My Sister's Hot Friend - Penelope Kay (2022)

by - October 10, 2022

 Starring: Penelope Kay // Joshua Lewis
Directed by: 
Runtime: 39 mins.

Scene Breakdown //
The scene begins with Penelope Kay coming into the bedroom of her best friend's brother, Joshua. Honestly, Joshua is surprised to see her. However, Penelope says that she just had to get away from his sister Karlie and the rest of their friends, and their rather boring game of "Truth or Dare". Josh suggests that they all should play a different game. But Penelope says that whatever his sister wants to do, is usually what they must do. Penelope says that she does not want to play "Truth or Dare", as Josh's sister always picks the dumbest questions and the stupidest dares. Questions such as, "have you ever cheated on a test?". Questions that Penelope finds to be rather rhetorical. Penelope would rather have juicier questions she says, such as "is it true that you hooked up with so and so". Josh says that she should bring this up to the group. But she would rather not. She would rather take some time away and find something better to do, which is where Josh comes into play. This, despite the two of them never spending time together. Josh finds it kind of strange initially. She says that she decided to see if Josh is more interesting than Karlie, saying that his sister is a "saltine cracker". She's boring, says Penelope. She then suggests that the two of them should play their own game of "Truth or Dare". That perhaps, it might have the juice that she is looking for. Josh attempts to make an excuse, saying that he does not want to pull her away from her friends. However, Penelope is quite adamant, so Josh gives in. This, as he gives she first choice. She begins the game with a "truth", as she asks Josh if it is true that Rachel once gave him a handjob? He is quite surprised that she even knows about that, but he confirms it. It would be next that Josh could have a turn, as he chooses "dare". He would dare Penelope to flash her boobs at him. It's a dare that Penelope gives a choice for. One boob or two boobs. Again, Josh is surprised, but he decides to "go big or go home", he says, by asking she to reveal both. She obliges. It would be after this that Penelope would then dare Josh to kiss her. Something that he is at first, hesitant in doing with his sister, just right outside the window. But after a pinky promise - yes, they do it, and it is pleasant for both of them. Next, Josh would dare Penelope to touch his dick. In a clever response, Penelope would touch it from over his shorts, with just one finger, saying that technically it is part of her hand. He gets her to use her hand anyway, and that is when that she discovers that Josh is hard already. Josh says that he is of course, young and horny, and that she showed him her tits. This then would intrigue Penelope who next dares he to let her see his penis. He would be smart as well, just briefly flashing it. But Penelope says that, that is not enough. She wants to see it for longer. Josh would cooperate, but Penelope would go and also put her hand on it. This would next have Josh daring Penelope to put her mouth on it. It would be much to his surprise however, that she would be quite skilled at it. This, as a curious game of "Truth or Dare", and a wet, and sloppy blowjob would lead to much more!

Positions Seen //
- missionary (x2)
- revverse cowgirl
- standard cowgirl
- doggy

The Review // 
What happens when you decide to ramp up a little game of "Truth or Dare", by adding the element of sex? Well, that is exactly what we find out here, in this scene from NAUGHTY AMERICA, and their popular series, "My Sister's Hot Friend".

In the scene, one Joshua Lewis comes face-to-face with his sister best friend, Penelope Kay, in a way that he never imagined, when she escapes the sister's boring party. She would land in his bedroom, looking to have much more fun than she was having at the party. While they are playing a boring rendition of "Truth or Dare", Penelope comes to Joshua with the hope that the two of them can play her version. A sexually- charged one!

Yes when the truths begin, and the dares challenge, things become a lot of fun here. I had fun with the curious nature of it all. But of course it's laid out rather simple-like, as one thing comes after the other. This is NAUGHTY AMERICA, of course we know where it is going! But the fun is getting there, isn't it?

I'll first talk about the acting performances by the two performers - Penelope Kay and Joshua Lewis. In my opinion, I felt that these two did a great job with the acting aspect of it. It's clear that they had fun together, as they played off one another. They were even wary enough to carry the details of the storyline into the sex itself. For example: "I dare you to let me suck your cock", or I dare you to eat my pussy out", and so on. It's really fun. However, what's even better is the raw feel of the sex.

It would also begin with Joshua once being on his back to receive a blowjob from Penelope during the game of "Truth or Dare". This girl really put it on him. It was excellently sloppy. It would continue with he standing at the bed as well. Penelope would maintain things keeping it sloppy with a lot of spit applied to Joshua's shaft. And I have to say that I really loved the way that she would momentarily cradle the balls while doing it as well. It was so hot. Following the blowjob, Joshua would return the favor when he is dared to eat Penelope's pussy out. Honestly speaking, he does a hell of a job of it too. He lapping his tongue up and down at a quick speed, making Penelope many times wetter than she already was. I liked watching her squirm in pleasure! Something else that I liked is that Joshua takes the time to next suck on Penelope's tits and her body, prior to putting his cock in for missionary.

Missionary being a position that he would proceed with a steady and even pace, as Penelope's tits gloriously bounce around. And as I mention "bouncing", that's what she'd do next, as she climbs on for reverse cowgirl. It's from here that she bounces on the dick in a variety of positions, including being on her feet and pouncing. Joshua would even fuck her pussy hard briefly, prior to she being back, bouncing on own her like before. Penelope Kay is just incredible, and this position shows you exactly why. That fucking body, Oh my! She has such beautiful holes, all of which look so tight. Just a naturally blessed body. How lucky are we?!! The moments that she leans back to take it, are key pussy viewing moments! The reverse cowgirl would be followed up by she straddling the cock in the opposite direction for standard cowgirl. It would be good that she would take charge for the majority, not allowing Josh to fuck her back. I have to admit, that I really did enjoy the shots of her feet from this position. Of course, the position would also feature Joshua pounding her good. But the peak of the position, is Penelope doing it herself.

The next position would be doggy. Instead of being in a standard formation, Penelope would be positioned more in a sprawl-like formation, and it was indeed super-hot. What I liked about this position is that it left Penelope's pussy hole open for the camera -literally. Just her nice, pink hole being plowed hard! It's good stuff! A return to missionary would be made soon after, during which Joshua fucks the pussy harder than the previous go-around. Have I already said that Penelope has great tits??

Penelope's great titties would next be the focus, as Joshua straddle's Penelope's chest to fuck them. Yes, he places his penis in between them to move it in and out. They're squishy, it feels good. He keeps doing it until building himself up to a climax. The scene itself would come to an end with Joshua, shooting a nice big load. One that splatters across Penelope's neck, as well as her face. This was a great titty-fucking session. In fact, it's been a while since I have seen one in a scene. What a great way to end a very good scene!

This was, and is such a fun scene. First, I really enjoyed the storyline involving "Truth or Dare". Again, I enjoyed the way that the two characters took the regular old game, and made it spicy. Made it "juicy", as Penelope says. The game, led into some truly hot sex. Penelope is just wow. Such an undeniable presence on the screen. Here, being matched with Joshua Lewis, made for an excellent outing. Not only was the sex between them great, their acting was also on par. The fact that they also stuck with the "Truth or Dare" premise, as well as the fact that Joshua's "sister" was just right there outside the window, is just a bonus. This is definitely a scene that I would highly recommend to you. Penelope is a must-see talent. She's simply amazing!


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