to she getting her nice, big and warm tits wrapped around it, as well. It of course, resulting in a full-blown Christmas day sexual encounter between two perfect strangers!

Positions Seen //

- missionary
- cowgirl
- doggy
- spoon
- reverse cowgirl

The Review //  
As with every year around the holidays, the porn studios do their part to get your blood pumping and your spirits up, if you will, as best they can. This, as they hope to provide you with a few presents of the porno kind. Scenes which range from Santa Claus and his elves, to ones consisting of overall Christmasy spirit. Whatever your flavor is, you are likely to find something to fit your "bag" each and every year. So with this in mind, today I take a look at such an offering from the website BBCPIE, from the makers of the PORN PROS NETWORK.

Presenting us with first the storyline, the scene finds the beautiful Octavia Red home alone on Christmas. As a snowstorm brews on the outside of her door, Octavia searches for ways to warm herself up. she would ultimately find it in masturbation. When she has had enough of the fireplace as well as her hot chocolate, she opts for literally, a more hands-on approach, as she would quickly pleasure herself. However it's a good thing that it was fairly quick, because she would soon be greeted by a knock at her door. It would be a knock that would cause her some concern. That's because on the other side of it, would be a young man in need of some assistance. Yes that young man is Jovan Jordan, and he has been for some reason, caught within the rumbling white storm outside, and he's freezing. So with this, it's up to Octavia to help him out. It's her concern being to warm him, and you better believe that she does find the ultimate way to do just that! Yes, long story short, the two of them in the end, somehow find themselves in a sexual holiday tussle. It's just stuff straight out of porn movies. You don't get any elaborate explanation as to why things went from point A to point B. They just do, and you asks no additional questions about it. You just sit back and watch it unfold before your eyes. So that's what we have here. A fast-moving sex scene, all while happening before a Christmas tree, and a fireplace, not to mention a soft white rug as well. For a scene that moves rather quickly, it is one that has some definite mood within.

