Fiona Sprouts gets evicted from her apartment so David offers her a place for a good 'fucking' price! (2021)

by - December 15, 2021

 Starring: Fiona Sprouts // David Lee
Directed by:
Runtime: 38 mins.


Scene Breakdown //
The scene opens up with Fiona Sprouts, as she is all alone at the local park. She is quiet, and appears to be in deep thought, as she is soon approached by David Lee, the brother of her best friend. When asked why she is all alone at the park, Fiona reveals that she has just been kicked out of her dorm, for having too many parties. This according to the resident adviser. It's apparently a serious offense, as Fiona says that she woke up to an eviction notice. Fiona has no idea what she will do, as she has been pondering the question at the park for the last two hours. she says. David in an attempt to help her find an answer, asks Fiona if she happened to have contacted his sister? Because after all, she is in fact, her best friend. Fiona says that she has not, simply due to the fact that she once made out with Trevor, the guy that David's sister has been dating. She says that ever since then, his sister has been jealous of the incident, it would appear. So with her best friend jealous, and her family out of state, Fiona essentially has no one to turn to, so she tells David that she will turn to a park bench. This, as she hints to have done so before. However, when it comes to David, he finds the idea of Fiona sleeping on a park bench to be absolutely ridiculous. He says that there is no way that Fiona can finish school sleeping on a park bench. David says that it is daring, however unrealistic. It would be then that David would get an idea. This, has he wishes for Fiona to follow him back to his place. Initially, Fiona is a bit hesitant, as not to be a burden to David. However, he insists, saying that his car is parked nearby. Once in the car, the two of them of course, spark up a conversation. Fiona first, thanks David for doing this for her, saying that he's always been sweet. David saying that it is no problem, and it is the right thing to do. Following this up, Fiona says that she promises to try hard not to be any trouble, and not to stay longer than she has to. It's in the moment, that David prepares to start up the car and leave, that something comes to mind. David says that should he have a date that comes over, the two of them need to develop some kind of a signal, so that Fiona won't possibly catch him with another girl. This being met by a surprised Fiona, who says she has no idea that David was so popular with the ladies. When she's asked for suggestions, Fiona says that she and one of her old roommates used to put a sock on the door, to signify that it was occupied. David seems to like this idea, as it would give both of them a little bit of privacy. This however would get Fiona thinking, as she goes on to question the whole thing altogether. This, as she asks David if he is sure that the two of them really need some type of signal? David is a little confused by what she means, as Fiona would go on to say that the two of them could simply take care of one another. This, as she says that she sees the way that David looks at her, and knows that he wants to fuck her. Thus, putting David on the spot. He's definitely caught off guard. However, it does not take him long to admit to wanting to have sex with his sister's best friend. For Fiona, the feeling would be mutual. This as she goes to show it, by taking the initiative, getting his cock out, right then and there, as he drive. It taking place, all the way up until the time that they arrive at their destination. It then of course, continuing once they reach David's place.

Positions Seen //
- doggy (x2)
- upright doggy
- cowgirl
- reverse cowgirl
- missionary

The Review //
Well, we've all heard of makeup sex, and revenge sex, but what about "appreciation sex"? I ask this, because that is exactly what we have in this scene from NAUGHTY AMERICA, as part of their "My Sisters Hot Friend" series. In this scene, it all starts when Fiona Sprouts, a hard partying college girl, is kicked out of her dorm, with one more semester to go. The reasoning, she has held too many parties at the dorm in question. Fiona finds herself, out, with nowhere to go. She would be collecting her thoughts at the park, when David Lee, Fiona's best friend's brother would find her. She of course, tells David of the news, and after it is clear that Fiona has nowhere else to turn, in steps he, as David would offer to roommate up with her at his place. Fiona is of course hesitant at first, to put the burden upon such a nice guy, but soon she would take him up on the offer. It would be in the car, as they are preparing to leave to go back to David's place, that we would have our first sexual act in the form of a blowjob, as conversation turns to thank you, and "thank you", turns to blowjob, when the two would go on to admit their mutual attraction to one another.

When speaking of this blowjob, taking place in the car, we see Fiona just go at it. She's up and down the cock, as she sucks along the shaft, prior to taking it all in her mouth. This, as she goes on to see just how far she can take it down her throat. David, is obviously impressed, when she also goes for his balls during this, as well.

