Found The Cheat Codes (2022)

by - September 22, 2022

Starring: Reese Robbins // Tommy Gunn
Directed by: 
Runtime: 37 mins.


Scene Breakdown //
It's time to take the SATs, and pig-tailed schoolgirl, Reese Robbins is hard at work. Or is she? She is being overseen by her professor, Mr. Tommy Gunn, and he has a sinking suspicion. He is suspicious, as Reese  appears to be continuously looking down at something. Something that he initially believes to be her phone. However, Reese is very adamant that she is indeed, not looking at her phone, and that she is simply, just trying to take the test. Things would continue on, only for Tommy, a short time to once again show concern, when he catches Reese looking down again. This, as he then would proceed to confiscate said phone. However, little does he know that the problem would persist. That's because his suspicions are correct. Reese has been cheating, and that cleverly tucked into the right leg of her panties, under her plaid skirt, is a neatly written answer sheet. One that until now, she has successfully concealed. After taking the phone, Tommy, would think that the problem is solved, until he believes to have spied, she looking at something on the inside of her sweater, But Reese swears that it is just some loose sweater "fuzzies". She would happen to actually dodge a bullet again, because like before, she just so happens to be looking at another sheet of answers. This time, it being taped inside of her sweater. Reese would be able to prolong the act a little bit further from there, until Tommy knows that there just has to be something up, and decides to give further inspection. This, despite Reese continuing to deny everything. Tommy would make it known, that he has the suspicion that Reese is cheating. He would even make a close assumption, when asking her if she has the answers written down on her legs, or something. Close but no cigar, as they say. He would go back to his desk. However, when asking Reese for her age, it's clear that it is obvious to him what he needs to do next. That's when he would have Reese get up from her desk. He instructs she to lift up her skirt, as he is now on the search for evidence. Reese, can't believe what she's hearing. She'd claim harassment by her teacher. Tommy however, is unfazed, when he offers to lift up her skirt himself. Much to Reese's surprise. Tommy takes the initiative, lifting up the skirt, only to find the evidence that he was hoping to find. This, as he locates not just one, but two cheat sheets, tucked into both sides of her white panties. Tommy is not surprised in the least, as he then threatens to tell the principal who in turn, would notify Reese's parents. She would almost certainly be expelled. It being something that Reese obviously does not want. Tommy knows this of course, as he looks to use the predicament to his ultimate advantage, when he proposes that the two of them do something that could help each other out. Saying the two of them "have a little fun". Tommy says that he could help her get a good score on the test, while she on the other hand, can "make his job a little more exciting", he says. It would be then that he would continue to further inspect Reese, saying that he wants to check her blouse. But like before, she is quick to deny it. But Tommy is determined, as it can be more leverage in getting what he wants from his young, enticing student. When he is belly-to back to Reese, as he attempts to feel up her tits, it feels a little awkward. Reese swears that it is just her shirt. But upon lifting it up, he would go on to find that, not only did she have the answers hidden away in her panties, she also had them under her sweater as well. Reese desperately scrambles to make up excuses for her wrongdoings. Tommy has had enough however, as he seems to have just the thing to wash her dirty, lying mouth out with, he says. His cock! It's then, before Reese can get another word out, that she finds her mouth stuffed with exactly that. A sexual encounter between student and teacher, progresses rather quickly!

Positions Seen //
- doggy (x3)
- missionary
- side fuck
- cowgirl (x2)
- reverse cowgirl (x2)

The Review // 
Today's review for TEAM SKEET features one Reese Robbins, a cute young performer, who I have been wanting to check out, and review for a while now. It has taken this long to getting around to that. However, I don't believe that I could have chosen a better Reese Robbins scene to start with, than this one.

All of us remember our school days, and the times that we were faced with a very difficult test, right? So difficult, that we even entertained the idea of cheating? While hopefully, none of us actually did it - when it comes to Reese Robbins in this scene. She is one who is brave enough to do it. In fact, "Lil Braceface", has cheat sheets galore! This girl has them in her panties, even! Anything to get a good score. And speaking of "getting a good score" that would be the whole idea. When she's caught red-handed by her teacher, Tommy Gunn, Reese will do anything to stay out of trouble, and to ensure that she gets a good score on the test. Yes, even if that means fucking the much older Tommy, right there in his class room! What would follow would be a fun-spirited romp. So spirited, that no piece of furniture was safe!

