Alex Jett: Hookup Video with Haley Spades (2022)

by - October 06, 2022

 Starring: Haley Spades // Alex Jett
Directed by: Alex Jett
Runtime: 38 mins.

Scene Breakdown //
The scene opens up with Alex Jett's camera, panning upward to meet the very welcoming face of the petite Haley Spades, to whom he introduces us. Alex is initially mesmerized by Haley. This, as he pulls back to appreciate for a second. Haley, who is wearing a set of lavender lingerie, even giving us a turn. Alex continues to complement she on her extra cute looks, as Haley answers by saying that she "eats her greens". It's then that she would waste no time, removing her bra to show us her perky tits. Haley then sits back and relaxes in a clear chair that's nearby. She says that she likes it, and feels that one could see so much. Alex then promises to give us just that later. He says that it will look really good. However, it's from here, that Haley begins to touch herself between the legs. Caressing and pulling her panties up into her crotch, as the camera takes a look. Alex mentions how adorable she is, and Haley replies that "she tries." Alex assures her that she needn't try hard. It's after this, that Haley is quick to remove her panties to show us more. Alex is right there and eager. Haley then slowly removes the article of clothing, peeling it off of her ass. Said butt is such a sight, that he wants more though, as he has she spread her cheeks for him. It's a nice view. But it's one that would only get better, when Alex would have Haley reverse herself on the clear chair, pushing her ass out toward the camera. Alex says that its exactly what he wants to see, because he's a "degenerate". It's brief, because Haley decides to give a show from the front. She reverses herself and spreads her legs. The view is rather inviting from here, as Haley rubs her clit, and soon Alex would bring his camera in there to capitalize on it. This, as Haley says that she can't wait to use a toy that is close.

She would not have to wait very long however, because next up, said toy, a clear dildo with suction, would come into play. Alex would admit that he has had some difficulty when getting the dildo to stick to the clear chair. But, as we would find, Haley would have no difficulty of her own in doing so. She gets it right on there, and is quick to lube up, and straddle it. Alex's camerawork is great, as from here, as it captures well, Haley's open pussy lips sliding up and down the clear shaft. It's activity that Haley says is fun. Next, the dildo play continues with some missionary, as Haley faces the opposite direction. Haley lies back in the chair, spreading her legs, as she holds them up into the air, while moving the toy in and out of herself. Alex watches on, prior to eventually bringing his camera in close to capture the details of the in and outs. They demonstrating just how wet Haley's pink pussy is. She would follow this up, by sucking the dildo clean. However, it is obvious at this point, that she is ready for the real thing. This, as we go into the start of the sex between Haley and Alex.

Positions Seen //
- missonary (x2)
- doggy
- standard cowgirl
- reverse cowgirl

The Review // 
For today's review, I take a look at a content scene brought to us by male performer Alex Jett, by way of his personal Onlyfans account. The scene, which is an all POV scene, sees Alex invite the petite young blonde from Louisiana, Haley Spades, into his abode for a little naughty fun. Speaking of naughty - at the beginning of the scene, that is exactly what Haley says that she is there to be. And, wouldn't you know it, that is exactly what they are!

The fun and spirited hook up would, as most all full length scenes do. and that is begin with a little teasing, as Alex sort of guides Haley along from behind the camera. The tease segment in question, is both simple and brief. Yet, at the same time, I felt that there was indeed some moments of effectiveness to it. First, the way that Haley first turned towards the camera in the clear chair to stare us down, as she massaged her pussy was just hot - those eyes!. However, not long after, would come the pussy play with the clear dildo, and that is truly where it's at when it came to the teasing. This was some great footage. I just stewed as Haley's tight pussy gripped the dildo, as it slid up and down it. This, as we'd watch from behind. If this wasn't enough already, things got even better to follow, from the missionary position. The close ups from here? Fucking amazing. Truly good stuff, watching Haley stuff her wet pink hole in such detail!

