Filming My Husband Creampie Michelle Anderson (2021)

by - December 08, 2021

Starring: Michelle Anderson // Dan Ferrari
Directed by: Suzanne Ferrari
Runtime: 38 mins.


Scene Breakdown //
The scene begins in the bedroom, as Suzanne Ferrari welcomes 19-year-old Michelle Anderson. Suzanne begins by asking Michelle if she is "dirty", to which Michelle answers. that she is. However, it is sort of on the down low she says. Michelle goes on to call herself a "freak in the sheets, and a Princess in the streets". Suzanne happens to like that answer, as she goes on to further the questioning. She then asks Michelle if she is "slutty". Michelle answers that she is, and that she likes to be. She says that, that's both in the street and on camera. The next question,is what is the sluttiest thing that she has ever done, without the camera rolling? Michelle is quick with her answer as she goes on to say that she once had public sex in a dressing room. An act that nearly got her caught. Suzanne thinks that it is amazing, when Michelle reveals that it all started when she was trying on clothes and simply just got too horny. After this, Suzanne goes on to ask Michelle what it is exactly that led her to doing slutty things on camera? Michelle answers that it was just the idea of being able to watch it back. Saying that this made her horny. Although, Michelle says that she does not really watch her own porn. We get the feeling that Suzanne does not exactly believe this, as she says that she is going to go ahead and imagine that Michelle has watched, and has masturbated to her own porn. Saying that just the thought of it is hot. Michelle says that her favorite kind of sex is of the boy/girl variety, only she likes it a little bit rough. She says that she likes ass spanking, choking, as well as hair pulling. She is even asked if she has ever fucked an older guy. Say, maybe old enough to be her dad? It takes a bit of thinking on her part, but she answers that she probably has. in particular, she's fucked someone who was about 40, to be exact. Suzanne would nicely follow-up the question by asking Michelle if she has ever fucked someone else's husband in front of them? She answers that she has not. Today will be the first time, as Suzanne says that on this day, she will indeed, fuck her husband; Dan Ferrari. When asked if it makes her nervous or horny, Michelle says that it is a little bit of both, but mostly horny. She says that it is just the idea of someone watching. When asked if she liked the idea of someone watching her fuck, she says that she does not mind it. However, Suzanne reasons that she must, as she does in fact have sex on camera. Following this up, Suzanne goes on to talk about once again, just how cute Michelle is. In particular, she goes on to say that Michelle has some nice tits They are B cups, Michelle says. Of course, Suzanne would next have Michelle give us a peek of what happens to be under her shirt. She teases for a little bit for the camera, as she giggles ever-so cutely. She quickly decides to give us a little under-boob, as she slowly reveal by pulling it up. As she does, we are treated to her very nice pair of B cup breasts, complete with sexy tanlines. These are tanlines that Suzanne seems to adore. This, as Michelle says that she has spent time at the beach recently. However, when asked, she answers that she has never had sex on the beach, though. Nor has she ever fucked a lifeguard. Suzanne would answer that, that's two things to go on Michelle's bucket list, to fuck someone's husband, and to fuck a lifeguard. Suzanne, would next have Michelle remove her top altogether, as she says that she wants to see all of her. This would prompt she to say that she heard that Michelle has a nice ass. To which Michelle responds by quickly going on to show it off. She positions her legs at the side as her, ass is pushed towards the camera. It looks great in a pair of denim shorts that partially ride up her ass. She would then get up on her knees, which would allow her to twerk for the camera. However, the true revelation comes once Michelle would go on to slowly peel down her shorts from her ass. She even providing some sound effects for the proceedings, as she clicks her tongue. This followed up by she further getting up upon her knees, to push her ass straight forward towards the camera, while wiggling her ass. It giving her ass an appearance of being nice and round. She would of course, twerk some more from here, wearing nothing more than a lightly-colored peach pair of panties, which Suzanne likes seeing nicely wedged into Michelle's ass. It's also during this time, that Michelle brings attention to a small tattoo on her right butt cheek. The all black tattoo, being a slice of cake. This is a coincidence, as Suzanne would say that it is a thing. She says that when women have their husbands fuck other girls - they're called "cake". Because she says, it's like them "having their cake, and eating it, too". Michelle agrees that it is indeed, very fitting. Suzanne says that it makes it perfect. This, as she jokes that Michelle got the tattoo, knowing that this day would happen. Next she would have Michelle go on to slowly pull down her panties. Her ass and pussy looking great, as Michelle would be upon her knees, with her legs spread, giving us a nice view from behind. In fact, Suzanne says that she cannot wait to see her husband to have his face buried in Michelle's pussy. Suzanne would have Michelle then position herself, both seated and spreading, as she wants Michelle to masturbate, as she thinks about what she is going to do with Suzanne's husband. Michelle would then go on to touch between her legs, slowly rubbing at her clit. In this moment, as Michelle is silent, Suzanne would urge her to get vocal, as she says that she is not going to have her husband come in, unless she beg for it. It is then that she  gets Michelle to say that she wants her husband to come fuck her tight, 19-year-old pussy. This, as she says so by saying, "pretty please". Well, being polite must work wonders, as it is almost instantly after she saying such, that Dan would appear, joining Michelle, as he step into frame, as the eagerly-awaited sexual meeting between the two, would get off to a nice start.

