Stepgrandpa's Prostate (2021)

by - December 21, 2021

Starring: Annie Archer // Jay Crew
Directed by:
Runtime: 38 mins.

Scene Breakdown //
In this scene, Jay Crew, is just your regular, old, average Step Grandpa. One who gets around quite well. However, that is not so when his hot Step Granddaughter, Annie Archer is around. It's a presence that sees him take on a cane, and aching mannerisms. The whole bit. That is exactly what he does here, when Annie shows up on his doorstep. A situation has arrived when it comes to Jay's daily healthcare nurse, and so Annie has come to be the good Step Granddaughter, as she moves in with him to help out. The two of them however, would get off to an awkward start. This, as Jay, calculated and almost immediately puts her to the test, when he tells Annie that he has to go use the bathroom. Something that he says that his nurse usually helps him with. The two of them go into the bathroom, as Jay would quickly put on the act that is back is acting up, causing him not to be able to unzip, and additionally get himself out. He then would go on to say that he has trouble aiming at the toilet. Both to which he asks Annie for help. Annie, is of course, startled by this. However nonetheless, she offers a hand. Literally. This, as she would look away. As Jay has made it this far, he really would pour it on next, as he tells Annie that she must help him "prime it". In other words, he wants her to give his penis a little stroke. She does for a short time. However, this just becomes too much for young Annie, who finds herself more than a little creeped out by it. Annie runs out of the bathroom disgusted by what she has been made to do by her Step Grandpa. Jay would of course, soon come out of the bathroom to comfort her, and apologize. He says that he normally has a nurse that helps him do such, as he has trouble using the bathroom on his own. It due to the side effects of one of his medications. Annie would seem to be ok, as Jay would go on to direct her upstairs, to what will be her bedroom. A short time after this, Annie would make her way up the stairs, and into the bedroom. However, what she doesn't know, is that following behind her, would soon be Jay. This, as he shows himself to be regularly able-bodied, as he makes his way up the stairs in quick timing. It's from there, that Jay would hide behind the door, attempting to quietly watch Annie as she changes from her outfit. She pulls down her top to reveal her breasts, before Jay would decide to switch views, as he go into the bathroom, to look through the exit door. It would be then, that Annie's skirt would come down, giving Grandpa a view of her bare ass. Now, with his Step Granddaughter's nice full body, complete with closely-shaven bush in view, Jay strokes his cock. However, it would not be for long. That's because he is soon seen by Annie who catches him. She's surprised but of course, it's another occasion that Jay is able to avoid, by once again blaming his medication. We then fast forward to the next morning, where Annie would go on to join Jay for a breakfast of bran cereal in the kitchen's breakfast nook. It would be there that Jay would go on to apologize for what had happened previously. He would again cite the medication, saying that it affects him both mentally, and obviously physically. He finds that Annie is both understanding and forgiving of this. Jay would then go on to say that he is not feeling well, and that he is going to go lay down. However, once he reaches another room, away from the kitchen, he stages another incident, as he would fall to the floor. Not only this, his hard cock would also be out, and fully exposed to Annie, when she reaches him. Annie would go on to help her Step Grandpa to his destination. Once the two of them reach the bedroom, Jay goes on to vent his frustrations with his boner. He says that ever since he has began taking his medication, it has literally done nothing for his back, and a lot more for his dick. He pretends that he hates it. This, as he kindly asks Annie to help him "get rid it". Because after all, that's what the nurse does, he says. It's then, that being the good Step Granddaughter that she is, that Annie gladly agrees to help Step Grandpa out. We would see she first give the cock a stroke, just like she had done previously in the bathroom, prior to she going on to also put her mouth on it to suck. But of course, being successful in this, the charming Jay is even more so, when he goes on to convince Annie to do a whole lot more for him, all in the name of well-meaning healthcare!

Positions Seen //
- cowgirl
- 69
- reverse cowgirl
- spoon
- doggy
- lazy dog
- rimming
- missionary

The Review // 
Are Step Grandpas really a thing??? Well, they are in this scene from the TEAM SKEET series, "Not My Grandpa!" This scene, titled "Stepgrandpa's Prostate", which would teach me that Step Grandpas, do in fact exist, stars the platinum-haired Annie Archer, as well as the porn elder-statesman Jay Crew. This, as the two of them portray "Step Granddaughter" and "Step Grandpa", respectively.