First of all. I want to say that I chose the scene on behalf of Octavia Red. She is a newcomer, but boy, do I love her already! She is absolutely amazing. Not only is she stunning in my opinion, she is also very sweet as well, personally. I have to say that I really love her body, which is why I enjoyed the opening masturbation part of the scene, in which she simply lies back in a chair, spreads her legs and gets after it. Did I mention she has a snap-bottom gown on as well? Yes, a white, lacy robe, with a white lacy gown underneath. She just unsnaps the bottom of it, thus unleashing her fat pussy lips. It's definitely very hot. Especially during the fairly quick time that she really gets into it. As I said, after this, she would get the knock at the door and then it would quickly escalate to the sex between she and Mr. Jovan Jordan. Yes, soon enough the petite little redhead, Octavia, has her likewise little hands on Jovan's big, thick cock, and she's stroking it. Talk about visuals! her two hands on the dick, are the size of one hand for some. it's so hot watching them go up and down on the shaft. This before she would go on to get her beautiful titties out as well, with which she would sandwich it in between. It's during this, that Octavia would go on to ask Jovan if he enjoys his present this year? And of course he does! Who in their right mind, wouldn't!? The camera would do a great thing next, as it would play with perspective. This, as we would have Octavia stand upright as, the camera would capture Jovan from the genitals down. Octavia here, grabs him from the underhand, with her left hand, as she stroke the cock once more. Not only do we brilliantly get a sense of the size difference between these two performers, it just looks sexy. as Octavia attempts to keep eye contact with her scene partner. It would be from there, that we would see Octavia progress to sucking and stroking cock, simultaneously. This. as she would do her best to fit her supple, cherry-ripe mouth around Jovan's throbbing rod. It would be from this view, that the camera would remain for a little bit of time. I personally found this to be a good idea, as Octavia has made it known in the past that she does have a lazy left eye, something that she seems to be a little bit self-conscious about. I'm all about her being the most comfortable, as I know how it feels, as I also have a lazy eye much in the way that she does. I know that I'm always extra cinscious of how I take pictures of myself. So with that said, most of the footage is shot from the side. We do very briefly have footage from the overhead POV point of view however, it would soon revert back to the side, before we finally go into the first position of the scene. Yes next would be the first position, and that would be missionary. It would be from here, that we would see that the performers don't waste any time to go at it, as we see Jovan steadily pump away at Octavia's tight pink pussy. I just loved this initial view that we had. A view of her tight little pussy, just ever-so tightly gripping on to Jovan's massively thick cock, as he pump into her steadfastly. Just what a visual! The initial go-around wouldn't be long, however as we are then hit with our first cum-gag, as Jovan continues consistently, until he says that he has to cum. Cum he does, as he leaves a load deep inside of Octavia. Just like almost all the cum seen in these scenes from the PORN PROS NETWORK, the creampie is faked. But, I will say that, at least it didn't look too obviously fake. That's because the amount isn't too much. It's an amount that I would say to be believable looking. But of course that's not all, because Jovan would soon resume his plowing of Octavia's hungry vagina. After "filling" the pussy, Jovan would resume by reinserting, picking up where he left off from missionary. The only difference being that, the camera would change viewpoints. First, going into overhead, and then to an elevated view from the side. I have to say that the overhead POV gave us a good look at Octavia's great-looking tits, as she lie on her back, and endure the pounding given to her by Jovan. I also enjoyed the look of her, as she gazed up at the camera while this occured. The viewpoint would momentarily switch back to the straightforward missionary viewpoint in which we would see Jovan continue, before unloading another round into Octavia's pussy. This is when we began to up the ante, so to speak, when it comes to the amount of jizz that we see. Yes, this time the amount would be a little bit more the last time. It's from this point for that, it would seem as though the loads just get bigger, and thicker as they come. That would be true for the next creampie seen. But first, let's talk about the positioning that would lead us to such. That being the cowgirl position. Next we would see Octavia straddling Jovan, as he continues to steadily fuck her pussy. It would be from this position, that we would have a nice view from behind, showing just how much Octavia's pussy really IS stretching around the girth of Jovan's cock. It's picturesque, as it is elastic. The good news would keep coming as the camera would give us a view from in between Jovan's legs, as we look up at Octavia as she sit upon the dick, while she plants her feet to come down. What a good view this was. Again, it shows her little body taking such a big cock, and it's amazing to see. However, with that said, we would soon return to the previous view from behind, as we see Octavia riding it. It continuing until Jovan would once again produce another load of cum to fill the hole. Again, it's a load that is ridiculously abundant. This time, it is the most unrealistic creampie that we would see. It almost looks as though a can of cinnamon roll icing exploded on Jovan's lap upon the pull out. After this we would get the position of doggy from three different viewpoints. My favorite variation of this would come right from the beginning, as the camera would then position on the left side, capturing as Jovan pumps the pussy full of his cock. His pace being steady, as he goes deep. The result would be he once again producing a creampie. He would do the same as the camera would switch sides to that of the right next, continuing on as he would fill the pussy, with a reasonable amount of jizz. It would be following this, that we would also get doggy from more of an overhead view. Although we would not get a creampie treatment from this particular look. That's because we would next go into the spoon position, as Octavia face the camera. It would be another position where we would see Jovan continue with a steady pace of in and out. We would even hear Octavia telling him to "fuck her harder", and to "pound" her. He would do so, before finally pulling out. This time jerking his cock to climax. It's here that we would get quite the surprise, as it is obvious that Jovan shoots far more than he anticipated. This, as his load greatly overshoots Octavia stomach, in the end. To me, I thought that this was great stuff! This would be followed up by the two of them taking to the reverse cowgirl position. Additionally, we would see Octavia leaned back with her legs spread wide, as she bounces on the dick. Things would remain steady. This is until the camera taking a more close up view to show Jovan slamming her down on. But it would be then that the camera would revert to a more wide-angle view with Octavia being more upright on the cock, as she rides. It would be from this, the final variation of the position, that things would continue for a time more, until Jovan must cum again, as the scene leaves us with one last creampie. Again, one looking a little more realistic than others. This wrapping up the scene with a total of six different "creampie" fillings.

Well, when it comes to the scene from BBCPIE, as I said above, if you are already familiar with what you are going to get here, you of course get that. Here, there are many creampies, and many showings of cum - except it's not cum, of course. Also, as a fact I'm not a big fan of this type of trickery, as I pretty much still subscribe to the old rule of porno, that, "less is more". But, at the same time, I am kind of trying to understand this way of shooting. Though, I still do not prefer it, I have come to realize that it is more about the visual representation of what it represents, rather than it actually occurring. The idea is here that there is a lot of splat, and splatter going on. The bringing on of all the queef noises afforded by the presence of all that liquid-y substance, are also pretty fun too, I suppose. To me it's almost like live action Hentai porn. It's still fake as shit. But hey, it's kind of fun to look at. Especially, when a giant dick is being seen stretching out a tight little hole. With that said, I have to say that I enjoyed the scene for what it is. A breezy little holiday number, featuring two very likable and good performers. As I said, I am a big fan of Octavia Red already. Even this early in her young career. Here, I enjoyed not only the storyline, but also the masturbatory segment in which it began. The way that it played out was good as well. Octavia is really tiny compared to Jovan in all aspects, yet she is still able to take his big, thick cock with no trouble, and like I have said, she even often here urged him not to stop. What a little trooper! As for Jovan, he holds up his end of the bargain. He staying consistent and composed, virtually the entire time that we see him on the footage. Again, I really enjoyed the inclusion of his long, streaming, and REAL plentiful cumshot near the end of the scene. It at least giving the scene a little bit more legitimacy. With that said, I say Happy Holidays to all who may read this, and that I do recommend this one. It's fun!

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