#DPofTheMonth Newsletter Issue 2

by - July 11, 2022

 Welcome to the second issue of the #DPofTheMonth Newsletter! In this issue, I talk about May’s poll where I asked the readers how they felt about a newsletter vs the standard-issue reviews I used to do. Also in this issue, two sizzling hot #DPSelects are discussed. Info on a poll that was unleashed back in April regarding the ideal length of scenes according to the #DPBattle fandom is in here. This second issue of the newsletter can be considered the summer edition coinciding with all the hot DP scenes we’ve been getting along with the hot summer weather. Before you take a dip in a pool to cool off there are some double penetration scenes to dive into for this season of steaming sleaze.

April #DPofTheMonth Recap:

The #DPBattle loves to watch DP scenes and that isn’t a secret at all. Well, back in April I wanted to know how long they like their scenes to be. So I put up a poll asking them what the ideal length was. As a reviewer and writer, I actually appreciate shorter scenes. It allows me more time to write thus giving me the opportunity to watch more scenes which leads to even more writing. The more time for porn the merrier, no matter the length I’ll find a way to watch it. I wish I had infinite time to watch the nearly infinite amount of porn available out there but with the DP scenes, we have in this issue I was there for every minute. The poll gave the choices of an average of 20-30 mins vs 40-50 mins. But as a fan myself I can appreciate the fact that longer scenes equate to more screen time with DPs, the fans love that as the votes show. Surprisingly the votes were close on this one and it makes sense in regards to all of our varying tastes and the sheer amount of scenes available. Whether you watch porn to write about it or just consume it for the very reason it exists, to get off, there is something out there for you.

The scene nominated for April is six feet and three inches of sexy, as the self-described Rocky Emerson says during the intro of said scene. April’s #DPofTheMonth is her Perv City scene released back on March 31st, now I know what you’re thinking, how is it April’s #DPofTheMonth when it came out in March? Well, the criteria still stand with a two-week window for a scene released during the previous month to bleed into possible nomination status for the present month. Meaning since it was released a day away from April 1st it is more than eligible for an April nomination for #DPofTheMonth.

Could you imagine seeing this lovely and lengthy lady doing standing DP? Well, I asked about that before the scene was released during one of Maestro’s famous post-scene live streams that he does on Twitter. It was a resounding “yes” as he answered my question from the stream’s chat. Ramon and Mike were hanging out during this post-scene discussion shared with the fans over Twitter. Consider it a Maestro Claudio tradition to do these live and interactive behind-the-scenes sessions after filming. You see the standing DP happen about 40 minutes into the scene, by the way.

May #DPofTheMonth Recap:

I’m repeating myself when I say that I want to try new things with the #DPBattle. The last poll in May was centered around this motive of trying new things. For a while now I’ve been reviewing scenes that I’ve specifically selected to review each month as a "#DPofTheMonth". The poll no longer determines that but now I don’t want to do a monthly thing for just one scene. I’d rather talk about more porn and feature multiple scenes to discuss in a newsletter format. The poll for the month of May asked what the #DPBattle preferred and they chose reviews by a whopping 75 % of the vote (out of 20 votes). I guess they really like to read my reviews and I’m flattered but I aim to stay on this format of bringing a newsletter regarding the latest and hottest double penetration scenes for the foreseeable future.

May’s #DpofTheMonth is the mega smasher of a scene that came as Mona Azar’s exclusive first DP. Brazzers brought this banger of a DP debut to us as an update back on May 2nd. What a whopper of a scene that had a mini showcase feel. This epic production style allows the #DPBattle to marvel at Mona Azar’s awesome performing abilities that were finally translated into the arena of double penetration. This scene is stacked with a supporting cast further driving home that mini-showcase vibe. You’ll see Hyley Winters, Diana Grace, and Oliver Faze in non-sex roles to hype up the scene during the intro. Ricky Johnson and Isiah Maxwell are the male talents that are lucky enough to christen Mona Azar’s holes for this artsy DP scene. You’ll see the first marks of Mona’s first DP happen around the eight-minute mark of the scene.

Issue 2’s #DPSelects:

Liz Jordan’s First DP (HardX): This scene was a little exclusive treat from the XEmpire network. The scene dropped on June 11th with a brisk length of 32 minutes. The exciting scene has the new tart taking on Ramon Nomar and Mick Blue. It has a brief bite and should fit in any gooning playlist snugly.

-Kenna’s Red Hot DP (Hard X): Kenna James channels the epic feel of the bikini glam era with this Hard X DP that was delivered back on May 28th. The scorcher slams through a little over 30 minutes in length of pure DP lust. Having the blood-red speed machine as a set-piece further drives home that vintage porn vibe.  Kenna faces Mick Blue and Ramon Nomar keeping that pace Hard X has to unleash in the modern porn world. A serving of muscle cars, a hot babe, and fast-paced hardcore sex.

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