His Hose is Bigger (2022)

by - May 12, 2022

 Starring: Angel Youngs // Damion Dayski
Directed by: 
Runtime: 30 mins.


Scene Breakdown //
The scene opens up with Angel Youngs doing her best to attract attention to her car wash. shaking her thing, as she soon happens to draw the attention of one, Damion Dayski. Angel would go on to explain that for she to wash his truck, it would be $20. It's something that Damion is definitely on board for. The scene would progress with a montage, showing Angel getting to work. We see Angel soap up every inch of Damion's truck, as her voluptuous body is on very nice display. He getting so into what she is doing, that before we know it, her very big, and very nice tits are out. This, as she gets a little carried away with the water hose. Not only, spraying her tits with it, but also between her legs. It is something that Damion himself is quick to notice. Additionally, he does his best to act surprised, and appalled. However, Angel seems to know better already. This, as she teases with her ample breasts, saying to him, that she knows that he likes them. It is then, with almost no hesitation, that Damion caves to the pressure, as he go on to join her. It is from there that Angel would like some assistance. as Damion would proceed to soap up her big tits. A closeup camera view would display the details, as the suds would run down, while Damion applies more and more. After the titties, the focus would be then the ass. This as Damion, for a short time soap things up from over Angel's denim cutoffs. But of course soon, they'd come off as well, for some nearly bare-butt soaping. As This occurs however, Angel's attention kind of wonders, as she happens to get a grab of something rather big underneath Damion's black skinny jeans. Angel is quite mesmerized, This, as she must get a look. It would be at this moment that she would quickly unzip Dayski, and pull it out. At first sight, Angel finds herself quite impressed with Damion's large cock, as she just cannot wait to get a taste. It leading to the two going from innocent afternoon carwash, to full-blown sex!

Positions Seen //
- cowgirl
- reverse cowgirl 
- spoon
- missionary
- doggy

The Review // 
For this particular review, I review a scene from REALITY KINGS, as they present here, a story-driven offering featuring hot up-and-coming contract stars, in Angel Youngs and Damion Dayski. The story finds Angel operating a one-woman, hand carwash. She's a woman who definitely knows how to lure in her business, by showing off her "assets". She does just that, when she lassos in Damion at the start.

Once the two of them agree on the price, it's up to Angel to do the deed then. That's when the scene switches gears, and goes into a beautiful carwashing montage, where Angel would use a water hose, a sponge, and even her big pair of natural tits, to get the job done. It's pretty damn hot, if you ask me! It would be in the thick of the carwash, that Damion would come to discover that Angel's tits are indeed out. He tries to resist, but of course he cannot - and who could blame him with those beautiful things? There is some soap play involving the tits, and the ass that would soon follow, and it would be that, what would lead us to a sexual encounter that would begin with a blowjob on the outside.

Angel would be first taken aback by what she sees when she gets the cock out of Damion's pants. She can't wait to get her mouth on it, and so she does. We would see her throating, as much as she can, as well as having her face fucked by Damion. The camera for several times, would switch between a side view, as well as one from overhead. I really enjoyed the look from the latter, as we could watch Angel, as she does the job. She has such beautiful eyes which are nicely visible from the view. We also get a better sense of just how good she is at sucking it. I really like her double-handed approach at it. Especially during the moment in which she underhanded Damion's balls with one hand, while sucking and stroking with the other. It was just so hot, and well coordinated! It's after this, that the two make their way to a secluded area. One that includes a couch, which they take to. Angel mounts Damion with a side mount, as she stroke his cock single-handedly. However, after this, she would insert the cock to ride it. During this sequence, we would see Angel popping her ass on the dick, as well as Damion reciprocating, fucking her back nice and hard. This, lasting for an extended period of variations. I have to say that I did like the moment we saw Angel sitting upright, to spread her ass, as Damion fuck her. For sure, hot stuff! The position would reverse next, with Angel again sitting on it. As she would spread her legs wide, the view would be aplenty, as we have a clear look at Angel's bouncing tits during this, also. She'd lean back to take it, with Dayski reaching plowing status, as they reposition on the couch. His efforts making Angel cum! In this very position, she'd once again find herself upright and bouncing and again it's hot. Angel would next be on her back, and Damion, would first eat her pussy good - stabbing it with his tongue before simultaneously fingering her - driving her really crazy. They then take the action into spoon, at Damion's request. He would respectfully begin at a slower pace, as you move in and out of her opening. They communicate well, prior to Damion increasing speed, and even adding a choke hold to the mix. This was incredibly sexy in my opinion, how Damion eventually would have a Half-Nelson applied to Angel, as he keep going, going as deep as he can, and hard. We would next have the missionary position, as Angel once again taking it. She at one point even saying that she can feel Damion, "in her throat". Shit. The position continued with an overhead, and it is a really nice one. I really like the way that Angel, spread apart her pussy lips, As Damion goes deep, and eventually makes her squirt. The last position would be doggy, where a lot of things would occur. First, Damion would fuck her straight away, before performing a series of "cock push-ups", causing him to go really deep inside of her. We would also see Angel fuck back from an overhead view. She would fuck him back, not once but twice. The second time, being in between another round of cock slamming push Ups. From here, Angel is successful in bringing Damion to eventual climax, as he would pop onto her mouth and face for the finish.

This was a great scene filled with nice energy and noticeable chemistry!

Overall, this was a very good scene. More so, because of the sexual material, as opposed to the storyline that it begins with. When it comes to the story, don't get me wrong, it was somewhat fun in nature. I really liked the carwash thing, involving Angel Youngs. Man, oh man, is her body bangin', and the montage definitely showcases it in the correct way. The acting isn't that great I have to admit. I bet Damion Dayski would even agree that he is not the best actor, by any means. Luckily however, when it comes to the sex, Dayski is a whole different animal. He really turns it on here, once he and Angel go into the sex scene. And what a sex scene it is! Once the two performers get a feel for each other, they just go for it. I'm always happy to see that Damion is not a performer with a big dick that just sits and takes it. He actually gives it. He participates. He fucks hard. He does so here with angel, and just as Angel says at one point in the scene - things are magical between them. They display great chemistry through out the showing. It's because of this, that I would definitely recommend the scene!

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