Lucky Drum Stick (2022)

by - May 18, 2022

 Starring: Braylin Bailey // Logan Xander
Directed by: 
Runtime: 33 mins.

Scene Breakdown //
Our scene begins with Braylin Bailey, attempting to have some time with herself. She looks all around as she slowly begins to unbutton, and unzip her denim shorts. She would then rub herself from over panties, just prior to moving them aside. She briefly rubs at her clit, before spreading her pussy, to insert two fingers into her love hole. However unfortunately, just as she is getting into it, she finds herself rudely interrupted by her step brother Logan Xander, who is heard loudly banging on his drum set. Disappointed, Braylin would go into the other room to confront him about his disturbance. She of course, says that she is busy, and that his playing is far too loud. And besides that - Braylin says that he sucks. With all of this said, Logan however, is not having any of it, as he says that her dad, and his mom left him in charge while they're away. Braylin is still disgusted, saying that he should get a job. But he answers that he has one. Logan says that he is a "rockstar" and a "touring musician". However, Braylin replies that just because he goes to various Open Mic nights with his band, doesn't mean that he's a "touring musician". Braylin would then go back to her room, just as Logan, looks to begin again. However, just as he does, he happens to receive a phone call. It's then that the bad reception would cause him to leave the room, and that is when his sister would spring into action, as she takes her brother's drumsticks with her to the bedroom! It would be there, that she would continue where she left off. Braylin, would strip out of her clothes, and then proceed to masturbate. However, it's a special kind of masturbation, as she would include the use of one of the drumsticks, while spreading her legs wide to penetrate herself. It's also during this time that Logan would return to his set, only to find his sticks missing. It wouldn't take long to find them though, as he would quickly burst into Braylin's bedroom - thus interrupting her once more. Logan, quite frankly, can't believe what he sees. His younger stepsister getting off, while using his "lucky stick". Logan is quick to get it back, but is quite appalled to find that it now smells like pussy. Braylin would tease him, saying that he would not know what it smells like. But Logan assures her that he has plenty of experience with the scent. This of course, heightens the curiosity of horny Braylin, who would then challenge him to prove it. Logan is taken aback initially. However Braylin is serious, as she continues to taunt and tease him, asking him if he wants to fuck his little stepsister. This, as she is before him, fully nude. It's then, no matter his resistance, because soon he finds that Braylin is tasting his cock. This being the start of a sexual encounter between them. 

Positions Seen //
- reverse cowgirl
- cowgirl
- doggy
- missionary

The Review // 
Imagine this: you're a hot girl, who just wants the pleasure of getting off. You lie back on your bed to pleasure yourself, and unfortunately just as you are about to hit your peak, you're interrupted. It's your older step brother, banging away on his drum set! What a bastard!

Well, that is exactly what happens to Braylin Bailey, in this scene from BANG BROS. Braylin has an annoying older stepbrother, in Logan Xander. Logan honestly believes that he is a rock star, although he is far from it. He seems to always practice at the wrong times, and on this occasion, he just so happens to do so right when Braylin tries to be intimate, in her own personal space. It upsets her so much, that she looks to get a little revenge. How you may ask? By sticking her stepbrother's lucky drumstick into her pussy. That's how! The initial setup of the scene is a fun little storyline. One with a dash of comedy. I personally thought it was a silly, but fun scenario. I found it to be especially hot, when the story goes to Braylin Bailey masturbating with the drumstick. The scene itself is titled "lucky drumstick". Lucky drumstick indeed. Well, all of the fun and games would lead to a sexual encounter of course. This as we would see the two step siblings go at it. Braylin doubts her older bro's experience with the pussy. Logan begs to differ, and then Braylin counters, telling him to prove it. She then offering up her body, in order for he to do just that. How hot!

The sex scene would kickoff with Braylin, first having Logan's cock in her mouth. It's during this, that we see Braylin slurp and suck, and also attempt to take it down deep. As for Logan, he also fucks the face back, multiple times. After this, following up some passionate kissing between the two, Braylin returns to sucking cock, as Logan is on his back, and Braylin faces the camera. However next, Logan would instruct her to climb on for reverse cowgirl. Here, her legs are spread wide as Logan fucks her pussy at a quick pace. I have to say that during this position, we do get a very nice view of Braylin's pretty pussy, as it is just pounded. Braylin would bounce on it, prior to Logan, once again picking up business. Before it's all said and done, we would see Braylin grind on the dick a couple of times, which is actually quite sexy! A short time after this, the position would reverse to standard cowgirl, As Braylin's back would face the camera, with the position starting out with she being upright, as she bounce on the dick. However soon, Logan would do what he does a few times here, and that's to pull her in tightly, almost like a bear hug, as he just straight plows the pussy at a fast and hard pace. It truly is really good stuff to witness. He completely nails it, driving Braylin to two more orgasms. The next position would be doggy as Braylin says that she wants Logan to bend her over. He would bring her close to the edge of the bed to start. He would begin with a steady pace, but of course he would again pick up the speed. I have to say that I liked the moment that Logan stood still, allowing Braylin to simply throw her ass back. This looked great on camera. Good stuff would follow after as well, as the doggy would continue with Logan pulling her upright to go deeply into her. We would also see some choking, prior to they reverting back to the standard formation of the position. During this last stint, there would be a moment of comedy, as in character, Logan would get out his drumsticks, and proceed to "play" on Braylin's ass. Yes, as he continues to fuck. This occurring briefly, before the two of them would reconvene in the missionary position. It would take some time, but it would be the scene's final position. Braylin would have more orgasms, and then, Logan would finally work himself up to a climax of his own. The scene would end with Braylin positioning herself with her eager mouth open, as she attempts to catch Logan's load. In my opinion, this was just not a very good pop shot to end things with. There is a cut, which is poorly edited, just before we see him shoot off a haste load. It definitely could have been better. However, this is about the only real complaint that I have about the scene as a whole.

Wow. Going into this scene, I did not expect to enjoy it quite as much as I did. But I have to say that I did enjoy it quite a lot! For a scene that begins with a storyline that is as silly and comedic as this one, the resulting sex scene, sure is a solid one, I gotta say! Again, I found the story fun. But man, during the sex, these kids put in some work. I really liked the solo masturbatory stuff too, involving the drumstick, and once Braylin Bailey was paired with Logan Xander, things went up a notch, for sure. There was great eye contact between them throughout, as well as two highlights being, some heavy banging, as well as multiple orgasms received by Braylin - I think that there were more than one per position! Yes, I loved the heavy banging brought forth by Logan, who here, on multiple occasions, he just lets it fly. This, As he pounds the pussy hard. I have to admit that here, his performance was quite surprising to me. It's pretty damn solid. On the other hand, taking the dick like that Braylin surely did earn all those orgasms! So yes, this one turned out to be a very good scene, with very good effort, given by both participants. I enjoyed it all, from its story to it's sex, I enjoyed it(speaking of the story, I couldn't help but to be reminded of the movie STEP BROTHERS when it came to all of the stuff involving the drum set). This is a scene that I would definitely recommend.

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