After the delightful teasing from Haley, we of course move on to the sex between she and Alex. All of it beginning with a blowjob, as Haley demonstrates her cocksucking skills. This was also nicely done. It also showed us the first sign of the laid back vibe of it all. This, as Alex joked that Haley is the only performer that he has worked with that makes him feel "dark", when speaking about her pale complexion. The footage from here is also well captured, with views coming from the side and overhead. During the overhead stuff, I could not help but think "Man, how does he do it?". How does he keep it together, having such a cute girl look up at him, with a pair of beautiful eyes such as hers, as she sucks his cock? The dick sucking would include she doing it both with, and without the use of her hands. And before she is finished, Alex would have she suck his balls as well.

They would then follow this up, as Alex would give Haley the choice of what to do first. That is when Haley happens to choose the position of missionary, to be the start of penetration. Alex would have she lie back on the sectional couch, towards the edge of it. This, as he enters her. His pace is initially slow. However, He'd soon begin to go faster with this pacing, as he moves in and out of the pussy. Haley would be sure to tell him just how good it feels. It encouraging him to go even deeper. Soon enough, as a result, Haley would cream on his cock. Alex's camera would zoom in to show the evidence, and the camera would stay there, offering us some very nice close-up footage of the penetration ongoing. It's very nice to see! As this continues, the two would be heard complementing each other. Haley saying that Alex fucks her so good, and he likewise, telling she how good her pussy feels. This was such a nice, sweet exchange from them!

Next, would be what Haley calls her favorite position, the doggy position. As Haley gets into position, Alex says it's his favorite as well. The sight of she on all fours is just too good, and so he directs Haley to play with herself a little beforehand. But Alex says that it looks too unreal. This, as he rushes to put his cock in. The insertion being nice and long. Haley loves his ins and outs. Alex would even allow her to fuck herself, as she dances back on it for a time. But as Alex continues, Haley says that this is her favorite, while asking him, if he likes fucking her wet pussy? The wetness being clearly audible. The position would end well also, with she telling Alex to "fuck her like he means it". My kind of girl! That's what I like to hear! Of course, Alex would oblige, going harder.

It would be then as a precursor that Alex would have Haley blow him, prior to climbing on top for both variations of cowgirl. They start with standard cowgirl, as Haley faces the camera. It would be here that we would see it go in and out of her, with her wetness apparent again. Alex says that with Haley being so fit, that she could probably do it all day from said positioning. However, she would soon reverse herself - ass facing us then. It's a great looking sight as it had been, but it gets even better once Haley spreads her ass. First single-handed, and then with both hands. After this, Alex would set up for one final position, but first he would ask Haley to clean his cock, by sucking off her pussy juices.

The final position of the scene would be once again missionary. However, this time around, our viewpoint would be very different. We would have a close-up view this time. Alex half-straddles Haley's front. In my opinion, this is such a beautiful set up. Here, we watch as Alex simply drills his cock into Haley's tight hole, and it's excellent. Haley loves it, because she can watch the cock go in and out. To me, this is definitely the best look of the entire scene.

It would finish up with a side view of missionary with Alex asking Haley where she'd like for him to cum? Anywhere but her face she says. The chosen spot is soon her pussy, as Alex would quickly pull out and unload a nice amount onto Haley's mound, as he drain his balls for the finish!

It's always nice when you can see two performers just have fun together during a scene. Content scenes such as this one, allow for the viewer to see this first hand, as most of the time, things are more laid back. Alex and Haley must have enjoyed working together, because this was actually the first of two available hookups on their Onlyfans. I chose this one for review, as it is the more formal of the two. The other one being more straight to the point, and shorter in its length. But with that said, I would also recommend the second one also, as it sees Alex experimenting with the use of color. His bed frame is pretty cool too!

This is definitely a solid scene all-around. First of all, what makes it work so well, is indeed the chemistry between the performers Alex Jett and Haley Spades. These two definitely have it together in a way that makes it fun to watch. Again, I really like the way that Alex directs his personal content. It's laid back, relaxed and real. I also loved that, although he was directing, he gave Haley some freedom to pick and choose the positions, as well. This, making it all the more fun for the both of them. Personally, I believe that Alex is becoming one hell of a director, when it comes to POV. His scenes are well captured and fun to watch, because he does include the input of his scene partners, making the hookups authentically friendly. I will be reviewing more scenes from Alex's Onlyfans in the future, but for now I do readily recommend this content scene for your viewing pleasure. Subscribe to the Onlyfans and check it out!

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