JulesJordan.com: They Call Her Slimthick Vic.... Enough Said (2021)

by - January 06, 2022

 Starring: Slimthick Vic // Jules Jordan 
Directed by: Jules Jordan
Runtime: 29 mins.


Scene Breakdown //

The scene starts off by introducing us to Slimthick Vic in the right way. Simply by having her walk forward, as the camera follows close behind her. The same camera capturing every bounce of her curves as she continue. We then cut to Jules Jordan formally introducing us to her, saying that this is Slimthick Vic, and she's come all the way from Florida. It's then that she would be standing with her feet spread far apart, firmly planted. as she slightly bend down. Jules' camera keeps a close look, as she goes on to shake her tits, which like everything else, are just spilling out of her bathing suit, that can barely contain them. Jules would follow up, by saying that they do not call her "Slimthick" for nothing, as Vic would then go on to show off her ass, as she turn around and bend over. Jules would say that, that ass will be getting a lot of attention today, as he is simply amazed by it. He says that he bets that it gets her attention all the time. Vic would next be seen twerking for the camera. Jules, definitely likes what he sees from her, as he instructs her to slide over to a nearby clear plastic bench. She first sits on it, with her legs kept to the side, to of course, show off her ass. However, eventually, she is seen straddling it. It's at this point that Jordan, and his camera comes up behind her to give us a "rear" view, if you will. It's a good view to him, but apparently it's not good enough, as soon he would provide her with some oil, to shine things up a bit. The oil applied to Vic's ample ass looks nice, as she rubs it in. Eventually, as the camera's view is from the side. Jules would have she rub back and forth on the slippery bench. Next, he would also have Vic remove her bikini top to get her tits out, and like before, she would oil them up as well. Jules is clearly fascinated by Vic's ass, with good reason. He would continue his admiration for it, by having she go for a walk, as he once again follow behind. The camera would then give us a spectacular view of her movement. Movement, that would include much bounce to the step. She would eventually make her way to a wall, on which Jules would have her pose for a time. During the posing her legs spread wide, and her feet clad with white heels, firmly planted. This, as she bend over, perfectly displaying her nice round ass. Jules would not be finished, as he would then have she continue her walk, walking up some stairs before finally reaching a higher balcony. It would be there, that he would have she continue to practice the perfect display of her ass, as he would have she slowly pull down her bikini bottoms, only to pull them up again. But, this not before he has her spread her ass, showing off her tight butthole to the camera. Following another look at her titties, it would be time for us to go to the next stage of the scene, as Slimthick Vic would then head inside to meet up with none other than Jules Jordan himself, as things would get underway between them.

Positions Seen //
- reverse cowgirl (x2)
- titty fucking
- doggy (x2)
- cowgirl
- front facing spoon
- side fuck (x2)
- missionary (x2)

The Review //
Though it has been a long while, I am happy to say that today, I am here to review a scene from one Jules Jordan, and JULES JORDAN VIDEO. Yes it has been some time since I have reviewed for this label. I am happy to say that from now on, we will be doing so regularly.

For this scene, Jules, who would first be behind the camera, would introduce to us a new performer on the scene. One who brings a lot with her in the form of ass. She is appropriately named "Slimthick Vic"!. Vic, whom hails from the state of Florida, would first show off her "wares" to us, as part of the tease segment, that would get things started. A tease segment, that is short but sweet, very nicely displaying her each, and every curve. Curves that happen to be spilling out of her tightly fitting bikini. Before it's all said and done, during the tease, which involves the use of oil, we would get nice views of both her tits and ass. This, before what would be a highly charged sexual encounter that occurs between the two of them, once they are both inside.

