TushyRaw.com: Sweet As Honey (2022)

by - September 06, 2022

 Starring: Honey Hayes // Mick Blue
Directed by: Derek Dozer
Runtime: 41 mins.

Scene Breakdown //
The scene begins with an outdoor setting, while Honey Hayes teases us. It is something that comes easy to her, as her big doe eyes catch our attention, Honey is wearing a purple wool, top and bottom ensemble, complete with an off-white colored, pair of glasses. It's during the tease, that we also make note of the fact that Honey is without panties.

The teasing would continue once she is inside. We are along with her, as Honey is next in a dimly-lit room. First, Honey shows off her ass, as she spreads it a little. This, prior to she crawling over to the edge of a bed, as she would give us a better look at a buttplug, which just so happens to be lodged into her asshole. Pink and jeweled, we get a better look at it when she props over her legs to the side, while pulling her panties likewise. It's during this, that her ripe pussy lips peek out from the undergarment. She then assures herself, by saying just how good the plug looks in her tight little asshole. Eventually, she would make her way onto her back. Her legs are held high from here, as she touches herself, as well as move the plug in and out of her ass. She would make mention of just how tight her ass is, saying that it can barely fit. Honey continues on from here, saying that she is so horny, and that she wishes that someone would come fuck her ass right now. Well, as luck would have it for Honey, her wish is his command, as Mick Blue comes into frame. He who first offers a hand with the buttplug.

Positions Seen //
- side fuck
- reverse cowgirl (anal)
- doggy (anal)
- cowgirl (anal)
-standing cowgirl (anal)
- spoon (anal)

The Review // 
With this scene, I make my long-awaited return to the fold, after a much-needed long hiatus. With this in mind, I believe that I chose a great scene to make my comeback with. It's a scene from TUSHY RAW, that just so happens to feature one of my favorite performers, in Miss Honey Hayes. This, as she gladly take it in the ass, from none other than the legendary Mick Blue!

This scene is one of no-nonsense, as following some very brief soloing. both outdoors, and then inside involving a butt plug, it gets right down to business when Mick gets involved. He's quick to lend a hand. On this, I do have to say that this has to be one of the best finger-jobs I've ever witnessed. Here we have Mick, pummeling Honey's asshole with his fingers, while she simultaneously finger-bangs her own pussy. It's so hot(and they go at it hard, too!). 

Sooner or later, his mind is off the ass, for a brief second, and onto her pussy. The first act seen, is indeed vaginal sex. It would go on to look absolutely fantastic! Honey would have her legs held tightly together, causing her young pussy to literally stretch around Mick's cock. I loved it, and apparently, Honey did too! This of course, would be followed up by having she face fucked by Mick. It's during this, that she is, without a doubt, poised displaying no gag reflex, very impressive, if you ask me. Mick would then, be quick to try out Honey's butthole next. For this, the action would go to reverse cowgirl. Here, I was grateful for the wide open view. Not only do we have Honey's luscious bush in front of us, we also see the asshole taking the hit. Honey would take it well, as Mick would slam her down. Oil now becomes involved, and she also kind of narrates the action as it transpires, as if she is talking to us and not the camera. Breaking that fourth wall, if you will. Honey talks to "us" several times in the scene. I think it's brilliant, and appears to have been something done on the spot. As for the actual sex shown here, the camera gives us several closeup penetrative views, that just look phenomenal. Not to mention that Honey once again deeply fingers herself, implanting several fingers.

From then on, it is virtually all anal, as the next position seen, following more face fucking is doggy. A position that Honey says is her favorite. Well, Mick does give it to her good here, working at an increasing pace, The pounding from here continuing, as Mick props Honey's left leg over, as she looks down in between her legs while being fucked. It's during, that she would talk to the camera once again. Following doggy, Honey would once again climb on top. This time, it would be for the standard variation of cowgirl. Here, we have more upright bouncing, as Mick's dick take the plunge deep into ass. But what I really liked, was the anal in standing cowgirl, which would occur next. This was great to see. I wanted more. Especially seeing as Honey says that no one had ever done that with her before, when speaking of the anal! It was very pleasing to the eye!

Well, it's after said excitement, that things go to what is pretty much Mick Blue's signature position, spoon. He always hits it hard from here, only this time there's an added bonus, and we essentially have  three things that go on at once. Mick's cock is in Honey's ass - he's fucking it. His fingers are in her pussy, and she's also rubbing her clit. All at the same time. Just wow! I also liked how Mick briefly teased the pussy with his cock, without actually putting it in.

It would of course, all lead to the final position. That being missionary, as Mick pulls Honey to the edge of the bed. It's here that Mick would be consistent, building himself up to climax rather quickly. The scene would come to an end with Mick rushing to jerk it over Honey's face, as she prepare to catch a load. And that she does, as Mick blasts her across the face with a hot one. What a way to end the scene with a nice big pop shot. Honey was plastered by Mick, and she loved it!

In the end, this is, and was a great scene. Solid all around. Not just in performance by Honey Hayes and Mick Blue. But also in its overall execution. This is a scene that serves us a lot of beautiful views. The Director, Derek Dozer, has Honey bent up and placed in a number of positions. All to achieve the best looking, and unique shots. Like I said above, I really enjoyed the positioning at the start of the penetration. With Honey's legs held high and tight, her pussy was fat, and for the taking. What a view that was! But as I said, it's not the only one. You will find many beautiful looking positions through out. Of course. with TUSHY RAW, the production is at a minimum. But with that said, this is definitely a scene that proves that you don't need all of that to create a scene that is effective. It just needs to be well captured, and this scene, definitely is. In capable hands, Honey and Mick deliver a great, almost all-exclusive butt-ramming. It's a scene, during which, Honey never loses her smile. Not even once! I recommend!

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