#4 - Penelope Woods (2023)

by - December 01, 2023

Starring: Penelope Woods // Alex Jett
Directed by: Alex Jett
Runtime: 45 mins 

See the scene: 


Scene Breakdown //
We join Director Alex Jett on the HUCOW POV set, as he welcomes today's featured talent, Penelope Woods. Penelope, who is dressed as a cute little cow, even sports a collar around her neck with a silver bell attached. She says that today she is going to "milk" Alex's cock with her holes. In saying this, Alex believes that she is meaning the two main holes. Her mouth and pussy. No. Afterall, this is Penelope Woods we are talking about. She says that it wouldn't be a "Penelope day" without another special thing. Some anal! Something that Alex seems to be looking forward to. After this, Penelope goes on to show off the holes which she say will milk Alex. She moves aside her cow print panties to first show off her pussy and butthole. Both of which she says is hungry for some milk. She then also lifts up her cow bra to show off her pair of perky tits as she bounce them. Alex says she is a cute little cow. However, Penelope corrects him saying that she's a "cute hungry cow". It's then that Alex would have Penelope lie back on the couch and play with herself a bit. She again, pulls her panties aside. This time, playing with both holes, lightly and doubly penetrating them. Alex says that she's a "little slut cow", as he gets a little feel himself, as she winks her butthole at him. It's from there that Penelope's masturbation continues. Penelope says that she is so excited because she hasn't been fucked in awhile. She giving Alex first dibs. He jokes, saying that today he gets little virgin Penelope. Penelope agrees, especially when it comes to her ass, saying that she hasn't had a dick in there for a very long time. Penelope saying that it will be extra tight for him. Thanks loves it, as he fingers her holes a little, prior to he wanting her to masturbate a little bit more. However, Penelope says that she is already ready to go. This, as she shows Alex, just how wet she already is by spreading her pussy. Alex then lends her a hand. She loves it when others masturbate her. This as she asks if he's going to bury his dick in all three of her holes. Of course, he intends to! When quizzed on just where he will begin first, Alex is old fashioned he says. He wants to start with her pussy. But first, he wishes to have Penelope begin by sucking his his cock. Like a good little cow should. And so things between them begin!

Positions Seen //
- doggy
- reverse cowgirl
- cowgirl (anal) (x2)
- missionary (anal)
- reverse cowgirl (anal)
- straddling missionary 
- straddling missionary (anal)

The Review // 
It's for today's review that I review a scene from HUCOW POV, the new project by director/performer Alex Jett. Now what is "Hucow" you ask? It stands for "human cow", and it happens to be what this project is all about. Being honest with you, it's an idea that I likely would have never thought of. But when it comes to Jett, he did, and it's something that originated due to the fact that the filmmaker suffers from vitiligo. Vitiligo that has just so happen to have left both his penis, and butthole spotted. Or as he says left them sporting a "cow print" in white. It's a situation that lent itself to a unique idea, and he ran with it. If you ask me, I say go for it. I like the idea, because on the surface, at least it's something different, while still maintaining Alex's phenomenal POV work! And besides, what girl doesn't look cute in a cow outfit??

Yes, a cow outfit. In this, the 4th episode of the series, Penelope is the cute cow who has come to play, and to milk Alex's cock for all it's got. It's after some messing around on the couch, that things first get down to business, with Penelope stroking and sucking cock. It's with this that she show's tremendous skill. Not only does she talk dirty, she covers the shaft with drool. She jerks the cock off with her mouth. But personally, I enjoyed her underhanded stroking approach best! After rubbing the hard dick onto her tits for a short time, she pulls her panties aside, to twerk, prior to Alex putting it in, in doggy.

From here, the view from the camera is mostly overhead. however, it's beautiful stuff. We would also get a view from the side, as things would progress. The action beginning with Penelope, fucking Alex, as she slams her pussy back on the dick. It would be after she have this time though, that Alex would take over to fuck her hard. Pulling at the panties for leverage. If you know me, then you know that I love the heavy pounding! The end to this particular position was great. It was also nice seeing Penelope place a finger in her butt as her pussy was being fucked!

