Please Mr. Miles (2022)

by - May 02, 2022

 Starring: Mia Kay // Sgt. Miles
Directed by: Filthy Rich
Runtime: 36 mins.

Scene Breakdown //
`Our scene begins with a pig-tailed, happy-go-lucky Mia Kay skipping along, as she says that she cannot wait to babysit today. She quickly reaches the front door of Mr. Miles, where she introduces herself and then is invited in. She takes time to admire the house, as she then takes a seat on the couch. It would be there that she would go on to explain that she happens to be the daughter of "Debra", the best friend of the wife of Mr. Miles. She also goes on to say that the child which she is to babysit "Jimmy", happens to have come over a number of times, and that the two of them get along quite well. This is a relief to Mr. Miles who says that he likes his son to be familiar with those who babysit him. As he not to wake up to some stranger. Mr. Miles would then go on to ask Mia about being in cheer, and so on. And as a matter of fact, Mia says that she has just returned from cheer camp where she says that she learned aerials, and how to do a bunch of flips. Mia says that she had expected the tasks to be rather difficult to learn, but says that everything turned out to be pretty cool. Mia is confident when she says that she believes that her cheer squad has a chance this year at nationals. Something that Mr. Miles says that he and his wife would love to attend. Mia then would take the time to thank Mr. Miles once again for the opportunity to babysit, citing that the extra money will definitely help her out when it comes to school clothes, as well as things for cheer, Miles responds by saying that they like to help out friends, as well as their friends' kids. Miles would go on to then lay down the ground rules. He says that Jimmy is down for his nap, that he has 45 minutes to an hour left. He says that when Jimmy wakes up, he would be allowed one of his juice boxes, and then a snack around 3 o'clock, with dinner to follow two hours later, at five. After dinner, would come Jimmy's bath around seven, as he'd follow up by getting into his pajamas, just in time for Mia to tell him a bedtime story. This with Mia saying that she loves stories. After this, there are of course some house rules as well. Obviously Mia shouldn't invite anyone over. Also she isn't allowed to touch the liquor cabinet. Mia seems to know these things beforehand. Mr. Miles also stresses that Jimmy cannot have sugar after 5 o'clock, with carrots being a worthy substitute. He says that should there be any problem with him, that she is to give him a call. It's then with everything addressed, that Miles then goes off to work. However, Mia seems to be really attentive when it comes to watching him leave out. Once he does, we see a curious Mia then quickly check on Jimmy to make sure he's asleep. When she does see that the coast is indeed clear, she hopes to call up her boyfriend "Marcus", to get the fun times started. She thinks that Marcus is going to like the surroundings. However, when he fails to pick up her call, she settles for sending him sexy selfies, instead. She starts up on her knees, arching her back to get a shot of her big butt, after pulling her panties just slightly above her tanline. A second shot would come as she lie on her back. Another, as she spread her legs with her panties in full view. However she would follow this with a shot that Marcus is sure to love. This, as she pulls her panties aside to reveal her tight, young pussy. She would continue on to show off her ripe tits, before spreading her pussy lips for a few final shots. With all of the pictures taken, it's now time for Mia to choose the best shots to send off to the boyfriend, as a way to entice him to come over. However, little does Mia know that she would end up making the biggest mistake, when she happens to inadvertently send the message to not Marcus, but to Mr. Miles instead! Mia would be in for a world of trouble. This, as we see her next begin to masturbate at the thought of her boyfriend coming over for sex. Unfortunately though, before Mia can reach climax, she is interrupted by Miles who is furious as he returns home. First the nudes, and then the masturbation on the family couch, with his son sleeping in the other room. He is quite upset that Mia would be sending the nudes to her boyfriend as a way to invite him over, as it was a rule that he specifically had set - no boys allowed. Mia is sure to be quick to apologize. She does not want Miles to mention anything about this to her mother, as well as his wife. She seems to have meant no harm, saying that she just took the babysitting job to have some money for her cheerleading outfits. As Miles calms down a bit, and agrees not to tell Mia's mother about the incident, he still says that he must not lie to is wife, saying that he has to tell her. However, this is just not good enough for Mia. She believes that the wife will tell her mother anyway, as the two of them are naturally, best friends. A panicked Mia would go on to stress that she will do anything to get out of this predicament that she has found herself in. It would come to this, as Miles appears to have a solution in mind. Seeing as the mistakenly sent nudes, have seemingly riled him up, there is but only one thing left for Mia to do, and that is suck the Sergeant's hard cock!