When it comes to the sexual encounter between Jules Jordan, and his featured starlet, Slimthick Vic. I really liked the way that it progressed. It progressed really fast. This, as one can really tell that the two of them were really into each other, and they were both as equally ready. Yes, they just got right to it. Jules was already seated in a chair, as Vic would make her way in through a sliding glass door. It would be then that he would call her over to him. He in a pair of white, Calvin boxer briefs. Jules would take note of the twerking that she was doing outside, as he would say that he would like Vic to do that on his cock. She of course, would go on to oblige, doing so from over his underwear initially, prior to he soon going all bare. It's then, that she would continue to do so. There would initially be no penetration, as she would just simply grind over the top of his cock. He even going on to place it in between her fat cheeks. In my opinion, this was so hot, I must admit. I mean, holy crap man, that's a big, amazing ass! During this, Jules would get the urge to have Vic wrap her tits around his cock, so titty fucking, would be next on the agenda for her. Even with this, she brings the same energy as she did before, when grinding on his lap. This, as she would maintain eye contact the whole time through. Even as she would next follow up by sucking on the cock. However, even with this, Jules would want more of that ass! This, as he would have her next proceed to squat on his cock. Let me tell you, this indeed was amazing! Vic would begin with a nice arch in her back. However, she would eventually go on to bend over, as she would begin to pop her ass on the dick. Honestly speaking, it's a sight that is pretty magical. As Jules would say himself, it's Vic showing perfect form. As the camera would come around the back to detail the view, it would prove this, as it would show Vic's ass being perfect and round, as it go up and down on the phallus. Just beautiful! After this, the position would be doggy, as Jules would take her from behind. He would approach things by standing with his legs spread wide, as he pump her with his cock at a steady pace. But, things for them would soon be faster and harder, once Jules would bring her upright. It would be here, that Jules would hold Vic's arms behind her back giving him leverage to slam it in. This progressing things very quickly, yet keeping the energy between them on the increase!. Next up, we would see Vic go on to twerk a bit for the camera, once again showing off not only her ass, but also her beautiful pink pussy! It's such a beautiful sight, that Jules would next, not be able to resist putting his face in between her cheeks, and going to town(I cannot say that I blame him, either!). He would briefly go at her stuff with his mouth and tongue. It's brief, because he would go back into the doggy position, and proceeded at a steady, quick pace of in and out. He would continue things by going on to half-straddle the ass from here, in order to go deeper into the pussy. Then like he would do the ass, he would also go on to half-straddle Vic's face to fuck it. This was great stuff, as well. However, with that said, he would quickly return back to the doggy position, where he would once again resume his increasing pace, as he fuck the pussy. Great camera work once again, making Vic's ass just look fantastic. Following all this from the chair, it would then go to the bed with Jules being on his back. From there, Vic would crawl between his legs. First to go on to tease both his cock and balls with her tongue, prior to she coming up to ride on the cock. It's from this position that she would once again prove that she is definitely very skilled at saddling up on a dick! The stuff here, just looking incredible. It first beginning with Vic just grinding back and forth on the dick, prior to she quickly bouncing on it. It would be when she lean forward, that she would really pick up the pace, riding it fast and hard. Jules couldn't believe it, and honestly I don't know how he was able to keep it together here, as not to lose his shit!! But he was able to persevere. In fact, he even fired away, taking charge to fuck her back hard before it was over. After the cowgirl, the action would seamlessly transition over to the next position, which would be a front facing spoon set up. It yet another set up that greatly shows off what Slimthick Vic has to offer. This, as we watch, as Jules steadily pump her with cock. I actually love the front facing spoon position. We don't always see it, but when we do, sometimes it's as great as this occasion is, and was. Another seamless transition would follow, as they would next go to side fucking, as the great views continue. That would go to missionary, as Vic's legs would be up high and pinned back, as Jules continue to move in and out of her at a steady pace, before taking to his side to continue the in and out, at a quicker succession. He would then return to missionary from the opposite side of the bed, keeping with a steady pace, prior to going back to half-straddle of the front, so that he may take it even deeper. Another return would be made soon after to side fuck, as Jules instructs Vic to close her legs, making for a tighter fit. Following this, Jules would take a little break, as he lie back to allow Vic to once, again suck his cock. This, while she makes very nice eye contact with the camera. Next up though, we would see she return to riding, only this time, in the reverse cowgirl position. It's from this position, that Vic handles herself well and so, Jules just lets her go as she may. Later he would say that she knows exactly what she's doing, as she does indeed. It would be here, that we would see she slamming herself down on the dick, as her pink pussy stretches around it. She would end things in the position, by once again very nicely grinding on it. Following this, she would return to sucking Jules off. But, this time she would actually go at the balls more. Something that she wanted to do the first time out. Next, she would be on her knees as they return to the floor. It would be from here, that we would see Jules feeding her his cock, moving it in and out of her mouth, as she otherwise take it all the way down her throat. She would also once again have a go at the balls, before it would be time for Jules to blow. He would tug at his cock briefly, before letting loose a big load as he shoot ropes of jizz across Vic's beautiful face, covering it well.

A very nice load, for a very nice finish, to a very enjoyable scene. One with a maximum level of energy, that never dies down once. Jules, during the scene, alluded to Slimthick Vic's energy level, and I have to agree, what an energetic performer she is! Come to think of it, she never even removed her white high heels throughout the entire scene. What?? She was just too busy worried about getting that dick!
Going into this scene, I expected it to be good. However, I did not expect it to be quite as good as it actually turned out to be. This scene was pretty fucking amazing in my opinion! Just energy all the way. From beginning to end, both of these performers were truly into what they were doing, and into each other, it is obvious. Holy shit!! We of course began things with a great teasing segment, showing off all of Vic's curves in the most proper way. However, nothing would compare to the sex scene between she and Jules himself that would follow. It's simply great stuff. It was obvious to me that Vic practices, and practices a lot when it comes to showing off her "assets". Yes, her ass, is on perfect display virtually the entire 30 minute run time of the scene. The ass has the right placement, it just looks perfect. I mean, oh my God. Luckily for us, Jules is a seasoned director, and knows exactly what to do when something this beautiful is presented to him. He truly makes the best of what he has been blessed with here. From the opening grinding on the cock. Both over the underwear and bare. To the squatting on the cock, along with the other riding variations seen here, it's all just full of energy, and is fucking fantastic. It's raw, and real. It's so good! Slimthick Vic has much ass, and she definitely knows how to use it! What a wild scene this is. It's one that I would definitely recommend. What a great new discovery Slimthick Vic is. Truly, a gift to all porn connoisseurs out there!

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