Positions Seen //
- missionary
- cowgirl
- doggy
- lazy dog
- reverse cowgirl
- spoon

The Review //
The website SLUT INSPECTION, features happily married couple Dan and Suzanne Ferrari. It's because of Suzanne that Dan has to be one of the luckiest men on Earth. That's because Suzanne has a very special kink. She just loves to watch Dan have sex with other women, so much so, that she sets hookups up for him!

It's for this review, that I choose a scene SLUT INSPECTION, and the one that I chose happens to come from May of this year, when Dan was gifted a 19-year-old by his lovely wife. That 19-year-old. being one Michelle Anderson, a big booty youngster, who admits that she is a freak in the sheets, yet a "princess" everywhere else. Well in this scene, Dan definitely makes the freak come out here, as she happens to do something that she has never done before, fuck a woman's husband, right in front of them. It's a situation that definitely turned Michelle on, as we would come to notice this, as she soon opens up, letting them know exactly how she wants it, nice and rough. It's nice and rough for the majority, and even a little sloppy as a good amount of spit is applied.

However, let us begin from the start of it all to sort of analyze what went down in the scene. It all began right off the bat with Dan treating his costar with courtesy, as he tell Michelle to get comfortable, as she lie back. Right from the beginning, we see the caring side of Dan. I liked this. Well anyway it would be the start of he going down on Michelle, and working his mouth, and also his fingers, eventually. This was something else I really liked. From here, Dan just went to town on that young pussy. It was nice to witness Michelle's reaction to what was happening at that given time. At one point Michelle, goes on to complement Dan on his pussy eating skills. But with that, Dan would give all the credit to his wife Suzanne, saying that she trained him in the art. Michelle's reaction would get far more involved, once she would clue him in on going in on her clit. It just turned her on really well, you could just tell by the look on her face. This set up would come to an end, with Dan graduating from one finger, to two fingers, embedded deeply into Michelle's pussy. This, as Dan would move them in and out, while simultaneously continuing to suck on her clit. But it would be after this, that Michelle would go on to return the favor, as she would suck some cock. It's something that she goes on to prove herself with. She starts nice and slow to tease the cock. She kisses it before dropping a little bit of spit on it, as she would start by sucking on the head. However, soon enough she would go on to add even more spit to the shaft. She would often go on to implement some stroking. She says that she likes it little sloppy, around this point. She would also have a confession, when she says that she sort of has a fetish for sucking dick. This would carry on, as Dan would also fuck back, by fucking her face hard. This was great stuff. Although Michelle is only 19 here, she showed tremendous poise and skill, when it came to sucking a man off. I loved the way that Michelle cupped the balls with one hand, while sucking the cock at the same time. It's a nice visual. And speaking of visuals, also looking nice, was Michelle's big ass, as well as her feet which Michelle kept kicking while she was doing that deed. It's after they take the blowjob to the floor, that it is the wife's choice, as to what is to occur next and what she chooses is the missionary position. They follow up by moving on, and getting into position, with Michelle on her back. It's then time for the first moment of penetration. This, as Dan goes on to ease it in, nice and slow, while also carrying on a slow an easy pace soon after. But as he keeps going and it begins to feel good to Michelle, she wants much more. This as she goes on to encourage him to go harder, and that is exactly what he does. Dan goes on to bang the pussy. Michelle would begin her dirty talk, as she tells Dan to "give it to her deep". From here, the position would only keep getting better as it went along, there would be a time where things would slow down, but Dan would eventually pick things up, going harder, such as when he and Michelle ended up face-to-face from the missionary position, as he leans in him close. it would be here that, he would keep hammering the pussy, as Michelle would voice her opinion telling him to give it to her deep and hard. Speaking of this, before the position would be over we would even see Dan putting a chokehold on her before going on to pounce the pussy. The next position would see Michelle, going on to ride Dan in the cowgirl position. It would be the perfect position to fully showcase Michelle's nice big ass. The beginning of the position looks really nice, as we watch Michelle have control, as she slams herself down hard on the dick, as her ass jiggle with every bounce. Of course, soon enough Dan would take over to just destroy the pussy from here, fucking at his fastest and hardest. I particularly love this position as Michelle's beautiful ass just looks absolutely amazing from the setup and Dan would take over fucking at his breakneck speed.`The next position would be Michelle's favorite position, as told in the pre-scene interview. The position being doggy, as Dan takes her from behind. Of course he starts off slow, only to pick up its pace, at the request of Michelle. Soon enough, he is banging her so hard that she could hardly take it. At one point she even has an uncontrollable orgasm. right in the middle of the position. So hot. After this, we would also see she throwing her ass back, against Dan's cock, as she has control for the time being. However, we would see he retaliate as Dan resume going faster and harder. He even progressing to pull back on Michelle's hair, as well as her chin. All in an effort to go deeper, again. This was another amazing position, showing some nice hard fucking. Dan just giving it to Michelle exactly how she wants it. Next, we have a very nice transition. I say transition, as it goes from one doggy to the next. This time, as Dan would take Michelle into the lazy dog position, as she lies flat on her stomach, with her legs closed tightly. It would be then that Dan would straddle her legs only to attempt to fill the tight space, as to penetrate the pussy. Again, the routine - starts slow, but ends with a nice heavy pounding. After this Michelle would go on to ride the dick once more, this time in reverse cowgirl, as Michelle faces Suzanne, and her camera. She would first attempt to ride from an upright position, however it would be tough for her. She would continue this position, as she lean back against Dan, to take the  cock. First, it would be at a steady pace, but Michelle herself would slow things down, riding the cock nice and slow for a time. Following this, after another moment of Michelle tasting herself off of Dan's dick, as she sucks it, Michelle must literally beg Suzanne to let Dan put hus cock back into her. For Michelle, it does not take much, as she is just so cute in her way of asking. This would be followed by the two of them taking to one final position, the spoon position, as both are positioned on their sides. It would be yet another position that Michelle would come to ask Dan to give to her harder. But the scene would come to an end, when he would be fucking her deep and hard, while also applying a chokehold to her. It would be something that would be very quick, because before you know it, Dan is reaching climax, as he let it go deep inside of her. Effectively giving her a creampie. Exactly what Michelle wanted. In the end, we can see it kind of ooze out of her pussy. Unfortunately though, the camera focus was a little blurry at the time when it came to the reveal.

