Feet For Rent (2021)

by - December 06, 2021

 Starring: Mia Kay // Jay Romero
Directed by:
Runtime: 48 mins.


Scene Breakdown //
It's a nice sunny day outside by the pool, and that's exactly where the beautiful Mia Kay wants to be, and soon is. This, as she goes out to lounge poolside, in a sparkly, purple bikini. It's as she settles in, that she begins to snap a series of selfies with her phone, as we come to get a nice look at her well pedicured feet, which feature a nice set of rainbow painted nails. However, it would be at the exact same time, that Mia catches the attention of her housemate Jay Romero, who just so happens to be walking by in the house, at the opportune moment. Initially, Jay simply watches from the balcony level of the house, but soon it becomes enough of a distraction for him. So much so that he finds himself quickly on the lower level, and eventually over to her, as he approaches her. Jay would go on to have a seat next to Mia, as he would get the pleasantries out of the way, as he work up to the conversation that he really wishes to have. This, as he would inquire about she having no work today. Mia says that she has no work today, answering that it has been a really slow month. It's then that Jay furthers along the conversation, saying that it is the fifth of the month, meaning that the rent was due on the first. Saying that after that day, came a three day grace period, meaning that ever since then, the landlord has been calling him nonstop, looking for payment. This is when Mia says that she happened to totally forget that rent was due, as she reiterates, that it has been a really slow month this month, and that it's hard for her to get used to paying rent every month, and that she simply forgot. Time seems to just pass Mia by as, Jay stresses that he cannot keep covering for her. That they are going to get kicked out, if it continues. Mia apologizes saying that she promises that it won't happen again. That she doesn't mean to. She just forgets, saying that Jay never reminds her about the monthly obligation. This would prompt Jay to then ask her what it is that she has been spending her money on, instead of the rent? Mia would go on to say that she found a cute set of nails online, and so she spent the money on a manicure and pedicure to get them, saying that it took a total of five hours to complete both. Mia would gush about them, as she'd show Jay, her fingernails and then her toenails. Both of which, have been nicely painted the colors of the rainbow. The fingernails with a more elaborate design, while the toenails being of solid color. It's then that Jay agrees that the nails do look nice, but at the same time, once again  stressing that the monthly rent is of top priority. To which Mia's response is that she had never seen a set of nails quite like this, and that she could not let the opportunity pass her by, should she not see them again. In addition to the nails, Mia says that she also got the bikini which she is wearing, as well as some new clothes as well. Jay would go on to reason with Mia, by saying that for girls he supposes that it was priority at the time, so he supposes that, that's okay. This, as he continues to look at her feet, taking notice of the colors. Mia would go on to talk about how pretty they are and so on, as Jay on the other hand, would go on to ask her about what shoe size she wears. That would be a size 6 1/2. It would be then that Mia would go on to say that she also got some new lotion, thus both her legs and feet are so soft at the moment. she then gives Jay the opportunity to touch them, as she places both of her feet into his lap. After some brief hesitation, Jay would take hold of Mia's right foot, as he lightly feel it up. It would be then that he would take notice of just how small Mia's feet really are. This being as Mia gives him an invitation to play with them. She says that she loves them being played with, and even sucked on, if that is his type of thing that he's into. Jay says that it is something that he is into every now and then. However, he does admit that Mia's feet are unique. Saying that, he just could not help but notice her earlier, as she started to lie out by the pool. Jay would go on to comment that Mia has cute little toes, before daring to suck upon them, to which Mia says is ok for him to do. He would start by kissing the toes of the right foot, prior to going to work on it. From here, it would be a combination of kissing, licking, as well as sucking. Jay would slurp upon the toes, as well as lick upward on the sole, as well as the side. This, before he would do the same as he move on to the left foot next. Soon however, he would do a little bit of all of it to both feet, as they would be held close together side by side. We would even see Jay take all of Mia's toes into his mouth simultaneously to suck on. Jay doesn't let up, even as he lightly caresses Mia's leg. All of this continuing on until Mia asks Jay if the two of them should take things indoors. It would be then that Jay would take the initiative to lift Mia up, and carry her inside. After this, it would be when the true sexual encounter between the two housemates, would get underway.