Once they arrive back at David's place, it obviously continues, as Fiona would ask the all-important question to David. That being, does he want to finish what they started in the car? Of course he does! It would quickly get started with some passionate kissing, shared between the two of them. Kind of romantic, as Fiona, would have her back to David, as he would reach around and feel her up, kissing her neck, and so on. This, prior to he beginning to undress her. It would be once that Fiona's breasts are exposed, that David would comment on just how cute, and pink they are. It would be after this, that Fiona would once again, go on to suck David's cock. David would be seated at the edge of the bed, as Fiona would be on her knees. This, where she would go to work. She once again runs her lips along the shaft of the cock, and also sucks on David's balls. However, she would really impress him when she would go on to put it all in her mouth. This including David's cock, and balls all at once. David loves it. Fiona, would then continue by applying a lot of spit to the proceedings, as she go on to ask David if he enjoys it messy? To answer the question, David would go on to say that Fiona can do exactly what she wants. As things continue from here, David would continue to grow in Fiona's mouth. David wants her to take it all down her throat. Fiona is at first confused, as she believes that he wants she to take the balls as well. But David is just now too big for her to do so. But he meant just the cock. She would of course follow that up by attempting to try things out. She does a good job. However she is not quite able to take it all the way down just yet. But even so, it would be time for David to return the favor. He would first try to do so while having Fiona on all fours, as he would go on to strip her down out of her yellow lace panties. But it's a short time later that he realizes that he would have better success with she on her back, with her legs spread wide. So, that is where it goes next. David would first go down on her with his tongue, prior to exploring with his fingers. Fingers that would eventually be moistened by the spit of Fiona herself. This, as David would carefully go on to implant a couple of fingers into her pussy. However after a short time, David would come up with the idea of simultaneously feeding Fiona his cock at the top end, while fingering her down at the other. It's a successful technique, as soon enough it would have Fiona coming to orgasm. This was a very good blow job and cunnilingus display. First, we have Fiona taking in, not only David's cock, but also his balls as well, and then later David making she cum via deep fingering. It's pretty solid in my opinion. The sex continues, as Fiona would find herself once again on her knees. This, as she would wet her fingers to lube her pussy for David to take her from behind in the doggy position, his approach would be one of a half straddle technique. From the position, we would see him start off slow, as he plug away straight forward into the pussy. However, soon enough, he would pick up his pace, while also going deeper. The beginning of the position would begin with a side view from the camera. However, the camera would change to a behind POV look, as we would see David then take to a full straddle approach, as he buries his dick, deep inside the pussy. It would then go back to the straightaway and side view, prior to David having the two of them modify the position, to a more upright doggy technique. Fiona's knees are more behind her now, as she arches her back more upright, also. This as David pin both of her arms behind her, while additionally pulling back on her neck, as he plows her pussy deeply. This whole doggy sequence was great to me, I really like the camera angles chosen by the camera, as it really captured the action well, as it continued on. Of course, I also liked the upright doggy, to which it completed itself. It would be here that David would go on to take charge, as he fuck hard. It's good stuff! Not to mention that this last formation, also brought Fiona to hard orgasm. It would be after Fiona composing herself, that she would go on to ride in standard cowgirl after asking David which one he would prefer to see first. Initially, David would go slow and steady, and after a time Fiona would go on to mention just how deep he is getting. David concerned about his scene partner, would ask her if it is in fact too deep, or is it just right? It would be upon Fiona answering that his cock is just right, that David would take it upon himself to improve its pace to a quicker one, while also going deeper and harder, as he hammers the pussy. This would last for a time, as Fiona takes it well. Of course the next position would be the reverse cowgirl as she would simply reverse herself. From the position, she would have her legs spread wide and her feet planted firmly on the bed, as here, David would maintain a steady pace of in and out, as the camera would treat us to a close up view of the penetration at one point. This would last until David has Fiona hop off to once again taste his cock. In position, Fiona would get down low, as she suck on it. She would once again attempt to deepthroat David, and to her surprise, yet not to his, she is successful in being able to do so. She would do it once, and then repeat herself doing it another time. It would be following this, that the two make a return to doggy. Once more, David would have half straddle on Fiona. This time, as the camera is on the opposite side. This giving us a clean view of Fiona's "Beard Slut" tattoo, which is on her left butt cheek. During this go around, David would have an increasing pace, as he would get faster and harder, as he goes along. Following up doggy, they would go to what would be the final position of the scene. That being missionary, with Fiona once again, on her back with her legs spread wide. David would penetrate her here, and he would keep with a consistent in and out, at a steady pace. It would be an effort that would be good enough to make Fiona once again cum. It would be after, that the missionary would continue with David, pulling Fiona to the edge of the bed, before continuing. Here, though David would remain consistent. He would eventually go even harder than before, plugging away for an extended period, before finally building himself up to climax, after which he would pull out to jerk his cock, until he too cum. Doing so, as he would sprinkle his load, down onto Fiona's mound  for the finish. The scene itself would come to an end with the two characters wrapping up the storyline as well. This, as David says that, while they may not need a signal, should they ever need one, they could always put his cowboy hat on the door. However, with that said, the new roommates, feel more than content, just keeping with each other when it comes to their sexual urges.  The scene did indeed finish rather strong after a slow start. It's something enjoyable.

Overall, when it comes to the scene, I felt that it was a pretty good one. In my opinion, I felt that it did get off to a rather slow start with a few good things sprinkled within such as Fiona's nice cocksucking, or the camera views. But with that said it eventually got much better, and in the en,d managed to finish quite strongly. Fiona Sprouts, is someone that I have always wanted to review, ever since she debuted with an EXCOGI(EXPLOITED COLLEGE GIRLS) scene. While, I never got around to seeing, nor reviewing that scene, I always thought that Fiona was rather cute. She does have a great smile, as we see here, and she has a very likable presence during the sex. This, while on the other side we have David Lee, who has to be one of the nicest guys in the business. This would explain why I found some of the moments with him to be rather funny. These would be the times that he would slap at Fiona's tits. David is so nice, yet when he would slap Fiona's tits, it would sound so hard, as if he had walloped her! I just wanted to mention it because I thought it was funny, every time he would do it. But with that said, overall David has a really good performance here. One that is consistent throughout. We even had some great moments of hard fucking from him, often coming after he would ask Fiona if she was ok(see, that nice guy thing.) Nonetheless, it all makes for some very nice viewing in the end. I would recommend. The storyline is good and so is the sex, and from me, the scene also gets extra points for including a road head segment, before anything even got started. Check it out!

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