The end of the sexual content of the scene was a great ending indeed, I thought. Throughout the scene, there is much energy in the sex, and I would not have expected it ending any differently. However, with that said, I did not expect to see it end with a creampie finish. But let me say that, I am more than happy that it did. And that the creampie featured here was actually a real one!

Wow, as everyone knows, me and my reviews are always about honesty. So with that said, I have to be honest with you when I say that this scene was, and is a damn good one! Boy, have Suzanne and Dan Ferrari, come a long way with SLUT INSPECTION. Dan himself is now a fairly seasoned performer, in my eyes. What a solid scene this was, co-starring 19-year-old Michelle Anderson. It's a great scene all around. It starts all sweet and innocent. There's some interview questions, along with some prepping, when it comes to Michelle having the opportunity to fuck Suzanne's husband. There's even a time where they talk about Michelle's favorite type of sex. What I'm trying to say here, is that never during the pre-scene interview could one tell just how dirty this 19-year-old could be. I mean even at the beginning of the sex with Dan, she was hesitant to say anything. However, once she was pushed by Suzanne herself, it really set the tone for the remainder of this romp, and it was great stuff. The scene features a number of positions and in each and every one of them, Dan brings it to Michelle hard. Why? Because she wanted it that way! This girl is simply incredible to be so young! She likes it rough and sure can take it, no matter what position she ends up being in! But of course, she sort of excelled more in the cowgirl and doggy positions. The latter being her favorite. There's nothing like seeing her big butt vibrate as it smack against her costar on the way back! I haven't even talked about the way that she skillfully sucks dick either. The girl takes pride in this act as well. Perfectly utilizing her hands, and mouth at the same time, this girl essentially does anything when it comes to a hard dicking! To sum it up I have to say that these two performers did a great job. The innocent opening, just made the sex that would follow, that much hotter, as we essentially see Michelle Anderson come out of her shell, to become the "freak in the sheets", that she really is! This is a scene that I would not hesitate to recommend. Not only does it feature some nice, hard fucking, it also came to an end by featuring an authentic creampie. And the best thing about it, is that it was all captured by the wife herself. Definitely see this scene, should you have the chance. It's a great time!

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