To follow this up, Penelope wants to taste her pussy on Alex's cock. She would do so, as Alex positions himself on his back, and as she crawls between his legs to suck him off. However, it would be a short time later that things would pick back up, as they take to reverse cowgirl. It would be from here that Penelope would slam straight down on the cock, prior to then planting her feet, to slam down even deeper, and harder. You just gotta love the sound of skin smacking skin! On a side note, Penelope's ass is incredible too!

Following reverse cowgirl, the sex would go on to include anal. This, as the two take to standard cowgirl next. It's here, that we see Penelope with her legs spread wide as Alex's cock goes deeper, and deeper for a time. It would be enough to cause Penelope to want to taste her ass on the cock, with the first instance of ass to mouth seen. After, they take things directly into missionary next.

This missionary position, just so happens to be one of my most favorite of the scene. Why? Because the camerawork is insane! Here, Alex just plugs and plugs away at Penelope's asshole, as his cock plunges deeper. All the while, he's giving us great fuckin views of the penetration. Most of them in extreme closeup, placing us right on Penelope's pussy and ass, as Alex goes balls-deep into the latter!

Anal sex would continue then, as Alex positions himself on the couch facing us. It's here that Penelope straddles Alex for reverse cowgirl. His cock impaling her, as it go deeply within her ass, as she sits on it. In this position, Penelope would find her rhythm, when she plants her stocking-clad feet on Alex's legs for stability. She would bounce steady, prior to Alex taking over very briefly. More ass to mouth would then follow. This being before cowgirl takes over as Alex again fucks the pussy.

Penelope twerks on the dick, prior to we seeing her actually riding. She eventually kicks her feet back, resting on Alex's legs. Here, she bounces on the cock, as a display off-camera, allows her to watch herself fuck. One can tell that this encourages her to go even harder. I really liked the half-straddle riding thing she did. It was hot!

Next would come Alex's signature move. we've all seen it by now. It's a close up missionary position that I call "The Jackhammer. For the position, The women are on their backs, with their legs, held high, and tightly. This, as Alex goes on to front straddle them, slide it in, and pound them. Here, he does it to Penelope. Only this time she is offering up both of her holes to him! This position always looks great on screen, in my opinion. It is extreme closeup penetration in all it's glory. Alex just gets right in there. it was great to see him fuck Penelope's ultra-tight ass, as he alternate between holes like a pro.

Following this, we reach the end of the scene for cowboy and cowgirl. Penelope, the good little cow tries her best to milk Alex. As it turns out, she's very good at this sort of thing, as she soon sends Alex into a frenzy as he jerks his cock vigorously. The end result? Alex absolutely blasting Penelope in the face with a huge load, bringing everything to a close very nicely. You just have to love this huge fucking facial. Very unexpected, yet very joyous!

This is a great scene from Alex Jett, featuring Penelope Woods. While the Hucow idea is unique and fun. What really matters, and what really counts, is the quality of the sex scene. Well, when it comes to that, this is top-notch. Penelope came to play here, and she brought all three of her holes! All of which are used thoroughly by Alex, who is a very lucky man, I must say! Penelope is pretty amazing, I have to admit. I have been following her on social media for some time now, yet I had never seen any of her work, until now. What a mistake that was! Because, this girl is amazing. She has the holes and she definitely knows how to use them! Here, Penelope, is simply the sluttiest little cow in the pasture that all the bulls want. Honestly, there were many times that I found myself grinning in approval. Just nice, hard fucking of the pussy and ass. But, that's not all. When it comes to the conclusion, Penelope the good little cow that she is, milks Alex big time. And I mean "big time". What a note to end on! This is a scene that I do highly recommend. While the setup of the scene is rather simple and aesthetically pleasing, it's execution is even better. It's also thorough with great camera work and visuals by Jett!

To get access to the scene, it can be found at, or via Penelope Woods' Onlyfans account, which is located HERE.

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