Are You Done Yet? (2022)

by - May 24, 2022

 Starring: Khloe Kapri // Diego Perez
Directed by: Levi Cash
Runtime: 20 mins.

Scene Breakdown //
In this scene, Khloe Kapri has taken her Stepdad's expensive sports car out for a joyride. What would be an absolute nightmare for her, is for her stepbrother, Diego Perez to tell on her. She would do anything to not let that happen. This, as she explains it to him, as she says that she will cover for him in the future, just as he is now doing for her. She says that she will do anything. Unfortunately for Khloe however, it would be these words that Diego would take to heart. Because, he would go on to put his stepsister on the spot. when he says that he wants to get a look at her tits. Khloe, simply cannot believe what she is hearing. Diego is her stepbrother after all. She finds the proposition to be rather weird, of course. She can't believe it. Nonetheless, she gives in to her stepbrother's request. Because, the alternative  of he telling his dad about she taking his car out for a drive would be a far worse scenario. But it's after Diego gets a peek at his sister's titties, that he'd want more. He would go on to push the envelope even further, by asking Khloe if he could touch them. Again she is shocked. But again, she complies. We move ahead to sometime later, when Khloe believes that she is all alone, while taking a shower. However, that would not be the case, as lurking around would be Diego, who would get an eyeful. Because not only has he seen his stepsister's tits, he has now seen her fully nude. Khloe is embarrassed, but Diego uses what he knows against her once again to get what he wants. This, as he would stand and watch his sister finish off her shower. It would be from that point, that horny, young Diego just can't get enough. That's because we would then see he approach Khloe for a third, and final time. She is in her bedroom texting on her phone, when she is approached by Diego, who happens to not say much of anything at first. He just stands there which would have Khloe feeling weirded out, as she finally confronts him. Despite having seen his stepsister in the buff already, Diego would go on to confess that he has always wanted to fuck her, as well. It's a revelation that really has Khloe confused. He is her brother! Diego goes on to sweeten the deal, as he says should she want to take the car out one more time, it's cool. That he will cover for her again. This does get Khloe thinking. She says that after all, there is a party next week, and for her, it would be indeed ideal to impress, by pulling up in a nice car. This idea, making it a deal with her stepbrother that she just cannot pass up, and so she would once again give in to her brother's kinky desires. Just as long as Diego promises that she does not have to be into it. It's from there, that a sexual encounter between the two step siblings takes place, as Khloe bends over, allowing Diego to take her from behind.

Positions Seen //
- doggy
- missionary

The Review // 
For this review, I visit a saga between a pair of step siblings, Khloe Kapri and Diego Perez, to be exact. The two of them have a friendly sibling rivalry going on just like any other siblings do. What we have here between them, is one sibling, not telling on the other one. Because, if they did, the other would be in some serious trouble. Here, Khloe would be that person, because she just so happens to have taken her Stepdad's costly ride out for a spin. Obviously, dad would freak out if he ever caught wind of it. When it comes down to it, here we simply have a storyline scenario in which the brother takes full advantage of what he has in front of him. His hot stepsister will do anything to not get found out, and Diego uses that to his fullest advantage and strength. First, he gets to see, as well as feel some titties, and then he gets to see some wet ass in the shower. But then he would be in for the ultimate, in the end. This, as he uses the blackmail to reach the pinnacle. This, as he would end up sinking his hard pecker deep into his hot sister's wet pussy!

As far as the overall set up here goes, it is one that is pretty typical of "step porn". One having something to hold over the other one, using it to get what they want from them. It's typical happens in everyday life. As in particular, what it is going for the whole time is definitely comedy. Especially during its third, act, during which Diego finally gets some of that stepsister pussy that he is has always dreamed about, ever since she moved in. So with that said, and as you can imagine, the storyline heavy narrative relies firmly on the acting of the two performers itself. In my opinion, as far as the acting goes, I found it to be just okay. Passable, if you want to call it that. Out of the two performers, Diego Perez, was here the most "wooden", and hesitant when it came to acting out the lines. Luckily for him, on the opposite side, he had Khloe Kapri to kind of lean on. For me, when it comes to the acting, I found that Khloe pretty much saved it. Her facial expressions and her reaction to everything was valuable here, especially when it came time to give up her pussy. A time that she was required to act super annoyed, and otherwise is interested in her stepbrother Diego's dick. Her performance during the sex. Rather her acting performance, and not her sexual performance, was just priceless. During this whole act, what was most important for her character, was texting on her phone. This is something that she never stopped doing. Even during the sex, and not even as she was sucking dick! It's just so funny. Just imagine it. This in addition to she continuing to ask Diego, if he is done yet. All while we have a nice overhead view of Khloe's hot. Toned and sun tanned body, as it is banged.

As for the sexual material itself, as said above, it begins with the doggy position, as Khloe makes herself available by bending over. The view from here is fantastic, as we have an overhead POV view, for most of the position. Khloe's tan-lined ass looking just amazing from the position. The storyline material carries over as well. This, as in the beginning, Diego isn't quite sure as to what to do. An annoyed Khloe, would actually have to instruct him, as she would tell him that her pussy is actually located a bit higher, and that he should wet his cock with some spit first. This stuff was fun. Eventually, Diego would get it, as he would be off to the races, if you will, as he hammer the pussy from behind, at a hard, but even pace. After some time in doggy, he would go on to politely ask Khloe if she would put it in her mouth next. Somehow, it's something else that he gets she to agree to doing. However that does not mean that she would stop texting on her phone. After administering the blowjob, Khloe believes that it would be all over. It's not. Because, as it turns out, Diego would not be finished with her. It would be at this point that Khloe's character is beyond over it. She basically tells him to take what he wants, so that they can just get it over with. Because, after all, her show starts in an hour, and she could not be bothered. It's from here, that Diego would continue fucking Khloe. The position this time, being missionary, as Khloe is on her back. These two performers remain in character the whole time, and a funny thing about this, was that Diego would make mention that the two of them "have each other's backs", well Khloe would snap back with a witty response, saying that well Diego also has she on her back. Just funny stuff. I have no idea if this particular line was ad-libbed, or not, but I hope so! Khloe's character is just a savage! Well anyway, this position would see Diego continuing his sexual performance. One, that I surprisingly found to be pretty solid. While he might have been dry with his acting, and line delivery, at least his sexual performance was a notch above it. The position would see Diego go, and go until he can't anymore. And while I expected him to pull out to finish, it was much to my surprise, that the scene itself happens to come to the end with a creampie finish. It's a finish that I did not expect to see, and it is one that definitely gives the scene a few bonus points in my eyes. It's a rather nice finish in my opinion.

When it comes to these types of scenes, they are ones that will be sort of divided, when it comes to those who enjoy them, as well as those who do not. For instance, those who like their porn to be all sex, as well as be an hour long, may not enjoy a 20 minute scene like this one, that is more story and comedy-heavy, relying less on the sex, with the latter being more of a device rather, than a subject. But for those who enjoy the storylines, and see the scenes as being more like episodes, then this scene is somewhat fun, I will admit. Although, it's not great, it's enjoyable. As I said, Khloe Capri really carried the scene, as far as the acting goes. But then yes, Diego did well after, so it is what it is. A nice mash-up of unevenness.

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