TaoFantasy.com: Luna Mills Audiophile (2022)

by - April 22, 2022

 Starring: Luna Mills // Tao of Tyler
Directed by: Tao of Tyler
Runtime: 36 mins.

Scene Breakdown //
The scene opens up with Luna Mills, putting a record on the player. It being immediately before we cut to she introducing herself. Luna says that she is a 19-year-old from Las Vegas, and that she is here to learn the "Tao of Tyler". This, prior to she listing her physical attributes for us. She says that she has 32DD breasts. And When it comes to her waistline, Luna believes, that she is a 26, with her hips being a 34 in inches. After this, we see Luna once again placing a record on the record player, as she would go on to vibe to the music that is sent through her wireless headphones. We are then accompanied by background music, which overlays the visuals. Those visuals being the 19-year-old, showing off her curves, which accent her petite frame. The teasing from her would continue, as she would move her panties aside, to play with her pussy. This, including she planting fingers deeply inside of herself. Her accompanying, animated face would show us just how much pleasure she receives. After this segment, Luna would introduce us to the "Tao of Tyler", as we then go directly into the scene involving she and Tyler.

Positions Seen //
- doggy (x2)
- missionary

The Review // 
It's For today's review, that I take a look at something fairly new. it's from the brand, TAO FANTASY PRODUCTION, and it's creator, known as, "Tao of Tyler". Tyler's work recently caught my eye on Twitter, as something that appeared to be a little different. As it turns out, Tyler happens to be a multi-faceted creator and producer. He is very hands-on with each and every aspect of his content, having experience with photography and video, as well as marketing. Having spent many years in all three. He says that he even ran his own fashion brand for nearly a decade. All of which coming into play here. For instance, the music her during the tease segment involving Luna, happens to have also been custom produced with a music producer. And as far as the wardrobe and set design? Well, of course, Tyler does that as well. He is one who seems to know exactly what he wants, when it comes to his vision. I like that, for sure. I definitely appreciate an artist.

However, now  that we have talked about the overall vision of the scene, we now should talk about the main course. That of course being the sexual encounter between Luna Mills and Tyler. 

In my opinion, I felt that this scene got off to a good start, with Tyler approaching Luna, as the two of them come together, and engage in passionate kissing. However, Tyler's focus would naturally turn to Luna's titties. I have to say that I don't blame him. Luna has some of the best looking breasts. The 32DDs, are pretty much perfect, if you ask me! Wow. Immediately following this, Tyler would have Luna bend over, as he would then take the initiative to bury his face deeply within her pussy and ass. I loved this, simply because Tyler just went after it. It's good looking stuff from a side view. However, I do regret not having a closer look of some sort. Luna would go on to display her fellatio skill. and boy, is it good. The camera would begin with a side approach, as we witness Luna working the shaft and balls. But the camera would switch views later, to a beautiful overhead. Things would get extra sloppy from there. It's from this view, that we would see Luna deepthroat Tyler's cock with absolute ease. She has no trouble at all getting it all down. It's incredible. She would also use the ropes of spit on the shaft to wet it, as she continues to stroke and suck. Awesome stuff! She even including sucking on the balls, as well. Eventually, we return to the overhead view, where Tyler would ask Luna if she is ready for some dick? Of course she is! She would even proceed to deepthroat Tyler all the way, one last time, like a good girl does! When it comes to this part of the sex, It's enjoyable. It's nice and sloppy, courtesy of Luna. We even have some face fucking, and very brief titty fucking. But, with that said, it is my job to critique, and I have to say that I felt that this went on a little too long. Sure, all of the cock sucking is great. But, it is my opinion that it went on a little bit too long. I would kind of feel the same about the next order of business too, which would be the doggy position. This, as we see Tyler take Luna from behind. Tyler would first prime Luna up by spanking and fingering her. But it would be next that he would finally slide his hard cock in. He begins slowly with his in and out, as Luna is well-alert with big eyes, with a look of pleasure upon her face, as she look at the camera. However, soon enough, Tyler would pick up the pace, absolutely nailing Luna's pussy, as she resorts to lying face down to take it. This is very good stuff from Tyler, as he just hammers the pussy, getting harder and harder, over time. I was truly surprised by just how well Luna was able to take that dick! On this, there was also something else that I liked seeing. In the middle of the fucking, Tyler just so happened to stop and ask about Luna's well being. He asking if she was okay, saying that he just wanted to make sure that she was comfortable. I really like seeing this, as not all male talents are this genuine, unfortunately. The position would finish up with Luna's leg propped over, as Tyler resumes a steady pace. One that would increase. Tyler also has a good eye too, making sure that Luna's bouncing boobs are in view during this. The next position, which is missionary, would look extra good, in my opinion, due to how it's staged. It would find Luna on her back with her legs held up high, almost positioned behind her head. The camera itself would be set up somewhat at the side of Tyler, but behind him a bit. This setup making Tyler's cock the focus, as it jab at the pussy. This set up here is golden. It's such a great view, giving us a look at the penetration, front and center. We even see Luna react to watching it go in and out of her. As things continue here, the camera would switch views to an overhead look of the missionary in addition. I have to admit that it is, and was beautiful. I absolutely loved this overhead view. This, as Tyler would continue to increase his pace. At one point, he even grabbed on to Luna's nipples, as if they were handlebars, or something. However, it did not last long, because he would then go on to just allow Luna's beautiful boobs to bounce freely. Just wait until you see how they look, when Tyler changes to his "go for broke" type of fucking. Again, he just absolutely hammers that pussy! After the overhead view, we'd have additional action from the point of view from which we started. It's here, that Luna would take more dick, as Tyler throws it. Of Course, his pace would improve in overall speed. I did like seeing Luna look directly into Tyler's eyes, as he was in the process of drilling her pussy with every inch. So hot! We return to the overhead view during which he would apply a choke hold next onto Luna. I liked the roughness of course. We'd then go back to the normal view, for one last time. This, as the two of them would make a return to doggy. Like before, Tyler would go on to occupy a pacing that is increasing. he starting from "slow and steady", to "hot and sweaty", if you know what I mean! It's the position that would be soon enough having Tyler reach his climax. Now when it comes to this scene, it does have a fairly unique ending, as Tyler has Luna don a pair of white framed glasses for the sole purpose of him cumming on them! It's a nice cumshot, which covers the lenses of said glasses. The glasses are indeed a nice touch. It's after the load has been dropped, that Luna plays with her reward, as she licks, sucks and swallows it clean!

This was a very nice, fairly artistic, and in my opinion a well thought out scene. My only complaint would be that the first two things, the blowjob and the doggy, I feel that they just ran on a little too long, as they could be shortened, and still have a very same overall effect. I just feel that things could be a little more tighter in those areas. Other than that, it's a pretty good exercise in hard pounding, I'd say!

When it comes to this scene, I have to say that I enjoyed it overall. It is a scene that at first, took me a little while to get into. But truth be told, it's one that really grows into its own, as it progresses. I really liked the hard fucking in virtually every position seen. It's good stuff, as I said. We even have some great looking camera setups, which display said action. You have to appreciate the care that each of these setups had. I truly look forward to reviewing more for Tyler in the future, should he have me. Because, he is obviously a creator with a mind that thrives to explore. Be sure to give the scene a look! It may be purchased following the links below. The Tao of Tyler, is indeed a way that is fairly interesting in my opinion. I recommend!

The official TAO OF TYLER website is here

Additional links are here

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