Here, the scene presents to us a storyline involving Jay Crew, as a grandfather, who is a bit of a con artist. That's because he gets around just fine, and is able to do daily day-to-day life things without a hitch. However, those who are around him wouldn't know any better. Because, he uses the idea of he having an injury to his utmost advantage, just so that he can get the sexual attention of those tasked with aiding him. Yes, this guy plays it up to the fullest, even breaking out a cane and walking with a gingered step. The scene finds him in need of a new nurse, because something unexplained happened to the last one - yes we wonder what happened, especially after seeing what would result of this scene. So when Jay does not have a nurse, who but to fill in? None other than his hot Step Granddaughter, Annie Archer, who plans to stay with Grandpa for a week, in order to help out as best that she can. Once Annie arrives on his doorstep, the storyline presented here would progress in a sort of manner, which is in separate stages. Right from the beginning, we have the dirty Grandpa, trying his Granddaughter, as he says that he must go to the bathroom. It would be here, that he would be able to whip it out and subsequently have her hand on his dick, as well as stroke it. However, as we would see, the plan doesn't go exactly as thought, when Annie find, herself grossed out by the whole thing. Personally, I thought that this part of the story was not only fun, but a little hot as well. The idea of Jay Crew having Annie hold his dick while he pee. It's something. Though, I knew we would not see anything come from this, it was still somewhat hot to include it. After freaking out Annie here, the Grandpa character would go on to spy on her, as she would go up to her bedroom to change her clothes. This, as Jay would go on to watch from behind cracked doors. Now there is no way which this would happen plausibly in this case, as Jay was just making far too much noise from behind the doors. There's no way that anyone would not have caught him right away. But I digress. If anything the sequence upstairs serves as a good introduction to Annie's nude body. Personally, I thought that Annie looked good here, with her filled out body and her pale skin. Especially, in contrast with her dark shaven bush. I'll be honest, seeing her naked body as she changed, had me eagerly awaiting the sex scene between she and Jay that would follow.

The sex scene in question, would of course get underway with a blowjob administered by Annie on Jay. Jay's character introducing it as a way to get rid of his hard-on. It would be here, that Annie would put her cute mouth around the cock, taking it down as far as she can. Jay Crew adds to this, by saying that none of the nurses were able to ever get down that far. She continuing on for a time, until she get the shaft nice and wet. We also have times during, that Jay convinces Annie to strip down. First saying that the room is getting hot. This as she remove her white robe. This, followed by her nice, pink night gown. Jay likes it, and says that he would hate to get something on it. After the blowjob, Grandpa would continue to push his luck, as he says that things are finally loosening up in his  body, and that he needs a little more pressure and tension relief, and so he says that he wants Annie to sit on his cock. Annie listens intently as Jay explains, just why it is that he needs for her to ride him. This being as she ultimately agrees to do so "if it will help him". I really like how this position started as it starts with Annie stripping down out of her panties to step over Jay to half straddle him, prior to finally coming all the way over ending in the full straddle mount. Just watching her step over and then fitting the cock inside of her was hot. It's even more so, when she gets to bouncing on it, and her perky natural boobs, and ass begin to bounce. In the middle of the position Jay would then grab onto her and proceed to slam her down hard. He would also grab onto her tits. Slapping his hands on them while gripping them tightly, while he goes on to claim that his "strength is coming back". So funny! After this, we would see Annie, briefly return to sucking cock, as Jay wants her to taste it. This would be of course, before grandpa would find other ways to "stretch". This as things go first to the 69 position, as well as Annie taking to reverse cowgirl soon after. Both positions seeing she mounted atop of him. When it comes to the reverse cowgirl position, it began with Annie bouncing upright on the dick, with her legs and feet resting backward. This is again another position which sees Annie's natural body looking fantastic. From this reverse position, her tits are in full, clear view, as they bounce with the motion. However, things would really intensify, once Jay would have she lean back, and additionally plant her feet on the bed to remain stationary. This, as Jay would reciprocate, by fucking Annie steadily, the latter driving her crazy, enough so that she eventually comes to climax, as her pussy would tighten on the cock. After reverse cowgirl, they would go right into the spoon position, as Jay keeps with a steady pace of in and out. This, as Annie's legs are spread to take it. In character, Annie goes on to ask Jay if any of the other nurses have done this with him. To which he replies that most of them have. At least the ones who stuck around long enough. It would be here, that Jay would go on to urge Annie to enjoy her work. The scene's next two positions would happen to be my favorite. Those positions being doggy, as well as the lazy dog variation of the position. First, Annie would be facedown, with her ass up, when Jay would take her from behind. He would penetrate her with an in and out, that would be steady moving initially. However, he would soon enough improve his pacing, going much harder. as he would resort to nailing the pussy good. Here, he would fuck the pussy hard. I would absolutely love this, because at the same time, we see Annie's nice, plentiful ass, just jiggle away. It's so nice looking. Not to mention that we also get a good look at Annie's partially-gaped butthole, so does Jay. So much so, that the position would continue with Jay going on to play with it, even inserting his right thumb deep into Annie's rectum. In my opinion, this was so fucking sexy. This, as he would essentially grip Annie's ass this way, as he continues to plow her pussy. The fucking from behind would continue, effectively without missing a beat, as things go directly into the lazy dog variation, as Jay would have Annie lie flat on her stomach, while he fully straddle her legs. It would be from here, that he would dip his cock down into her pussy to go deep. Quickly banging in and out for a time - at one moment, even going as deep as he possibly can. This would in turn, drive Annie crazy upon completion. Following all of this, would come the scene's final position. A position that would see Annie flat on her back, with her legs partially up in the air and with Jay at her middle. It would be the missionary position. Jay would here, first plant his tongue into Annie's ass. Something that he says in character, that he's never done before. He would soon follow it up as he penetrate her at a steady pace, before gradually moving his pacing upward. When he finally would do this, it would soon bring Annie to climax once again. It's at that moment that Jay says that he too would also build up to cum. However, prior to doing this, he would hold Annie's arms down, as he lean forward to tell her that the nurses usually allow him to cum on their faces. Something that Annie has no problem with. So, because of this, Jay would go on to fuck hard and fast for a brief moment, before finally pulling out to jerk his cock over Annie's face to ultimately cum on it. Part of the load overshooting her face, landing on her shoulder, while the rest of it ending up on her chin.