The sex between Reese and Tommy gets underway, in a way that is nice. This, as Tommy, shoves his cock into her mouth. I definitely liked this. I liked the way that he just crammed it in there, as his character says it is his way to wash out her dirty, lying mouth. Reese does a great job of interacting with this occurrence. She keeping her eyes open wide, as to act surprised. The storyline being on her mind also, as she pretends to want to resist. However, at one point, her true self shines through also. This, as she both spit and slobber on the dick. Wet and messy. I like it! Tommy, would also go on to ad-lib during this, as his shaft ends up being sideways along Reese's wet lips. It would be during this time, that he'd make mention of she playing the harmonica. Mimicking, as he moves his cock in and out, between her lips. Funny stuff!

The first instance of penetration, would come from doggy, when Tommy bends Reese over his desk and puts it in. It would end up in a steady pace, as he asks Reese, if he is stretching her out. He asks, if she thinks it's big. She replying that it isn't the biggest one she's ever had, but that it feels good? Tommy then asks, whom had the biggest? Asking if it was the gym teacher. Damn, what a priceless, made up on-the-fly piece of dialogue this ,was between the performers. This was so hilarious. Oh my God! This kind of ad-libbing would be heard though out the scene. I love it! Another one of my favorite times, would also come during this same position as well. Soon, Reese has one leg up on the desk, prior to it being back down again, as she's bent over. Well, prior to Tommy again reinserting himself, he spits on the pussy. It's from there, that Reese in character, claps back, saying, "I can't believe you just spit on my pussy!" It's excellent, the way she stayed in character. Following this, we'd see Reese take to her hands and knees on the floor for more doggy. Only this time, Tommy would fully straddle her. In between this, Reese would suck dick. Including an instance during which she'd arch her back. It was cool to see.

Reese, would then be on the desk, as she's on her back to be fucked in the missionary. Tommy would continue her at a steady pace. it causing Reese to say that she can feel him in her stomach. Tommy even feeling as well. He seeming to confirm it to be true. It's after some side fucking, that Reese would climb on to ride the dick. I do have to say that this position - cowgirl being my favorite of the scene. Simply because it's so reckless. Reese being slammed down so hard here, that the items on the desk just fly everywhere. They don't give a shit. The sound of things spilling on to the floor left and right. It even sounds like the are breaking the fucking desk after a while!  Additionally, Reese's ass, also looks amazing when she plants her feet and bounces. Holy shit! Things would then go to reverse cowgirl after. Reese, once again having her feet planted, as she bounces on the dick steadily. Man, her dark bush looks great from this position. It being a position which lasts briefly. That's because, she'd next be back to sucking cock, as Tommy remains on his back.

Reese attends to his cock and balls here, before Tommy offers a suggestion, once he happens to spot Reese's phone on his desk. He says that the young girl should take some pics of she sucking his dick to show her friends. She thinks that that is a great idea. Better yet, she says that she will make a video of it!

This is followed up by Tommy having an idea. He says, as he suggests, that the two of them, should take to his chair to fuck. He has a seat, and so does Reese - right on his dick! She bounces on it briefly. This before spreading her legs, during which, Tommy would wear her out, by fucking her hard. After this, Reese would stand up briefly to grind on the dick, rubbing it with her big clit. This, prior to being back on. Soon enough, she'd be spread wide, as she plants her feet on to Tommy's legs, as things continue. But not before she would say that she feels like she has to pee. Obviously, alluding to squirting. This was great! Something more that Reese just added in there. She's really funny! Before they would be finished with the chair, Reese would be reversed for cowgirl, and yes, again, that ass! The reverse cowgirl would then go back to doggy, with Reese returning to her hands and knees like before. Tommy, again straddles to deeply plug his cock in. It would cause Reese to cum hard on the cock. But, she's not the only one, as, Tommy himself would follow after. The scene would end with Tommy jerking his cock to let loose his load into Reese's open and eager mouth, for the finish!

What a surprisingly good scene this was! I didn't expect it to be as hilarious as it is, but it is indeed funny. The storyline which drives the scene, should have been a clue. Here, it is typical in that a student gets caught cheating and then his/her teacher makes an offer that they can't refuse, when they offer to exchange, sex in the place of punishment. However, the scene here involving Reese Robbins, goes further to exaggerate things, such as she stuffing her panties and shirt full of cheat sheets. This girl seems to have paper growing out of her ass. It's everywhere! If there's a place to hide a cheat sheet, Reese, will find it! And then, as I said, just the overall vibe of the scene is fun. From the wide-eyed expressions from Reese, as well as her ad-libbing, the performer's never truly take themselves seriously, and in this particular case, it's a good thing. Personally, I enjoyed this scene, and had a lot of fun with it. To again to elaborate, not only is this scene funny, it also features some rather solid sex in it, as well. It's recommended


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