#DPofTheMonth Newsletter Issue 1, May 2022

by - May 20, 2022

#DPofTheMonth Newsletter Issue #1 May 2022

Welcome to the first-ever #DPofTheMonth newsletter! I always want to try new things with the #DPBattle so this leads me to change things up as much as I can. Also doing a newsletter is something I've had on my mind for quite some time. You can expect the same formula of monthly polls but rather than focus on just one DP scene there will be talks of multiple scenes to be on the lookout for each month. There will still be the main scene per month nominated to be recapped and reviewed in each issue of the #DPofTheMonth newsletter while towards the end you'll get a heads up on some of the current month's new DP scenes. That section will be called the #DPSelects!

I hope to grow the newsletters with multiple editions each month but for now, you'll find them right here at Black Halo Adult Reviews. Back in February, I nominated Kelly Oliveira's update on Anal Vids while the following month in March I nominated a DP scene with Lauren Phillips from Tushy. Now let us talk about these new DP scenes!

February #DPofTheMonth Recap:

February had the #DPBattle face the question of “Does the nationality of the studio matter when watching a DP scene?” in the monthly poll. This matters because the scene I had in mind was from the internationally inclined Anal Vids network (formerly known as Legal Porno). When it was known as Legal Porno it was more Euro-focused in terms of the studios that would release the content. Nowadays you'll see studios from all across the globe take part in this massive web of anally focused content. The DPs, DAPs, and everything between can be found on this site which is updated daily. Now that this universal blend is the main flavor of the Analvids network does it matter where the content is filmed? It seems that doesn't matter to the #DPBattle as 75% of that vote went to the answer "No". Rightfully so, all the mattes are the quality of the DP scenes rather than where they came from.

Kelly Oliveira is a stunning specimen and a gift to porno. The nineteen-year-old Brazilian bombshell gets down and dirty for the massive network of anal videos already filming double anal penetration in her tender porn career. She is on fire for this nominated scene which doesn't contain DAP but has enough heat to be selected as a #DPofTheMonth scene that is a must-watch. I have to admit that just seeing her in arched doggy getting her butt hole traded off by the four male talents was enough to send me off to the races. But the entire scene lives up to its title of "Stunning Latina Returns To Gonzo For More Anal Fucking And DP". Kelly has a grouping of proven euro studs in the scene with her to fill up her holes, you'll find Yanick Shaft, Mr.Longwood, Angelo Godshack and Freddy Gong in this scene. It all goes down in a 53-minute extravaganza of hardcore XXX. The scene launched back on February 22nd thus fitting right into the viewing schedule of February’s #DPofTheMonth lineup. The excitement lives up to the promising talents of Kelly Oliveira as the slammer of a scene will reveal. I hope to see a lot more of her soon after witnessing some of the pure hotness found in her SZ2381 update from February.

March #DPofTheMonth Recap:

Whether you have green hair or red hair it doesn’t matter to the #DPBattle. The fan group behind the hashtag just wants the DPs in the pornos they watch to be hot and sexy. Back in March, I wondered if the hair color of the female talent mattered to them and asked them about it in a poll. The majority of the votes went to the answer of “No”, that it doesn’t matter the hair color of the performer with a total
of 54% of the vote. The other tally of votes of the 68 total was at 45% saying that for some reason it DID matter to them what color the hair of the female performer was in a DP scene. After the March poll wrapped up I fittingly chose a scene that was indeed hot and sexy while also containing a redhead and a very special redhead at that. Lauren Phillips was nominated as March’s #DPofTheMonth for a DP scene shot for Tushy called “Secret Crush 2”. Compared to Evil Angel and the European Anal Vids network Tushy doesn't release double penetration scenes as much as they do. But when they do release DP updates the scenes tend to be special and in line with the high-quality filming of their productions. This scene with Lauren Phillips looks to be exactly that!

The Derek Dozer-directed scene runs at exactly 50 minutes with Lauren taking on two top-tier male talents in the form of Mick Blue and Oliver Flynn. The scene starts with a recap of the last episode since this is the second of a two-part plot thread. Lauren Phillips plays the stern mother of Avery Cristy, Lauren’s daughter fucked her professor, played by Mick Blue, in part one of the "The Crush". Here is this episode you'll see Lauren alight just like the flame-red locks on her head with her acting abilities. Everything from the double blowjob you'll witness will match her acting prowess in this overall impeccable performance from Lauren.

She confronts Mick Blue in his office after finding out that her daughter did not even get good grades after getting banged in the butt by him. Soon enough her daughter’s professor confronts her with the truth that he's a freak as she suspected. They delve a bit into some BDSM as Oliver is reintroduced into the scene as the sex starts up. He's playing one of Mick Blue's quiet students lucky enough to get hands-on with this horny mother.

What I love about streaming Tushy scenes are the timestamps they have for the particular positions contained in the scene. You can jump right to the start of the double penetration in this fifty-minute-long episode if you're streaming it on the site. This scene is well-acted and has some scorching hot DP to boot and is the perfect scene for March's #DPofTheMonth with a high recommendation.

#DPSelects: So many scenes come out every month that we are just so fortunate to have all this to indulge as fans of double penetration in porno. Here are a couple of exclusives that dropped as recently as this May to fill up your plate. Maybe one of these scenes will be announced as May’s #DPofTheMonth? You’ll have to wait for a future issue of the #DPofTheMonth newsletter to find out.

Mona Azar’s First DP for Brazzers!- This fiery and buxom babe is half Persian and full-on hardcore. She’s already gifting us with some great anal scenes and Mona Azar just added double penetration to her repertoire. Did you know that the “Azar” part of her stage name means fire in Persian? Mona Azar’s 1st DP can be found on Brazzers.com and was released earlier in the month on May 2nd.

Nicole Doshi’s First DP for Tushy!- Here is another performer that is currently ablaze in the industry; Nicole Doshi! Following the same successful approach to her career, she's now throwing her hat into the DP arena after glowing in the anal space. Watch her DP debut with Mick Blue and Milan now at Tushy.com for a scene that dropped on May 8th for the high-class anal site.


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