LedaLotharia.com: Leda Lotharia and Alex Jett POV (2022)

by - May 23, 2022

 Starring: Leda Lotharia // Alex Jett
Directed by: Alex Jett
Runtime: 40 mins.
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Scene Breakdown //
The scene begins with Alex Jett, introducing Leda Lotharia to the camera, as the two of them have a chance to catch up. Alex simply asks Leda "what's up". with, she replying, asking Alex how things have been lately. He says that things have been great, as he has just been doing his thing, and that is being a degenerate fucking whore with a camera. Leda happens to love what she is hearing. Saying that, that just so happens to be her favorite kind of whore. Because she says after all, while she is such a fucking whore, she doesn't always get to film her experiences. Especially, in such amazing quality. Alex would then reply saying that today she is with the "Alex Jettson". This is the to joke around a bit, giving us a little insight into their personal relationship. Leda says that she should change her name to "Leda Jettson. She would say it is almost like the two of them are already married. This, with she saying that she believes that Alex's cock has been in all of her holes multiple times at this point, as the two of them have hooked up a number of times off camera. But today, Leda says that we will have a nice view of their whore experience. We will see just what degenerates, both of them are. The next topic of conversation, would be Leda's outfit ensemble. Leda would say that it's an outfit that was chosen by "Mr. Jettson", himself. However, Alex says that Leda is being too humble, as she would finally admit to she picking it for him. We would go on to very briefly stand up to show off the outfit. It consisting of a black fishnet, long-sleeved top, with a pink bra over it. A black flowy skirt, white stockings, as well as a pair of nice black shoes that Leda happened to pick up in Seattle, she says. During this Leda would say that she looks like a doll today. Alex would agree to that however, he would say that today that she is his "fuck doll" in particular. Leda would then go on to draw attention to her pink bra, saying that it's like a present, seeing as she believes that her boobs happen to be one of her best features. It would be then that Alex would, have she go ahead and "unwrap the present", if you will. It's then that she would reveal her titties, which are of course, still covered by the fishnets. Alex would then make the remark that he wishes that he had four hands, to grab Leda's titties and to fist her ass, he says. The latter, prompting Leda to lie back on the couch, holding her legs up high, in an effort to give us a view of how it would be, should he really fist her. It would be at that moment, that her pussy would make an unplanned appearance, as it would peek out from under Leda's matching panties. Because of this, she just moves them aside to show it off. And show it off, she does. This, as she spreads it, as Alex makes a comment about how it's like a cute, little pink butterfly. Leda would continue by rubbing her pussy, saying that sometimes you just have to wake it up, by "ringing the doorbell". The doorbell that Alex calls "Satan's doorbell". Leda would then answer by saying that, you know what they say, "Jesus loves you, but Satan does that thing with his tongue that you love!". A statement that Leda says that she happened to find graffiti'ed in front of a church once. Saying that it changed her life, as she continues to touch and spread her pussy, Leda goes on to jokingly ask Alex what his body count is. Neither of them know their exact individual count, as both of them say that they lost count a long time ago. Leda even further elaborating, saying that, just for this year, she doesn't know. At the time of them filming this scene, it being April, and she already having lost count. Leda says that she recalls that a woman once called her pussy, a "community cunt". That is what Leda wishes for hers to be called. Leda says that she is a degenerate whore, something that she says that Alex likes. He agrees.

Things would then progress, when Leda asks if she should remove her panties. Alex thinks that it's a great idea, saying that she should masturbate. Leda, would begin things by turning around, as she she show off her plump backside, as she peel off the panties. She says that her ass has definitely gotten bigger, comparing it to two scoops of ice cream. This, as Alex would have she spread her cheeks, to show off her butthole. It is followed by she again lying back on the couch to masturbate. She would rub at her clit. However, she would be quick to place some fingers in. This, as Leda would say that she has had 4 cocks in it, just this week alone. Much to Alex's astonishment. She would go back and forth between the two activities of both, rubbing and fingering. All of this, while the light blue hue of her nails, showing up nicely against her olive complexion. Alex would find himself a little bit impatient, as he too would get involved, as he spread Leda's pink, as well as ring that "Satan's doorbell". Leda would also continue, in addition to showing off her winking asshole for the camera. It's a hole that Leda says, has also been stuffed this week. She would follow this up, by saying that she is like a vampire, who lives on the thirst of cum. Alex says that it sounds like a movie. This, as he has his dick out off camera, This being something that would prompt Leda to want to quench said thirst. She hopes to do just that, by sucking Alex's cock, as sexual things between them, would officially get started.

Positions Seen //
- missionary (x2)
- doggy (x2)
- cowgirl
- reverse cowgirl

The Review // 
For today's review, I have something a little different, as I review a content scene that was made for one's Only Fans. This was made possible by me, getting a hold of my good friend, Alex Jett. It was a follow-up to the news that both, he and Leda Lotharia are now officially dating. I thought, "what better way to mark said occasion than to review their latest joint content scene together?" There is no better way. so here we are! 

The whole vibe of this scene, is one that is pretty laid back. These are two individuals who are pretty much best friends. They know each other well. In fact, off-camera they spend a lot of time together. A lot of that time being reserved for fucking. From the conversation prior to the scene, we learned that the two of them have been together intimately. quite a bit. Leda even says that she believes that Alex's has had his cock in all of her holes. She even said that Alex has been inside of her more times than anyone else. This was quite something to learn here. However, at the same time, I cannot say that I am the least bit surprised. Because after all, these are two self-proclaimed "degenerate whores" The pre-scene chatter is a lot of fun. They would even continue it as Leda would go on to start things by sucking Alex's cock. This, as she would describe some of the two's previous sexual hookups. One time the two fucked in a cave, and then another time, Leda squirted more than she ever has and it got everywhere. Not to mention that Alex himself, happened to creampie her as well, they described it as being really messy.