Positions Seen //
- doggy
- cowgirl
-sidesaddle (x2)
- reverse cowgirl (x2)
- missionary

The Review //
I once again check out LOVE HER FEET, to choose a scene for today's review, and what we have here, is a scene involving one of my favorite performers. That being one Mia Kay. LOVE HER FEET, the website that specializes in presenting to you scenes which put an emphasis on sexy feet, here they present a story, featuring Mia Kay, as the young housemate of one Jay Romero. As the story unfolds, after Mia goes to lounge about the pool for the day, we find out by Jay, that Mia just so happens to be late on her part of the rent, once again. When Jay happens to catch grief from the landlord, he comes to confront her about why she has not owned up on her side of the rent. Mia would go on to explain that she forgot. That she has spent all of her money on pretty painted nails. and clothes. Now because of this, Jay should be quite upset for having to front her end once again. However, he just cannot help it when he finds himself sort of mesmerized by Mia's pretty feet, and soon enough, he is of course, licking and sucking upon them. It would be this very act, that would see the two of them inside for a whole lot more. What would follow is a heavy sexual encounter between the two housemates. It would be another situation which Mia would be lucky enough to get out of her side of the rent, at  least for one more month. This, after she serves up a delicious pussy and feet, to a very willing Jay Romero

The overall sexual encounter, of course begins first outside by the pool, as Jay would get his very first taste of Mia's feet. Here, we would see him lick and suck on Mia's bare soles, as well as toes. He would do so thoroughly. Personally, I happened to like the moment which he fit all five of Mia's toes into his mouth at one time, as he  suck upon them. This was very hot, and of course it's something that I would do, if I had my way with Mia's toes myself. I will at some point(I hope), and this is what I would do. It's a nice start to things before the two of them head inside to somewhere more comfortable.

Once inside Jay places Mia in a comfy chair, where she would have her legs spread as he continue to suck on her toes. It's during this that Mia would do the audience a favor, by telling us exactly what she likes about what Jay is doing for her. She's really descriptive by saying that Jay's tongue is soft against her feet. She also says that she likes the way that he sucks upon her little toes. It is during this that he happens to get the soles of her feet, extra wet with his spit. I have to say that I really enjoyed the way that Mia touched herself as Jay would continue doing his work. Also the faces that she makes are always sexy. You just have to like her beautiful pouty, and sexy lips! Jay would follow this up by, finally going in between Mia's legs is to push aside her bikini bottoms, to target her pussy. He would suck at it and tongue at her clit, prior to working fingers in and out of her opening while also at the same time getting the clit with his tongue. It's during this, that we also see Mia proceed to lick and suck on her own toes, as this occurs. This was really nice. I really like seeing Mia with her foot in her mouth - literally. After this, Jay would join Mia in licking her toes and foot, and it really is a picture-perfect kind of moment. This, as Mia says that she loves the way that he licks her soles. He answering it by doing so. Mia would next be on all fours in the chair. She would go on to suck Jay's cock, as she is in the position, she would keep her soles up in the air, and visible. She would go on to deepthroat Jay, all while the camera keeps a view on her feet instead. Also during this time, we see Jay reaching back to deeply finger Mia's pussy. The camera would eventually switch to the blowjob to see Mia gagged on the cock. Jay would also fuck the face, as well as pull it in and out of her mouth, as the camera is close. Next up, Mia would remain on all fours, except for reversing herself. It would be here, that she would go on to administer a footjob to Jay's cock, slipping it in between her soles. Mia would mention how much she enjoys rubbing the cock with her feet and toes, as it goes in and out between them. However, soon enough Jay would take over and essentially fuck the feet for a time, before it would be on to the doggy position next. From here, Jay would penetrate her straightforward, at a steady pace, before Mia would go on to throw her ass back against the dick, also at a steady pace and a good rhythm. Jay would take over one last time to keep this pace up. However, the next position would be that of standard cowgirl, as Mia would climb on. First, she would have an upright position, as she attempt to bounce on the cock on her own. However, Jay would soon assist, slamming  her down. But Mia would lean forward, in order to pop her ass up and down at a quicker pace. This positioning would also give her the opportunity to go much deeper, which would drive Mia crazy. As things continue here, Mia's speed would increase, as she ride the dick, it would be enough to cause her to eventually cum hard on the cock. However, she would not quit, as she would continue to ride next in an upright position again. The cowgirl position overall, was great looking on camera. Especially since it featured, of course Mia's fat ass. Her tanlines are indeed amazing! The best tanlines that I have likely seen. The position would be before she would get off to give Jay another footjob. This, as she says that she wants to clean the cock off with her feet, on account that she just came on it. This would be from the reverse position. However, soon enough she would be seated, as the cock would be straight ahead, as she would place it between her feet to rub it. I liked this particular positioning of the footjob, as it would also include she reaching down with her hand to jerk him off, and rub his balls with her feet as well, which in my opinion, was so hot! Next up, Mia's pussy would take the cock from a sidesaddle position. One that would eventually go to reverse cowgirl, as Jay would maintain a steady pace, as Mia urges him to keep fucking her. This positioning, which sees her with her feet planted, would next, go to a more relaxed position, with her feet floating in the air. This, of course as the camera has a keen interest in this. She would however go back to the set up as before, prior to taking back the sidesaddle. But, she would eventually bounce upright on the dick, although these positions were of course designed to show off Mia's feet, while the camera captures them well. Yes, her feet do look great during these many transitions. Her feet would once again be around the cock next, as she is placed along the back of the couch. She would be on her back from here, as she would first massage the cock with her feet. However, soon enough, we would see Jay take over, as he would simply fuck Mia's feet, as she keeps them still. This, turning her on so much, that she would go on to rub herself to squirting on two separate occasions. This, prior to Jay going on to fuck her pussy in missionary, while she sucks on her own toes. This would occur for an extended period of time. as Jay would also join in on the sucking of toes as well. After this, he would finally return to once again fucking Mia's feet, which would cause she to once again squirt for one final time. This would also lead to Jay jerking off to cum over Mia's toes, just as she asks. He does so partially, but is able to spread the jizz along. This is as the action come to an end, with Mia going on to suck her feet clean of the cum. It's also after the fact, that the storyline would come to an end also, as Mia would then politely ask Jay if he would help her cover her side of the rent for this month,

