Longtime Crush (2023)

by - January 10, 2023

 Starring: Amber Moore // Mick Blue
Directed by: Laurent Sky
Runtime: 44 mins.

Scene Breakdown //
Amber Moore, agrees that everyone changes in college. You meet new people, and experiment. Although she says what people underestimate is that some things stick with you. whether it be a thing, a place or even a person. This is something that she would find out firsthand, when visiting an old friend Max's recording studio, after being away for some time.

Initially, the two of them are just merely reminiscing and catching up, and talking about recording techniques, when visits Max's dad. Mick Blue, pops in for an unannounced visit, and he is quite upset with his son, as Max has failed to show up for a big appointment that Mick had set up for him. With the appearance of Mick, Amber suddenly finds herself startled, as she vividly remembers the unmistakable crush that she has on the much older Mick. He was her very first crush, someone that she has in fact, fantasized about often. She says that she loves everything about him. the fact that he is strong, successful and "silver" stressing that she really loves the silver. She would be even more blown away, when It's during the discussion, that revealed, is the fact that Mick is now single. Yes, Max's mother has left him. Amber can't believe it, as this sends her mind racing. However, she knows exactly what to do in the situation, when she shows up at Mick's door the very next day.

When there is a ring at Mick's door, he is met with the luscious sight of Amber, who barges in, wearing a sexy suit of animal print lingerie, covered by a simple oversized, white dress shirt. She has an agenda. This, as she heads straight for Mick's bedroom. Mick is of course, confused by this, as he says that his son Max, is not home. However, Amber would make it clear, that she is not there for Max. That she's in fact, there to fuck Mick. Mick thinks it's crazy. Amber agrees. What else is agreed upon is that the two of them, do indeed want each other. It only being the start of a sexual encounter, years in the making.

Positions Seen //
- reverse cowgirl (x2)
- cowgirl (x2)
- doggy
- spoon

The Review // 
Today, I review a scene from the VIXEN label, and director Laurent Sky. In the scene, we are told the story of one Amber Moore. Amber is a post-college grad, who returns home to find that some things never change. This including her long-standing crush on her friend's dad. He is an older man. However, that is one thing that intrigues her about him most. It's the sight of him that reminds her of just how much she has fantasized about him. So when Amber finds out that the dad, Mick Blue is now single, she takes it upon herself to finally capitalize on her undying lust. And good for her!

What would follow would be a great sexual encounter between the two of them. Amber shows up at Mick's door, wearing nothing but lingerie. She's ready to go, and boy, is she looking good! She looks great in the ensemble. Things start out with she and Mick kissing, and it would be from there, that we would get a side profile. One that nicely shows off her plump, round bubble butt - oh, what a start!

Things would further continue, with Amber pushing Mick back onto the bed. It would be then that she would go on to administer a very nice blowjob. Much kudos to her for keeping eye contact during this entire act. This was great stuff. Not only that, the dirty talk from Amber, as she lick, double-handed stroke and suck Mick's cock, is just top tier. First she acknowledging the storyline, by she mentioning that Mick thought that she was here for his son Max. She also going on to mention just how big Mick is, as she grips the eventual oiled up shaft. Also added, is how she cannot wait to get it all inside of her. It doesn't end there, we have some face fucking too, soon after. I have to tell you that I haven't seen a greater build up from a scene in some time. This was truly great shit. Even the close-ups too. Amber's candy apple red painted fingernails around Mick's shaft is pure money!

It's after the face fucking by Mick, that the two are briefly upright as they respectively stroke and rub each other. But it's only the catalyst for Mick to go down on Amber, and who can blame him?! Amber presents to him a beautiful, well-kept blonde muff. One that he quickly plants his face into. Yes, it's true, Amber has a very nice looking pussy. Luckily for us it would be on nice display throughout. It would be through Mick's work here, that he would soon get her off by sucking on her clit.

Following this, Amber cannot wait to get Mick's cock inside of her. Things would quickly proceed to the reverse cowgirl position. It would be from this position, that we would see Amber spread wide for the taking as Mick penetrate her. He would continue with a pace that would begin slow only to quicken over time. The quick pace would bring Amber to orgasm again, and again, and again, as she shake and quiver. This, before Mick would have she clean his cock of her cum.

She however, would not be finished with the reverse cowgirl. That's because soon after, she would be back on for another brief stint in the position in which she takes another pounding from Mick.

It would be followed up by we getting another great view of Amber's ass, as she would straddle Mick, as she saddle up to ride him in standard cowgirl. Amber would let it be known here, that she likes to have her ass smacked. Mick would do just that, as well as continuously get a nice grip of it, along the way. It would be here, that he would continue with a pace that would only get faster and harder. Especially after he lube things up nice and good, as the oil once again comes into play. The action from this particular position is great in my opinion. Amber's pussy takes a heavy pounding, and the camera is right there to capture all of it, as we see the opening, stretch around the big dick.

The next position would see Amber position herself on all fours. Things would go to doggy, but not before Mick would take the time to admire the beautiful pussy before him. Things however, soon would progress, when Amber just cannot wait to get it back inside of her. This is yet another position in which Amber's ass looks just amazing. Mick proceeds in his progressive pace, as Amber is sprawled out, and well oiled.

After some more intimate cocksucking, its on to more cowgirl. Only this time, Amber would be facing the camera, giving us a great view of things to come, as her legs are spread wide for us. Mick would first leave her in charge, as she'd bounce on it. But it wouldn't take long for Mick to take over. This, as he would go deep and hard for a time. Amber making note of his depth. She'd follow this up by once again going on to clean his cock, but it would be brief because she'd still crave to be fucked.

Mick would oblige in the next position, which would be spoon, as it would be quite the affair. The position would allow Mick to go deep and hard into Amber. Mick here would take Amber to 3 separate, hard orgasms. Additionally, he too would eventually come to his own climax, after continuing to fuck hard and fast.

The scene would come to an end, with Mick jerking his cock as he stand over Amber to drop his load onto her face and mouth. This, is as the two of them would agree that the hook up isn't as crazy as they first believed it to be. In fact, Mick calls it the "best ever", before we fade to black.

This was an explosive scene. In other words, I thought it was great! From start to finish, these two; Amber Moore and Mick Blue shared great chemistry together. Personally, I felt that the opening storyline was just ok. I mean, it served it's purpose. To simply set things up. The real attraction however, is of course, the sex scene itself. I have to say that I honestly, did not expect the level of energy that I would get here, but man it's great! When I say "from start to finish", I really mean it. From passionate kissing, eye contact, dirty talking, and thorough fucking - we have all of the above going on here! And when it comes to the said thorough fucking, the glorious thing is, that we have Amber Moore orgasming multiple(and I mean just that) times, over the course of the action, and we know it to be sure. You just gotta love the manner in which she shakes and trembles upon each climax. She basically vibrates! It's so hot!

So to sum things up: this is a great scene, expertly captured. The same can be said about the direction, as well by Laurent Sky. Just beautiful shots of the brilliant work put forth by our performers throughout. Again I loved the energy. I loved the passion. Amber Moore is undeniably hot, and Mick Blue remains the legend that he is. This is a scene that I would highly recommend!


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