The sexual encounter between the two of them, as I said, begins with some dick sucking. Leda, getting right to it, getting to her knees, as she assume the proper position. She would then be seen spitting and slurping on the head of the cock. This, prior to she also ttend to his balls. She would go back and forth, as she apparently knows exactly what Alex likes - he even mentioning this. At one point, we see Leda taking a double-handed grip to the cock, as she suck it. It's almost like as if she was hugging it. She loves this guy! She would continue to lick his balls, as well as slurp and throat the shaft, taking it down deep. She would even compare the size of the cock, saying that it is longer than her face, and bigger than her hand. She continues slurp, as we have an overhead POV view. Alex eventually says it is about that time. Time for Leda to get fucked. At this point, the views had been great. However, we would soon find that they would get even better as the two of them would take to the couch for more action. They first planned going to the missionary position. But things with Leda, just looked too good for Alex, who beforehand has she lie back and play with herself again for his camera, as well as his own enjoyment. Leda would wet her hand with some spit, prior to bringing it to touch herself. She would briefly rub her clit, before Alex would enter her. The view for us is overhead POV. Alex makes sure to ease it in, to assure that we see it going in on camera. He would begin with a steady pace. However, after some time he would improve his pacing to one that is faster. It would cause her to cum rather quickly. After some time well spent in the position, Alex would pull out, only to have Leda reveal just how much he has stretched out her pussy hole. Following this, the next position would be doggy, with Leda on all fours. She teases him with an upskirt, saying that she knows that Alex likes that type of thing. However, with that said, he quickly says that he wants to see her butthole. He does say that it is a beautiful sight. From here, Leda would once again play with herself, and it's amazing. That's because this time around, she ends up putting four fingers into her pussy, as she essentially fists herself. An act that does indeed surprise Alex, who wasn't expecting it. After the shock and awe, Alex would then proceed to fuck Leda from behind in the doggy. An overhead view would show us the way. This, as Alex would be consistent with his pacing, while he go in and out of Leda's pussy. We have the standard overhead view, as Leda look back at us, as well as one from the side from the opposite direction. The next position set up would be my favorite variation of the doggy position. That being the one that they call "lazy dog". This, as Alex instructs Leda to lie flat on her stomach with her legs held tightly together. Thus creating the ultra tight space for Alex to enter as he straddle her legs. I just love this position for some reason. Maybe it's a tight squeeze Maybe it's the butt? Who knows? But anyway, here Alex would continue to fuck the pussy, having Leda spread apart her ass to very good looking results. Next up, Leda would go on to ride the cock, first in the standard cowgirl position. She would climb on top of Alex, as the camera is now stationary, but still looking good. Leda would start off by grinding on the dick. As we would see she leaned forward for a very brief moment, she would bounce on the cock rather quickly. This is a position, during the scene that I found to be just to chaotic. Both Leda and Alex seemed to have a difficult time in getting something going. Following the position, it would reverse itself, as it would be reverse cowgirl, as she face the camera with her legs spread wide and her feet planted. The action here, consisting of she bouncing on it, as well as Alex firing back. They would make a return to the doggy position next, although, this time around, our view is much different. That's because we have a view that is from the side, but angled low, Alex from here, fucks the pussy in the straightaway, as he just jabs at the pussy with his hard cock. This time the doggy is then followed by some fully straddled missionary, during which we have an extreme close-up view of Leda's pussy, and butthole. it's just glorious, I have to say. Initially Leda is solo as we see she spread apart her pussy wide for the camera. We can basically see deep within her. It would be then that she would go on to experiment with fisting herself once again, and this time she is much more successful, as Alex provides her with her some lube. But it's even after all this, that Leda's pussy is still hungry for cock. And of course, Alex has the cock to provide, too. I really loved this moment in the scene. Alex fully straddles her front from this position and proceeds to plunge his cock, deeply. It's almost like a jackhammer effect. Consistent, and straight pounding! After Leda would endure this, and also again reach climax, she wonders why Alex hasn't cum yet. She looks to solve that, and soon would. This, Leda would be again on her back from the couch, as Alex hover over her chest. Leda would start off by tugging at his cock, only to leave Alex to do it himself, as he would begin to jerk it hard, soon causing himself to cum. We see him shoot a nice big load all over Leda's face, just as she asked. I have to tell you, Alex has some of the best popshots I have seen. Now it may be something strange to admire like that but, not a lot of guys are producing loads like that. It's impressive.

Overall, yes this scene is as good as I thought it would be. The chemistry between this newly cemented couple, is definitely off the charts. They are simply amazing together, and enjoyable to watch. About the only fault in the scene that I have, is that during the cowgirl position they had a little bit of trouble finding their rhythm, so to speak. However, the majority of the scene is just great. This, due to Alex Jett's impeccable POV camerawork. If you know Alex, then you know that he has the best, top-of-the-line equipment for his work, and the end result is just beautiful. Whether it be hand held footage or stationary, the views here are crisp and clean. We feel as though we're there. This dude has definitely mastered the art of point of view. And again, I must say that the lazy dog position from the couch, was definitely a real treat in my opinion. Here, Leda Lotharia and Alex Jett work together passionately, to create a scene that is both sexy, as well as funny. The relationship between the two just works. The two of them really hit it off together, and here they do so for our viewing pleasure. I do recommend it. Head on over to Leda Lotharia's Only Fans page to check it out. It's a lot of fun to take in!

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