Scene Review: Jane's Creampie Surprise Visit

by - December 04, 2021

 Starring: Jane Rogers // Romeo Mancini
Directed by:
Runtime: 34 mins.


Scene Breakdown //
At the beginning of the scene, Jane Rogers has been out by the pool, when she knocks on the back, glass sliding door of one Romeo Mancini, to see if he is home. Fortunately, he is, as she makes her way inside. It's quick that then, Romeo would come to notice Jane's brand new, very revealing green bikini. It's a bikini that Jane agrees, is quite revealing. This, as the bikini itself barely covers Jane's bush. Another thing that it makes very appealing is Jane's well toned ass. Romeo likes this, as he goes on to ask her if she has been working out, because to him it is pretty obvious. Jane says that she has been working out, and has especially been doing squats. It would be very soon, that Romeo would go on to confess that, the sight of her nice looking body in the bikini, is making him horny. Jane would go on to answer this, saying that it is a good thing, as that is what she came over for. She says this, as she approaches Romeo. As she crawls between Romeo's legs as he lounges. Romeo is first taken by Jane's ginger colored bush, which peeks out from under her bikini bottoms. He must get a look, and so he does, as Jane would show it off, by pulling down the front of her bottoms. She then goes on to talk about how she has been thinking about the last time that the two of them hung out together, saying that they had such a good time. Romeo would counter by asking her, if thinking about this, makes her horny, and if she has come back for more? Jane goes on to say that last time she wasn't able to finish. This would be she making up for it. She would go on to feel up his cock from over his pants. This, as Romeo would say that Jane gets right to the point. Jane would say that he knows what she wants. Romeo would answer this, by agreeing that the two of them should go have some fun.

Next, Jane would tease for the camera. She first turns her back to the camera, as she show off her ass, which she picks up and drops several times for the camera. She would also pull at the bottoms, to show off her ass, and butt crack. It prior to she facing the camera next. It would be here, that she would go on to feel up her bush, before teasing, by pulling at the bikini as a whole. The camera would be zoomed in on Jane, as she would go on to lift up her bikini top, revealing her tiny perky tits, complete with pierced nipples. She would then go on to remove the top altogether. After this, she would go on to caress her bush and pussy, prior to she going on to also remove the bottoms. Now completely nude, Jane would continue to tease, by spreading her ass and pussy wide for the camera, as it is in close range. She would follow this up by then going on to lie back on an ottoman, where she would proceed to playfully spread her legs wide, giving us a clear view of her pussy. The camera would then do the right thing, as it would soon be in between Jane's legs, giving us a view of it all. It would be from here, that we would watch as Jane, would slowly, and sentually rub at her clit. This would last for a time, even as Jane's feet are in view. This, until we see Romeo join Jane, as he come into frame, signifying the start of their sexual encounter.

Positions Seen //
- rimming
- reverse cowgirl
- doggy
- cowgirl
- missionary
- piledriver

The Review // 
For this review, I have a scene from a brand new website that just opened yesterday(December 2nd), to be exact. It's a site called GOTFILLED, and as you can probably guess, it is a site that specializes specifically on scenes that end in creampie finishes. Well for this scene, I have the fiery redheaded starlet, known as Jane Rogers, as she is paired with one Romeo Mancini.

For the scene, we have the two performers portraying neighbors(or so I believe). The scene gets off to a quick start with Jane knocking on the back door of Romeo. She has just been out in the pool, and she is dressed as such. Meaning, that she is wearing a skimpy little bikini. This being her brand new green bikini, that is decorated with marijuana leaves. Romeo invites her in, and he quickly gushes over her. He can't believe how good she looks in her new bikini. Especially, when it comes to her backside. It's clear to him, that Jane has been working out recently. As it turns out, Jane has come to Romeo to basically, finish what they had started in a previous moment of hooking up without finishing. Yes, there was one time that the two of them hung out, had a good time, and in the end, "partially hooked up". With that said, Jane wants to finish the deal, and so does Romeo(surprise there, right?).

The scene would quickly advance from there, however not without a brief tease segment from Jane herself, as she prepare for the scene. It would begin was she teasing us in the bikini, prior to she removing it, then teasing us some more. This including removing her bikini bottoms and spreading apart her pussy and ass. I do have to say that this moment of the tease, gave us a great view. Jane's ass, and spread pussy, looked gread on screen. I also liked the view of her pussy, and bush from behind, and between her legs too. Jane would go on to masturbate next, as she lies back on a table/Ottoman piece of furniture. From this position, we would get another good look at her red, furry bush, as she would go on to rub her clit, just prior to we going into the sex scene, as she would be joined by her scene partner Romeo Mancini coming in.