Following the sex, the storyline of the scene, would continue where it would wrap itself up. The sex would leave Grandpa exhausted, which would leave a curious Annie pondering just what it is exactly that her dear old Step Grandpa is taking, as far as his medication goes. It's then that Jay goes on to produce a freezer bag from behind his pillow. A freezer bag full of little blue pills, that he says that he got from a guy in a van down by the river. It's after Annie has a good look at the contents, that she knows exactly what they are. They are of course, pills meant for erectile dysfunction, which for Jay, would clearly explain everything to him. Of course we knew all along the outcome of the story. Yes it is corny but, I thought it was a lot of fun, if you ask me. A very fun end to a very fun scene. One only held back by some technical problems. The overall picture is at times fuzzy(also shaky), despite being in 4K, and also the person behind the camera/the crew, are also sometimes very noisy. Whether its the camera being really shaky, or something else heard off camera.

In the end, this scene was a lot of fun. It's definitely a scene that is built mostly upon the acting portrayals of its characters. As far as that goes, I thought that the players here; Annie Archer, as the good-natured granddaughter, and Jay Crew, as the scheming Step Grandpa, do really well in their respective roles. Here, the whole vibe of the scene is definitely comedy, as it should have been. This, as we watch on, just to see how the grandfather can pull one over on his Granddaughter next. I found it funny that the Grandpa always had an excuse to get out of the perverted situations in which he found himself. Yes, his go to excuse came when he would replace the devil with his medication. Saying that the medication made him do it. And somehow of course, he found his way out of trouble. The story progressed nicely, with Annie eventually coming to the assumption that she must help her Grandpa in alleviating his pain in any way possible, because she simply felt for him. I was thoroughly entertained with the storyline, and then later the sex that would come after, which it would build up. Jay Crew even brilliantly brings the storyline into the sex, as somehow Grandpa's aches and pains were no longer, as he was suddenly able to perform like a silver-haired sex machine. This as Annie's character remain ever so obedient. The sex itself was great for what it is, I thought, with the added in storyline driven dialogue between the two performers making it that much hotter. Despite the technical complaints that I mentioned above, this is an otherwise very fun, and enjoyable scene. It's because of this, that I would not hesitate to recommend it to you. It's a pretty nice blend of both comedy, as well as sex.

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