Positions Seen //
- missionary (x2)
- cowgirl
- doggy
- reverse cowgirl

The Review // 
For today's review, I once again visit TEAM SKEET, as I take a look at a scene from their series called "My Babysitter's Club". In this storyline-driven scene, we have young Mia Kay taking the job of babysitter from her mom's best friend, and her husband Sgt. Miles. As the story goes, Mia is a teenage cheerleader who is just looking to make some extra cash in order to properly afford some new cheerleading outfits. Because this year, she believes that her group is headed for the big time. That seems innocent enough, right? It would be pretty cut and dry there, if that's all there were. However there's more. Mia's hormones are in overdrive as well. I guess you could say that they are doing flips, if you will. So when Mr. Miles leaves for work, she just cannot help but to want to invite her boyfriend, Marcus over for a little bit of extracurricular fun. Unfortunately for she however, her precursor goes horribly wrong, when she mistakenly sends a round of nude photos to the very man who hired her. In the most classic of porno setups, we then of course, have a person in desperation. They are in need to get out of a clusterfuck, when Miles threatens to tell not only her mother, but also his wife, Mia will do anything to get out of the situation. Yes, even do that, we would find. This, as yes, the two of them would eventually wind up in the sexual encounter. That's because, if Mia does not participate, she might come to realize that she could have very well performed her last cartwheel! Mia would go into it, as the older Miles stresses that she better do a good job. Don't worry, she does!

Mia's first task for the sex scene, is of course to suck Sgt. Miles' cock. She approaches things with a no-handed approach, one that would eventually see Mile's pushing Mia's head down, and in the process, cramming her throat full on dick. I liked his authority, especially as he would next go in for passionate kissing, as he grab at her neck. He would then subsequently throw Mia down on the couch. With she now positioned on her back, he would remove her panties, shoving them into her mouth, prior to going in between her legs, and eating her pussy. This in particular was a good display. With the camera at close view, we watch as Miles laps his tongue on Mia's little clit with skill, as Mia's mouth is stuffed with her pink panties. This was great stuff! He would go on to continue things, while he would full-on bury his mouth into her shaven muff, while occasionally, also shoving fingers in. They would come up kissing, with Miles spitting into Mia's mouth, prior to he leading her down on her knees, by grabbing her hair. Mia would then once again go on to suck cock, with the highlight being an overhead POV camera view, showing Miles fucking her face. Eventually, things would move back to the couch as it is to missionary next. It's here, that we would see some brilliant camerawork from the camera. We would begin with a overhead, side POV, that is in close range, as we watch Sgt. Miles move in and out at a steady pace. Soon enough, it would be what would trigger Mia to squirt for the first time. However, it would not be too far, and in between, as the missionary would continue, but the camera would switch views to an equally as nice overhead POV view. The action would continue with Miles improving the pace a bit to go quicker. It would be what would once again cause Mia to burst. This time, an incredible amount, It brought on even more so, with Miles pulling out and rubbing his dick along Mia's clit. Very good stuff. Things would next go to cowgirl, as we would see Mia climb on to ride. For this position, the camera would once again do great things. This including having a close up view of Mia's face to get her reaction, as well as a view from behind, as she bounces on the cock. The latter view giving us a tremendous looking view of Mia's tanlines, which are second to none! After this, we would have a side view of the position as well. It being equally compelling. Once again, just great footage from the camera. Following this, the action takes to doggy for a brief turn, as Mia is face down ass up, This, as Sgt. Miles engages in half straddle pumping. But what would really matter is what would happen next, Miles would reposition Mia, where she is hanging upside down off the edge of the couch, as he would then proceed to fuck her face, as she hang down. This was great! Nice and sloppy, as there are lots of bubbles and spit. Miles next says that he would like Mia to do some more work, as the action would go to reverse cowgirl. Mia would once again climb on. This time, in reverse with her feet planted upon Miles legs, as she proceeds to bounce up and down on him. Initially it is a bit of a struggle for her to get a nice rhythm going. However, it all works out in the end. Especially seeing as we have a nice view of her pretty feet the entire time. With that said, I almost forgot to mention that the end of the position also has Miles fucking back, which would once again have Mia squirting - not once, but twice. We would next have a return to missionary and that would be the final position of the scene. Here, we would see Miles keep a steady pace, all while applying a nice chokehold onto Mia. A chokehold that is nicely captured by a camera that once again gets us right in the middle of the action. It would be action that would last until Miles must cum. This. as he would go on to drain himself, as he is aimed at Mia's mouth.

An enjoyable storyline. Very good action, and even better camera work comes together to make this scene, one that is very much worth the time spent. I very much liked the creative camera work, and appreciated the fact that it dared to treat us to something differently, opposed to your run-of-the-mill setups and angles. I liked that we were pretty much put "in" said action.

I have to say that this was a pretty good scene. As someone who is pretty much set on the old school way of porn I enjoy the storylines. Yeah I like the scripted type, as opposed to the straight out gonzo. When it comes to this scene, I thought that the storyline presented here was pretty fun. Especially as Mia Kay is seemingly the perfect performer for the type. She can play; young bubbly, and horny to perfection, and that is what she does here, alongside her scene partner Sgt. Miles. Once the storyline sees Mia caught red-handed in the act of masturbation, while she also tries to lure her boyfriend, we go into a sexual fling between the two that took a small bit of time to get going truly. But once it did, let me tell you, the scene was really good! This is especially due to the execution. The direction here, in my opinion, as I mentioned was top-notch. The views - sometimes perfect. Also making everything worthwhile, was especially Mia's play on everything. Her exaggeration and reaction, and of course her wet, and sloppy squirting. Just explosions from her, here! This scene offers more than enough to recommend, which is why I do so without hesitation. A steady performance by Miles. And Mia Kay, from the very first frame, just demands one's attention!

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