The sexual encounter between the two, would get off to a rather quick start. It beginning with passionate kisses between the two. Romeo would go in to briefly suck on the nipples. This, prior to Jane finding herself into Romeo's arms that she would jump into them. Kissing would continue. However, it wouldn't be long before she find herself on her knees and sucking Romeo's dick. It would be during this, that she would keep a hard grip on the cock as she suck. Also doing the same to the balls. However, all of this would be before Romeo would fuck her face, as well as to have she deepthroat. The blowjob from Jane would then continue as Romeo would go to relax back on the couch. From here, not only do we see Jane suck and stroke, she would eventually go as far as to lick from Romeo's ass to his cock. She would also full-on eat his ass too, and what I liked here, is that in between, she would suck cock, but at the same time, we could also see she rubbing his asshole with her fingers. The camera would eventually come around the front, as to show Jane facing the camera, as she continue to do work. Here, not only do we see her suck cock, and balls, she would also return to the rimming, giving us a front row seat to that action. There is a moment briefly here, after she finishes licking the ass and balls, that Jane, looks up at the camera all seductively. It is so fucking sexy. Next up, after this, would come the scene's very first position. Romeo has Jane stand and turn around, as she's sit on the cock, with her legs held closely together. This, as she would go up and down on the dick, as her tight pussy would stretch around it. We would see her go up and down at a steady pace, prior to soon settling into a grinding motion, as she just grind on it for a time. I have to admit that this was kind of hot for what it was, for as long as it lasted. That's because after this, they would go into the next setup, and that being doggy, as Romeo has Jane stand up and bend over. She would be on all fours on that Ottoman furniture piece. The camera would first remain in POV, as our view is from behind. This, as Romeo would maintain a steady pace of in and out of Jane's pussy. The view however would be next from the side as we see Romeo this would increase his pacing to one that is much harder and faster. Actually, in my opinion, he does great work here, as he fuck the pussy good and hard. After the doggy position, as well as another moment of Jane sucking cock. It would be revealed to us that Jane Rogers can ride a dick like a champ! This is as the two of them take to the far end of the couch, as Jane would climb on to ride in cowgirl. Things would begin here, with Jane briefly spreading her ass, as the cock penetrate her, but that would go to she having a brief hip grind. This, before she slammed straight down at a quick pace. However, Romeo would want she to grind on the cock and that is what she would do for a time, to great effect. We would also see she, leaning forward to bounce hard on it, prior to riding just as hard, as the action reaches its peak from there, with Jane having the authority. However Romeo would have some authority next, that he would follow up with, by just pounding the pussy deep and hard, as he pulls Jane in. The grinding from Jane was just fantastic during the sequence. She rode the cock with confidence! I also liked how Romeo just pounded away at the pussy, as the camera gave us a view from the back, and in close. Following this, there is a brief moment of Jane returning to her knees to suck Romeo off. It's very brief, as we next See Romeo place Jane on the arm of the couch. From here, he would first deeply finger her pussy. But soon, his fingers would be replaced by his cock, as he would go on to hammer it deep and hard into Jane's pussy. The impact would have Romeo repositioning Jane, as she is then slightly bent over backwards, over the arm of the couch, as he continues his hard in and out. There would be a stop in between, as Romeo would go in for a kiss, as he could be heard whispering to Jane, telling she to tell him, that she wants to be filled by him. After that, he would continue fucking, as  she would do so, while Romeo would soon enough pull out, and began to stroke his cock. He simultaneously has Jane spread apart her pussy at that time. He would continue to jerk his cock from here, until he finally build himself up to climax. The end result would be going on to shoot a load into Jane's spread pink pussy, for the finish of the scene.

When it comes to the finish of the scene, all I have to say is "what the fuck was that??". Going into the scene. I was really excited about this website. GOTFILLED, a website specializing in creampies. I felt that finally, I was going to get a website that would deliver me real, genuine creampies. Yes, unlike the websites brought to us by PORN PROS, such as BBCPIE. Unfortunately however, after this scene, one that started off very well in my opinion, only to get better as it progressed, I'm not so sure that this is the website that I have been waiting for. That's because the scene did not end quite the way that I had expected it to. You see, instead of deeply seating his cum load inside of Jane Rogers here, Romeo Mancini, instead pulled out, and shot his load at her pussy, as she held it open. Again, what the fuck??

When it comes to the scene, as I said, I was really excited to take a look at anything from this new website that looked extra promising. What I got, was a scene that got off to a very slow start I felt, and with a little bit of waiting, it finally turned the corner, around the midway point, as the action got faster and harder, and even more appealing, when speaking of the scene's final two positions. But even before that, I would say that the tease from Jane Rogers was also very good, though very brief. I have to say that her ass looks really good during this, and I am an admitted fan of her ginger bush - it's quite amazing! The final positions of the scene which include cowgirl as well as missionary/piledriver, were definitely the hardest of the bunch here. They definitely brought the pace of the overall scene up a notch. Unfortunately however, I just did not really enjoy the way the scene came to an end with a lackluster creampie. It was a creampie that was shot into the pussy, rather than implanted. Therefore, I found it to be kind of lame, to be honest. It's definitely not what I pictured the site being about, and I am hoping that, for the other scenes, that this won't be the case. But unfortunately, they all seem to end identically. That's boring. So with this said, I felt that the scene didn't turn out as great as I thought that it would, or how I wanted it to be, not only due to the finish, but also the rather slow beginning. It's because of these reasons that I have to say that in my opinion, the scene is one that, is just ok.

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