It's a fitting end to a great scene overall. One that never left the focus. That focus being Mia's pretty feet. It did basically everything it could to capitalize on them.
This was truly a great scene between Mia Kay and Jay Romero. LOVE HER FEET is a fetish website that truly sticks to what it's about. For the entire scene, it sticks to the kink, finding various ways to show off Mia's feet, while making things at the same time sexually appealing. We are talking various foot jobs seen throughout, in a multitude of different angles, that are fresh and exciting. For me, I love feet. However, I would not say that they are my number one fetish. But with that said, I have to say that the foot job content seen here, is among the best that I have seen. With that said, not only do we have foot job material, we also have Mia's pussy being fucked by Jay in various different ways. All of which of course, happen to show off her feet, and rainbow painted toenails, just brilliantly. With Mia in particular, I happen to enjoy the times that Mia has her soles pointed up toward the camera. What pretty feet she has! The sexual content overall, is just hot, I have to say. This, as Mia is brought to hard orgasm several times Throughout(three times seeing her squirt). My favorite time being the first time. That being when we see Mia ride the cock in standard cowgirl, all while having her bare soles visible. The soles of her feet, as well as her overall reaction to what is happening, are just so sexy to see! I would say that Mia and Jay, definitely demonstrate some great chemistry throughout the scene. You just have to love the combination of the foot fucking, as well as Mia rubbing her pussy hard to squirting orgasm, because she happens to be so turned on. This occurring near the end of the scene. And speaking of the end of the scene. This scene would have the scene come to an end, with Jay shooting his load onto Mia's feet, before further spreading it using his hard cock. What would Mia Kay do with this load that was just shot across her feet? Well, she would use her mouth and her luscious lips to suck her feet clean - that's what! Yes, although my baby is a dirty girl, she's one that is sure to clean up after herself! On that note I have to say that this is a scene that I would definitely recommend to you! If feet are your fetish, this is a scene that is definitely for you, As it goes out of its way to make sure that You have your fill. And if feet happen to not be your thing, or if only casually, this scene just might make you a full-on foot enthusiast. See it! Young starlet Mia Kay, remains on fire, as she continues to climb the adult entertainment ladder!

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