Dora Belle: My Daughter's Hot Friend (2022)

by - September 13, 2022

 Starring: Dora Belle // Filthy Rich
Directed by: 
Runtime: 27 mins.

Scene Breakdown //
The scene begins with Filthy Rich coming home, and much to his surprise, there is Dora Belle - his daughter's best friend. It's a surprise to Rich, because he was under the assumption that the two of them had parted ways. That they were friends no longer. However, Dora assures him that, that isn't the case. She says that she is waiting for his daughter to return home, but doesn't yet give reason. It's in the meantime though, that Rich attempts conversation. Rich starts by saying that he has not seen Dora since she went away to college. He asks her how that is going. Dora answers that things are good. She also gives a similar answer when asked about her parents, saying that he has not seen them in a while as well. It's then that through her quick answers, and also the fact that she just cannot keep her eyes away from her phone, that the older, wiser Rich senses that something just isn't right. Dora isn't her usual bubbly, and happy-go-lucky self. Dora would  confirm this, saying that the reason that she is there, is that she was hoping to vent to Rich's daughter. Unfortunately, however, he says that she won't be back for some time. This leaving only the two of them together for the time being. So it's by default, that Dora sees fit to vent to whom she calls, "Mr. Rich" instead. It turns out that, Dora just so happens to be going through it with her boyfriend at the moment. She says that recently, while going through his phone, she found text messages from not one, but multiple females. He takes no responsibility for it, leaving young Dora in quite the predicament. She says that she has been with him for so long, that she is feeling kind of stuck, not knowing whether to leave him or not. Rich would offer his advice, saying to her that he has been in quite a few relationships. That he is experienced in this sort of thing. He says that when you're young, that relationships have a tendency to hurt. He then asks Dora, if she has ever heard of a "rebound"? She hasn't. Rich goes on to explain, that a rebound is when after someone cheats on you, you cheat back on them. He says that this, usually makes You feel better. Rich says that his ex-wife continuously cheated. Something that he had a tough time getting over. That was until he says, that he had a "rebound". He then suggests that Dora do the same, asking if her boyfriend might possibly have someone in common that she may fuck to get back at him with. However, when it comes to friends and family, it's pretty nil. The guy has no friends, and also doesn't get along with his family. So, who else? The answer is actually fairly simple for Dora - she wants to fuck, none other than her best friend's dad, Mr. Rich himself!  Initially, Rich is obviously taken aback. He's cautious. Because after all, she Is his daughter's best friend. Her bestie! Dora would continue to come on strong however, as she go on to feel up the older Rich from over his slacks. Dora can't help but notice that he is already hard - something that intrigues her even further. Rich does his best to resist Dora's charm - hard-on and all. However, Rich would give in, once getting a look at Dora's ripe, young titties. It would only be then that the sexual rebound between the two would quickly begin!

Positions Seen //
- cowgirl
- reverse cowgirl
- spoon
- doggy

The Review // 
For today's review, I take a look at a scene from NAUGHTY AMERICA, and their series, "My Daughter's Hot Friend". The scene features a new girl that I have been curious about. That new girl being Dora Belle, in this, her very first released professional porno scene. It's a big way to start, as NAUGHTY AMERICA involves her in a storyline about a cheating, long-time boyfriend.

Yes, Dora has caught her boyfriend cheating on her with multiple women. Her young heart is broken, and so she has come to her best friend to vent. Only she isn't there. But her friend's daddy is - and we all know where it goes from there! It's the typical porno setup. It's all too familiar, yet for some reason it's still somewhat fun. Dora is really nervous as she delivers lines, as well as responses. She does have some charm. However, it's like we don't get to know her personality much, as she pretty much sticks to the outline, not allowing herself to get loose. I find it to be much more enjoyable when performers ad lib, and just have fun with it. But I will say that I did enjoy her accent. The way that she says that Rich is "already hard", when she discovers it, is pretty hot.

This actually being the beginning of the sex. Rich starts by sucking on Dora's tits, as he can't resists. Dora would also eventually stroke the cock as well. However, things would pick up once Dora asks if she can suck on it. Rich asks her to get it wet and she does. Personally, I really liked the closeups here from the camera. It really got in there, giving us a great view, as Dora takes Rich's shaft all the way down her throat. Good stuff! After some fingering of the clit by Rich, as Dora lie back, it would be her turn to ride the dick, as she straddles it. The position would be standard cowgirl, as we watch the dick go in and out of Dora's tight pussy, as she bounce on it. Things are kind of slow from here, until Rich, picks up the pace, slamming her down harder. However again, things becoming most interesting once the camera takes a close up approach, as we literally see Dora's tight pussy, grip and slide down the shaft. It's good footage for sure. After this, Dora would reverse herself for reverse cowgirl as Rich wants to get a look at her ass, as she would continue here to bounce. However, the next position would be spoon. It also featuring closeup action. focusing on the penetration. It being another position that Filthy commands, as he fucks the pussy at an increasingly hard pace. The next set up is doggy, and in my opinion, it has to be the scene's best looking position. Why? because it feature's Dora's firm ass, as she is bent over to take it from behind. Rich loves the view as well, and it seems to only encourage him to go at it harder. He would eventually switch to a side mount to continue the position. This prior to they finishing out with Dora being deep on her knees, face down and ass up. It would be enough to drive Rich to finish.

The scene would come to an end, with Filthy jerking his cock over Dora's face, just prior to hitting it with a nice big load. One that streams down her face. Nice!

The scene was Dora Belle's very first professional scene release and it shows. She shows potential, and I'll be looking out for more. However here, speaking honestly, the nerves were definitely there. Luckily for her, she was paired with an accomplished performer like a Filthy Rich.

In the end, I can't say that this is a bad scene. It's good. However, I felt that it was not great either. As I said the story is good enough. It's fun spirited. But nervousness was abound. For her first scene, one can tell that Dora was definitely nervous. It's something that she is surely to come out of, the more and more experienced she becomes in the adult game. I hope she does, because she seems to have what it takes to become a fan favorite. So yes, for me, this was Rich's scene, as he carried the load (pun intended). He definitely drove it home during a few instances in the scene, if you know what I mean. He is a pretty solid performer! So to close, I won't tell you to pass on it. But I will say that there is definitely room for improvement. I would have liked to have seen Dora be a bit more interactive.

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